puch newport

Random life update: I got my moped back! It was stolen from me about a year ago, and the cops just find it. I had to pay to get it out of impound (bullshit), but it was still running! Though, leaking gas uncontrollably.

Brought it down to the warehouse space that the local moped gang, The Ghost Riders, work on bikes in, and ran into Andre. Andre is a 19-year-old boy-genius about mopeds, and he had fixed mine before. He found a spare carburetor float, adjusted the idle, and now it runs great!

But, the front fork is bent, the tailpipe is falling off, and the crank arms are bent. Luckily I’ve already found people who are willing to just give me most of these parts already! Once I find crank arms, my bike will be in great working condition again.

Then, hopefully I can get some handlebars I like better, and powder coat the frame, and it’ll be beautiful, too! Haha

But mostly, its awesome just to have it back, and extra-awesome that my local moped gang is full of amazing people willing to help me rebuild my bike for free!