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im really amazed at how u manage to run an entire webcomic, do commissions, and draw fanart, and still like. live and exist as a human being? despite being homeless and mentally ill? like you do so much in the face of so many obstacles u are just such a strong and capable person and im a little in awe

ahhh.. thank you so much for the nice message;.. I’m not in the streets right now… I’m in my aunt’s basement. Which is.. still no home, but it’s shelter nevertheless.. it’s a 10x5 feet room and it’s very cramped. I earn a little by doing her housework, She’s very?? Unstable and she keeps kicking me out so it’s very bleh on my mental well-being, I’m constantly worried she’ll have another tantrum. I do commissions because I really need to save up so I can maybe get my own place someday;;  It’s the only thing giving me energy tbh..And my comic is some sort of coping mechanism, labor of love kind of things. My mental illness tends to go haywire when I’m not doing anything.. When I was in college I used to lie in bed all day and just. Depression really prevents me from working sometimes, it makes me lethargic and sucks out all my energy but, sometimes you just have to get up and help yourself;; 

Hey, I’m really glad you guys want to share stuff with me but please don’t spam me stuff especially when you’ve already made multiple attempts already… the more I feel like I’m pushed to do something the less I want to do anything lol

Also I know I answer a lot more asks than I do art but this is still my art blog and I would appreciate, although it may not be your intention, that you not use my blog as a mean of communication to other people or like… a billboard you know

Thanks q_q

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We literally all got hate for saying that Harry isn't free and his promo won't be what his hardcore fans expected. I am a tiny blog and even I got hate for that. And suddenly when it's clear we were right, instead of the usual suspects apologizing to you and other bloggers who got the most hate, you get more anon messages like that? Remind me again why people refuse to acknowledge the bullying some people go through for having an opinion? Sometimes the larrie and anti side aren't that different.

“Sometimes the larrie and anti side aren’t that different.”

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Greek mythology was filled with rape, incest, and pedophilia. Egyptian mythology had necrophilia. People have been writing about these things for thousands of years and through hundreds of book burnings. Humanity will always write about these things whether you like it or not.

i told myself im not gonna publish more anonymous messages from the elderly side of the debate but this is literally so funny y'all are comparing your bad smut to mythology i cannot believe this jes us chirst jesus fucking christ god in heaven jesus mother fucking chirst holy jesus shit


Why do you give haters airtime???

I just don’t understand… I see so many of you leaving your ask boxes open and responding to so many inane hateful messages. Why?????

Your ask box, your blog, your power. The minute you publish a hateful message, no matter how eloquent, sarcastic, or funny your reply, you’ve just handed over power to this person who doesn’t deserve it.

To be fair, I hardly even respond to the lovely, kind messages I get cause responding kind of overwhelms me altogether, but why waste you energy on attention seekers and rude people?

And honestly, sometimes it just feels like watching two people cry for attention. One crying “look how mean I can be!!!” And the other going “look how mean people are to me!!!!” Just why??

Idk… I respond every now and again if I think an important point needs to be made, but mostly they’re just not worth it.

Keep your asks open, invite people for dialogue, but I highly recommend you just delete the rude ones. The person who sends a hateful message does not deserve the energy it takes to respond. The delete button is so much faster. They don’t deserve the air time on your personal blog or on the dashes of people who follow you. Nor do their words deserve to resonate in your heart or mind.

I mean, do whatever gives you peace … publishing these just seems to generate more anxiety, hate, and sadness. Which I wish there were less of in this world.

Rant over… love to you all.

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The worst thing? I am convinced now, that they have the same team behind them. This kind of organisation was not done by several teams with several interests. I don't care if it is an Azoff or the pope who is currently controlling, but I would like to punch this person. Cause giving these amazing opportunities to Harry, while in the same time throwing Louis in the Mariana Trench for whatsoever reason is diabolic.

I’m declined to agree with you here but what I really wanna know is what role Sony plays in all of this. Harry must’ve had a reason to sign when with them and I’m dying to know what her was. It just doesn’t make sense that he would do that knowing what they’re responsible for and how they’ve been treating his partner, so unless there was in incentive that we don’t know of (yet), I come up with nothing.

Okay, I have received a LOT of anonymous hate overnight. I’m not going to publish the messages, but a few things I want to get straight.

I am perfectly entitled to dislike Rebecca. Disliking the character and the shoddy way she’s been written has nothing to do with me criticising the actress.

I would have been concerned and unhappy had anyone slept with Robert on that level of alcohol, including Aaron. But then Aaron is a good man and is highly unlikely to have taken advantage of ANYONE who’s seriously drunk.

I am not sexist. Me disliking Rebecca has nothing to do with a double standard, or the fact she’s a woman. I tried to like her outside of Robron since she arrived, it’s just now I’m not wasting the time and energy even trying.

I’m sorry if you think I write too much robron fanfic and feel I’m flooding the AO3 emmerdale page. There’s always the option of not reading it if you hate my style.

  • Me: White people are white and we don't get to magically "stop" being white when it's convenient for us.
  • Some of you guys: UM? Reverse-racism much⁇ Can we STOP with this "ALL WHITES ARE EVIL" bullshit? White people are GREAT. Why, I can't think of a single thing white people did, ever, that would lead to this UNFAIR TREATMENT of us. Have you tried being PROUD of your whiteness? You're just as bad as a racist. Do you even hear how you sound right now? Tumblr SJWs have gone too far.

Anonymous said to tecchen:
since everyone is on hype about FE14 I would love to see one last time male Robin/MU in your art style, it’s just too cute ;^;

but of course

BITE: Chapter 6

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover.
in honour of the season six premier (wooo!!!) stuff actually happens!!

6/? - Stiles

“Why can’t Derek ever just tell us anything?” Scott whined, hitting the dashboard of the Jeep with the palms of his hands. 

Stiles scowled. “Don’t take it out on the car, man. And it doesn’t go with his image. If he were to, you know, communicate like a normal person, it would just make life too easy. It’s much better for him to brood mysteriously and not give us information that could probably help save our lives, because this is obviously going to turn into another supernatural shit show. But whatever.”

They were in a convoy of cars, following Derek into the woods to the spot where he’d found the wallet of the missing boy, and both of them were on edge.

Whatever the hell had happened in the loft, it hadn’t been good. Stiles kept running through it in his head, trying to make sense of it. Derek knew something about where Percy and Annabeth were from, which had something to do with why he’d wanted to see their arms, and what was that tattoo on Percy’s arm anyway? Some type of trident? With some lines under it, like a -


Stiles violently yanked the wheel to the right, barely making the turn. “I’ve got it!”

Scott looked incredulous. “Sure you do.”

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i'm sorry i'm just randomly stopping by but just before sleep yesterday i had this mental image of rakan perching on garen's shoulder like an ACTUAL bird and just 'what are you doing up there ?' - 'the higher i am, the better i can see'. aND I'M SO SORRY I'M JUST ambushing you but i felt a great need to share


garen is for real a massive man, and as strong as an ox, so he can absolutely stand there with an entire rakan perched on his shoulder 

What a wild ride THIS was ! I’m going to stop spamming the dashboards of my followers now, but I wanted to thank each and every person who sent me LOVELY BIRTHDAY WISHES. It means a lot to me that you guys took the time to send them. I was having a rough birthday seeing as I’ve had to work for over eleven hours and I was very grumpy, but your messages helped me a lot ♥ I’m going to start working on my drafts now, so we return to our regular programming (•⊙ω⊙•)

EDIT. Since it seems unfair to not mention these lovely people by names, here they are: @showmaxter@bcnkers, @kolhearted, @worshipsonlydeath, @abysmal-crimson-requiem, @westernhandmaiden, @fifthbornforrester and @thefallcn ! I’m sorry I couldn’t publish your messages, as I have spammed everyone’s dashboards enough as it is, but I just wanted to say I really appreciate your sweet messages and birthday wishes. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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#stop ignoring characters' canon sexualities because you want representation. You're a good writer, why not make your own lgbt characters? Why do you have to push them on already existing characters that are already written as straight? Why is it okay to ship a straight character gay but not to ship a gay character as straight?

First of all, I’m sorry you feel this way. My experiences with the FFVII fandom have felt inclusive and very rarely have I felt people be rude to me for what I choose to write. 

The reason it’s seen as unacceptable to make canonically LGBTQA+ characters cisgender and straight, is because there are so few of these characters to begin with (especially compared to straight characters). Changing these character’s sexual identities feels like erasure .There’s usually no one else who can be the “token” LGBT character if they aren’t. It’s a battle of ratios and the straight side usually wins. 

As for my reasons for changing canon sexualities: I think there’s a good story there. That’s all there is to it. If you disagree, you don’t have to read it. If you think there’s an equally good story on the other side, then go write it. If these homosexual ships really irk you, then blacklist them. I use x-kit and I love it. It makes my blogging experience so much better now that I only see the content I want. 

For the record, I do make my own LGBT characters, but I don’t post them here, because they’re mine and I could potentially publish them in the far off future. Thank you, for the hat tip towards my writing ability. 

To close, I offer you this invitation. If you want to see a straight ship from my blog, then ask for a headcanon. I never said I wouldn’t do them for straight characters. 

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#3 CastielxCandy pleasee? ^-^ You're the best!

Aw, thank you ^^ also I’m so sorry for the long wait, writers blogs are annoying. Also there’s been school and life and stuff, so I’ve been super busy. But hope you like it~

“You’ll stay over night, right?” Castiel asks as we walk towards his apartment and I nod at him. “Sure. It’s weekend anyways, so why not” I answer with a sweet smile. Castiel and I have been dating for a couple of months now, and weekend sleepovers had become a thing already.

We haven’t told anyone else about our relationship, and we don’t act any different when at school. He doesn’t want to make a scene out of it, as he reasoned with me. But I really don’t agree with him. I would at least want to tell Alexy and Rosalya, but no. It has to be kept a secret.

I sigh at my thoughts, shaking my head slightly. “Candy? Everything okay?” Castiel asks as he opens the door to his apartment, letting me get inside first. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just stressing because of school” I smile at the taller boy, who hugs me as soon as the door is closed.

“Damn… I’ve wanted to do this all day” he murmurs into my hair, inhaling deeply. “You could have just told me so, you know? I really wouldn’t have minded” I say back, wrapping my arms around his waist and burying my face to his chest. “No.. I don’t want others to know. Not yet” he mutters and I sigh again. “Whatever you want..”

I can’t help but to feel a little sad over this. It’s almost like he’s embarrassed that I’m his girlfriend. I really don’t understand him. Doesn’t he really like me? “Candy, we’re over with this. I don’t want to go through this conversation again. I like you, a lot. I’m not embarrassed, I just don’t want to tell other’s yet. Let’s just wait, okay?” he sounds rather frustrated with me and I nod. “Okay…” I mumble as he pulls away, crouching down to be on my level.

“Hey… Don’t look like that..” his eyes look a bit pained as he looks straight into my eyes and I give him a small smile. “Alright. We’ll wait. But now you’ll have to buy me some dessert tomorrow” I grin at the redhead, crossing my arms to say that I’m serious.

The taller boy only chuckles at me, pecking the tip of my nose. “Okay, princess. You’ll get your dessert. But now, let’s prepare some dinner. I’m starving” he smiles back at me and I nod, even though it still bothers me slightly.

The night goes on, as we watch some tv show while cuddling on the couch, like the actual couple we are. It’s not too late, but I’m still feeling tired as I snuggle closer to his warmth, wanting to fall asleep right here.

“Candy? You still awake?” Castiel asks, placing kisses all over my face, from my forehead to my temple, down to my cheek, the base of my ear and finally on my neck, making me moan lightly. “Cas..? What are you doing?” I ask, looking a the boy with half-lidded eyes, but still smiling.

“I was just thinking about something..” he murmurs, his hand sneaking it’s way under my shirt and his fingertips lightly tracing the skin on my stomach. I can’t help but to shiver at the touch. “What is it?” I ask, letting out the breath I didn’t even notice I was holding. “Can I do this? Are you okay with this?” he asks quietly, his fingers getting higher on my rib, but lowering back down to my hip and his lips against the skin of my neck.

“Cas, I.. If you really like me this much, then why can’t we tell anyone..?” I ask, biting my lower lip. He let’s out a deep sigh, pulling his hand away from my stomach. “Candy, I thought you said we’re fine with this now” Castiel says, giving me a look I don’t quite understand. It’s sort of a mixture of sadness, impatience, and.. Frustration?

“I know I did, but… Why can’t I even tell Alexy and Rosalya? They won’t cause any trouble..” I look down, not wanting to meet his gaze at all. “We talked about this. You’re not telling anyone, and that’s it” he says, pulling away from me completely. “Why? You haven’t told me why” I try to get him to talk to me, but he’s not having it tonight. “I just don’t want to tell others. Not yet.”

“Okay, then spend your night alone” I say as I get up, taking my bag from the floor and starting to walk towards the front door. Castiel is quickly on his feet, taking a hold of my arm. “Candy, wait! Please don’t leave.. I just want to protect you…” his voice is so quiet and desperate that it makes me stop.

“From what?” I only ask, not turning around yet. “You still don’t understand? You know that Amber loves me. What would she do if she knew? And then there’s Nathaniel. He hates me. But he likes you. He wouldn’t accept this. I don’t want them to hurt you, any way” he explains and I can’t help the small smile forming to my lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I keep asking, looking at him over my shoulder only to see him look down. “I… I thougth you’d laugh at me… For having such a reason to not tell anyone..” I try my best not squeel out loud as I hug him tightly, surprising the poor boy.

“You silly little thing! Of course I wouldn’t laugh at you because of this. It’s actually really sweet. You were worried about me” I giggle, and hear him sigh in relief. “Really? That’s good..” he hugs me back, and we stay like that for a while. “But next time, just tell me. Here I was worried that you didn’t really want to date me and just didn’t dare to turn me down” I huff at him, making him snort.

“Like I ever would date someone because I didn’t dare to turn them down. I’m the master of sharp tongue” he grins at me playfully and I giggle again. “C'mon, idiot. Let’s get back to the living room and finish watching the damn show so we can get to bed” I laugh at the boy, who looks a tiny bit taken aback at first, but shakes his head then, an affectionate smile on his lips.