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“I think race relations in general get reduced to Black/White in the United States. And I think as a result if you are still a racialized minority your status somehow becomes weaponized one way or another. For example, for the Asian American population there’s a stereotype of the model minority. And because there’s that stereotype often the Asian American community is weaponized by the White community against all the other communities of color, saying, ‘well look at X group compared to the Asian American population’ which is also damaging and stereotypical because when people talk about the Asian community as that model minority they are thinking about East Asian, upper class populations and the good number of the Asian American community in the United States are not that. I’m not that. I’m Southeast Asian. And the Southeast Asian population of the United States includes Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong, and Thai. These groups are actually some of the poorest in the United States and most disadvantaged. But people don’t recognize that because they just think, ‘Oh if you’re Asian you must have the same achievements as all these other Asian groups’ and that is not true.”

One of my favorite quotes of Episode 32 with Diana Pho where she discusses the “model minority” myth and how these hierarchies in marginalized cultures can create further segregation. It’s a powerful thing to think about.

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Marichat May Day 17: Balcony Visits

Soooo I am totally new to this fandom and to Marichat May. So, awkwardly, I found LAST year’s Marichat May prompts (which for 17 was paparazzi) and wrote a drabble for that. Luckily, it kind of still counts as a balcony visit? Enjoy!

No one could have predicted the frenzy that the launch of the Agreste’s summer season collection would cause.

Except Marinette. Marinette could have told you that if you launched a range of clothes with Adrien Agreste as the main model, and published a series of billboard which featured said model in nothing but swim shorts, beads of water clinging to his perfect skin, that might just tip half of France over the edge. And the demand for pictures of Adrien Agreste would get out of control.

Marinette was torn between delight at the number of times she had seen Adrien topless over the last fortnight, sympathy for Adrien, who didn’t much seem to be enjoying the newfound attention, and the desire to murder Chloe every time she tried to pose with Adrien on the steps in front of their school before the hungry paparazzi.

“They’re all going to think they’re dating, Tikki!” she moaned on Friday afternoon, dropping her bag on her bed and falling into her desk chair. “She was actually kissing his cheek as we left!”

“He didn’t look like he was enjoying it that much,” Tikki pointed out. Marinette spun on her chair, contemplating this; and had to admit that, no, Adrien had not looked overly thrilled by Chloe grabbing his hand so that he was forced to pose for pictures for the waiting photographers, nor with the experience of Chloe’s lips against his cheek.

At least that was some small comfort. Marinette scooted over her wooden floor to her monitor, turning it on. She went to the Teen Vogue website and sighed happily. Another perk of the newfound interest in Adrien was that there were photos of him everywhere for Marinette to stare at.

“You’re getting drool on your keyboard,” Tikki informed her. Marinette started and looked down. She definitely did not drool over Adrien.

But a loud thump above her made Marinette jump again. She shot to her feet, staring upwards at her skylight to see -

“Chat Noir?” she blurted out, as a figure clad in black rolled out of sight.

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