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G Eazy Imagine

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Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Drugs, Slight use of blood, Alcohol, Language and honestly this is going to be long because I like the details, yah feel? 

Part Two

Your POV

I quickly dialed G’s number barely being able to wipe the smile off my face walking out of work. 

“Hey baby, I miss you.” G answers the phone and my smile only gets bigger. 

“Babe you’ll never believe it! David is publishing my article! I did it!” I yell in excitement and he laughs on the other end. 

“Y/N! That’s my girl. You are an amazing writer and it’s damn time people see that.” By him saying that only warmed my heart more. It just made me love him even more. We had been dating for about a year and a half now, through thick and thin he’d always say, and it was true. From album launches to tough critics we always supported one another. 

“Y/N? What are you still doing here? Do you want a ride home, you are on the way home for me.” My boss David comes up  from behind me and I quickly cover the phone so Gerald wouldn’t hear. 

“Who’s that?” Gerald asks, he was so protective of me, he just had good intentions but sometimes the littlest stuff ticked him off. 

“It’s my boss. I’ll call you back babe.” With that I hung up quickly and turned around to meet David. Everyone in the office knew David had a thing for me since day one but he was my boss, let alone I had an amazing boyfriend. 

“Hey, and you know it’s not that far, I don’t mind walking.” I smile and David shakes his head. 

“It’s creepy down here at night, please it’s no trouble.” There was a part of me that knew I shouldn’t but he was right. 

“Okay, thank you.” I get into his very expensive car, one I probably wouldn’t be able to afford no matter how much I saved. We rode in silence until my phone started ringing Gerald’s face appearing on the screen, I quickly ignore it and I catch David looking at it in the corner of my eye. 

“Well, here we are.” David smiles and I quickly get out. 

“Thanks so much.” I smile politely and quickly get up to Gerald and I’s apartment. I call back G and he answers on the first ring. 

“Yo, what was that about?” He asks and I head to the bedroom to pack the last couple of things. 

“My boss, he-uh- was nice enough to drive me home.” I struggle to open the suitcase and hold the phone at the same time. 

“Your boss that has the hots for you?” G asks and I roll my eyes. 

“Sure, I don’t know. I’m gonna finish packing and I’m on the next flight out to you.” I smile and he laughs.

“Yeah, the guys and I are going to pregame a little but I’ll be back in time at the house to see you. You’ll love the place, has a really big bed…” G carries off the sentence and I laugh.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Text you when I land. Love you.” I hang up and finsih packing. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the curling iron to just touch up a couple pieces of hair so I wouldn’t have to later. I start to curl a piece underneath and I guess I got too close to my neck and burn it. I hiss in pain and put the curling iron down to see the red mark forming. I finish my hair and let the iron cool before tossing it into my bag.

 I get an Uber to the airport as I don’t want to bother any of my friends to just drive me to the airport. The ride wasn’t that long but I was just so excited to see my boyfriend. It had been about a month since I had seen Gerald because of tour but he luckily got a week off and got a house in Palm Springs that sounded amazing. It was just going to be us for once and I couldn’t wait. 

The flight was a little less than an hour so I got to Palm Springs pretty quickly and just got an Uber to the adress G had sent me. 

The airport was pretty quiet as it was late. Of course I would have liked if Gerald picked me up but he was famous and I suppose someone would recognize him, plus he was most likely drinking. I watched the street lights pass as the palm trees lightly blew in the wind. About 30 minues later we started pulling up to the house and of course I was shocked at how beautiful it was. 

“Thank’s so much.” I pay and get out, dragging my bag behind me. I was honestly exhausted from work and I really didn’t sleep on the plane since it was a short flight. I knock on the door and no one answers but the music blares from within. I try and knock louder and finally someone answers, a girl with dark brown hair and beautiful tan skin opens the huge door.

“Can I help you?” She asks in an annoyed tone and I’m taken back by it. 

“Yeah my boyfriend Gerald is there, can I come in?” She laughs and opens the door more and I start to go in and see him in a chair with a girl ontop of him just sitting there. There were several girls wearing barely anything but you weren’t one to judge. His crew was there, as well as guys you’d never even seen before. 

“G.” I say and he looks at me and starts laughing lightly. To say I was embarrassed wasn’t even the start of it. 

“Hey babyy,” He slurred his words and quickly got up, pushing the girl off of him. His hair was no longer in the usual slicked back fashion as pieces of it fell in front of his eyes and the sides of his face. Gerald barely could walk but he didn’t let go of a bottle that was in his hand. I noticed drugs all over the coffee table, ones I knew that were not just weed.

“Awhh look at my girl, damn baby. Mmm.” Gerald wraps me in a hug and rocks me back and forth and I lightly shove him off. He scowls at my action and his eyes were dark, his pupils dilated beyond what I had ever seen them. 

“What did you do? How much did you drink?” I hold the sides of his face and I can see everyone staring at us. It’s then I notice a tiny bit of blood splattered up his neck. 

“What the fuck Gerald? Are you hurt?!” I pull the shirt down near his neck and he looks annoyed. 

“No, stop it.” Gerald pulls away from me. 

“What happened?” I ask worried and he takes another drink from the bottle. 

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask David.” He says taking me by surprise and I run my fingers through my hair. 

“What the fuck is that?!” Gerald yells and I jump at the change in tone and everybody looks our way. 

“What?” I ask and he grabs the back of my neck. 

“You have a hickey, Y/N. Did you fuck David? You gonna leave me for him? Some 40 year old guy who probably can’t even get it up?” Gerald yells anger clearly radiating off of him.

“What the hell Gerald? What’s your problem?” I ask.

“I didn’t sleep with David, he’s my boss! G c’mon, you know I love you.” I grab his hand but he jerks it away. 

“You should! I’m gone all the time, it sure would be easy for you. Then I could hookup with other girls and not feel like shit afterwards!” Gerald holds his stomach and laughs as he barely holds onto the bottle. 

“Excuse me? I’m not talking to you with everybody here.” I say scowling at his last sentence and turn around heading towards the front door.

“Well then fuck you!” Gerald yells and before I know it a bottle smashes against the wall next to the front door. Gasps fill the room at his sudden action, as I’m frozen in my steps. Tears fall down my cheeks, as fear laces into every bone and muscle in my body. I turn around to look at him and it seems he realized what he’d done. 

“Baby- I’m so sorry, I didn’t m-” Gerald starts but I quickly stop him.

“You’re fucking crazy, don’t ever come near me again.” I say as anger flows through me. I quickly open the door and slam it shut running down the driveway, tears streaming which I knew would leave a mess with mascara but that was the least of my problems. I sobbed and sobbed but I just kept walking as the events of what happened replayed over and over like a bad rerun. 

Authors Note: Hope you liked it, there will be a part two coming out very shortly so I’ll be sure to put the link to part two in this one! Thanks! Open for requests if you have any!

Part 2 is here:

“John! Hercules! Lafayette! I have the newest article by Soulren Marks! It just solidifies my ideas on this man! He is incredible!”

“He? Are you really that blind Hamilton?” I whispered, bringing my tea cup to my lips as I watched the group of men a table away. They had been frequenting the small tea shop I like to call my place of inspiration ever since I started publishing my articles. They are very loud too, so I easily was able to figure out their names.

“Are you sure it is even a he, Alexander? No one has ever seen Marks in person.” Lafayette said, pulling a chair out for the excitable Hamilton at their table. I nodded softly, pulling out my journal, where I drafted most of my articles. I also pulled a bottle of ink and a quill out of my satchel, setting them down on the table.

“No woman could formulate sentences this well. They’d have to be a scholar!” Hercules said, holding his hand out to the articles Hamilton was holding.

“Well, if your father was one of course, you could learn a few things.” I replied to myself, taking a sip of my tea. I sat the glass back down, and opened my bottle of ink.

“It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. All that matters is that they are raising so much moral for the Revolution. Before we know it, the army will start calling for volunteers!” John cheered. I giggled, watching the four men, before I started scribbling on my paper.

Over the past few weeks, I have been observing a group of four men. Each individual and strong willed, but brought together by a common goal. 

The Revolution.

I say, if we are really wanting our independence, we will start having to show it. Like those four. Don’t be so closed minded about the subject. Sing it from the rooftops. Men, riot in the streets. Women, don’t be afraid to speak out against any man you see.

Raise your glasses to freedom.

The Revolution is upon us.

I smiled, closing my ink and wiping off my quill.I read the small passage over and over, before smiling and placing the papers back in my satchel. I look back up to see four pairs of eyes on me, each inquisitive and brilliant. 

I felt my cheeks heat up, as I stood to my feet, slinging my satchel over my shoulder. I walked towards the front door, a soft smile gracing my lips. I suddenly flung my head around, to see the four pairs of eyes still on me.

“Good day boys. I will see you tomorrow!”

The four were shocked as I walked out the front door and down the street, towards my estate.

–The Next Day–

I marched down to the small shop, no satchel in hand. My skirts tugged against the cobblestone, passing British soldiers as I walked.

Once I got to the front door of the shop, I pushed it open gently, stepping inside. My eyes immediately landed on the group of 4 men, squealing and talking rapidly to each other.

“I can’t believe we made it into Soulren Marks’s article! We must have seen them before!” 

I just giggled, walking over and standing over the men.

“Excuse me sirs, but I see that you four got a hold of Soulren Marks’s new article. May I sit and discuss it with you?”

i submitted a personal essay of mine to a flurry of places starting a year ago and it got rejected dozens of times, enough times that when i opened up an email a few minutes ago from one of the places I’d submitted to, one of my favorite websites, i was naturally braced to read a rejection, something like “Thank you for the submission, but due to the volume of ….” and i was expecting those words with such certainty that i stumbled over what it truly said a few times until I was absolutely certain I was reading “Thank you for the submission. We’d love to publish your essay.”