publisher's lunch

*That old nun friend from Alabama before we ate burgers and fries and she insisted on saying prayers beforehand* “I pray for your immortal soul, Sharon. I really do.”

*Me* “You vote republican all the time, right? Frankly, at this point, I should be praying for your immortal soul. At least I never got behind a war criminal responsible for the deaths of one million innocent Iraqi civilians.”


*Me* “Technically, you will have more to explain to Jesus than I ever will. I just screwed some dudes I shouldn’t have and read The Da Vinci Code.

*Her* “That is an evil novel!”

The lunch was awkward, to see the least. 

It'll Die Down Soon...?
  • Dad, At Church on Sunday: And if none of you have ever met a published author *pOINTS* go talk to Carla.
  • Mom, On the Phone With ???: Yeah and Carla's first short story is getting published!! You know she's been working on her degree...
  • Pastor's Wife, Who Was Absent on Sunday: I heard you got your story published! Congratulations!
  • Mom, At Lunch: You need to publish that other one you let me and Dad read! The one about the little girl?? It was sO GOOD---
  • Teacher, During Conference Call: I think we all need to take the time to congratulate Carla again on the publication of her short story. Shows everyone that it can be done.
  • Classmates: Congrats!!
  • Me: *frantically digging a hole in the ground to hIDE IN*

Summary: You’re a writer and one day you receive a gift that gave you happiness that you couldn’t even dream of.

Pairings: Damon x Reader x Dean

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1481

Just wanted to say that this is a work I’ve made and I do not take credit for the wonderful characters that is Damon and Dean :)

This is just something that popped into my mind. Hope you guys like it!

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As a writer, all the stories you have written, all the characters, their backgrounds, you have all fallen in love for them. You love all the characters you have written, you feel as if you have a deep connection with them, physically and emotionally. Your imagination can run quite wild, imagining these characters as if they were alive and with you. Sometimes, your imaginations can hurt you emotionally, sometimes it’s unhealthy when you think about it.

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Fic-present for flylittlekoala, in case I don’t manage to meet up and offer the handwritten one in person!

Steve/Bucky, writer-of-pulp-stories Bucky, pre- and post-Winter Soldier moments.


“Bucky,” Steve said. He was unhappy and scared and determined; he was going to get the truth if it killed him, and oh he was afraid it might. The evening crept in, a low burning summer haze over Brooklyn rooftops; and Bucky’s answer might burn and sear and eat away at his heart, but he had to know. “Bucky, tell me.”

“Tell you what,” Bucky evaded, “we’re out of potatoes, okay, yeah, I know, I’ll go out tomorrow.” He had day’s-end sunlight in his dark hair and was hanging up his jacket, and Steve loved him silently, helplessly, unspoken and bronzed with habitual beloved pain.

The pain sharpened at that deflection. “You know it ain’t about the potatoes. I know I didn’t have my share of rent. Again. And you covered.” Indolent sunbeams, city-fed and summer-fat, spilled accusations through the window. Bucky paused where Steve’d ambushed him in the doorway, slowly kicked his shoes off, bit his lip. Tense shoulders. Wary eyes.

“Bucky,” Steve said. “Come on. You know you’re gonna tell me.”

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Arrow Fic: Blinded by Love and Daring 17/17

Blinded by Love and Daring 17/17
Author: dettiot
Rating: T for now
Summary: Five years have passed since Oliver Queen or Felicity Smoak published anything.  The world thinks it knows why–a shipwreck and an attack.  But the truth is much more intense than anyone realizes … not unlike the connection that exists between Oliver and Felicity.  Publishing/writer!AU slow burn Olicity.  Third in the ink in my pen ran dry series.        
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  It’s really sad to be at this point: to be bringing this story to a close.  It took three stories and over 150,000 words, but I feel like I’m leaving Oliver and Felicity in a good place.  Will I come back to this universe?  I have to admit, the challenge of attempting the Slade storyline with this Oliver and Felicity is very, very tempting.  We’ll have to see how the voices in my head feel about that idea.  

Until then, though, I want to say how incredibly grateful and appreciative I am of all the feedback and praise and flails I’ve gotten for this fic.  It’s been a real labor of love for me–the first story in this series was the first Arrow fic I wrote, so automatically this series has a special place in my heart.  It’s thrilled me to no end to know it has a place in your hearts, too.  Thank you so very much, and I hope you enjoy this last chapter.  

A special thanks to mersayseh, who is a treasure by looking over this last chapter and helping me with my verb tense problems.  Thanks, Mer!


Starling City Times, April 11, 2014
Another Month of Lower Crime Rates: Who Do We Thank?

When pressed for comment, Captain Lance ascribed the lower crime rates to the increasing number of recruits to the police academy.  “More recruits means more graduates,” he said.  But the head officer of the Starling City Police Department also indicated that the presence of individuals like the Arrow and the Canary had suppressed crime.  “They’ve got the small-time crooks scared.  Lot less purse-snatchings and smashed store windows in the Glades now.”

Publishers Lunch, April 11, 2014
Buzz Building for Felicity Smoak

With two books out this year, including her first work of fiction, all eyes are on Felicity Smoak.  Early word is that Hachette is planning a major marketing campaign for her novel Scientific Magic–they even pushed it back from the summer doldrums to publish in early fall.

Starling City Examiner, April 14, 2014
If the Election Were Today: Can Anyone Stop Sebastian Blood?

Starling Magazine, April 2014
The Queens: Tragedy and Redemption


After he watched Felicity walk away, Oliver Queen didn’t have the comfort of falling into a daze.  He didn’t let his mind go blank or move without any conscious thought of where he was going or what he was doing.  

No, he was very, very aware of himself.  Of the weight on his shoulders, of the brick wall in his gut, of each painful beat of his heart.  Of the phantom pressure of Felicity’s lips against his.  

Of letting the woman he loves walk away.  Giving her the time she needed.  He told himself it was the right thing to do, the necessary thing to do.  But it hurt.  A lot.

It felt like rejection.  Like his world was falling to pieces and not being sure how he could put the pieces back together.  

But he had to find a way.  So Oliver focused on the tasks ahead of him: paying for dinner.  Going back to the hotel.  Arranging for a flight back to Starling.  Checking out of the hotel.  Getting to the airport.  Going home.  

Waiting until Felicity decided.  

Somehow, he got through it all.  Somehow, he arrived back in Starling, wondering what was next.  

There was plenty to do, at least.  Starting with returning to the Foundry.

When he walked down the stairs to see Tommy poking at the computers while Sara and Digg sparred, Oliver felt his shoulders unknot a little.  He had left Starling in good hands.  And now that he was back, they would be here to help him carry on.  

“Hey,” he said, standing behind Tommy.  

His best friend whirled around, a big grin on his face.  “Hey, Ollie, how’s–”  

But as soon as Tommy looked at him, the grin faded and he got this look on his face.  This sad, sympathetic look.  And Oliver realized his best friend knew exactly how badly things had gone with Felicity, just by looking at him.    

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