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“Rumor has it that One Direction member, Harry Styles, is working on a children’s novel with London-based publishing company, Bishop Books. Months before the band’s hiatus was official, the superstar stated his interested in writing and hope to someday start a little project.  

More importantly, it seems like he’s been getting along exceptionally well with Angelina Bishop, daughter of Jane Bishop, Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house. The 20-year-old University of Manchester alumni is well known in the writing community for working alongside her mother and proofreading some of the most successful novels published in the last couple of years.

Will she make sure Harry Styles is truly author material? Or will their blossoming romance come in the way of his career?”

“‘Blossoming romance’?” Angie looked absolutely appalled and Harry snorted, “Who wrote this shitty article?”

“I don’t know…sweetie.”

“Don’t. Just don’t.”

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Castle prompt fill: Running through my veins

Prompt: ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ AU from supernerd127

I hope this was kinda along the lines of what you wanted. :)

Kate Beckett was many things, but late was never one of them. Especially not for her second day as an intern at the Richardson & Marks publishing house. Her brilliant idea to stay up late the night before to read through her boss’ publishing history had led to her sleeping through her alarm.
And she was now desperately needing her grande skim latte.

If only she could get past the billion people in queue ahead of her. She kept checking her watch, seeing the seconds tick by. She looked to see who the barista was that morning.

“Oh no,” she said, groaning in despair.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around. “Yes? Oh.”

This man she came face to face with was tall. Even in her shorter heels, he was a full head taller than her. And those arms looked strong enough to pick her up right where she was standing. But it was his eyes that caught her attention; as blue as the sapphire stone in her mother’s favourite ring.

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if people thing booktube is 'run' by 4 people they only follow the american friend group. jean bookishthoughts, sanne booksandquills, thebooktuber and a hell of a lot other people are booktubers

I am specifically speaking about american booktubers and publishing houses in america. PenguinAUS is AMAZING at supporting their popular booklrs.

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Do you have a published book out?

I have an ebook I wrote ages ago but it was a self published venture which I’m not happy with anymore. I am looking to publish my new book ‘Your Soul is a River’ in paperback as well as kindle. It’s been delayed because I am doing some ruthless editing, but I am looking to publish with a small publishing house this time. :) :) :)


Wilfried Sätty. The Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe. Ligeia, The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, Silence–A Fable, Ms. Found in a Bottle, Dreamland, The Fall of the House of Usher, Dreamland, Landor’s Cottage, Ligeia, The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion (top to bottom). 1976.

I work at a publishing house and started working on a new project where the author wanted 50 images in his book. I sent him an email asking for the image files and he calls me back.

Client: So you’ve asked that I send you the images at 300dpi and all these other requirements that I don’t understand. Didn’t you get the file I sent you?

The file he sent me was a .DOC with the images pasted there.

Me: I did, thank you, but I need the image files themselves. 

Client: Well I don’t have them. Just google!

Me: What about the image permissions?

Client: Well in a perfect world this book would be on the New York Times bestseller list and everyone would read it, but that’s not going to happen so I don’t think anyone will notice.

Me: But stealing images and hoping no one notices won’t work except in a perfect world.

Client: Okay, so you’ll do that.

I ended up reverse searching all of the images from his .DOC file and chasing down permissions for a week, none of which was in my job description.

I think that, during the course of his European jaunt, Cecil got bored, went to turn-of-the-20th-century London, and started a publishing house.

So at work today I found this book, and discovered that its publisher is Cecil Palmer, which existed in the front quarter of the 20th century.

Then I went to Google to try and dig up a couple more things this publisher put out–which I found here, here, herehere, among other places–but I also found that there was a write-up about this Cecil Palmer in an old publishing journal.  Apparently there was this talk series about writing and printing in August 1920; I’ve linked the copy, which gets a little wonky towards the bottom of pages, but here’s this tidbit:

But the address in which we are most interested, was that given by one of London’s youngest, and most progressive publishers, Mr. Cecil Palmer.  […]  Mr. Palmer is almost a great speaker.  His thoughts are always lucidly expressed, and he generally has something pungent to say.  There is no bending to the god of convention in him.  He holds a view, and expresses it without fear or favor.  But he is always courteous, and it is sometimes difficult to find an answer to his cogent and clear reasoning.  […]  One of Mr. Palmer’s strongest points as a public speaker is his capacity for keeping cool while he is delivering his speech.  There is no mental panic.  […] The crowd of [concentrated] minds [facing] him has no effect upon Mr. Palmer, and when one is listening to him one is reminded of that early Victorian, who did so much for freedom of speech, Charles Bradlaugh.

I mean, it’s not “smooth and sonorous” in as many words, but does that delivery style and demeanor sound familiar to anyone?  Time is weird and not real, after all.

Longtime Science Textbook Retires After 40 Years In Public School System 

PITTSBURGH—Bringing to a close what former students and administrators are calling an “immensely impressive tenure,” longtime science textbook Discovering Science retired this week following 40 years in the public school system.

The 270-page illustrated text, which began its term at Jefferson Middle School in 1975 after coming to Pittsburgh straight from the Prentice Hall publishing house in New Jersey, departs its position after spending countless hours in the classroom where it taught multiple generations of local seventh- and eighth-graders.

Discovering Science has touched the lives of thousands of students since its first day at Jefferson Middle School nearly 40 years ago,” said the school’s principal, Ruth Sheerer, who noted that the textbook had already been at the school for decades by the time she was hired in 2002. “I’m just so used to seeing it here at school every day. It’s been there for so many kids over the years, teaching lessons on everything from environmental issues to the laws of motion.”



Yesterday evening something came into the grazing pasture and ATTACKED OUR RESCUE ANIMALS

We’ve never had anything like this happen before, and we’re a little in shock and very sad. We lost 3 of our Pekin ducks (95% of duck meat consumed in the United States is Pekin duck, which is why we’ve focused on taking in that breed) and our sweet Edith (in the last photo) was wounded on her leg and is unable to walk. We’re waiting to hear from the vet. 

The rescue animals on the Hard Fifty Farm are supported solely by funds from Pioneers Press Small Press Publishing House and Distro. We’re scrambling to figure out how to pay for the visit, so if there’s a book or zine you’ve been eyeing at Pioneers Press, now’s a great time to snag it!

Thanks for your support! <3 Jessie Duke

Recently on my personal blog, I came across the following image:

It was followed by a few comments from rebloggers, all positive feedback.

Usually I simply scroll past posts on my dashboard that bring up conflicting feelings. If I don’t agree with something I simply move on. Simple as that. But this time, I felt the urge to join the discussion. This is what I wrote to my humble following:

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by SimonSchusterVideos

Producing book-covers really isn’t one of the easiest jobs.

Don’t take it too serious ;)

today I learned that infants are only allowed “work” on camera for television shows for fifteen minutes a DAY, so when the fedex guy delivering your giant shipment of books (that you need to have ready to release and ship TOMORROW) tries to deliver at the loading dock your publishing house shares with the Grimm studio at the exact moment they are filming with an infant they get HELLA FUCKIN SALTY

and that’s how you start a turf war between universal studios and a stuffy law publisher because I have seriously never seen two groups of grown-ass people get so close to westside story style finger-snapping in my LIFE