What would happen in real life…

Interviewer: *gone rogue because the topic would have been blacklisted* so liam tell us how louis has been dealing with the news that he got a random blond impregnated

Liam: that’s louis’ private life so I’m not going to be discussing anything like that with you

Interviewer: *pushes the topic*

PR person on the line: ok we have to go now

*Line cuts off*

Pitch Your Stuff: The Awl

The Awl describes itself as ‘the last weblog’ and started in 2009. It’s main focus is running on pitches, saying:

The Awl has editors, but it runs on pitches. So please: Pitch. Pitch thoughtful reported pieces and incisive essays and deep cultural criticism and odd character studies and deep dives on off topics and jokes and profiles and weird, unexpected content fragments and things that you think are too strange to publish. We will work with you on difficult pieces. We don’t care about word count. We pay. Not much, but as much as we can, and as much (and often more?) than many much richer publishing and internet concerns. 

They would also like to note that the people who are most afraid to pitch and feel like they shouldn’t are usually the people they want, so please try!

The Awl also has the network sides Splitsider, The Billfold, and The Hairpin, all of which also accept pitches and submissions. As always, please read the content of the websites carefully to judge the general content and tone before you pitch. Good luck!

fandom-oracle asked:

Metalinguistics! When you tie the development of a female character to a male character, you reduce her to either a pure love interest like River (Whose development was tied solely to the Doctor) or a "damsel in distress" type of character. Doctor Who is the show that really helped me notice the sexism in society (I'm a guy) and the fact Moffat turned the show into a problematic mass annoys me.

oh, but i disagree.

neither river’s, amy’s or clara’s character traits and/or developments are tied solely to the doctor, but rather to their travels with the doctor.
seeing as the show is the story of the doctor and the companion, as in - their dynamics as the leading duo (or more) of the show, their travels, their impact on what happens during the travels, and the impact of what happens during the travels on them. that’s the basic formula of the show since it’s very beginning, and you can see it in classic who and in new who - both in rtd’s who and in moffat’s who. every writer expresses it differently, puts different emphasis on each of the components of the show, but the concept remains the same. and, surprisingly or not, the way rtd and moffat treat the show (story and characters) is very very similar as opposed to classic who. people often talk about the show as if it has two eras - the beloved pre-moffat era and the dreaded moffat era, as it became the popular way of seeing it (herd mentality, ahem) - but it’s much more than that. 
now, to focus on two specific characters: we started this discussion with clara, and more specifically, her and danny’s love story. you say tieing the development of a female character to a male character is wrong - and i see what you mean, and i agree with it, but let me put it in other words - making a female character (her traits, her story, her development) dependant on a male character is wrong. but that’s not the case with clara and danny. her development is not dependant on either him or the doctor. rather, they represent two opposing forces in her life - her urge to travel and explore and let go of her duties (something that was there way before the doctor showed up in her doorstep - in series 7, it was represented by artie and angie); and her strong sense of responsibility. she struggles to find balance between these two forces due to her “bossy”, perfectionist urge to keep her life under control (as she sees it). the struggle was there since the very beginning of clara’s story, but in series 8 it reaches its peak and its conclusion, and therefore there was a need to make the struggle more clear - via it’s being tied to two characters, or two relationships. tied to BUT NOT dependant on

as for river, yes, her story was tied greatly to the doctor’s. but i think people tend to get blinded by their romantic relationship and not realize that it’s actually only part of her story as it’s been represented on the show. originally, she wasn’t even presented as a love interest - alex kingston originally thought she was supposed to be the doctor’s mom. she wasn’t even a companion - she was an explorer and a fighter on her very own right, even refusing to join the doctor when he asked her to. and her character development - from a frightened child, to a confident assassin, to an inspired archeologist, to an adventurous, unstoppable jailbreaker - and in a parallel reality, the leader of a worldwide organization aiming to save the universe! - to a private investigator undercover… all of this happened DESPITE her ties to the doctor - dark ties that seemingly should have held her back. she’s the doctor’s equal, and often his superior, from the very beginning - more emotionally mature and stable, just as smart as him, crafty and capable, and a fierce warrior. there’s so much more, SO MUCH MORE to her outside her romantic relationship with the doctor, that focusing on that rather than EVERYTHING she has to offer as her own character, is really one’s choice of how to look at her, not everything’s there’s to see in her. similarly, rose’s and the doctor’s love story is a HUGE part of rose’s story - and i’d argue, a MUCH, MUCH bigger part than river’s story - yet claiming that that’s all she has to offer as a character is just plain wrong (i’m going to assume i don’t need to explain why, as opposed to moffat’s companions that i’m focusing on here, so i’m not gonna dive deeper into rose’s story - but i definitely can if needed).

to sum what i’m trying to say up:

  • doctor who is the story of the doctor and the companion, and they’re naturally tied to one another
  • tied to ≠ dependant on
  • moffat’s companions are not dependant on the doctor
  • both rtd’s companions and moffat’s companions share the same kind of relationships with the doctor (in a very broad, general, conceptual way)
  • reducing moffat’s companions to just dependant on the doctor is a personal choice, and not a view dictated by moffat’s writing of those characters

[OBVIOUS-YET-NEEDED-DISCLAIMER: everything i wrote above is my personal opinion. i don’t try to force it on anyone, i leave everything open to discussion and i ENCOURAGE people to debate with me on these matters. i’m very open minded, i don’t think how i see things is the “one and only truth” or whatever. also, i don’t think moffat is spotlessly perfect. he’s got faults. i acknowledge that.]

{EXCLUSIVE} [VIRAL] Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk owns a pair of couple ring!

Super Junior, who are famous for their popularity and unique dance moves are also famous for their ships! The Eunhae couple is one of the most notable ones out of all the ships of Super Junior. Not only known for their large amount of skinship, they’re also known for owning a pair of couple ring!

The couple ring that Donghae and Eunhyuk own is the Gucci Knot Silver Series. The series itself symbolizes the beautiful everlasting love between a couple. Although the two are strangers in the past, however once they have met each other the knot will tie the both up. Therefore the love relationship between the two can only be sweet and everlasting!

From the photos above we can see that Eunhyuk is wearing the women version of the ring while Donghae is wearing the male version. The two rings altogether add up to a total of Nine Hundred and Thirty Five Thousand South Korean Wons; while the male version of the ring, which Donghae is wearing, costs Five Hundred Thousand South Korean Wons. The female version of the ring, which Eunhyuk is wearings, costs Four Hundred and Thirty Five Thousand South Korean Wons, both extremely pricy.

Without further ado check out the couple ring below!

Donghae (Male Version Ring)

Knot Wide Ring In Silver

Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
Made in Italy
Weight: 1.8g

Eunhyuk (Female Version Ring)

Knot Ring In Silver

Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
Made in Italy
Weight: 7.2g

source: nowkpop


So something incredible happened this year at Gencon. Wayne Reynolds, some of you may know, was there selling art and taking commissions for sketches. I got mine in right away, but my girlfriend didn’t and very soon he had realized he was overburdened and stopped taking them, ending with probably only 6 commissions (I’m guessing here) for the weekend.

At that point I decided it would be better for him to sketch my girlfriend’s new tiefling bloodrager, rather than my own character. It was to be my anniversary gift to her, as we first started hanging out at gencon, and celebrate it as such. So, while she was shopping I asked Wayne if he could draw hers instead of mine, which he kindly obliged.

When he surprised her with the sketch the next day, she nearly cried and we were both speechless with the final product. What I did not expect was his offer of still drawing my character, because, in his words, he wanted to reward my kindness.

I may not be doing this story justice, but trust that it was the largest act of kindness ever bestowed on me by someone who I consider a great influence and well… a personal hero. Wayne’s words of kindness to us and the fact he took time to draw both our characters in his little free time he had available spoke to us both and had us with a tear in our eye more than once over the weekend. He topped it off telling us both that we made his weekend, which has us both giggling and blushing even still.

I’ll never forget this gencon or Wayne’s kindness, and now every time I look at his artwork I’ll remember how incredible he is both as an artist and as a person. So thank you Wayne, and thank you Paizo for hiring such a genuinely kind person.

Yay, I just found out this photo (& 2 others, not sure which have been picked) are going to be published in a new book “Bad Dogs”, coming out in September!!

I don’t officially sell my work - photography is just a hobby, but over the years I’ve been posting on Flickr, quite a few people have contacted me & asked for permission to use images. I hardly ever make any money (most books don’t get a budget allocated for photos) but I’m usually given a free copy of the book/magazine etc & it is always exciting to see the pups in print!

*I may have squealed a bit, the fist time I saw a book which used my photographs, on a shelf in a real actual book shop ;-) Hehe, also squealed when I saw 2 paintings of MY dog for sale at Crufts dog show - we get artists asking to draw Barney semi-regularly too & I loooove seeing artwork of the dogs!*

Nobody was a more astute chronicler of the post-war crisis of the female mind in America than Shirley Jackson. In her novels The Bird’s Nest, Hangsaman and The Haunting of Hill House, the horrors that visit the female protagonists are psychological rather than supernatural. More opportunities were available to women after the war, but they were still shackled by domesticity and their lives continued to revolve around their husbands and children. Stanley Edgar Hyman’s career overshadowed that of Jackson in her lifetime, she was often dismissed as a mere faculty wife, and her neighbors suspected her of witchcraft (though it must be admitted that Jackson took an extraordinary interest in the paranormal).
Publish Your Stuff Interview: Zach Weinersmith on Comics, Comedy, and More

Zach Weinersmith is best known as the artist behind the popular webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. He is also the creator of the hit science comedy show, BAHFest. Recently, he created Augie and the Green Knight, the best-funded children’s book ever on kickstarter. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Slashdot, BoingBoing, PRI’s Science Friday, and on geeky blogs around the web.

You can also find his work at SMBC Theater, Captain Stupendous, and follow him on twitter!

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vagrancing asked:

two minutes ago i became aware of the existence of Chiisaku Furikabutte and i just needed to make sure you were also aware...bc it is amazing...

yES i know chiifuri!! i actually chanced upon it during my early (thirstier) days after reading all i could find for oofur and finding those four pages made me SO HAPPY :’D

i find it tends to get overlooked a lot because its not part of the main arc so, oofur fans who’ve not seen it yet, pls give it a read! its only 4 pages long and focuses on the other nishiura kids look at them


We have some bittersweet news for your Monday morning: 

ARTFUL DAGGERS Volume 1: Fifty Years Later is official out of print at IDW!

What does this mean for you?  It means that now is your last chance to get this version of the book, including an introduction by Michael Avon Oeming (oeming), a foreword by Jacque Lamarre, Director of Communications for The Mark Twain House & Museum, and exclusive concept art (including character design sketches) not found anywhere else!

You can pick up a copy at your Local Comic Book Store or on Amazon. But don’t wait! Once the remaining copies are gone, so is the book!

(And if you already have Volume 1 and can’t wait for Volume 2 to be in print, you can pick it up as Issues 10-17 on comixology from Monkeybrain Comics!)

Until then, keep an eye on this space for future news about the series!