puccadraws art


So, I normally like to limit this blog to my own art, but lately I’ve gotten so much gift art that I just needed to make a sappy post about it. A bunch of friends made Grunkles for me and it really made my week better. So thanks so much you guys, I love you all!!!

1)The first image is by glorious senpai (we are not worthy) diepod-stuff

2)Second image on the left is by the impeccable puccadraws

3)Third on the right is the wonderful corgi master ashasaurus

4)The next three in a row are of course the work of the amazing forosha

5)Next, on traditional media, is the man paperboxhouse himself.

6)And finally the last three are by sir legendary getvent

You’re all great, and these all made me so happy =3 thanks a bunch!!!


“Deep, deep down, I believed
I could bring you back to me
In this game I found fun
Can the damage be undone?

Even if I’m no longer really me
There’s still a part that lives inside my heart that hopes to be
By your side until you reach the end
No matter what I am by then, I’ll always be your friend

Don’t leave me behind
Wont you let me win this time?
I don’t want to let go
But I’ll be okay alone”

-His Theme cover by Liz Robinett

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rage9TTBJFE