July 13, 2017


by Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson started doing graffiti at 14 and told InnerWest Lifestyle he did his first paid illustration at 16, but says he only really started to take his art seriously in the last few years. Moving to Australia at a young age, he told The Commune, living on the edge of a national park provided the inspiration that plays out in “his detailed illustrations of wildlife and wooden structures which show the beauty and intricacies of the natural world.” Despite its lack of accommodation there’s been a ‘hotel’ on this Stanmore Road property in the Sydney suburb of Petersham since the Stanmore Hotel opened in 1858. More than 150 years later one more traditional Australian pub disappeared in 2015 when the Newington Hotel gave way to the Bushwick, Brooklyn inspired Petersham Public House. But don’t mourn too much—Jackson’s work joins the work of other Sydney artists like Phibs in welcoming customers to my favorite establishment in Sydney.  @thomasjjackson  @publichousepetersham