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I often wake up in the morning and have a deep, long thoughts about how I can be most pleasing and acceptable to every strange man I encounter as I walk in public spaces.

It’s only fair.

I wouldn’t want them to feel sad that every person around then isn’t consistently working towards their sense of satisfaction with life.

cantankerouskaputnik  asked:

Can you tell us a little about food in Finland, like... What do you eat day to day? What are sweets like? Which fast food chains are the most popular? or something else you think is interesting. Thank you! :D

Thank you for the ask! I can tell you a lot about food in Finland, fortunately, because both of my parents happen to be cooks, so I can ask about stuff from them. A lot the information I’ll tell you probably came from them.

Well, first off, I want to say that today Finnish people often eat food that isn’t necessarily traditionally Finnish or anything, for example my town has at least 5 pizza-kebab restaurants, and spaghetti is very popular. This thing called “raketti-spagetti” is sold in stores, it’s just normal spaghetti but cut into shorter pieces, and the name literally means rocket-spaghetti. I’m not sure how that name came to be, but it rhymes, so maybe it just sounded funny…? I don’t know. Stuff like rice is pretty common too, even though it’s in no way traditionally Finnish. Anyway, I’m sure that a similar phenomenon (the international foods thing, not raketti-spagetti) exists in almost every country.

Also, the Finnish cuisine has gotten a lot of influence from our dear neighbours, Sweden and Russia. Especially Sweden. So anyway, if you’re from either one of those countries and I say that something is Finnish when your country has the exact same thing, please blame my ancestors for not being more original. Although I’d like to hear about foods or customs similar to these I’m about to mention from other countries, so if you’d like to, please share them in the tags!

Okay, so I think I’ll start with the fast food- part of the question.

Finland doesn’t have that many fast food chains, really. We have McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and soon a few Taco Bells. Like, three. BUT! We do have a chain of our own, Hesburger, which is my personal favorite out of these. It is the most popular fast food chain in Finland, with 268 restaurants. For comparison, McDonald’s has 65, Burger King 32, and Subway 155 restaurants here.

If you want to have a taste of Hesburger’s food, but don’t want to come all the way to Finland, that’s totally fine! There are Hesbugers in eight other countries, too: Estonia (42 restaurants), Latvia (44), Lithuania (47), Russia (34), Germany (3), Ukraine (3), Bulgaria (3) and Belarus (1). Pretty impressive for a chain from such a small country, huh?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like an ad, this post is not sponsored by Hesburger. I just think it’s pretty neat. I don’t know where the restaurants are more specifically, but I’ve been to Tallinn and there were a few Hesburgers there. They have really good paprika-mayonnaise! Just saying.

Scratch that, I now know where is the Hesburger farthest from Finland: 

Now, for sweets, I think I’ll have to make their own post, but we do have a lot of different kinds of candy in Finland, since we have two bigger and several smaller candy manufacturers, the two big ones being Fazer and Panda. Fazer also makes bread and cookies.

Popular candies are suklaa (chocolate) in different forms - bars, slabs (?? I hear that is also called a bar sometimes? Like smaller bars like Snickers and then slabs like the one I’ll show a picture of), chocolates, like the ones sold in a box, with filling or without, you get the idea, a lot of chocolate - and, of course, salmiakki, salty liquorice. Salmiakki candies get their amazing/awful taste from ammonium chloride. Mmmm. Potentially life-threatening chemicals combined. Delicious. (pic source)

Here is perhaps the most iconic Finnish sweet: Fazerin sininen, Fazer’s Blue. It’s just simple old milk chocolate and yet is the most popular candy in the country. Is it really that good?

Yes. Yes it is. The shade of blue used in the wrapping is trademarked*, by the way.

Okay, moving on to the day-to-day stuff…

In Finland we drink the most maito (milk) in the world per capita, a bit over 360 liters. The 2nd is Sweden by the way, with around 356 liters. We also consume the most kahvi (coffee) per capita, the national average being around 2.6 cups. Seriously, people here drink coffee all the time. In the morning, after lunch, when you come to visit you can be sure you’ll be offered a cup of coffee, at weddings, at funerals, with dessert, I mean, all the goddamn time. Sometimes they don’t even have a reason I’m sure. You know when at work there are those shorter breaks? In Finland a break like that is called kahvitauko. It means coffee break, which I’m sure is a familiar concept in other countries too.

But yeah, people do drink milk at every meal - not everyone, of course, but most people - and for people who are lactose intolerant there are special kinds of milks where the lactose has been processed already, so lactose intolerant people can drink it safely.

This is our fridge. That milk probably lasts like half a week. The light blue one is fat-free.

‘There is also this thing called piimä, which is a drinkable product made from milk with Lactic acid fermentation. It’s not my favorite, but it’s okay.

Maito versus piimä. (source

Apparently there is a strict divide in Finland between west and east, where west likes piimä better, but east prefers something called kokkelipiimä, which, to me, sounds very suspicious, and I did not know it even existed. It’s piimä with something more solid also made from milk mixed into it. Looks like this.

I seriously had never heard of it. I do live in the western half, so I suppose the divide is real. Huh. (source)

A traditional Finnish drink, kotikalja, is often drunk at fancier occasions, for example at the Christmas meal or at some other celebration, like weddings or such. It has a bit of alcohol, but so little that it doesn’t really count as an alcoholic beverage. Wikipedia tells me that it’s similar to Estonian kali, Swedish svagdricka, Dutch oud bruin and Russian kvass. It’s not the same, but it’s similar. People drink it with food.

(source also includes a recipe for kotikalja)

 There is a Finnish word ruokajuoma, which means any drink that is often drunk at meals, like water or kotikalja or milk and sometimes also juice.

This post is getting really long, sorry about that. Anyway, we eat a lot of different keittoja (soups) here too. Most of the time they contain potatoes (perunaa), carrots (porkkanaa), possibly other vegetables, and some meat (lihaa). Kalakeitto (fish soup) can be creamy (I love it) or clear (not so good). Lihakeitto (meat soup) and jauhelihakeitto (minced meat soup)are usually clear as well. There is also hernekeitto, which is made from peas, minced meat or ham or something and some carrot. People can add mustard and onion to it. It’s often eaten on Thursdays, a habit that has spread from the army. There every Thursday is hernekeittopäivä, hernekeitto-day. With hernekeitto the dessert is usually pancake with jam. (pic source)

The pancake, pannukakku, doesn’t look like what you might expect, though. It’s like this.


What is the closest relative to the other kind of pancake is called lettu here, or räiskäle, and it’s closer to a crêpe or a blin. (An actual blin, in Finland there is some misconception about blinis being small and thick… things, but maybe people would otherwise mistake them for a räiskäle?) (source)

 They are usually eaten with jam or sugar or whipped cream, or ice cream, or berries, or all of them. There are also muurinpohjaletut, which are cooked differently. (source)

A very basic dish we eat a lot here is potatoes and some kind of kastike (sauce). The sauce usually has pieces of meat, or sausage, or minced meat. We use a lot of minced meat. The picture example is made with makkara (sausage). (source)

When it comes to leipä (bread) I might be a little biased, because my parents bake a lot of bread themselves. Most households usually have at least two types of bread available, some lighter bread like piimälimppu for example, and ruisleipä. It is very Finnish, even though rye bread is eaten elsewhere too. In grocery stores you can find many shelves full of it. There are even rye chips here! Not French fries, or potato chips, really, more like nachos. But made from rye. Weird. (source of pic below)

One of the many forms of rye bread. (source)

Usually the shelves would be full but it was late and almost juhannus. That’s all for rye bread there. (Don’t mind my sister’s hand btw)

You can get rye bread in dried from too, all crunchy and pretty tough. Examples of this, dry, crunchy, though perhaps not that tough bread are näkkileipä and hapankorppu. Näkkileipä is often served in schools, since it doesn’t go bad easily. Both näkkileipä and hapankorppu are the best when they have some butter (voi) on top, at least I think so.

Hapankorppu in the front, näkkileipä in the back. 

“Which side do you put the butter on?” is a common topic of debate between Finnish people. (It’s the side without the holes, fight me)

And yet another traditional Finnish food that’s eaten like bread and has rye in it, is karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pie. It’s basically rice porridge in a crust made from rye flour. It is also called riisipiirakka. There are other versions of it as well, for example they can have mashed potato instead of rice in them. It’s traditionally eaten with munavoi, boiled egg and butter mixed together. It is heavenly. It’s the stuff in the picture way up there, actually, but I’ll refresh your memory.


Another pretty basic, and quite traditional Finnish food that is still pretty popular as I understand, is makaronilaatikko, macaroni casserole, made of macaroni, minced meat, and a mixture of milk and egg. All the ingredients are put together and mixed, and cheese is put on top, though not in traditional versions. Then the whole thing is put into the oven and cooked for some time, and then eaten usually with ketchup. It’s one of my favorite foods.


Fish is eaten fairly often, but pork, chicken and beef are probably more common. In summer we eat a lot of sausages and nakki (frankfurters) (?? I have never heard this word). Most common spices are salt, suola and pepper, pippuri. There are also a ton of prepared foods in markets, and I mean a lot. Whole aisles, many meters, of foods like makaronilaatikko or jauhelihakeitto that you just need to warm up. Convenient. One of my favorites are pinaattiletut, small lettus with spinach in them. I like them a lot. There are also the same kinds of small lettus made with carrot. Oh, and also blood. They’re called veriletut in Finnish.


Well, I’d love to tell you more, but this post is already way too long, so. I’ll end it here. If you want to know more of something specific I mentioned, ask, and I’ll try to get a post made. I’m planning on covering a few topics here more in depth in the future, but we’ll see.

Oh, also, a lot of the sources for the pictures in this post also feature a recipe, though they’re in Finnish. If you’d like me to translate one of them so you can try it out, just ask!

Thank you for the ask again!

(*edited because I, the smart person I am, mixed up copyright and trade marks. Sorry about that.)

Luminaries & Personal Planets

Examples of synthesis.

  • The luminaries are the “lights” of the chart. Known as the two most important planets, the conscious identity (sun) and the subconscious spirit (moon)

Sun: design and desires of the conscious being, vitality and stamina of the spirit (life force), declaration of the identity through self-expression, one’s character, sense of individualism (how/where one ‘shines’ and seeks validation of the ego) Example Used: Sun in Cancer

Basic Cancer Keywords: The home, mother/family past, soul, emotions, empathy, sleepy, moodiness, Moon-ruled, indulgent, privacy, sensitive, creative/imaginative, safety, comfort, protective, retreating, nurturing, needy

Example - The desire and design of Cancer’s conscious being is to seek emotional belonging, tranquility and safety of the soul through their home, family and past. Cancer declares her identity, self-expression and individualism through lunar notions such as empathy, nurtured protection, imagination & creativity but also moodiness, sensitivity, neediness of an abandoned inner child & clinginess. Her vitality and stamina are softened and generally low due to her search for comfort through sleepiness and indulgence. Cancer seeks validation only from those she lets into her private life; she is especially affected by the treatment, validation or lack of thereof from the mother. In other instances, she validates herself through the comfort of private retreat and introspection. 

Moon: the emotive needs, instincts & reactions, subconscious trends of the past, dual “home” concept (external home = one’s dwelling, inner home = one’s soul), essence of the personality, privacy demands. Example Used: Moon in Leo

Basic Leo Keywords: father/masculine principle, proud, vibrant, loyal, creative, determined, arrogant, selfish, warm-hearted, dignified/has self-respect, attention & praise-seeking, sun-ruled (ego, importance of identity, rules the heart) youthful or childish/immature, self-expressive

Example - The emotional needs of a Lunar Leo require praise, appreciation and warm-hearted, loving support, especially so from the father figure. Instinctual reactions are set off theatrically when the ego is punctured and the feelings are dismissed, bringing feelings of insecurity & invalidation. A Lunar Leo requires a home that offers validation of the ego and creative outlets. At the core of his being his soul is vibrant with solar rays, youthful, determined, emanates an aura of self-respect and creative expression, but his personality can be consumed with arrogance, faulty pride, selfishness and immature behavior. He demands privacy when his heart or ego are wounded by those he thought loyal to him.

  • The personal planets are Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Lover) and Mars (Warrior), known as the building blocks of the personality. 

Mercury: perception of & ability to reason with reality, the conscious mind, the mental facilities and communicative abilities, the ability to receive, translate and convey messages. Example Used: Mercury in Pisces

Basic Pisces Keywords: [hyper]sensitive, dreamy, emotional, vague, distracted, imaginative, sorrowful, empathetic, self-pitying, vulnerable, escapist, adaptable

Example - The perception of reality for mercurial Pisces resembles lens blinded by dew drops; the world appears blurry, making her distracted and vulnerable. Her ability to reason with reality may get lost through wakeful dreams of escape and clouded by a mind occupied by unexplained emotional pains caused by her empathy tuning into the vibrations of others. The mental facilities are driven by hypersensitive receptors rather than calculated logic and she is sensitive to the opinion and criticism of others. The communicative abilities reveal sorrowful, vague, dreamy, adaptable and imaginative thoughts&messages. 

Venus: The loving spirit & personal affection, social urges & behavior, physical comforts that bring pleasure in life, harmonious attraction, aesthetic perception, self-perception, values; what the heart appreciates. Example Used: Venus in Virgo

Basic Virgo Keywords: helpful, mercury-ruled, subtle, service-orientated, caring, anxious, worrisome, refined/sophisticated, intelligent/mind-orientated, humble, critical, reliable/self-reliant, mercurial, judgmental

Example - Venus under Virgo has a loving spirit that is shown through physical affection and subtle and helpful acts of service as seen through her earthy temperament, as well as affection from the mind as shown through her mercurial origins. She finds comfort in the simple pleasures of life that bring ease to her anxious qualms, and her aesthetic principles surround mental stimulation such as through journaling inside a serene cafe or burying herself in books during solitude. The perception of herself is distorted through her worrisome, judgmental and critical nature, where she feels undeserving of affection and yet other times she stands modestly dignified and satisfied with her sophisticated mind and self-reliance. Harmonious attraction occurs when another access her mind and sensual needs. She values humbleness, sincerity, and intelligence in others as she presents these qualities in herself. 

Mars: The fighting spirit, aggressive urges and if so inclined, sexual urges. Inner strife “war with the self,” instinctual reactions set off by adrenaline and anger, passionate desires and ambitions, personal energy and stamina. Example Used: Libra Mars

Basic Libra Keywords: tactful, diplomatic, love/relationship, fair yet bias (scales), mind-orientated, equal/balance, static, argumentative, polite, lazy/passive, peaceful, gossipy, superficial, aesthetic-sense, interpersonally/socially/publicly inclined

Example - The fighting spirit of a martial Libra shows a warrior advocating for equilibrium and fairness. He is passionate about connection and the well-being of the public, desires fairness in his interpersonal and social relations, and finds peacefulness in his aesthetic interests. His ambitions reflect what he is passionate about. If sexually interested, he favors romance and mental stimulation and he is accommodating to his partner’s pleasures. He is inclined to favor healthy debates as to ease anger and tensions, yet his airy-intellect may become argumentative, gossipy and he could linger on superficial details as well as his own bias concerning his passions and opinions. Libra mars is attracted to those who are peaceful, diplomatic, polite, stimulate the mind through charm, posses social grace, and prove to share awareness of societal matters like himself. His stamina and energy is lacking as he is inclined to laziness and static, yet during other times the fluctuation of scales can show exercises and habits to “balance” themselves.

Notice the use of keywords integrated together. Try doing so with your placements; take the meaning of planets and the keywords of signs, then bring them together. Note: Be creative with the way you synthesis your writing. It’s robotic and bland for instance, to take one key phrase of mars (e.g fighting spirit) and one from Libra (e.g fair) and to simply say “Libra’s fighting spirit is fair.” 

buttscentedbreathmints  asked:

I'm a new member of the NDP and I'm having some trouble deciding on my rankings for the leadership race... I definitely want to vote for Jagmeet Singh and Niki Ashton as my first and second choices but I'm not sure which order to rank them in to have the best chance of one of them winning. i was wondering if you might be able to share your thoughts on each candidate in terms of who would be the strongest candidate for prime minister and your opinion re my current dilemma? thanks!

If you want a candidate to win, they should be your first choice. Can’t say much more than that.

Why do I support Niki Ashton over Jagmeet Singh. Here’s why:

-She has pledged to change our electoral system from First Past the Post to a  Mixed Member Proportional Representation system (this is not on Jagmeet Singh’s policy page):

Niki Ashton: Make Every Vote Count

-She has released a comprehensive platform on increasing accessability for people with disabilities:

Niki Ashton: A Vision for an Accessible and Inclusive Canada for Persons with Disabilities

-She has released a suite of policies in regards to harm reduction, which includes support for individuals with HIV, supporting safe consumption sites and standing up for sex worker’s human rights:

Niki Ashton: My Commitment to Harm Reduction

-She has released a comprehensive set of policies on LGBTQ rights which includes an end to the blood ban for gay men, and things like a focus on Transgender Health:

Niki Ashton: Justice for LGBTQ2+ Persons

-She has a dedicated platform on Indigenous Rights (something Jagmeet Singh does not have):

Niki Ashton: Justice for Indigenous Peoples

-She has released impressive policies on post secondary education, including free tuition, eliminating interest on Student Loans and not having to repay student debt until you’re making $50,000 or more (again missing from Jagmeet Singh’s policy page): 

Niki Ashton: Eliminating Tuition Fees and Strengthening Public Post-Secondary Education

-She has released a strong suite of policies on Racial Justice, which includes repealing Bill C-51 and ending the practice of Carding for Federal Police forces:

Niki Ashton: Racial Justice: Dignity and Respect

-She has released strong policies around renewable energy and Climate Change:

Niki Ashton: Environmental Justice.

-She is the ONLY candidate to release a platform on Feminism and Gender Based violence (including towards the LGBTQ community):

Niki Ashton: Ending Gender Violence and Discrimination.

-She has released strong economic policies including more fair taxation, public ownership (reversing privatization) and fair job policies:

Niki Ashton: Economic Justice.


Niki Ashton: Fair Taxes for a Just Society.

-She has been vocally supportive of Palestinian Human Rights and for peace in the Middle East:

Niki Ashton: A Just Peace in the Middle East.

-She has stood up against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline and other oil pipelines from the start. Jagmeet Singh has to be pressured by Niki Ashton and Peter Julian to take a position:

Niki Ashton: Against Kinder Morgan.

-She is the only candidate promising to expand Canada’s healthcare system to completely cover the costs of prescription drugs and dental. She has also said she would expand mental health funding, accessibility and tackle the root causes of addiction:

Niki Ashton: Access to Universal Health Care.

heartich0ke  asked:

Hi! :) Can I ask what you're working on these days? Do you ever write original stuff?

Hey there, friend! I do write original stuff, sadly it’s all non-fiction at this point. On the fiction front, I’m casually (read: v. slowly) plodding away at a mwtw!Lexa origin story — I feel like there’s only a very select group of readers who’d be interested in it (seeing as Clexa is more than a decade away) but it got caught in my brain. Probably because I’m a glutton for angst :-)

If you are interested, here’s a rough excerpt : the storyline starts right after 5-year-old mwtw!Lexa’s mother dies and she starts boarding, but this scene is a few months later. It’s from 10yo Anya’s POV, because as always, I need someone else to describe the awe and wonder that is Lexa haha. 

More Women than Warriors Prequel—sneak peak below.

Keep reading




so if you go to 1:40 you will see vic read literally the only sexy thing that happened in ‘a terrifying clamour of trumpets’ aka the fic where ed is literally dying of a terminal illness and i’m screaming and dead and conflicted but also crying

i said this and the comments and i’ll say it here: of the things i worry about while writing “what if the actor reads it out loud in a youtube videoand thousands see it” was never something that crossed my mind

its very cool but tbh i’m a little upset cause i feel like there are so many cool excerpts they could have chosen, like almost anything from son of the desert would have been better, but instead they had him read this very out of context thing for a laugh. like ed is dying of the same illness that killed trisha and they picked out the part where they get sexy in the shower