Drawing faces and hair tutorial


July 27, 2016



Popular with locals and the growing number of supporters of Downtown Las Vegas, the wall of the old Western Hotel and Casino at Fremont and 9th Streets used to read “Viva Lost Vegas.” When the wall was damaged during the installation of the 2014 Life Is Beautiful festival British artist Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, was asked to create a new work for this space. While D*Face is best known for his trademark comic book-style characters this work is a significant departure artistically. Aside from style however, Widewalls says Stockton’s work “critiques the modern world, in particular, consumerism and the American Dream” so maybe this commentary is in some ways less of a departure than we thought. @dface_official @lifeisbeautiful


Hello everyone! This past week our team dyed the Adire and yarns we have been preparing over the last month. All the hours of tying and stitching culminated with us dyeing using indigo and Guinea Corn leaves (Oka Baba). We were blessed with perfect weather and some beautifully dyed Items that will be incorporated into the final installation. The pieces incorporated dyeing techniques from all over west Africa including “Adire Alabere” (stitch resist) techniques from Nigeria. “Gara” kola nut and Indigo over dyeing techniques from Gambia and Sierra Leone and over dyed tie and dye handwoven textiles drawn from Dyula and Baule textiles from the Ivory coast. Stay tuned as our project continues to develop!     

MTA Arts & Design bids a very fond farewell to our dear Amy Hausmann. Under her tireless leadership as Deputy Director for more than a decade, Amy’s visionary direction has realized countless public art projects, bringing magic to New York City through the graphic arts program, Percent for Art installations, digital art, Poetry in Motion, Music Under New York, and special events and exhibitions. We will miss her tremendously and wish her nothing but the best!