Got the amazing @hernyart to draw some obscure characters!

This one is Peridot from Puchi Carat. Puchi Carat is a 1997 Breakout-style puzzle game developed by Taito on the Taito F3 System. Like with many Taito games, quite a lot of care was put into the character art, design, and animation. The gameplay is simple, but fun - you direct the ball based on the location on the paddle the ball hits, and gain combos by disconnecting large portions of the gems from the top of the screen (which anchors the gems above the stage).

Fun Fact: Interestingly enough, many of the characters in Puchi Carat are named after the stone they hold. This is not dissimilar to Steven Universe - for example, the character on the right in the screen shot is named Garnet.

Peridot herself is a very suggestive character, much more so than all of the other characters - which I thought might make her a fun character to commission. I don’t tend to post on Tumblr much, but I don’t see the point in commissioning obscure character art unless I share it.


time to make some DIY PUCHI PUCHI ART GUMMY, we uh, we fuck this one up real bad, actually

The Signs as Actual Shit That Rei Hino has done
  • Aries: Found herself and her friends trapped in a firey vortex created by the villain, decided that the clear solution was MORE FIRE.
  • Taurus: Booked a vacation for her and her friends at an actual haunted house because it was super cheap.
  • Gemini: Met the supposed princess that she is sworn to protect and got in a fight with her over what to name a stray dog.
  • Cancer: Brought Ami on a date to a couples' cruise and spent the entire time eating.
  • Leo: 'Helped' Mamoru find a play to perform in which the lead role just happens to coincidentally look just like her.
  • Virgo: Demanded to know the exact moment in space-time that Usagi and Mamoru conceived Chibi-Usa like a totally normal friend.
  • Libra: Told Usagi to stop whining while her own arm was turning to stone.
  • Scorpio: Claimed to not care about anime, showed up to animation studio in pink overalls with a giant bag of autograph sheets.
  • Sagittarius: Apparently traveled across an entire city, on foot, in the space of three seconds because Usagi blew a whistle.
  • Capricorn: Paused in the middle of a battle with an evil clone to make a sign proclaiming herself "The Real Sailor Mars" and wore it.
  • Aquarius: Complained about studying for a high school entrance exam that she did not actually have to take.
  • Pisces: Kept Takarazuka star fan-magazines but did such a shitty job of hiding them that USAGI found them.

Vishnal: Princess, it’s morning. Time to wake up.
Frey: Nnnnnn~

F: Vishnal~ just lemme sleep a bit more~ just 5 more minutes~
V: You said the same thing just a moment ago. I’ve already waited 5 minutes, so let’s get up, shall we?

V: …just like that, recently it’s been a struggle to wake the princess up
Dylas: *imagining various things*
Leon&Arthur: *perk up* Let me/I’ll switch in morning call duties with you

Source: ルンファク4らくがき | ぷち [pixiv] 
Reposted and translated with permission
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