Tonight the sol shines a little brighter. Wesley Dayley releases a single from his upcoming beat tape ‘day metamor[f]osis’ entitled ‘Flashy’. Thank you Yeezus for blessing humanity with the original track. And thank you Pu for giving us the light that is Wesley Dayley. Look out for the beat tape, click the cover to here the track.

stop sleeping on the sol.

QEDAR- ZOE SALDANA (Official Video)

If you have ever been to one of our shows then you know Publik Theory, Qedar just dropped visuals for ‘Zoe Saldana’ shot by Dr. Solomon. The track is off his recent project AP.08, so make sure to check that out too and be on the lookout for more from Publik Theory, one of my favorite upcoming collectives. 



Publik Theory’s own Lando Tsunami orchestrated and hosted a release party for his latest project, “CIPHER.” With performances by those who are not to be considered a collective, 93 Bandits, 3iiiUTH, Sir E.U, AKOKO, and of course, Publik Theory, (including some whose photos unfortunately could not be uploaded) it was surely a night to remember. The photographs you see are the events of the night as seen through the eyes of Efe. Beats were dropped, bars were spat, and the the turn up was, in fact, real.

You can download Lando Tsunami’s project here.

Photos Taken by: Efe

Saturday, August 16th, Bombay Knox & Karamu DC give the world another opportunity to experience sol. Along side the 9 solians on stage will be not a collective, Nappy Nappa, Cal Rips of Kool Klux Klan, Cash Jones, Nightcapuptown, Wolf Pack, and HDM. Come out and enjoy a night underground basement rap. And remember, The first rule of fight club, TELL EVERYONE ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! EVERYONE!