Berlin has the East Side Gallery, Zagreb has the Branimirova Wall

The 375 meters long and over 3 meters high wall on Branimirova street was the first time painted for the university games (Univerzijada) in 1987 by 53 Yugoslavian and foreign artists. It was probably one of the first commissioned public street art works in Europe. In 1999, the wall was repainted during the Night Shift Graffiti Jam, launched by local artists and supported by the city. Over 2,300 spray cans were used and the event was accompanied with concerts and workshops. The Museum of Street Art (MUU) organized another festival in 2010 to bring the wall back to life, but some pieces have been replaced by advertisement since then.
This year, 30 years after the first painting of the wall, local artists are planning to reclaim their public space with a new festival, workshops, and exhibitions on the railways behind the wall. 


Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum por The City of Toronto
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The Royal Ontario Museum featuring the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, designed by Daniel Libeskind and located in Toronto.