Newsea Titanium converted for Sims 2.

it has a little transparency issue at the front layer hair , which I can’t fix it since ts3 to ts2 meshes are not separated in groups, sorry~. However, it still looks really good in my game. Also, I added one new hair color called Essence for re-alpha version. 

  • Works for All Ages
  • Custom Grey for Elder
  • Custom Red in io’s Bastet color
  • Available in original version and Re-alpha version
  • Texture by Pooklet
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io’s, and mine.
  • Polycounts is about 13k

hope you like it ^^


Clothing by Sacha Fierce at sims-fashion-empire , martinimyb , and @alexmanuel-sims


Cazy Sweet Misery & Alesso Ana retextures:

maxis-match, all ages, female only, binned/familied, two favours: separated and compressed (3 files), meshes included, Zeusar’s v3 texture in 12 natural colours (by me) + greys (Pooklet’s mail bomb and pipe bomb) for elders linked to black. Swatches here. Colours info in download folder. 

[DOWNLOAD] (simfileshare)

Credits: @cazycx and @cool-sims (meshes), @puccamichi and @rented-space (conversions), @zeusar (v3 texture), @pooklet (grey colours) and me (another colours).


Iris! My current favorite sim. ( ´∀`)☆

Skin - MILK

Hair - Stealthic

Eyes -  kellyhb5

Makeup : Lips - puccamichi

Lashes/Liner - S-Club

Eyeshadow - S-Club

Bindi - Bazlou

Septum - pickypikachu

Outfit: Top - Esyram

Skirt - pretty sure its base game, correct me if I’m wrong.  ╮(─▽─)╭

Choker - KanoYa


A collection of my all time favorite hairstyles for the sims 4 , mostly used on my sims

  1. s09 Kim by sintiklia
  2. Skysims 251 Retexture by simista
  3. Aphrodite - Newsea - Conversion for Sims 4 by kalilies
  4. Heaventide by stealthic
  5. Newsea Swallowtail by nessasims
  6. Butterfly Sims’s 096 conversion by puccamichi
  7. Break Free by darkosims3
  8. 52U / 52C cool sims conversion by maygamestudio

Yay for more hair retextures :D

Actually I wanted to make 3 retextures, but I had to make +1 because of the tutorial (which hopefully will be up tomorrow) Oh, well, more is better :P

6 natural colors, gray linked to black. Meshes and bodyshop swatches are included (as always) :)

Credits: Newsea, Martini, Puccamichi, Simgaroop

Download Newsea Sweet Villain - Alternate

Download Newsea Titanium - Alternate

Download Newsea Blossom Story - Alternate

Download Newsea Old School - Alternate


Today’s my birthday so I’m doing things backwards and posting a birthday gift for you :D I have kind of gathered backlog of hairs so I figured I’d finally upload few of them. In same order as the pictures~

Download Kijiko Burmese* from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Kijiko Korat from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Kijiko MaineCoon from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Kijiko Ragdoll from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Alesso Hourglass from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Newsea Belladonna from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Newsea Bittersweet from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box
Download Newsea Clover from Dropbox / Skydrive / Mediafire / Box


  • Meshes: Kijiko, Newsea, Alesso (conversions and all-age versions by: Martini, Puccamichi, Yoojaek, Emilia, Trapping)
  • Textures mostly Pooklet’s V3 texture with very likely Remi’s curly blend blended in some. Korat and Ragdoll also are blended with the original(?) textures because they looked pretty nice that way
  • Pictures by me :3 (see I can do this myself if I just push myself to it hard enough!)

* Burmese comes with optional edited mesh, you can tell it apart from the original by the name, I added -EditedByDigi at the end of its name. My version is edited to sit lower on the head and slightly reshaped, you can see a comparison picture here. You should only install either the original mesh or the edited. Also since I simply replaced the gmdc files for every age with my edited version if you have other retextures of that hair my edited mesh should work with them also! :D I also realized later that actually MaineCoon is the same hair as FlippingOut which I retextured earlier but their shapes are different enough to be notable so I decided that I’ll just upload this version too. What else… oh yeah Newsea Belladonna has chopped bangs because they covered all my Sims eyes and that annoyed me so I shortened it.

Hopefully I got all the links in right order. ^^U


~~ H A L L O W E E N   E V E N T ~~

Thanks for CC

MintClover,AlexManuel,Digi,XM-Sims,ELISSU,Betts and etc.

Special Thank for Ft. Model




Victoria Justice - Tori Vega

Elizabeth Gillies - Jade West

Ariana Grande - Cat Valentine




Make up:

thank u all for the cc items!! xx

Total face + LB//Hair s12 britney - sintiklia/Basic skin 2.0 - s-club-tbr or with K face skin v1 - he-ss/Ombre browns - cloud9sims//Full body blush - pastel-sims and pastelsimm/Skindetail redness face - imadako/Naturel lip gloss - puccamichi/Sevenhills beautyset - sevenhills-sims/Enticing eyes - Vampire_aninyosaloh at mts!//Kitty jumper - sentate or sentateandco/Juice box - jennisims/Set of bracelets - jennisims/Tied tee accesory - pickypikachu/Denim jeans with warm socks - jinglestartk/Madlen Sergio Sneakers - madlensims

Inspired - fashionroyaltysims!


Berry Shannon - In the Gallery under Origin ID Etaini or #k8sims

Click for High Res ♥

CC Used -

Hair: http://simista.net/david-sims-radiate-converted-retexture/

Dolly Skin: http://decayclownsims.tumblr.com/post/102783494564/a-lot-people-requested-the-bjd-skin-overlay

Freckles: http://k8sims.tumblr.com/post/102597781240/decayclownsims-non-default-standalone-female

Puccamichi Lip Gloss: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8wm82jn4urwczg/Lip%231%20-%20Natural%20Lip%20Gloss%20by%20Puccamichi.7z?dl=0

Horns: http://decayclownsims.tumblr.com/post/102739891829/my-first-mesh-from-zero-so-happy-d-new-mesh

Eyelashes: http://decayclownsims.tumblr.com/post/100930792559/a-l-b-i-n-o-l-o-v-e-0-1-removed-the-pink

Dress: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-female-teenadultelder-everyday/title/sims-4-valentino-stars-dress/id/1270402/

Eyes: http://simstemptation.tumblr.com/post/99136094980/converted-s3-eyes-from-simaniacos-credit-goes-to

Eyebrows: http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-hair-hairstyles-female/title/cute-brows-%5Bfemale%5D/id/1265416/