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Thanks again for the help @kirain and @george-nordington! Sorry for the delay everyone! Hope it was worth the wait. I wanted to copy some of the screenshots I had taken in game for references.

Sole Party - Day 3 - Is there anything your Sole likes to do with their closest friends (or romanced companions)

Hancock (romanced companion):

Red & Hancock love to go urban exploring in the ruins. There’s always interesting things to find, thugs to be disposed of, & adventures to be had. They always find time to help people along the way, too. They just genuinely enjoy each other’s company & are always joking, teasing, & flirting with each other. They uh…they also have some pretty crazy sex, lol. Outwardly, they appear very mushy & cute, but behind closed doors, they can get pretty nasty. ;) They also enjoy frequenting the Third Rail in Goodneighbor where they drink, dance, & even sing on Magnolia’s stage.

Codsworth (closest friend):

Red tends to be a bit of a neat freak, partly due to her upbringing, so she & Codsworth spend a lot of time together tidying things up. & with the current state of the wasteland, there’s ALWAYS something that needs cleaning up. Codsworth loves it. The commonwealth has been in a perpetual state of filth & disorder for so long, so he’s glad that someone’s finally doing SOMETHING about it.

Nick (close friend):

Nick is her closest friend, next to Codsworth. She knows she can always go to him for advice our counsel, or to have a serious conversation. He’s always ready & willing to help her out, & often joins her & Hancock at the Third Rail. Nick & Hancock are close friends as well, so when the 3 of them are together, they always have a good time.

Deacon (close friend):

Red & Deacon love to mess around–playing pranks on the others, taking over raider camps while wearing ridiculous costumes, messing with the BOS, etc. Whenever she needs cheering up, she knows Deacon can always make her smile.

Piper (close friend):

Piper is Red’s go-to gal for gossip & girl talk. Red loves hanging out with the boys, but sometimes she needs some girl time, & Piper is always willing to spend time with her. Piper has a bit of a crush on Red, but she knows that her heart belongs to Hancock, & she respects that. Red provides Piper with all the latest news from her travels in the Commonwealth, & even takes pictures for her with a camera that she & Sturges fixed up. With Red’s stories & photos, business has never been better for the Publick Occurences newspaper.
saberwriter replied to your post: “I was talking yesterday with people about Windy and declaring…”:

I’ve never been a fan of the way Home Plate is laid out; I always had the headcanon where they move to the Castle and put Publick Occurences on the air via Radio Freedom.

Yeah, it’s honestly a bit awkwardly shaped. My biggest gripe is the pillars in the big room, they cut the room in half in a way that is hard to work around! I’m mostly happy with what I’ve done with the rest of the building but there’s this awkward little bit where there’s just a poor excuse of an office and NOTHING else and it’s annoying. xD  (to be fair though mostly it’s empty because for some reason the mods that affect settlement item cap aren’t working in there for me and my cozy clutter loving self is horribly underwhelmed and annoyed about having to drop and scrap a ton of stuff to get to build a couple of more things. xD Plus not being able to build wall??? What bathroom privacy????

(You can see the empty area from the last kitchen picture. xD There IS a desk there at this point in time.)

BUT anyway aaa gosh that’s a really cool headcanon! Seem really handy! They could have a radio program AND outgoing Minutemen would also be able to take a couple of copies of the physical paper wherever they’re going to allow for a bigger distribution. ^u^

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Companions react to Sole trying to sing along with the Diamond City Radio while drunk (but they're really bad at singing!)

Cait: She’s just as drunk as Sole. But, to Sole’s surprise, she’s much better at singing and keeping the tune. She slings her arm around Sole’s shoulders and stomps along with the beat, cheering them on and swigging from the bottle of whisky in her hand. When the radio is between songs, she even belts out an old Irish folksong. Her accent thickens when she’s drunk, and coupled with the slur from her inebriation, most of what she sings is impossible to make out.

Codsworth: “Uh, I think - I think the proper lyrics, are, um-” He hopes no one sees them, and curls up in embarrassment if they’re in a public place, his eyes and appendages rising around his rounded torso. Sole ignores his attempts to correct their musical ability, singing louder in a gleeful attempt to embarrass him further. When he finally gets a hold of himself, the Mr. Handy wraps a firm metal claw around Sole’s arm, dragging them away from the radio and turning off the device for good measure. He also confiscates any alcohol until the next day.

Curie: She grimaces, a hand rising to one ear. “Oh, ah… I think the original singer did a better job, Monsieur/Madame. No offense.” She’s hesitant to curb Sole’s enthusiasm, but she can’t stand the terrible pitch and slurred words. She soon hastily excuses herself, finding a bed and holding pillows over her ears, letting out a sigh of relief. But she apologizes profusely when Sole is sober, explaining in a rush that she didn’t meant to upset them, but she just couldn’t stand it! When Sole assures her they understand, she smiles and relaxes. “Perhaps Monsieur/Madame could sing again - now that you are not, ah, indisposed?”

Danse: “No.” He turns off the radio, popping out the batteries with a shake of his head. “Just… no. This was a terrible idea.” He seems more uncomfortable with Sole’s drunkenness than their poor singing. A bit of prodding would reveal that alcohol is not viewed favorably in the Brotherhood, and that the paladin himself hasn’t really… ever… Danse clears his throat. It’s beside the point. A firm hand on the scruff of Sole’s neck, he escorts them from the bar. (But maybe… On his own time, he might try a drink. He doesn’t like hard spirits, he finds, but decides he likes beer. He doesn’t tell Sole.)

Deacon: He takes a battery-operated radio, balancing it on his shoulders like a boom box with his other arm around Sole. They go on a ‘pub crawl,’ wandering from bar to bar, building to building, drinks in hand, singing as loud as they can before getting kicked out. Deacon makes a whole damn night of it, taking pictures and drinking and letting loose for once. He doesn’t get quite as drunk as Sole, of course. Someone’s got to be the adult here. But he gets pretty tipsy. The next morning, him and Sole wake up in a pile of bottles, surrounded by blurry, Polaroid pictures of various bars and bottles.

Dogmeat: This pup can’t tell the difference between good singing and bad singing. He just knows his person is happy! So happy! Tongue dangling from his lips, he jumps around in excitement, yelping and howling along with Sole, snuffling into their hand and searching for pets.

Hancock: “Nah, nah. You don’t want this.” The ghoul tugs Sole away from the radio with a grin, over to a restored record player where he lifts the needle and places a dusty old record beneath it. He leans back in his chair, letting Sole hum along and dance drunkenly. This way, Sole can still have their fun, but since they don’t know the words, no one has to suffer their dreadful singing. With a triumphant smirk, he takes a drink of booze, and revels in his victory. “Tell me I’m a genius, Sole.” Sole complies, too intoxicated to argue, and Hancock laughs.

Nick Valentine: He pulls out the latest issue of Publick Occurences and sips a warm cup of coffee, looking as calm as ever. The caffeine doesn’t affect him, but he likes to imagine he can still taste it, and the warmth feels nice in his mechanical gut. Soon someone - Ellie, most likely - comes over, demanding to know why he hadn’t stopped Sole or why he doesn’t look bothered at all. The synth looks up and turns his head aside, pointing to his ear. There’s an earplug tucked inside. He smirks, flips to the next page in the paper, and goes back to reading.

MacCready: He puts up with it for approximately two-fifths of a second before stomping into his room, shutting and locking the door, stuffing cloth in his ears and burying his nose in a comic book. He’s half-tempted to go and shut Sole up himself, but it’s easier to just hang out here until they wear themselves off and pass out on the floor. The next morning, after Sole’s done just that, they wake up in bed with the merc smirking over them. “From now on, I call dibs on the booze, and you’re not allowed to listen to the radio when you’re drunk.” He scratches his chin. “And I could use some extra caps, come to think of it.”

Piper: “What was that, buddy? Can’t hear you.” A wicked grin on her face, she pulls out her camera and a portable recorder, turning it on and snapping a picture of Sole. It’s a rather unflattering picture - Sole flailing around, a bottle of liquor in their hand, warbling a popular song in the wrong key. Piper keeps this incriminating information to herself, hiding it away for safekeeping. But the next time she wants something, or Sole tries to make her do something, she pulls out the recording and pictures. “Blue, meet blackmail. Blackmail, Blue.” She grins.

Preston: He thinks it’s funny for a little while; cute, even. But after a few songs, he and any other listeners are starting to get irritated, and he has to guide Sole away from the radio, gently taking away their drink and helping them to bed. The Minuteman isn’t a big drinker himself - it clouds the thinking, and he’s not really a happy drunk. He always ends up hunched over the end of the bar, nursing a lukewarm bottle of beer. But he’s more than happy to play chaperone, and gets Sole to bed with a minimum of bad singing. The next day, he pays them a joking compliment about their musical ability.

Strong: He claps his hands over his ears. “STOP IT!” Super Mutants are not inclined to music at the best of times, and Sole’s horrible mangling of the song feels like sharp knives digging into his ears. Glowering, he picks up sole in a thick green hand, placing his other palm over their mouth to shut them up. “BETTER,” he says, nodding.

X6-88: For the first time in his life, he’s encountered a situation he’s not sure how to deal with. “…Director?” He goes with the professional tactic, first. “You’re making a fool of yourself. Please stop.” When Sole ignores him, he tries to ignore them right back, but that becomes harder and harder as the song goes on. “Director, if you do not cease this immediately, I will not hesitate to remove you from the situation.” Eventually he’s forced to act on that threat, dragging them away from the radio and the alcohol. He throws them over his shoulder and carries them if they’re light enough.

((Thanks for the ask, anon!))

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Companions react to the SS dying ;p

first off how dare you.

Preston: Is the quitest. He understands that people die, and he’s seen a lot of death in his time. Tries to keep his composure as he learns of the news, but it’s difficult. He looks around Sanctuary; everything they have and will be is thanks to the survivior. Radio Freedom has a broadcast announcing the General’s death and that there will be a small funeral at the Castle. Preston turns off the radio and shuts his door, laying in bed and staring at the ceiling, quiet sobs coming from him.

Piper: She didn’t expect it to happen. Blue always seemed so invincible. She’s in disbelief when she gets the news, asking sharply if they’re messing with her and if this was somehow McDonough’s way of getting back at her for the synthetic truth. When they tell her no, she looks down and allows herself to cry. She doesn’t leave Publick Occurances for a week and when she does emerge, there’s a new paper ready to be printed about the life of her friend.

Cait: Anger. Cait breaks things. Everything near her that’s fragile gets shattered, she screams at the sky and demands to know what she did to lose someone else in her life. She screams until her throat is raw, the house is destroyed and her knuckles are broken and bloody. She doesn’t seem to care, broken knuckles can’t compare to a broken heart. The sound of the cheering crowd is muffled by the haze of drugs in her system as she reenters the steel cage, holding her fists up, ready for a fight.

Codsworth: Becomes silent. He finally had his friend back, and they were working to be some semblence of a family again. There’s a small, horrified gasp when he is told. With a trembling voice, he clears his throat and says: “Now..will there be anything else?” And when they tell him no, he goes to their old home and begins pruning the bushes, preparing for an eternity alone.

Curie: She doesn’t understand. They were healthy, and should have lived a long and happy life, even if this was the Commonwealth. She cries, and doesn’t understand why there’s a cold pit in her stomach that she can’t fill no matter what. She hates the way it feels, wishing that she didn’t have the capacity to feel waking up every morning and not hear their voice.

Danse: Another death he couldn’t prevent. Danse replays the scene in his head, all tactical changes he could have done to prevent this death. He can’t get the image of them out of his head. They saved him from himself, gave him a reason to live and helped him through everything even when he was less than cooperative. Lost and confused, he becomes very quiet and eventually disappears; the survivor was the only thing keeping him in the Commonwealth. 

Deacon: Doesn’t believe their actually dead, shakes their body and tells them to wake up, they have to wake up. He can’t do this alone again, he can’t have opened up to them only to have everything ripped away again right in front of his eyes. In time, he accepts their death. Deacon changes his identitiy and when anyone brings up the surivivor, he simply cocks his head and says “Who? Never heard of them, that some kind of celebrity?” He’s gotten good at hiding the trembling in his voice.

MacCready: He knew this would happen, bad things happen to people he’s around. He drinks himself blind, screaming and getting into fights at the Third Rail. He temporarily thinks of selling his gun again but realizes he doesn’t have the heart to do it anymore. After the funeral, he returns back to the Capital Wasteland to spend time with Duncan, knowing now he is the only reason he has to live. He can’t help but think what the survivor would have thought of his son.

Hancock: His anger is only seconded to Cait. He yells, tells the messenger to get out and starts shooting up and getting higher than before. The Survivor was his best friend and piece that he’d been looking for, even if they weren’t romantically involved. He found someone who gave a damn about others out there, they helped and cared. They cared about him and now they were gone. Being a ghoul, he had prepared himself for this. He just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Address Goodneighbor and has a small vigil for them before disappearing to get high again.

Valentine: Knew death would come for the survivor, but not like this. He figured they would be older, gotten remarried and be living a semi normal life. But no, they met a fate similar to his Jenny. Has flashbacks to old memories of them and replays them in his head. That witty one-liner they threw at him, a mirth filled laugh that he loved hearing. Closes the agency for a small period of time to mourn and reopens, the survivor’s trench coat and fedora kept in a case near his desk. He vows to find who killed them.

Strong: Doesn’t understand. The survivor was strong, almost as strong as  Super Mutant in his eyes. Their death makes no sense to him. Finds the ones who killed his friend and rips their arms off. Without the survivor to accompany him, he must continue his journey alone. Strange how he never felt alone before, but now, it’s all he feels.

X6-88: Is quiet. Understands what death is and how dangerous it was to send them out alone. He knew he should have been there, since he was the only one who could adequately protect them. It’s strange, but he felt something akin to friendship with them. 

Dogmeat: Howls the night of their death all night. Won’t leave their body and snaps at anyone who attempts to move them. Another companion has to hold him back while they dig the grave of the survivor. After the burial, Dogmeat lays near the grave marker, barely eating and refusing to move. His person is gone, and he desperately misses them. On a Summer day, Dogmeat closes his eyes for sleep. They do not reopen.