pucca: my precious baby

Katsuki Yuri (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I think my favorite thing about Sebastian is that during the logic chess w him and Edgeworth you would totally expect him to get upset when miles points out that he’s using the wrong word

But he’s actually just genuinely surprised and thankful when you correct him like “oh wow thank you no ones ever explained that to me before”

Which is so sad because I imagine a cute little eager Sebastian trying to sound all smart and impress his dad but blaise is just a douche who can’t even be bothered to correct his “idiot son” so he just let’s Sebastian keep on using the wrong words for stuff

Idk this means a lot to me because it shows how Sebastian is honestly NOT an idiot because he has an open mind and honestly appreciates learning new things because he wants to improve as a person. The real idiots in life are the people who think they know it all & don’t need to keep growing as a person.

I love Sebastian