I love the hybrid AU so much. So I went ahead and did a cross over with my little AU of PuchiHunters. Lil Vav who can’t walk glides around carrying his ride with him, which lil Micool likes a lot. But he can’t help but walk his little stubby puchi legs while doing so. The little fighting master supreme X-ray would be a jumpy little rabbit who steals snacks. I gave him a cute little buck tooth for his puchi self ^q^

I actually finished the second one! Here is Ray’s Puchi version as the drummer in the MitchiriNeko March, right after Geoff’s. Damn I don’t think Geoff has enough frames… I’ll make another frame for him later… I think either Ryan… Or JJ might come in next.. I know Ray will have another instrument and I already have planned for Caleb and what not… Haha I’m too ambitious, I’ll still probably never finish ; 7 ;