his smile is most naïve
cheerful and good-natured
and he’s as handome up close as at a distance

Public Relations

Author: @skivvysupreme

Rating: M

Status: Completed in April 2016

Word Count: 8,111

Summary: Everyone has their favorite Warbler. Kurt won’t say which one is his.

Tropes/Genre: alternate meeting, rockstar!Blaine, fluff, romance

Lynne’s review: There aren’t enough words to describe how cute this is - loved every minute of it!!

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COMMANDER IN CHIEF by @steklir. 11k. on going. rated T.

Christmas, 2020: United States President Lexa Woods has recently been re-elected for her second term, has three Nobel Peace Prizes under her belt, and a 97% public approval rating. None of this, in any way, prepares her for the pretty girl her sister brings home to the White House for Christmas.


Anyone who thought the legalization of marijuana would be a dangerous move is up against some serious numbers. Weed sales are continuing to incline, and crime rates are continuing to decline. Not counting medicinal weed sales, Colorado sold over $34 million in their recreational weed market in the month of August JUST for the purpose of recreation. $3.4 million of that (10%) goes straight into government coffers and towards building schools. At this pace, according to PolicyMic, Colorado will make at LEAST$30 million this year in pot taxes alone.

This is bringing in some serious tax money that is being used to strengthen the community, provide free education, and is cleaning up the streets in the process. How can anyone argue with this?

What’s promising is that these numbers are expected to keep going up to, and sales are expected to continue to incline(coinciding just fine, take note Washington). Many say that a figure closer to $60 million in weed tax revenue is a more likely assumption. Why is this not legal in every state yet? Here is a graph showing the continual increase in sales

// Babygirl - Theo Raeken //

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader.

Request: N/A.

Warnings: mkay I think we’ve established that I’m bad at writing both smut and the warnings lmao.

Dirty talk, ass grabbing, fingering, Dom!Theo, kinda public? Idk.

Rating: 18+ NSFW

Word count: 1,702

Part 2

A growl escaped your lips as your stare burned into him from across the room. The pack had needed a place to talk about the most recent supernatural phenomenon threatening beacon hills, the Dread Doctors, so you simply offered your house for the pack to meet in. However you were unaware that due to a new member as of that afternoon, ‘the pack’ now included Theo Raeken.

He had been in your 4th grade class along with you lifelong friend Stiles and Scott, your alpha as of a few months ago. The second Theo arrived back in beacon hills; he had the rest of the pack around his little finger, believing every word he said; not you and Stiles.  You were smarter than that and knew in your heart something was wrong with this kid and Stiles agreed.

“I talked to my dad,” Stiles had said “He said that if he truly isn’t who he says he is, give him some time and he’ll slip up. We just need to wait.” So, wait you did.

One thing to go on the record about Theo Raeken was that he seemed to find a sense of content in pushing your buttons, and pushing them he did. Whether it was something he said or his actions, he found a way to irritate you and being fairly new to your transition regardless of how confident you were in being able to control the change at this point; there was only so much you could take.

Once the pack had arrived and you had been filled in with the new pack addition the topic of interest quickly changed to the Dread Doctors. For the duration of the time that you all sat there trying to think of what the pack could do Theo had seemed to spend the entirety of the time finding ways to drive you crazy. You all took a break once stiles came up with the idea of ordering pizza, and once it arrived you jumped at the opportunity to sit across the room, as far away from Theo as possible.

Starting to seem like he was never going to stop, you glared at Theo, resulting in a wink that caused you to growl, furthermore irritated by the loss of control.

“Something wrong, Princess?” Theo asked, sounding innocent enough with a smirk planted on his lips. You growled again, this time lower yet louder and much more menacing. Your now florescent yellow eyes burned into him as you felt fangs starting to grow and claws replacing your short, maintained nails. Dozens of eyes now on you as multiple misheard voices tried to ask you if you were ok or telling you to calm down but right now all you cared about was charging across the room and ripping Theo’s vocal chords out with your teeth. You hadn’t even heard Scott take Liam’s place next to you.

“Y/N, come help me in the kitchen. I-I need to, um; I’m going to go fill everyone’s glasses.” Scott spoke, thinking of anything he could to convince you to get out of this room and avoid any kind of confrontation.

“Do it yourself.” You snapped, not even glancing at him.

Scott sighed, kneeling down, balancing his weight on the tip of his toes resting a hand on your knee. “Y/N. Look at me.” He demanded. You broke your glare away from Theo.

“I do love a girl that can take commands, nice and… submissive” Theo chuckled; you could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

“It’s not worth it.” Scott said his voice now softer.

You simply nod and stand up, completely transitioning back to your normal self. Scott was right it wasn’t worth getting angry over. He wasn’t worth getting angry over, and there was no way you were going to give him the reaction he wanted.  “Drinks?” You ask around the room as Scott helps you collect up glass (and in Stiles case, since he had a habit of dropping and smashing them, he got a plastic) cups, until you landed at Theo. He held out his mug and instead you walked right past him, into the kitchen with Scott.

“You ok now, Y/N? Have you calmed down?” He asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, it was stupid. I let him get to me.” You nod before telling him to go back to the pack and that you’d bring the drinks in yourself. Scott smiled sweetly at you and walked back to the living room. You walked to the refrigerator, pulling out the different bottled drinks and pouring them in, boiling the kettle making a coffee for yourself and Stiles.

“Another coffee would be nice, Baby girl” You recognised the voice, and it certainly wasn’t Scott.

“Theo, could you stop with the fucking nicknames.” You snarled.

“Struck a nerve, have I?” He chuckled, shooting you another wink. You turned back to the kettle with a sigh, only to feel his body press against your back. “Or are you just mad now that you realise how much you like it? How much you like me being around, as close as I am now. You think I don’t see the way you look at me, baby girl?”

“Don’t kid yourself, asshole.” You snapped, though you couldn’t really deny it. It didn’t take much to realise that he was good looking, and as much as his attitude annoyed you there was something about it that attracted you to him, though you would never admit it.

“It’s cute that you still think you can lie to me, Y/N” He laughs shaking his head, his hot breath on your neck sending a shiver through your body. He smiled as you move your head to the side trying to avoid any means of eye contact with him, his lips moving to just below your ear, his voice a whisper. “But you should know something about me baby girl.” His hand sliding up your bare thigh and under the skirt you now regret wearing, feeling yourself getting wetter. “I don’t appreciate being lied to.”

His lips attached at a sweet spot underneath your ear and you struggle to stifle a moan.

“T-Theo…” You whisper. “We can’t-” You cut your own voice off with another moan, this a little louder than the last, as Theo sucked harshly on your neck. His hands gripped onto your hips as he spun you around to face him and lifted you so you sat on the counter, Theo stood in-between your separated legs.

“Baby girl, if you want me to stop just say the word. If not, you’re going to have to quieten down.” He was right, you had completely forgotten about the rest of the pack who were in the next room. “You’ve been teasing me all day in… this.” He referenced your skirt; you bit your lip and looked down. Never had you been this turned on.

“Don’t like a little noise Raeken?” You ask teasing him a little.

He chuckled, shaking his head at her. “Oh, baby girl, you really don’t understand. I could make you scream.” His words made you blush slightly, maybe because you weren’t used to dirty talk or maybe because you knew it was true.

His lips roughly attached to your neck, moving up toward your jaw, as his hand reaching inside your underwear. “You’re so wet princess.” He muttered before his finger traced figure eights over your clit. You buried your head in Theo’s neck, breathing heavily in an attempt to stop any audible moans. “No,” Theo protested, his hand moving from your underwear. You pulled your head back confused. “I want you to look at me ok?”

He bowed his head again, and instead of on your neck his lips unexpectedly met yours. His hand slipped back under your pleated skirt and into your underwear and instead going back to your clit, it slipped to your entrance and pushed two fingers inside of you his other hand on your jaw as you kissed. You opened your mouth, both shocked and aroused, which was enough for him to slip his tongue in your mouth, gaining dominance straight away. His lips were softer than expected. One of your hands gripped to the work top the other in Theo’s hair, tugging on it. He moaned slightly, his lips curling to a smile as his fingers worked at your core, pumping in and out quickly when all of a sudden his fingers curled inside of you. His fingers continued to work on your core as you feel yourself getting close.

“T-Theo, I’m going to- I’m gonna-”

“Come for me, baby girl” His breath tickling your ear, biting down on your neck again. It only took a few seconds for you to release, your climax hitting and releasing on Theo’s hand, breathing uneven and a satisfied smile on your face.

“Happy, baby girl?” A smile on his face as he watched you gain your breath back, licking his fingers clean.

You nod, “Very.” You confirmed between breaths.

His lips met yours again, this time much more… passionate. His hands moved to your back, pulling you off of the counter top. You wrapped your own around his neck, your body curving, pressing against him. Theo’s hands shift and rest at your ass, a smile at his lips. After a few minutes he pulled away, pecking you on the lips once more and winking at you, grabbing your ass before he moved to the counter where the drinks sat.

He grabbed one of the glasses you had forgotten about and handed it to you, taking one in each hand himself, puzzling you. As if on cue Lydia popped her head around the door.

“What’s taking you guys so long? I’m thirsty.” She pouted.

“Y/N here takes the piss. What kind of girl can’t make a decent coffee?” He glanced round at you, shooting you a wink that Lydia couldn’t see.

“Shut up asshole.” You rolled your eyes, ignoring the smile pulling at your lips.

A glimmer of hope from Australia in otherwise dark political times globally: yesterday the biggest state (geographically) in Australia voted in their state election. The left-wing, pro-worker Labor Party won in a landslide. The racist One Nation party, led by Australia’s own despicable version of Donald Trump, had a disastrously poor result despite getting ridiculous levels of media attention. An encouraging sign that when left-wing parties aren’t just oppositional and instead advocate strongly for things that matter to ordinary people: jobs, apprenticeships, protecting penalty rates, protecting public assets, improving public transport etc. they can win big.

~Remote Controlled~

TITLE:Remote Controlled


AUTHOR: bookwarm85



FIC SUMMARY: Eric doesn’t like being told no and revenge is a dish best served…in public…


WORDS: 2,291

NOTES/WARNINGS: Hello my lovelys, I hope you enjoy this little treat, never trust Eric…

If you are not and would like to be tagged in this or any of my future stories then let me know and I’ll add you to the tag list.

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You groaned loudly as your alarm sounded. You picked the clock up and threw it across the room; it wouldn’t be the first time you had to buy a new one because you “accidentally” broke it.

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Over Their Heads

Category: Public places
Rated M 

Hermione smiled and nodded as another witch grasped her hand and shook it, quickly muttering something she hoped was polite before slipping away. It had been a long, intense and depressing evening, and not remotely how she wanted to spend one of the few days left before she returned to Hogwarts. But since this event was a combination of celebrating the downfall of Voldemort, and honoring the fallen, and since she had been deemed instrumental in the first, she hadn’t had much choice but to attend. And she did understand; people needed the morale boost–they needed to come together so they could keep up a positive momentum as they moved forward, as well as having support to at least temporarily lighten their grief. Besides, Harry and Ron were here too, and it felt almost unnatural to be away from both at once–something she wasn’t looking forward to getting used to in the coming months.

Harry, unsurprisingly, had been drawn away and trapped in conversation with several people who would be influencing the future of the Ministry. Since that included Kingsley, Hermione didn’t feel too guilty as she nodded to him across the the crowd, leaving Ginny as his only buffer.  She was more concerned about Ron, who had disappeared earlier without a word of warning while she had been distracted with deflecting questions. By now she had circled the room twice, but there was still no sign of him–which was alarming, since his height made him easy to spot. She knew that the constant condolences about Fred were wearing on him, especially since several of them had seemed to forget and had come up to him about it more than once.  

The slightest hint of movement might not otherwise have caught her eye, but after their year on the run, her senses were still heightened, anticipating possible attack. It was just the  flicker of a shadow passing over, but it had her head jerking up and to the left to one of the small alcoves that high ranking dignitaries were usually seated in for their privacy and safety. There shouldn’t be anyone up there tonight. She gripped her wand, and was about to call out to warn people, when there was another movement, and she saw the familiar red. Ron must have gone up there to get away; moving on the outskirts of the room, she left to join him, wanting to make sure he was alright.

Luckily, she didn’t run into anyone on her way–even though she ended up going in the wrong direction twice. She finally found him, the light from the room below reflecting off of his hair in the dark alcove.

“Ron? Are you alright?” She asked, coming up to stand beside him.

He didn’t look at her, but put his arm around her waist and drew her to stand in front of him, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“No, but I’m feeling a bit better now,” he mumbled, sighing into her hair.

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Do you blog rate?

I haven’t done it before but if you guys want me to post some public blog rates just like this and comment so i’ll consider a nice way of doing it!! xx

Cedric/Cho, Soulmates AU

for @hug-bubble

15.  Soulmates AU (Colored soulmarks on random parts of the body)

His thumb brushed over the gold mark on her wrist.  “Is this mine?” Cedric asked, his voice low and gravelly.  “Is this my mark on you?”

Cho nodded, humming and nuzzling against his neck.  “It is…and where’s mine?”  

“I can’t show you…” he said, chuckling softly, a blush rising in his cheeks.  “Not in public, at any rate…”  

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Hi, I saw your Kinked post! I was wondering if I could request Public, Jimin. With the sentence "you don't have to be so gentle."

yes ofc love! thank you for requesting

edit:due to some complications of things under the cut not showing up on the app, I’ve taken down the read more cut.



Public. Jimin. “You don’t have to be so gentle.” 579 words.

+ Fingering. Dirty Talking. Teasing and “But I can’t hurt my best friend’s baby sister.”



He hushes you up with alcohol stained lips and a sinful hand on your throbbing vein. His other hand is doing things under your ridden up black fitted dress that you’re terrified of anyone finding out but the anticipation is undeniably tasty.

“You don’t have to be so gentle.” You manage to muster something between a frustrated moan and borderline begging.

Jimin chuckles at your restlessness and if you’re being completely honest, the sinister glint in star clustered eyes sends your heart soaring higher than the volume of blasting music weaving through sweaty bodies and who knows what else is going on in there.

“But I can’t hurt my best friend’s baby sister.”

You’re on the verge of whimpering out a weak, pathetic mewl from the amount of torment he’s bestowing upon you with the lack of physical touch and that adorably sincere pout, it has to be fake.

The rock-like wall pressed painfully against you back when you lean up yet again reminds you that this is wrong –you’re just a door push away from a room full of people and one of them is your ever loving brother who trusts you to not get involved with his in-it-for-fun best friend.

“Fuck Taehyung.” You roll your hips into his touch to feel more of him but it only serves to add up to your frustration.

“No offence, Taehyung’s really hot and alI but I would rather fuck his teasing little sister more for going around shaking that little ass in this sexy dress all night.” As he speaks, his voice gets deeper until it breaks into a whisper and you would like to debate that sexy is Park Jimin when vile words come out of his mouth like liquid pleasure, not the dress.

He pushes the crotch of your panties to the side, finally having done with teasing you through a thin lace thong but much, much, much to your dismay, he plays around your entrance, only inserting the very tip of his finger and drawing back out before you manage to thrust your hips to get more of him inside.

“Jimin.” You whine.

Said boy tuts, making you feel like a misbehaved child in the face of an adult. “Quiet.”

You bite your lip and pray to whatever that is holy that he would just fuck you into these walls until you feel like every bone in your body is bent to his command.

Luckily for you, Jimin’s merciful enough to place his finger back on your dripping wet core. He teasingly makes circular motions around your entrance and then swipes up to your swollen clit to coat it with your own juice. You chide yourself for letting out that very audible moan when he thumbs your clit roughly.

The sensation is sudden but deliciously electrifying. You can feel yourself reaching your peak with the callous, uncalculated stimulation but it’s not as satisfying because something feels empty –void but you bite your tongue and don’t dare to ask for more in fear he’d take away the only thing you have to get through the night.

What the fuck.

But then it disappears altogether. His hands are nowhere near your pussy, not even touching any part of your body as you slowly descend from somewhere lust-filled.

You’re about to protest, give him a piece of your mind because you don’t deserve this but every possible insult dies in your throat.

Because you hear him unbuckling his belt.

KinKed. [Req temporarily closed]


SERIE: Top 5 green roofs worldwide

USA: new California Academy of Sciences

The iconic new California Academy of Sciences building opened in September 2008 is the largest public LEED Platinum-rated building in the world and the world’s greenest museum. This commitment to sustainability extends to all facets of the facility – from the bike racks and rechargeable vehicle stations outside the building, to the radiant sub-floor heating inside and energy-generating solar panels on top of the building.

(Keep reading for the green numbers!)

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High schools around the country are increasingly turning to external, for-profit providers for “online credit recovery.” These courses, taken on a computer, offer students who have failed a course a second chance to earn credits they need for graduation, whether after school, in the summer or during the school year.

In some districts, it’s an important part of efforts to raise graduation rates, as we wrote about in our Graduation Rates project last year.

Today, the first large-scale, randomized controlled trial of student performance in these courses is out from the American Institutes of Research, and the news is not great. AIR followed 1,224 freshmen in the Chicago public schools, randomly assigned in the summers of 2011 and 2012 to retake second-semester algebra either face-to-face or on a computer.

Research Finds Poor Outcomes For Students Who Retake Courses Online

Illustration credit: LA Johnson/NPR

do you want to

Title: Do You Want To
Pairing: Chase Collins (The Covenant)/OFC (named)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Public sex. Oral. Fun things.
A/N: I’ll have to admit, I never got around to watching this movie, and when this request came in, I finally watched it. I enjoyed his character a whole lot but maybe not so much the movie itself. So, here it is. Also, I’m planning on having another story posted later tonight, if not, then tomorrow afternoon.

Keep sending in requests! I’m loving branching off to Seb’s other characters.

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Wonder how informal and familiar Anakin and Ahsoka were in TCW?

Like on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being proper Jedi decorum and 10 being inconceivable rudeness, how does calling your master by a deformation of his name, no title, to his face, in public, rate?

(Do we ever see another padawan not use the title master when addressing said master? Like I seem to remember Anakin referring to Obi-Wan simply by his first name but that was to Padmé)

How many Jedi did they leave scandalized in their wake by loudly bickering like siblings? 

Did Obi-Wan have to field an ever growing stream of well-meaning masters “concerned” that Anakin was being too buddy-buddy with his padawan, yada, yada? 

They were definitely causal with each other but I’m wondering how causal by Jedi Order standards.

NCT Kissing Their Idol Girlfriend in Public


You’d both be huddled in a corner of a cafe. The speakers above your heads softly playing music that you were only somewhat registering until Taeil leaned over and pressed his lips against yours. It’d be quick and Taeil would pull away, much to your disappointment. You’d look at him to realize that he was turning red, his eyes dancing around the room until they landed back on you. 

You’re the one that kissed me first! Why are you red? You’d ask as he only giggled and smiled shyly at you.

Originally posted by zeusmayo


He likes to randomly kiss you while in public. Nothing above pg rated but he loves to make you blush. 

You’d be walking along the river or just down a random street with little shops and he just casually jumps ahead of you to grab your face and kiss you softly as he grins against your mouth. 

Then he’d let go of your face and walk next to you as if nothing had happened. 

Taeyong what was that? 

What? He’d look at you all wide eyed and innocent. I didn’t do anything.

Originally posted by jehyoon


Doyoung would probably kiss you right before getting out of the car. Or really whenever he felt like it. He’d have put the vehicle in park and just as you turn to open the door he’d steal one from you. 

Wait! He’d say worriedly. 

What? You whip around in concern only to find him inches from your face. 

You forgot something. He whispers as he captures your lips. 

This guy just loves catching you off guard. 

Originally posted by taesyong


I don’t see him particularly caring who saw, or who was around. You’d both be waiting for the bus or standing in line and he’d have is arms wrapped around you from behind. Every once in a while he’d lean down and peck you on the cheek or forehead. Sometimes if there’s barely anyone around he’d playfully bite your bottom lip while kissing you, being the absolute tease he is.

And unlike Taeyong, he lives to make you blush.

Someone’s blushing. He’d say once he loosened his arms around you and observed your flustered state like he wasn’t the cause of it.

Originally posted by taeyongitslow


Alright. This guy is the biggest tease ever. He loves to rile you up only to completely let go of you and smile mischievously.

He’d pull you in a dark corner or when no one was looking he’d press his lips down on yours hard as he licks your bottom lip and runs his hands through your hair. Knowing very well how crazy he’s driving you and then yank himself away, lifting a brow like some sort of challenge for you to top that. 

Then he’d drag you back out to the street, or main hall, where there’s people everywhere

You feeling okay Y/N? You’re a little pink there. He’d smile down wickedly at you.

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So so so adorable. He’d peck your cheek while you were staring at a display or writing something down. Because you just look way too cute to him when you’re concentrating and he couldn’t help himself. You’d be standing there minding your own business all the while Mark’s next to you practically dying from cuteness because how dare you make that puppy face. 

You’re so cute. You’d hear him comment right before he kisses you.

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