Photographer: “Lin, stand in front of that Season Board for the Public Theater. History is happening in Manhattan.This is historic.”

Lin: “Would you mind waiting a minute? I need to finish this banana.”

Photographer: “No, Lin! I’m past patiently waiting. PLEASE. Get. In. The Frame.”

Lin: “But this lovely banana—”

Photographer: “Bear with me. Are you aware that we’re making history?”

Lin: “Oh, all right.”

Lin’s mind: *There will come a day when I can eat a banana in peace*

Lin’s mind: *What the–?!?!*

Lin’s mind: *Did they seriously put White Men right above Hamilton?!*

Photographer (to a friend): “I wish I could tell you what was happening in his brain

(What I like to imagine happened during the taking of this photo)


Hamilton at The Public Theater


Listen up, #HAMILTONpublic fans. We’ve got your very first look at the show - check it out. 


It’s been 41 years since A Chorus Line started its previews at the Public Theater (April 16, 1975). One year ago, on April 16, 2015, the cast of Hamilton paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of the musical. 

“What Chorus Line did was it said, ‘Let’s, for a moment, take the spotlight off the star of the show, and let’s turn the spotlight on the people who are making the show work, who actually build it, who devote their lives to it. Let’s not just turn the spotlight on them, let’s actually ask them their story. Let’s find out who they are. Let’s find out how they got here. And let’s say, you know what? That’s the real show’. And they did that, and they changed the nature of the American musical. 

Hamilton’s doing it in a little bit of a different way but it’s saying the same thing, because it’s taking the story of the founding of this country and it’s saying, 'Guess what? Let’s get the story of the founding of this country told by the people who actually make up this country, who are this country, who are the strength and built this country, and who are this country’s future’. 

These two musicals together - what better thing could represent what the Public Theater tries to do? We try to do it every day, and every forty years we hit it out of the park.” - Oskar Eustis (x)