Denali National Park in Alaska is six million acres of wild land, bisected by one ribbon of road. Travelers along the road see the relatively low-elevation taiga forest give way to high alpine tundra and snowy mountains, culminating in North America’s tallest peak. Called The Mountain by locals, Denali stands 20,310 feet tall. Photo by National Park Service.

{{ What Teo Mod lets behind her when she goes to the mall and gets her hands on a demo of an iPad Pro for seven minutes }}

Author’s note for today’s chapter of ‘Yet in Thy Dark Streets Shineth’ 

I posted yesterday before I heard the news about Louis’ mother, but I would have still posted, just as I will post today and tomorrow and the day after that. One of the most powerful and important aspects of religious life- a life that, to me, this advent calendar echoes- is that its rhythms of sabbath rest and celebration- rhythms that mimic the changing of seasons and rising and setting of the sun- can hold us and steady us when our worlds have been shaken.

That said, I know many may choose to stop reading altogether and many may choose to read it much, much later. Take care of yourself.

On that note, Jay appears in this chapter and in many going forward. In this story, she is not, nor will she become a hero or a villain- she’s Louis’ mom. <3