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Ideas for a Professional AU (set in New York)
  • Lucy (age 27) is working as an editor at a major publishing house. She’s married to Natsu (28) and they have a one year old daughter. 
  • Levy (27) is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University. She’s married to Gajeel (29), a music producer, but they agreed no kids until she gets her PhD. 
  • Erza (29) is the young CFO of a fortune 500 company. Jellal (30) is a city council member. They’re married and considering having a child soon. 
  • Marine biologist Juvia (27), and architect Gray (28) live in a wealthy NY suburb (probably Westchester County) with their two children. They go to visit Gray’s mother, Ur, in Long Island a few times a year. 
  • Lyon (29), Sherry (27), and Jura (37) are corporate lawyers at a large firm called Lamia & Scales. (Lyon does not visit home as often as Gray even though he lives closer because Ur only nags him about how she wants more grand children). 
  • Ichiya and the Trimens host a tabloid news show (think TMZ) 

(I should probably come up with an actual plot lol). 

B A D - N E W S - B O O K S 

Newly formed publishing house Bad News Books launch a deuce of titles at Sydney’s Press Books tonight.  Kicking things off for the imprint, Bad News present publications from Sydney’s Sam Stephenson and Melbourne’s Shannon Rush. Tonight 6-9pm - 116 Abercrombie street. Cold beers supplied by Grifter Brewing Co. Get involved.


German design studio Korefe created the world’s first completely edible cookbook. Designed as a limited edition series for the art and culinary publishing company Gerstenberg Publishing House, The Real Cookbook is an edible instruction manual made of 100% fresh pasta with a classic lasagna recipe embossed on its pages. The Real Cookbook can be opened, read, and then each page used as a layer for making the very same lasagna described on those pasta pages.

[via designboom]


I’ve been working on this space, called The Publishing House. It’s in a small town, the town I live in, and it’s still growing. But, the majority of the manual labor on this particular room is nearly done. So, Sunday night, I threw a private event to welcome my friends, family, and two bands into the space to celebrate. 

I’ll be posting progress photos soon, and a more detailed post about what The Publishing House is to me, my family, and what it will be looking forward for the community. 

For more photos check me out on Instagram: @tkowkat and the hashtag #thepublishinghouse 


Players was the black Playboy, launched in 1974 and published by Holloway House Publishing in Los Angeles, who were known for their “black experience” book series by authors like Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines. Holloway was founded in 1959 by Ralph Weinstock and Bentley Morriss, who initially published a series of men’s magazines like Adam and Knight. After the Watts riots of 1965 the owners, who were white, changed the direction of the company to aim at the African American community. The longtime editor of Players was Joseph Nazel, who also wrote dozens of books for Holloway. More on Holloway House here. Players, whose tagline was "For He Who Is," featured one of my favorite magazine logos of all time!

See a huge collection of vintage Players covers at Old Mags (where many of these images came from).

Understand that being a writer means being prepared for criticism

Don’t freak out when someone doesn’t like your work. Its going to happen… sometimes more often than not.

There are more books out there on the craft off writing than Justin Beiber fans (Yes, believe it or not there’s that many). The average writer picks up a book on the craft at least once or twice in their writing career. It’s almost expected that, as a future author, you should.

What is not expected is building up a thicker skin.

Why would you need a thick skin as a writer?

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[Note: Any and all house sorting opinions expressed via this series are purely subjective and not at all indicative of binding decrees regarding said opinions.  In nearly all cases multiple houses were deemed suitable, but alas- choices had to be made.  For more information related to how these decisions came about, please see The Totally Amazing Totally Unofficial Fifth Harmony Hogwarts House Sorting Poll]

Fifth Harmony Hogwarts House Sorting: Camila Cabello, Gryffindor

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart

Adventure, and more importantly action, are the traits of a Gryffindor: Gryffs want to be heroes. A willingness to confront the darkness, to fight for the underdog, to explore and defend: this is Gryffindor House. (x)

"Don’t compare yourself to other people, and don’t do anything to try to please other people." - Camila Cabello


Now I can’t believe that it’s been 6 years…

Since I originally started taking style to heart. Living a lifestyle that is in fact a reflection of myself. Things will change, things will continue to be an uphill battle. I’d rather be moving than static. So, here is a bit of this and that. Around my kitchen, with Pippa, The Publishing House’s bathroom. I am a plant hoarder and a bread maker. I cannot be stopped. 

Day to day in my life can be found over on my instagram: @tkowkat