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2016-2017 Application Period Open!

Are you a graduate student interested in a career in public service? Apply to become part of John D. Solomon Fellowship for Public Service!

As the City’s first graduate student fellowship devoted specifically to emergency management, fellows in this program gain invaluable, first-hand experience working with City agencies and nonprofits to enhance the preparedness and resilience of New York City. To learn more and apply to become part of the 2016-2017 class, visit:

I am looking into fonts for my project and am now obsessed with this font used by American Horror Story. It is called HillHouse and there is also an almost identical one called Willow which is less adorned. They are creative and strong. My favourite style of design is Art Deco and even though these are not classed under that name I still think there are some similarities!

Dustin & the NYCEM Intergovernmental Affairs Unit

Already halfway through the John D. Solomon Fellowship program, and all I can really say is WOW! So far, it has been a fantastic journey with the NYCEM Intergovernmental team. It seems like I just got started, but already a very intense school semester is finished leaving me one class away from graduating. I am deep in the process of earning my NYC Emergency Management Certificate, and thinking about the future and what doors and perspectives that my time at NYCEM will afford me.

In the past, I worked in the non-profit sector providing financial and technical recovery assistance to disaster victims. Here at NYCEM I get a very different and very refreshing perspective on responding to events that can be life changing for those that experience them. Prior, I always assumed the government to be a faceless bureaucracy that kept moving forward regardless of the circumstances. Now, I get to sit in the room with real heroes who spend their days and their careers responding in some capacity to these life altering events as well as to the smaller day-to-day events. I can see the dedication on their faces to make the world a better place and to help the citizens of NYC be stronger and more resilient.  

What is important to realize throughout all of this is that each agency has its own core mission. It is the job of NYCEM to help them coordinate with other agencies, which at times can seem unnecessary or even counterproductive, yet in the end is integral for the successful response to the many potential incidents that happen across the city every day. It seems at times that it is like herding cats, but what can you expect from a governmental institution that keeps one of the largest cities in the world moving and shaking?

A challenging task has been to quantify the work done in the Intergovernmental unit, as the work is not really quantifiable. Sure, we have a few projects here and there, but the work is a never-ending amalgamation of providing elected officials and partner organizations the information and tools they require to prepare, analyze, and respond to situations across the city.

In the last few months, I have helped redefine the Community Space Survey program, which is undergoing a complete rebranding process to help the program be more inclusive of other NYCEM units. I have helped give a tour of NYCEM to Chinese Civil Defense officials. I have audited the largest stockpile of emergency response supplies for any city in the world. I have attended multiple City Council hearings, attended a press conference by the mayor, and most recently, I was able to work with my Intergovernmental teammates during the Winter Storm Jonas activation. Not only did I get to witness real time multi-agency coordination, but I was participating in the response, helping identify problem areas across the city as well as developing an External Affairs request database to track all requests that came in through the EOC for service across the city. After working on all of these things, I still feel like I am just getting started in the work, still getting to know the ins and outs of NYCEM and still getting to know all the incredible staff that keep this integral agency running day in and day out.

The perspective I have gained from my very limited time here at NYCEM has been game changing. 

Meeting and tour with Chinese Civil Defense officials.

One of the number of City Hall hearings I had the opportunity to attend.

Press conference at NYCEM headquarters.

I had the opportunity to join NYCEM staff in the response to our most recent blizzard, Winter Storm Jonas.