puca shells

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please do more jercy headcanons!!

omg?? yes of course!!! anything for you juliana ♥

  • spring and summertime boyfriends tbh. it’s like coming out of hibernating after a long winter, they start jogging every morning, go out for lunch, jason brings home fresh flowers weekly
  • percy owns a puca shell necklace and jason literally despises it
  • every time percy gets sick, jason takes a trip to this bakery that specializes in just strictly cookies, and he gets percy a bunch of sea animal cookies; dolphins, crabs, fish, the works
  • book worm jason staying up until 3am to listen to audio books and percy waking up bc jason’s crying at the end, so he pulls jason real close and whispers a little, “neerrdd” before kissing him on the head
  • imagine this: percy and jason going to new york comic con dressed up as superman and batman in all their heroic physique glory, and then kissing every time someone yells “where’s wonder woman?”
  • the older they get the more powerful they become and it gets to the point that if a storm starts brewing over camp half-blood people just know they’re sparring. it doesn’t even have to be that serious, they just naturally cause a storm
  • every time percy sneaks into the zeus cabin to sleep, lightning will flash but jason just flips off the statue before turning back to fall asleep next to his bf
  • one time early in the morning in their apartment, just as the sun was rising, apollo appeared in front of their bed all “heLLO demigods, i have a TASK” and while jason does have a filter and got up to say hi, percy–still half asleep–mumbled under his breath “die”
  • percy likes to trace the lines of jason’s jaw, and his shoulder, and down his arm, and across his chest, he likes reassuring himself that jason’s there. he’s real and alive and warm and there
  • jason surprises percy with at least one picnic in the strawberry fields per summer. he never tells percy when but it becomes tradition and it’s something percy looks forward to every year
  • one year though, jason had knots in his stomach as they were walking to their picnic spot, because he had a ring hidden in the back pocket of his jeans
  • and last but not least: one morning percy wakes (after a huge night of partying) up to a text from annabeth that reads, “hope your ass doesn’t hurt to much from last night #neveragain”
  • and he turns to jason, who also has no idea what she’s talking about, and so he checks in the mirror to see if there’s anything wrong and there’s a lightning bolt on his ass
  • jason starts laughing basically screaming, and percy, who can’t believe his own two eyes, checks their snap stories to find out they were playing truth or dare. annabeth was right, #neveragain.

wow i haven’t done headcanons in awhile i hope this was okay?? love you!!!



  • on the gymnastics team, but everyone thinks it’s cool
  • had a crazy transformation between middle school and high school
  • every girl has had some level of a crush on him
  • actually cares about school and does really well
  • Teachers count on him to be the only kid who thoroughly does his homework
  • Wears puca shell necklaces


  • always been in his emo phase
  • has an air of mystery to him that makes people avoid him
  • people who sit next to him in class know about the weird comments he makes under his breath
  • really really cares about school and gets upset when he doesn’t do well
  • no one hears him talk a lot until he gives presentations in which he goes hard and knows his topic inside and out
  • Pretends he doesn’t care about school spirit but he truly does care


  • school hype man
  • leads legendary cheers at sporting events
  • everyone follows him on snapchat
  • tutors in his free time
  • never does anything stupid and comes home promptly at curfew
  • tries really hard at school and maintains a B+ average but he’s happy because his mom is proud of that
  • gives freshmen rides home
  • Goes to starbucks a lot and brings the teacher a drink to get on their good sides


  • gets class dad superlative
  • every freshman develops a crush on him when they see him at orientation leading tours
  • has had a supportive and loving girlfriend since freshman year
  • joins student counsel and is a part of a few other clubs with good causes
  • Joins band but doesn’t quit when all his friends do, so he makes friends with a lot of underclassmen and eventually gets to be in charge
  • Leads every class discussion and teachers look to him a lot to step up as a leader

You meet Catboy Garfield when you go to grab the same frozen lasagne at the supermarket. You are both wearing Seibei shirts.

You look at each other and both kind of laugh. He starts to walk away but you go out on a limb and ask him if he wants to get coffee.

He looks surprised and a little suspicious. His tail sways as he thinks. He narrows his eyes. “I have to go to a birthday party first.”

“Oh, okay…” You’re not sure what that means.
“I mean, it’s gonna suck. This guy sucks. But you can come with if you want.” He looks hopeful

“Are you sure your friend won’t mind?”
He scoffs a little. "He’s not really my– he like…he’s one of those assholes who loves everyone.”

You shrug. “I have no plans. I was gonna eat this lasagne and watch something.”
He also shrugs. "Cool. I mean, it’s going to totally suck.”

You both buy your food and he offers you a ride. You climb into the passenger’s seat of his 1994 Honda Civic hatchback. It smells nostalgic.

When he starts the car, “Helena” starts blasting. He quickly turns off the stereo, blushing.
“I got this CD as a joke,” he explains shakily.

You peek at him out of the corner of your eye and watch the way the shifting lights of the streetlamps play off his features as he drives.

He’s cute, you decide, smiling a little when you notice that he’s wearing a little bit of smudged black eyeliner– the same way you wear it.

He lowers the volume knob before turning the stereo back on, quickly changing it to the local college radio station.
“So,” you start to say.

“Oh right, yeah, I spaced out for a second there,” he says, smiling a little and exposing a single little fang. “Um, I’m Garfield, btw.”

He literally says “bee tee double-you” and doesn’t seem embarrassed by it like at all. When you tell him your name, he just kind of nods.

“Nice to meet you?” you say in that way that’s intentionally awkward because you’re pointing out that the whole situation is kinda awkward.

Catboy Garfield is right. The party sucks. It’s full of positivity bros trading really trite platitudes and lifting tips while drinking IPAs.

The birthday boy is THRILLED to see him, and it’s hilarious to watch Catboy Garfield get hugged so hard by a guy in a puca shell necklace.

“Don’t touch me Odie. Anyways, happy birthday.”
Odie takes the Ralph’s bag, pulls out the lasagne and smiles even bigger than before. "BRO!”

You’re stuck listening to a conversation about the best Crossfit in the city when Catboy Garfield comes to your rescue. “Let’s go,” he says.

You end up going back to his apartment (which was kind of your goal anyways, if you’re gonna be real about it) and sitting on the couch.

While he’s in the bathroom, you look around a little. He has a pretty sweet Danelectro in the corner and a mess of cords connected to the tv.

There’s about 15 different Nintendo 64 cartridges scattered across the carpet and every game is pretty terrible, if you remember correctly.

He comes back out wearing sweatpants, which are slung just low enough for you to see the swell of his belly hanging over the waistband.

You exhale quickly, trying not to stare.
“You wanna watch something?” He asks, sitting down next to you and smiling that little smile again.

“I mean, whatever,” you say. “Anything that isn’t Friends or Scrubs or something horribly offensive like that.”
"Ugh, right? I hate those.”

He points at your HFIL shirt, “Dragonball Z?”
His presence next to you feels warm and solid and you don’t care about tv. "Sounds good!”

“Cool,” he grabs the remote and smiles a little bigger, big enough that you can see more teeth. You wonder if they’re as sharp as they look.

You hadn’t noticed before, but his t shirt is a size or two too small, and it begins to peel up, exposing black markings on his side.

They’re the same pattern as the ones on his tail. His ears have them too, you realize. How can you ask to touch them without seeming weird?

Catboy Garfield’s recently watched on Hulu is a mix of 90s-00s anime and Criterion films. There’s a lot of Fassbinder. Your face gets hot.

“Just pick any episode,” you say, kind of too quickly, grateful that the couch is pretty small and praying you’ve read the situation right.

He hits play and settles into the couch, looking more comfortable than anyone you’ve ever seen.
“I love this couch,” he purrs, smiling lazily

You’re sweating with nerves and you think “fuck it” and put your arm around him tentatively.
“Is this okay?”
He purrs and snuggles into you.

You try to breathe slowly so your heart stops racing but it’s tough because you want to throw him on the floor and never stop touching him.

You’re not usually very aggressive, but he’s just so soft and round and warm and comfortable that like??? It’s a natural reaction.

You don’t do that, because you’re not a fucking creep, but you tuck it away as something you might do later. Instead you pet his hair.

You can feel his purring– it rumbles through his body and yours. So you let your fingers slowly wander to his ears, stroking them softly.

The purring and the low noise of the television and the soft fur against your fingertips is hypnotic. Before you know it the episode is over.

You start to say something, but are interrupted by a not-that-quiet snore.
He fucking fell asleep.

The next episode starts up automatically. You want to be pissed off, but you look at his face and he’s even fucking cuter when he sleeps.

So you just keep petting him and watch few more episodes. It’s midnight when you turn off the tv and stand up to leave. Should you wake him?

You say his name. You touch his shoulder. You say his name louder. You shake him gently. He doesn’t wake up, but he does frown in his sleep.

You grab some paper and a pen.
"Garfield– Call me when you wake up, you hot sleepy idiot” and include your name and number.

You tape the note to your lasagne and leave it in the freezer for him to find. “PS- Don’t eat the whole thing without me” you add.

He does eat the whole thing without you, but he also calls exactly 14 hours later, half asleep.
“Hey it’s Garfield. Want to get breakfast?”