Oh my gosh this is so cute aw—
I bet Haru would not only just pout but would also glare at the pharmacists when they won’t understand what he’s trying to say. I believe he hates not being able to communicate in case of need, and with Rin being ill Haru would mostly panic silently, trying to act like it’s nothing but screaming internally cause Rin has a fever and he’s all red and he’s mumbling stuff he doesn’t understand and he thinks he’s also kind of cute even with a runny nose – which won’t fail to dirty his shirt I’m sure of it.
And what if he put him to bed in the hotel and try to go out to buy him meat? Imo Rin would cling to him, being too dizzy to worry about his embarrassment, and would tell him to stay, muttering something in English afterward. Haru would pout, tell him he needs to stop to talk in English and that he needs to eat but eventually he’d stay there and watch him while he sleeps with his blue big eyes speaking instead of his voice like ’how can you be such a pain and cute at the same time, Rin’ and I’M WRITING TOO MUCH.