Teen With Epilepsy Has A Seizure When Her Service Dog Is Distracted

This article is too important for me to just post a link that you probably won’t click through to read.  THIS is why you DO NOT EVER pet service dogs.  They are working and it can mean serious injury or even death if you are distracting them from doing their job.


PSA If you didn’t make it, somebody else did. It didn’t just magically appear into being.  Google isn’t actually a google of tiny elven creatures that live inside your computer and create awesome graphic works of art for your re-posting and credit-taking entertainment. Google itself is not a source and if you “can’t find the source”, then use something you can source and give credit to.

Okay, so listen up.

I know, you might be stressed out about starting school, or placement auditions; you might already be at school thinking that everyone is better than you (pro tip: they’re not), you might be worried about playing your concerto at tempo, or soloing with an orchestra, or auditioning for a spot in one. You might just be having a really bad day, and you haven’t even touched your instrument yet. Or maybe you’re having a good day—but I want you to listen:

No matter what you are feeling right now, I want you to take a moment to think about why you love playing your instrument. Think of some time when you were playing and it made you super happy.

And when you’re done with that, I want you to go pick up your instrument and do something with it that makes you feel that way.

Take 15 minutes and just do it.

Play a silly song, get creative with your scales, sight read something on imslp. Pretend your cello is a giant guitar for all I care…just let loose, smile, have fun, and most of all, stop worrying!

You’ve got this; you’re gonna make it!!


Joanna Newsom | Sapokanikan
directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

New Album “Divers” out October 23rd

Anecdotes (6:27)
Sapokanikan (5:11)
Leaving the City (3:48)
Goose Eggs (5:01)
Waltz of the 101st Lightborne (5:22)
The Things I Say (2:35)
Divers (7:07)
Same Old Man (2:26)
You Will Not Take My Heart Alive (4:01)
A Pin-Light Bent (4:26)
Time, As a Symptom (5:28)  

“ …further along and down the road apiece from where she took her leave of us, Joanna Newsom plays on. Breathe deep and equalize your today-ears to the new world of Divers… “

why you should watch Agent Carter
  • Peggy Carter is straight up a hero— all of the goodness, all of the noble traits, the archetypal background of Lost Love, desire to do good by the world
  • chill ass female buddies
  • I’ve already cried twice dear god Haley Atwell A+++++
  • every time Peggy eats she stuffs food in her cheeks and it’s the most fucking adorable thing I’ve ever seen okay
  • assholes who get what’s coming to them
  • “tip generously”
  • Saudi Arabia:expresses “deep sorry” in response to “this cowardly terrorist attack (Charlie Hebdo) which is incompatible with Islam religion.”
  • Saudi Arabia:has a representative in the current Paris March in solidarity with the people murdered in the attack
  • Saudi Arabia:sentences a man (Raif Badawi) to ten years in prison and one thousand lashes for "insulting islam" and "adopting liberal views"
I’m sorry I’m not the type of person that can be someone’s “fwb” or “thing” or be in a open relationship. I grow attachments and I develop feelings. My heart just wants one person who wants me just as much and no body else. Is that so complicated?

I took onboard some of your suggestions and now I am proud to unveil a week to appreciate the female characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

MCU Ladies Week - 9th - 15th February.

  • Day 1 - Favourite Character - Tell us who your favourite female character is, and why. Do you identify with them in some way? Did they do something special that makes them your favourite? Tell us!
  • Day 2 - Unsung Hero - Who do you think doesn’t get nearly enough attention? Who would you like to see more of? 
  • Day 3 - Favourite Scene - What is your favourite scene involving a female character? Do you have more than one? Are there any parallels between them?
  • Day 4 - Actor Appreciation - a day to appreciate the actors who make the characters come to life.
  • Day 5 - Favourite Friendship - Pretty self explanatory, a day to explore your favourite female friendship in the MCU.
  • Day 6 - Headcanons/AU - a day for exploring your headcanons for the characters and any alternate universe ideas you might have.
  • Day 7 - To the Future! - What are you hoping for from the new female characters coming to the MCU? Which characters would you like to see from the comics? What do you want to happen to the existing characters?

I’m leaving the themes loose, feel free to interpret them however you wish. I shall be using the tag ‘mculadiesweek’ so it can be seen by everyone and it is easier for me to find and reblog! 

There’s a little over three weeks to go before the start date, and I will keep reminding you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

People who “hate Tumblr”

1. no one is forcing you to be on here

but also some real advice:

2. you chose the people you follow. someone posts shit you don’t like? unfollow. you will feel so much better. you don’t owe anyone anything. you’re allowed to have a dash you like.

3. it’s a mutual/friend and you’re scared to unfollow them? Talk to them about it. “Hey, I like you as a person but your blog isn’t really into my interests anymore. Would you mind if I unfollowed you? I don’t hate you at all and you can still message me and reply to my stuff!” 99% of the time, they won’t mind.

4. unfollow popular blogs. their stuff is gonna pop up on your dash anyway if it’s good, and they’re more likely to take part in the “tumblr hivemind” that you hate.

5. humans are diverse and wherever there are humans, there is conflict. It’s not “this website!!1!”, it’s not Tumblr itself, it’s just people. Maybe the format of this website is different and helps this “hivemind” effect, I don’t know, but it always boils down to people sharing stuff and disagreeing, and that’s not specific to tumblr.

6. remember that the content you see on your dash is posted by people you have elected to follow, always. You can hate the “tumblr hivemind” (I do, too), but you have a choice to not see it on your dash.

I hardly ever see ANYTHING I don’t like or approve of on my dash. I have unfollowed everyone who made me uncomfortable. I have unfollowed some mutuals after asking them and making it clear that it wasn’t against them.

Tumblr is suppose to be leisure, if it makes you angry to browse your dash you need to do some cleaning up!