I still can’t get over this. Literally two days ago I was rereading the introduction to a book subtitled New Directions in American Political History edited by Meg Jacobs and Julian Zelizer in 2003, both of whom are today extremely high-profile historians with positions at Princeton. Just yesterday Zelizer published an op-ed at CNN on Donald Trump. This book contains articles by Sven Beckert, who (I’m sure you know) works in the same department (Harvard) as one of the authors of that NYT piece, and Tom Sugrue (NYU), and Matt Lassiter (UMich, currently working on a book on law and order politics under Nixon)… these are probably among the highest-paid professors of history in America. The Princeton history department lists ten faculty members working in the area of Political History in 20th century United States alone. Among them are Kevin Kruse, who has fifteen thousand twitter followers and whose Walmart Studies-adjacent book was probably one of the most-read history monographs of 2015. And Margot Canaday, “legal and political historian,” who is widely credited with reshaping the entire field of political history with The Straight State. And Sean Wilenz, who is truly as institutional as anybody and just this year published a book defending the tradition of political history. These are seriously the top of the field–not just in political history or U.S history but among historians in America right now, anywhere. 

As far as I can tell, the historian with the most twitter followers is Michael Beschloss, with 159k. Since the question is of teaching I’m not sure if he counts, and also for other reasons I’m not sure if he counts lol, but he is a presidential historian. Twitterstorians are upset because they all claim to be doing unrecognized political history but the fact is that almost all of the American history Americans engage with, in schools or NYT op-eds or twitter, is at least structure by political history. (It’s also the biggest subfield for all those alt-ac jobs they’re always telling us about What kind of historians do you think get hired as “analysts”?.)

(Fwiw, if you’re wondering, somebody tweeted but I lost it, there has been almost no change in historians getting PhDs self-identifying as “political historians” over the past twenty years.)

When homophobia slips into your friendship

You know what I find really awkward? When your old friends, or your new friends whom you really like suddenly - like literally, out of nowhere - start a conversation about lgbt+ people, having zero knowledge about the topic and still hating and being homophobic…

Here are some things they’ve told me and I sat there like

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  • “I was studying in the library, when I noticed two men sitting a couple of meters away from me. They were really close to each other and then one man gave another one a kiss on the neck. Disgusting!” - sorry, but what is disgusting about an innocent kiss on the neck? I am disgusted by that awful straight couple because the guy always gropes her ass whenever they MAKE OUT in PUBLIC. Still, it’s their right to make out wherever and whenever they want to (sadly, ‘cause that’s gross, man. No matter if you’re straight or gay, keep your hands to yourself in public imho)
  • “I just don’t take those minorities seriously. They say, it’s natural to be gay. They try to justify it by saying that there are gay lions too. However, what they don’t say is that only loser-lions become gay, because they were kicked out of their pride or because there are not enough females. I’m a biologist, I know. Only losers become gay.” - seriously, no comments.
  • Or even minor things like “OMG our friend told me she’s bisexual. I am so shocked I need to take time and recover from this news now.” - Honestly, when she told me I was like “Okay, wow, I kinda knew it all along but great, I’m happy you trust me enough to tell me.” WHAT IS THERE to recover from? It’s not like you should be concerned about this, it’s here sexuality which only matters for people she wants to be with. She found out smth about herself, you’re her friend, BE HAPPY FOR HER, FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Honestly, I just don’t know what to do or say in such situations. And I must say, these first two opinions come from my Ukrainian and Russian friends respectively. I’m sad. I know it’s the society, the mentality and the way to bring children up. But of course, once you’ve been educated, you have no excuses anymore. People just don’t want to be educated and choose hate instead. Whatever.

It just hurts, when it’s a person who was once your best friend or somebody close to you. I can only imagine how hard it is for actual lgbt+ people. I am a person who can easily emphasize with other people’s emotions, I can even cry if I imagine something out of the blue inside my own head. So I hurt for them, badly.

I can only tell how much I support you guys, I am behind you, always, really.


After thinking for a long time, I’ve finally decided to change Kayla’s hairstyle to a messy bun because IM OBSESSED with it. This WILL be the last time i change her hairstyle, do to the fact that Kayla is now not afraid to go out in a messy bun in public. Kayla still has the same hair color, that won’t ever change till she’s older ^^” But here is Kayla’s new hair i fucked up with ((i like the sketch better but oh well -.-))

This is something you don’t get everyday - a new Labyrinth picture! This scan was kindly provided by Tink, so mega kudos to her! It’s a scan from the Labyrinth songbook.

While we’re on the subject of this image, does anyone else think that baby isn’t Toby Froud? It looks a completely different baby? Maybe this was the stunt baby?

Jade Cooper has very helpfully pointed out that the Inside the Labyrinth doc shows that they used at least two babies to ‘play’ Toby on the set, probably to circumvent child labour laws (I was speaking in jest when I referred to the baby as a 'stunt double’ btw - the actual 'stunt double’ was quite clearly a doll!)