Major Writing Errors: How to Fix Them

All writing advice is subjective, but there are some mistakes in writing that WILL ensure your novel’s failure, not only to your readers but to those who might be your potential agent or publisher. I’ve never really come across these mistakes when I used to review short stories for my literary magazine (I might have, I just don’t remember), but as a self-employed editor, I most certainly have come across them—and have made one or two myself.

  • Happy Beginnings. Many first chapters must start out with some sort of tension. In the first two books of The Stars Trilogy, they start out with heavy tension. Amelia from When Stars Die is terrified of the impending trials that will determine her readiness to be professed as a nun, and she is also seeing shadows no one else sees. That is when this book begins. In the sequel, Alice is slated to be executed for being a witch. In the most recent book I’m writing, the chapter starts out with my teen protagonist trying to get drunk: he is a recovering alcoholic, too. These are not happy beginnings. You don’t want your story to start out with your protagonist having a perfect life. Something that essentially upsets your character must occur.
  • Fearless Story. Something needs to threaten the character throughout the book, whether this is the threat of death, the threat of psychologically coming undone, the threat of losing things the character love, and so on and so forth. A story without fear is not a story at all. Throughout When Stars Die, Amelia’s primary threat is the threat of death: her death and her younger brother’s death. Think about your favorite books and what threatened the characters in these books the most.
  • Loaded Dialogue. In real life dialogue is loaded, but readers want to read a more concise version of that dialogue. I didn’t have too many issues with loaded dialogue in When Stars Die, but I did in its sequel. Let me give you a few examples of loaded dialogue, and then how to fix that dialogue.

“Gene, can’t you stop drinking just for one freaking night?”

“No, Josh. You just don’t understand me. You don’t understand what this does for me.’

“I might not understand, but I do know this isn’t the best way to deal with your problems.”

“Then obviously you’ve never had problems before.”

“Obviously you can’t handle your own problems!”

Here is a more concise version:

Josh glares at the shot glass. “Shit. Just stop already.”

“Give me a reason.”

“Do you really need one?”

I look beyond Josh, swirling the vodka. ”Your life’s perfect.”

Josh digs his nails into the palms of his hands, the knuckles whitening. “Screw you, Gene. Screw you.”

  • Predictability. Sometimes there are some very astute readers who can already tell what is going to happen. For example, I am an astute reader. I already knew who the culprit was in Cheryl Rainfield’s Stained, but that didn’t make the book any less enjoyable. I also had one reader who adored When Stars Die, even though some of the twists were not twists for her; however, many other readers of mine did not see the twists coming. These twists keep your book from being predictable. Knowing what’s coming can kill the tension.

If you’re struggling with making something unexpected happen, come up with a list of outcomes that could occur in certain situations. Concentrate on description, dialogue, and action. Write what could occur with your description. With Amelia’s character, she often describes things rather negatively because of her surroundings, so when she comes across something positive, the surprise lies in the negative she is still going to find. You can create a twist using your dialogue to shock the other character. Refer to my dialogue example above. Josh is put off by Gene’s ambivalent attitude about his drinking problem. As for action, there needs to be unexpected outcomes that occur. For example, in When Stars Die, you think Amelia is supposed to kill a certain antagonist, but she’s not the one who does it.

  • Ambivalence. You love the book when you draft; however, when you begin to revise it, you hold a certain amount of ambivalence toward it. You already wrote the book, so you lose your excitement because you think nothing new can happen. But a lot of new things can happen. Delve deeper into your characters. Flesh them out. Find better ways to tell your story. Look at all characters, including your antagonists, and see how you can make them better. Look at sub-plots and find ways to make them stronger. Revisions are essentially about cutting the fat, about making the book much better than its draft, about trying to make the second draft different from the first. I love the process of revisions, because I already know what revising a draft means.

Message me with any questions or comments. Next post will be on creating a strong antagonist.

| Makorin Week | Day 1 - Flowers/Warmth |

- I knew it! The flower crown suits you!
- I’ll finish you off right after i’ll finish this, i’m telling you.

it’s kinda about how Rin’s playing games and Makoto’s all cute and flowers and. well.

Otonokizaka Private Academy

Chapter 7 - Magnetic Heart
Previous Chapters [1][2][3][4][5][6]
Next Chapters [8]

Words: 10k+

Summary: Nozomi learns that sometimes giving up is the right way to go. Of course it’s Maki who teaches her that

Tags: #Private_Academy_AU   

Note: Character appearences in order: Nozomi, Maki, Umi, Kotori, Nico, Eli, Nozomi, Nico, Maki, Nico Maki, NicoMaki…oh and with the occasional guest appearance of Drama™  

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Sleeping beauty and the space prince. (Saeyoung/MC fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeyoung/MC -you
Rating : M
Summary: Mc pretends to be asleep, while sunbathing naked~ but Saeyoung is a genius and notices everything.

Author’s Notes: This is my first published fanfiction and it’s smut..~ ha.
I apologize for any grammar mistakes or weird parts. I promise to get better and improve myself! Hope you like it none the less! (●´ω`●)


Unexplainably hot, that was all I felt. The heat coming through every crevice of the apartment. No fan, no coolers, just the heat radiating on me. My body was quickly covered in sweat and now was beginning to be all sticky and gross, the heat was unbearable, yet I had no desire to move from the puddle of sweat on the ground, that I was laying in. All that could be heard was a »tapa – tapa -tapa« from the keyboard on which, he typed on, and the cicadas who did not help with the heat, but made it feel much more unbearable.

I decided then and there, even if my boyfriend was working, that I should just undress. He saw me naked a couple of times and he never complained.
Abruptly I stood up, feeling the dizziness which I tried to ignore. I took a towel from my drawer, layed it in front the window and took of my clothes painfully slowly. Since I WAS trying to get the attention of someone quite special. He did have a way of forgetting that I was there, sadly enough I got used to it. But at times, there were moments were I wanted and needed him.

So I sunbathed completely naked. After a few minutes nothing, I almost fell asleep. Then I turned around laying on my back and facing the ceiling. I stretched out my hands and legs. All of a sudden, I felt a pair of eyes wandering from my head to my toes. Was it the slight mewl, that came out of me, or was it because of the stretching that made him perk up? Does it matter though? A slight smirk came across my face. Did it work? Is he finally going to give me some attention?

My plan was in order, I should pretend to be asleep. Some shuffling was heard, a small groan and I felt him sit next to me. A hand was hovering dangerously close to my breasts and it took me all of my strength to pretend to be asleep. He let out a sigh and gulped. Surprisingly before he did anything he said very silently, “It is your fault for being so defenseless, Mc.”

Softly and almost painfully slow he grazed my breast with his hand, he did not use his whole palm, no he only used two fingers to gently draw circles on my skin. Slowly they went over my breast, on the sides of my stomach and to the other side. His breathing was uneven and his touch was no longer careful. The soft and caring touch, made me shiver and I felt a soft blush spreading on my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt him straddling me, but he did it with utmost care. I felt a soft fabric being tied on my wrist and my hands were now positioned above my head. Slowly he came closer to my face. His forehead was now touching mine, he sighed at that point, kissing my cheek and stopping near my ear.

In a husky tone filled with lust he whispered in my ear: “I know you’re just pretending Mc~. You can’t fool me.” I felt my cheeks burn, because he suddenly noticed my act, I decided to still have my eyes closed. “Hmm…” he hummed and went off of me. The air was hot, not because it was summer but it was the tension, that made the temperature go higher.

What was his next move, which he would make? Would he just let me lay on the ground with my wrists tied together? A sudden mistake - I winced in annoyance at that thought, hopefully he wouldn’t notice my writhing. But this mistake gave me the answer to my question.

My legs were gently spread apart and I shuddered as I felt the cold air that he blew on my sex. My knees grew weak and my mind was beginning to blur. I mewled out his name, but his cooing words stopped me. “A, a, a. You wanted to deceive me, but now it’s my turn to play with you.”

He usually wasn’t like this, this commanding, this demanding. But I liked it. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his fiery red hair, his golden eyes staring at me, and that sly grin on his face. “So the sleeping beauty has decided to wake up, eh?”  He winked and bit on his lips. “You know, I am not angry that you pretended to be sleeping, if you wanted me so badly, you just could have asked. Since I am your hero. But now you have to be punished” He chuckled at that and honestly, I could tell that he had a hard time staying in character, but he somehow made it.

His head suddenly went down to my stomach “Such a cutie.” He said in a husky tone. He licked the sides of my waist, nibbling on them in between. Then he kissed my belly button, looked up at me, asking me with his eyes if he can continue. I quickly nodded, this pace was making me go crazy, the haze in my mind, the feeling of want and the heat that spread through my stomach all over my body, made me go crazy. “Please, Saeyoung, please, you are taking too long.” He smirked at that and his eyes became darker, he grabbed my waist pulled me closer and dove right in.

His tongue licked my thighs, his teeth nibbled on my skin. Then the other thigh, which he slowly licked with his tongue. Painfully slow, he came closer to the center, yet he only kissed it all around. It felt good, but didn’t satisfy me enough. I moved my hands trying to push him near the part I wanted him to touch. I just wanted him to release me from this agony, my body writhed against him, I tried buckling my hips but he pushed me down.

His hand then stroked me, at first slowly, then in a circular motion. “Was this what you wanted?”  He continued to stroke me and pushed one finger inside of me “Tell me, is this enough?” His finger was in me, I could feel myself clenching his finger. It wasn’t enough. He ignored my mewls and my cries for more. His face was now in front of me, while his finger was still being pushed in and out. “So, so wet, wet for me? Answer me, what do you want?” Slowly I opened my eyes, a few tears welled up from the lust “I want you, pl-please give me more, Saeyoung!”

A smile, that suited him the best and one cute “Okay!” later and his head was again positioned in between my legs, he grinned and in an instant his tongue lapped over my pussy , he licked from the bottom all the way to the small button. A few licks, up and down – he then swirled his tongue in an 8 pattern. I squirmed, buckled my knees, tried to be calm but all I felt was electricity spread through my body, his soft wet tongue against me felt like heaven.
But I needed more. As though he heard me, he pushed two fingers in me and pumped. His pumping started from slow and careful, to deep and slightly faster. “Ah, you taste better than Honey Buddha and Dr. Pepper combined.” He teased in between his licking.
He took his time eating me out, he enjoyed it, his moans and his strong grip on my thighs were the evidence.  His licks were sloppy and frantic, but so, so needy. As I felt how much he loved pleasuring me, as he loved the taste of me my hips buckled up, my wrists and my feet were jerking. All that could be heard, were his moans and my frantic gasps.

It felt like he would never stop, then I felt, something warm building up inside of me. But it was frightening, I didn’t dare to let it out. “Sweetie let it out, come for me.” He desperately pleaded, in between his licking and sucking. I looked down and all I saw were his golden eyes, there between me, lovingly gazing up at me. His eyes did it, the buildup in me, was released and I felt the time slowing down.  
I moaned out his name, with the last strength I had in me and the world stopped spinning. As I opened my eyes I saw white lights and him above me. He smiled down at me, he unfastened my wrists and laid near me. Then a soft kiss on my cheek and his sweet smile were the sweetest gift from him.

“Good punishment?” He purred at me.

“The best” I said breathlessly and at that I wrapped my arms around him, kissed his lips and looked up at him “But what about you?”
A big grin appeared on his face and he kissed my forehead “Next time, I will be the sleeping beauty and you can play with me, my space princess. Now just rest in my arms.”

At that I nuzzled against the crook of his neck and breathed in his sweet scent. The heat no longer bothered me, I had all I needed - my space prince safe in my arms.

The Look In Your Eyes - Cameron Dallas Imagine

A/N: This is my second published imagine ever! Please bare with me with any mistakes since it’s 3 am and i have nothing to do :p Also english isn’t my first language so mind the mispellings! Let me know if you like it. I’m thinking of doing a part 2!

Warning: Super long

“Hey, what are you doing? Miss you xx” I sent out the text to Cam.

I rolled around on my bed waiting for him to reply for around 40 minutes. I checked all of my social media until there’s nothing left to see. My eyes stumbled upon the Vine app, i decided to open it, i see a bunch of updates on my home, I saw that Cam just posted a Vine 10 minutes ago.

“He can upload a Vine but not reply my text?” I mumbled to myself.

I watched the 6 second video, it was Cameron and Matt throwing Nash into the pool. I can clearly tell it’s Matt’s house. I just sighed.

From: Cameron
I’m busy.

That hurts, the fact that he didn’t reply for 45 minutes but uploaded a Vine, and when he do he just said that two words. I’m trying to be positive and maybe he really is busy, maybe that Vine was recorded a while ago.


It’s 5 pm and i’m too bored to function alone at my apartment, so i decided to surprise Cam since looks like he’s staying at Matt’s and bring some pizza for the boys. I put on Cam’s oversized sweater and some shorts before heading out the door.

“That’ll be $74.50” The girl at Dominos drive through said.

“Keep the change” I smiled before giving her $80 and finally head off to Matt’s house.

Once i arrived i knocked on the door and Shawn answered it.

“Y/N! Didn’t expect to see you here, where have you been? We missed you here” He said giving me a hug.

“Oh nowhere” I smiled, “I brought pizza!”

“Awesome! We were just talking about how hungry we were after we went swimming” He said.

“You guys weren’t doing anything today?” I asked.

“No, we’re just chilling in here” He said.

“Oh” I said my face dropped.

So Cameron lied.

“Come on in!” He said, “Guys Y/N’s here! She brought pizzas!”

I came in and put 5 boxes of the pizza at the kitchen counter before greeting everyone.

“Y/N!” Mahogany said hugging me tightly followed shortly by Jacob.

“Hey” Cameron said walking into the house from the pool.

“Hi” I smiled.

I was about to give him a kiss, but he purposely threw his face away pretending to talk to Hayes. I sighed and joined Matt, Shawn, Nash and Taylor eating some pizza.

Cam and I used to be so close and lovey dovey, but lately he’s been so distant… As if he’s ignoring me. I can feel that the sparks no longer there. But i’m still holding on because i love him with all my heart.

“Hey, you’re okay?” Mahogany asked concerned.

“Great” I said trying to fake a smile.

“No you’re not, i know you too well to fall for that smile” She replied, “You wanna have a girl talk?”

“I’d like that” I smiled.

Mahogany whispered something to Nash before guiding me to the pool side and sit on the chair.

“So, spill” She said.

“I just- I feel like Cam doesn’t love me anymore” I said looking down.

“What makes you think that?” She asked.

“Lately he’s been so distant.. He never text or call me first, when i text him it takes him a long time to answer, sometimes he doesn’t even reply, even if he does it’s just to tell me that “I’m busy” or “I’ll text you back later, i have something going on” but he never text me back” I begun, “When he kissed me it’s meaningless and empty”

I can feel a tear slipped from my eye.

“Y/N..” She scoot closer and hug me.

“I don’t know what i did wrong” I said begin to sob, “He treats me like garbage but i’m still holding on to this relationship hoping that it’ll get better, but i know it wont”

“Sshh” She said rubbing my back soothingly, “Do you ever talk to him about this?”

“No, i’m afraid that he’ll break up with me or hate me” I replied, “I don’t know what to do”

“Hey girls, we’re about to watch-“ Suddenly Nash came, “What happen? Why are you crying?”

Mahogany tapped the empty space next to her and Nash approached us.

“He’s just not the Cameron Dallas that i fell in love with” I said.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nash said rubbing my arm.

“Y/N and Cam are…”

“We’re basically at the end of the cliff” I interrupt, “He’s just.. Different, Nash. He’s been treating me like shit, like i meant nothing to him, he never even look at me in the eyes anymore. I don’t know how long i can take it”

“Is there anything i can do? Do you want me to talk to him?” He asked.

I shook my head and gave him a weak smile, “No, i’ll talk to him.. Eventually”

They gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Just know that, whatever path you chose, me, Nash and the boys will support you, we’ll be here for you” Mahogany said.

“Thank you” I returned the smile.

“Yo guys, the movie was about to-“ Cam opened up the door and look at us, “What’s going on?” He slowly closed the door behind him.

“Oh shit” I wipe away my tears and walk over to the fence to hide my face.

Mahogany and Nash both stood up, “Talk to her, but this time, mean it” Nash said before leaving us alone understandingly.

“Y/N?” He said approaching me closer.

“Hey” I replied still leaning on fence, looking the night sky.

He walked over and put both of his hands on the fence, looking at the star. Both of us stayed silent for a good 10 minutes.

“Cam” I said breaking the tension.

“Yeah?” He replied unsure.

“Remember when we first met?” I asked.

“Mhm” He replied.

“You were so nervous to ask for my number, so you get Nash to get it for you” I let out a soft chuckle, “We were texting each other for days and nights, i remember keeping my eyes awake just to wait for your replies”

We’re both still looking at the sky, not making any eye contact. He stayed silent after what i said.

“Then you asked me to be your girlfriend on your younow, even though you were afraid and the boys had to forced you to be brave” I sighed, smiling to myself, remembering the good old times, “I remember you’d always stays at my place and we watch movies and cuddle every night”


“Cameron” I cut him off and look him in the eyes, “You’re a great guy and a wonderful person, but i can no longer see “us” in our future, your eyes has lost the sparks when you look at me. You’re never there for me anymore. We’ve been so distant”

He looked down at his feet, not being able to say anything.

I took off the key necklace he gave me for our 1st year anniversary 2 months ago, i opened his hand and put the necklace there, “I think we should go on our separate way”

“No Y/N-“

“I love you, i really do, go find someone you truly love, thank you for everything, you made me happy even on my darkest days” I smiled before kissing his cheek.

I tried holding back the tears but i failed miserably. I ran back into the house and everyone is looking at me.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Mahogany asked.

“I finally said it, the words i’ve been keeping for a while now” I sniffled, “I need to go now, i’ll see you guys around”

“Y/N!” Taylor said pulling my wrist.

“I’m sorry, but need to be alone” I shot him a weak smile.

He gave me a nod understandingly and let go of my hand. With that i got into my car and left the house. Thinking it was dangerous to cry while driving, since i can’t see shit, i decided to pull over at the park near here.

I locked and got out of my car and went to sit on the bench. This is the park that Cam use to take me to get ice cream or shoot videos. Looks like it will only be a memory, the guy i used to love, heck, i still do, is no longer in my arms.

I’ll miss the goodnight texts, the late night phone calls, the sexy raspy voice i wake up to on most mornings, and the body that always keep me warm and feel so secure.

I sighed and drive back to my apartment.

A/N: UPDATE: Here’s the part 2 baes!


“you guys are our inspiration and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. thanks for sticking with us through the ups and downs and, we’ll be back for you guys, so keep on waiting for us, saranghaeyo~" 

        — Kevin Woo

How to Write a Query Letter

Dear Mr. or Ms. AgentName (which is spelled correctly because I did my freakin’ research),

This is a brief Personalization Paragraph where I explain why I chose you, specifically, to query, because I did my freakin’ research and didn’t just pick your name out of a hat. For example, I recently saw you present at a conference and you mentioned that you love science fiction with a strong literary voice. I believe my manuscript fits that bill.

This is me launching directly into the description of my manuscript, which is written similarly to book jacket copy – old book jacket copy that actually gave you an idea of the book, not new copy where they just post an excerpt. This paragraph is the hook, where I introduce you to the main character and their inciting struggle in a concise way that intrigues you and makes you want to keep reading. Check out this blog for effective queries.

Now that I’ve hooked you, this paragraph will give you a rundown of the MAIN PLOT THREAD ONLY and what the core of the story is. This is what moves everything forward. It’s the conflict. The meat. I won’t include subplots or extraneous characters, interesting though they may be. This has to be short, sweet, and gripping. It should feature a creative taste of what I’m capable of without being gimmicky.

One last paragraph, if necessary, to give you a taste of the novel’s biggest conflict point, or a hint at the climax. Can’t be too generic. Reveal enough to show how the story is unique and make the reader excited to know what happens.

THE NOVEL TITLE is a cyberdieselcorepunk novel, complete at 80,000 words. The voice and character will appeal to fans of RELEVANT COMP TITLE and OTHER RELEVANT COMP TITLE. These are my relevant credentials, and only my relevant credentials, like that I have an English degree and am a member of a national writer’s organization. I’ve had short stories published in THIS MAGAZINE, if appropriate. This is a simultaneous submission, which means you’re not the only agent who has this query letter and it’s professional to let you know that.

I am including the first ten pages of my manuscript in the body of the email below, NOT as an attachment. This is so an agent can have a look at my work without committing to a request right away, and can better decide if my style suits them.

Thank you for your time and consideration. This entire letter should be no more than 500 words. If it’s longer, I’m being too wordy somewhere. Agents see literally thousands of these. Attention spans are short.

Your name
Your contact number

(Note: this is one method, but it’s not THE ONLY method.)


So I got my volume 2 of R.U.S.T which will be available around february.

Unfortunately the publisher did a mistake with printing and the colors are wrong. So it’s really hard to read it in dark scenes… Not sur it is worth buying it. The colors were the only thing that save the book.

5 Online Submission Mistakes That Could Lead To Rejection From A Literary Journal

Gone are the days of printed letterhead and SASEs! Though a few editors of literary journals still prefer to receive queries by snail mail, the overwhelming majority prefer online submissions. And that’s a good thing—making online submissions can be quick and easy! But it also means you must be prepared to make flawless electronic submissions, because the acceptance or rejection of your writing may depend on it. We’ve used our twenty-plus years of expertise in preparing our clients’ creative writing submissions to bring you this list of essential tips.

Click on the image to read on about what NOT to do when you make writing submissions.

Your past cannot be forgotten to move on, it must be accepted. Without that, you are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again. So when I hear people say “forget the past and move on,” I am not sure if they grasp the concept on what it entails. You cannot forget what a lesson taught you, so why forget the past that created it? You must accept the past, learn from your mistakes and let change have a positive impact, because without change; you cannot make a new future.

Think about what you have learned. Maybe you have to re-visit the past sometimes to remind yourself how far you have come or to remind yourself that you haven’t gotten very far at all. Maybe it’s there for a reason. So now it is up to you to accept the past and make that change so you can move forward.

So what are you going to do with your past now that you know what it entails? Are you still going to forget it or are you going to learn, accept and allow the possibility of change enter your life?

You have the choice - you can move on to bigger and better things in your life or allow the past to keep you grounded.

What do you choose?

—  Joanna Strafford 
ATF backs away from ammo ban, calls it a "publishing mistake"

With their hand caught in the cookie jar, the Obama ATF is now backing away from their attempt to ban green tip AR ammunition. Their excuse is perhaps the lamest of all time…

Literally, the ATF said, “Nothing to analyze here folks." 

from Townhall:

Yesterday I exclusively reported that common AR-15 "green tip” ammunition has already been banned in the new 2014 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Regulation Guide, which was published in January. After the story received wide public attention, which you can read in full here,  ATF released a response Friday night at 9:12 p.m. blaming a publishing error for stripping out the “armor piercing” and ban exemption for AR-15 “green tip” ammunition.


Most importantly, if you’re in possession of AR-15 “green tip” ammunition, legally you’re good to go in most states and not in possession of “armor piercing” ammunition. Because of the “publishing error” in the 2014 Regulation Guide, ATF has advised FFL’s and others to reference the 2005 Regulation Guidebook, where the ammunition is still exempted.
Despite ATF saying there’s “nothing to analyze here folks,” this simple “publishing mistake” deserves scrutiny. Considering the Office of Management and Budget must approve new Regulation Guides, which come out approximately every 10 years, are difficult to change and take months to review, that’s quite the “publishing mistake.” As ATF references, the exemption for AR-15 “green tip” ammunition is in the 2005 ATF Regulation Guide. For this “publishing mistake” to occur, someone would have had to delete an entire section from the guide, which just happens to be the section about ammunition the Obama administration is currently trying to ban.


Somehow this “publishing mistake” looks a lot like “deleting” ammunition ATF is trying to ban without the consent of Congress or a proper public comment period as required by law. Also, keep in mind what ATF Director B. Todd Jones says about the 2014 Regulation Guide, that it “contains new and amended statutes enacted since publication of the 2005 edition, as well as updated regulations and rulings issued by ATF.” Was this a “publishing mistake,” or an updated regulation or ruling issued by ATF to quietly and unilaterally ban AR-15 “green tip” ammunition? It certainly looks like the latter.

According to ATF, the ban on AR-15 “green tip” ammunition is “a proposed framework posted for public comment only; no final decisions have been made as to its adoption.”

read the rest

So, the ATF is now saying.  We haven’t banned anything…yet.  So, this ammo ban is in the “public comment” period.  If you want to leave a comment for the ATF and tell them to keep their grubby hands off your ammo, you can do so here:


-Fax: (202) 648-9741

-Mail: Denise Brown, Mailstop 6N-602, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Programs and Services, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, 99 New York Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20226: ATTN: AP Ammo Comments

  • Baby: F...
  • Parents: Food??? Father???
  • Baby: For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. On infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.
Be a writer, recap!

I know, I know! It’s been too long! So here ya go, a nice list of all my writing posts and advice!

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