publicly outing abusers

i feel like with the whole amber heard being accused of being “a gold digging bisexual enter whatever misogynistic slur you want” - thing that’s been starting to happen, it’s important to remind the bi girls and women out there that they’re not inherently slutty, manipulative, greedy or opportunistic.

the backlash against her is motivated by misogyny, and especially by the hatred of women who speak out publicly about the abuse they’ve suffered at the hand of powerful and rich men, and it’s using biphobic stereotypes because it’s easy. it’s not a reflection of reality at all and you shold keep that in mind instead of internalising the hateful shit that’s being said about amber and bisexual women.

ok, allow me for one moment go off on the fuckwads who hacked leslie jones

cyberviolence sexual harassment against women who dare to speak up for themselves is not fun or edgy or or any other word that is associated with the word “hacker” so websites need to fucking stop using that word. it’s assault. 

it’s a crime. it’s violence against women. this was a racist, misogynistic assault. any website that tries to blame her for taking those pictures or not protecting her website or for publicly speaking out against the abuse hurled at her is trash. 

this has got to stop. i’m so fucking tired of this bullshit.

to the victims who publicly out their abusers/rapists. thank you. you are brave. you are important. you are revolutionary. expose them for all the victims who cant. you are powerful & great. thank you. thank you. thank you.

when you call out/press charges against/speak out publicly against abusers they always have the same telltale response

“you ruined my life.”

fuck you. i owe you nothing. you ruined my life one hundred times before i ruined yours once. don’t pretend to know what a ruined life even feels like.

i think one thing people fail to understand about this whole situation – and abuse in general – is that really

nothing ever fixes it.

you can’t undo it. my abuser went to prison and was outed publicly as an abuser twice – but that doesn’t magically heal me. i didn’t win a prize.

i don’t magically get my life back now. i can’t magically become un-traumatized

nothing will ever undo it. nothing will ever fill the void left in me by abuse. nothing.