publishing bc i think i might want to come back to this later sob

hurricanepenus-deactivated20140  asked:

OTL i sound like an idiot but if you read it as well you should totally link me ok

hm ok you’ve probably read all these but here’s what i have bookmarked haha!!

letting go. side!dooseob. kind of heartbreaking but really hopeful at the end!! 

you and me. kinda twisted tbh  ( ಠ◡ಠ )

pursuit of happiness. a really well written dystopiafic. i love dystopiafic sobs q__q

images. pwp tbh;;;; 

habits. ok this is only slightly doowoon but it’s super sweet and a little sad and you should read it anyway!!

simpler things. this author is just amazing *q*

dismantle, repair. by the same author and it’s really good and it has abused!dongwoon and doojoon as his stepbrother and i wish it were longer sob;;;;;;;;

moves like jagger. hot;;;;

hero work. I LOVE THIS. dongwoon is a superhero and he has a crush on doojoon and it’s just so precious ))):

late nights and early parades. cute ))’:

you’re too funny. short and humorous and doojoon is a loser lmao

zenith. fave ;o;

(((ok that’s all for now but i’m not kidding when i say you’ve probably read all these tho!!!)))