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Dark Dragon cracktheory

(with a dash of cliche-ridden star-crossed romance)

OK so this goes with the “Hiryuu didn’t actually choose to become human but was cast out of heaven” cracktheory. The Dark Dragon defeats Hiryuu in some heavenly battle, kicks him out, forces him to become human. The other four dragons team up to defeat the Dark Dragon, succeed, come to Hiryuu like “k let’s blow this place and go home” and are very surprised when Hiryuu says no. Meanwhile, the Dark Dragon is defeated but not dead and, in the period after Hiryuu’s death and before his reincarnation, incredibly annoyed that his ancient enemy is out of reach (plus, it would give him no pleasure to defeat a puny human while a dragon himself). The only way to fix this problem is to become human himself and they can conclude their ancient grudge on equal footing. Except in the process of becoming human, he loses all memory of his previous existence as a dragon … all he knows is that he’s strangely drawn to this red-haired girl. And thus, actual Dark Dragon Hak XD. (If Hak ever figures all this out, he’ll just be like “are you kidding me?” and proceed to get on with his life because, seriously?)