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honestly, erika moen is kind of an inspiration to me (though not in the way she'd like i'm sure), because the fact that she can make money off something like OJST is kind of fascinating and gives me hope that i could publish my own brand of garbage and make money off it one day, y'know?

Never give up on your dreams anon

Empty Places • #shotbykvng

This was by far the most random look I have shot. It was this past Sunday when I had asked Tania to stop by the studio. At first we shot two looks for her blog & after that we took a break. Between That time I ate the In n Out she had brought me, we drank a few beers & caught up. Earlier that day I had gone to Publish Brand to check out their sample sale & left with a bag full of goods this is where things started to fall into place. I’m very picky on who I want involved in my projects therefore it’s rare for me to bring in a stylist. I have a specific vision for everything & that goes for style, location, lighting, etc. for the majority of the time I think ahead & think this all out. Most of the time I don’t have full access to brands & if I do they are out of my way. Therefore when I shop I shop for two my muse & myself. This photo segment is an example of something I came up with on the day of no mood board involved I simply went through that bag & put things together. I prefer keeping things that way & sometimes they just work out for the best. I’m really stoked on the way these came out, but mostly thankful for her… for being patient with me & helping me out with my vision. thank you • #shotbykvng
Pride Fighters: The 15 Most HARDCORE Queer Superheroes
Celebrating Pride Month, CBR counts down some of our favorite queer characters to ever grace the comics page!

It’s Pride Month! So what better way to celebrate than to highlight some of our favorite queer superheroes? The comic book world hasn’t always been great when it comes to diversifying comic book pages, of course. This includes countless years with a lack of queer comic book characters. Luckily, that’s changing as Marvel and DC are reimagining old characters as queer and numerous indie publishers introduce brand new characters for us to love. But these characters aren’t just queer to be queer, they’re multifaceted characters who come from all walks of life and continuously work to save the day and earn the title of a hero.

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But the heroes aren’t just on the comic book pages. Queer comic book creators are also getting some shine by serving up characters that reflect the world we live in, including Mags Visaggio, who created Kim & Kim and Gabby Rivera, who writes the adventures of America Chavez in America. As for the comic book pages, we have characters who who are bounty hunters and goddesses as well as lesbian and gay superheroes with capes. But, no matter how you identify (or if you don’t identify at all), here’s a list of 15 Most HARDCORE Queer Superheroes Of All Time!

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As an actor, I've found that I'm not reading enough new works. What's the best source to learn about and read new plays?

Drama Book Shop! If you are in the NYC area, stop by, pet Chester the drama dog, and see what they are recommending. If you aren’t in NYC, their website is a great place to order.

Indie Theater Now publishes brand-new off-off-Broadway plays, sometimes only a couple weeks after they close. Digital downloads are cheap- $1.29!