I love the hybrid AU so much. So I went ahead and did a cross over with my little AU of PuchiHunters. Lil Vav who can’t walk glides around carrying his ride with him, which lil Micool likes a lot. But he can’t help but walk his little stubby puchi legs while doing so. The little fighting master supreme X-ray would be a jumpy little rabbit who steals snacks. I gave him a cute little buck tooth for his puchi self ^q^

I only wanted to draw Geoff holding his puchi counterpart in the flying vegetable thing he liked to use while playing Garden Warfare… Then I ended up adding the rest of the Puchi versions of the other AH people playing it. Puchi Jack isn’t wearing the full beard mainly because it can get heavy, since puchi’s don’t have actual facial hair.

I’ve always wanted to draw this, even a lame doodle like this, Micool and Vav swept away by the wind, R-Ray and Lil-Ryan were left behind in the office while everyone else went to go look for them, Gavin found them when he was outside and reachieved them from the strong wind high up or whatever. Since Puchi’s don’t normally talk, X-Ray is trying to explain it all to Gavin. ye….

I actually finished the second one! Here is Ray’s Puchi version as the drummer in the MitchiriNeko March, right after Geoff’s. Damn I don’t think Geoff has enough frames… I’ll make another frame for him later… I think either Ryan… Or JJ might come in next.. I know Ray will have another instrument and I already have planned for Caleb and what not… Haha I’m too ambitious, I’ll still probably never finish ; 7 ;