she asked me if i believed in god and i told her that when i was four i almost drowned in a public pool and in my panic mistook a stranger for my father. i clawed my way up his leg. four years later he’d send my parents a picture of the scars alongside a tin of cookies. he said, “i hope she’s still okay. i carry her with me. it isn’t every day you save a life. it isn’t every day you feel like you were here for a reason. when it does happen, you have to cherish that memory. for once, i had a purpose. just being there was enough. she tore me open but she taught me a lot about love.”

This is something you don’t get everyday - a new Labyrinth picture! This scan was kindly provided by Tink, so mega kudos to her! It’s a scan from the Labyrinth songbook.

While we’re on the subject of this image, does anyone else think that baby isn’t Toby Froud? It looks a completely different baby? Maybe this was the stunt baby?

Jade Cooper has very helpfully pointed out that the Inside the Labyrinth doc shows that they used at least two babies to ‘play’ Toby on the set, probably to circumvent child labour laws (I was speaking in jest when I referred to the baby as a 'stunt double’ btw - the actual 'stunt double’ was quite clearly a doll!)


We finally get to hear Kookie’s side of when he bumped into a street dance cover of “Boy in Luv”! More on the topic:

DJ: You should’ve surprised them.
JK: I thought of doing that but I held myself back.
DJ: You must’ve been really proud.
JK: Yes, I was really proud.

I’m still baffled by both people who use incidents like this to soap box for their anti-gun rights politics or their pro-gun control politics.

I don’t know how people can look at these repeated mass shootings committed by white men and think it all somehow boils down to guns. Having guns in church wouldn’t have saved people and that shooter having a slightly harder time getting his hands on a gun wouldn’t have either. Those are both bandaid solutions to a much bigger problem: white men feel fundamentally entitled to the lives of other people and will take them however they can.