50% Off Tain Siang Hei Wei: RM100 Cash Voucher for Steamboat for RM50. Valid at 6 Outlets

50% Off Tain Siang Hei Wei: RM100 Cash Voucher for Steamboat for RM50. Valid at 6 Outlets

  • High-grade beef slices, fish maw birds nest, sea cucumber, and more.
  • Soup base: vegetarian, spicy, original, or mixture of spicy and original.
  • Purchase 5 Groupons and above, and get 1 complimentary dessert per person per table.
  • Price range from RM1.50 RM120. Combine Groupons for more value.


Grab it now with RM50.00 @ Groupon


There are two things needed for a contented life; food, friends, and…

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Good experience with NL Nur(pic)

Good experience with NL Nur(pic)

Good experience with NL Nur(pic)

Master: Wolf

*** Nur Photo(1 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***

Heard a lot of good reviews about her and was quite exicited to use her service. Finally got the contact from webmaster.

Finally manage to contact her and arrange for the appointment. She was professional in arranging the date and even recommended the hotel to go to

Straight away book a room…

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Random Confession.

So..there was this guy I kinda turned down quite pathetically recently. I wished I could go back and apologize for being that rude. I was quite in a bad mood that day and I didn’t felt like talking at all. I went into this MNG Outlet in a mall, looking for a purse. There was this guy at the counter and on the opposite side was the cashier. He’s a worker there too. They were both talking about something serious I guess. And I went right next to the guy because that’s where all the purses are. Let’s just say, I wasn’t looking quite right for anyone that day. I was messed up.

He turned to look at me while the cashier is still blabbering about something and said ‘Hi’. I knew it was meant for me but I wasn’t sure, there wasn’t anyone else nearby. So, he repeated. This time, I looked up. I’m telling you, HE IS CUTE.

I just smiled pathetically and turned away.

God, I’m regretting that now. He’s probably the only best thing that happened to me that day. Like the sun on a cloudy day.

I’m so sorry whoever you are.