Teen With Epilepsy Has A Seizure When Her Service Dog Is Distracted

This article is too important for me to just post a link that you probably won’t click through to read.  THIS is why you DO NOT EVER pet service dogs.  They are working and it can mean serious injury or even death if you are distracting them from doing their job.

Halloween PSA

As an employee of Party City for the Halloween season I request that you do not go to your local Halloeen store and harass the employees about how racist and sexist the costumes are. Chances are that they are well aware of this fact and can’t do anything about it. 

A about 75% of Halloween employees, like myself, are temporary and are only there till the start of November. 

The employees do not make any decisions of what costumes or props we sell. Not even our general managers do that. The corporate company the makes and distributes the costumes do all the decision making. Party City owns said company.

So, if you want to complain about the racist and sexist costumes please go to corporate. The store employees have no  power and can not help you. 


I’m pretty sure there are posts about this site somewhere on tumblr, but oh my goodness - I adore this site. is a website where you can type up anything (essays, stories, fanfiction) and every 100 words (or more, you have an option) you get a picture of a kitty! 

I use it for essays more than anything, it is so helpful. Maybe it’s just staring at Microsoft Word but it just makes me want to procrastinate even more. It really helps get the writing juices flowing. The pictures of kitties are always so cute & have a source. 

But it’s not just kittens! There’s an option for puppies & bunnies too. 

ANYWAY if you procrastinate like me this site might help you pass this semester


Hello there trainers! With Pokemon go coming out next year and the hype for traveling and such I’d like to set a list of suggested rules for those who plan on playing this a lot around hot areas / cities !

• Please! Travel with a buddy! You never know who or what could be waiting for you outside or in the woods / cities!

• if you travel out where it’s hot please carry a lot of water, it could be a lot running which is dangerous if you’re dehydrated!

• if you see a trainer ages 10 - 14 or less alone and you know they’re looking for a Pokemon alone, ask them if they have a guardian nearby or maybe accompany them on their journey

• be nice to your younger trainers, maybe trade them some decent Pokemon to get started with so they can catch the others faster and return home in a shorter span of time!

• Ladies in the cities or dense rural areas travel with your friends especially at night.

• lastly please be safe when traveling, don’t take risks just because you really want the Pokemon you’re after, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Still be adventurous as you please but also take your life into account.

Thank you for reading


To anyone who sends spam messages that start out like “hey, please don’t ignore this message”, you shouldn’t even be sending it to me in the first place. If you have to ask me to not ignore your message you should know it’s a nuisance to the blogger.

No one wants to:
• Click a link on your blog
• do any favors for you
• Test a game on your blog
• Click anything on your blog
• Help you earn money by clicking an ad

Stop begging people online for favors. No one appreciates you copying and pasting spam messages in people’s inbox. You ruin the excitement of getting messages. NOBODY LIKES IT!!! STOP SENDING SPAM!!!


Joanna Newsom | Sapokanikan
directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

New Album “Divers” out October 23rd

Anecdotes (6:27)
Sapokanikan (5:11)
Leaving the City (3:48)
Goose Eggs (5:01)
Waltz of the 101st Lightborne (5:22)
The Things I Say (2:35)
Divers (7:07)
Same Old Man (2:26)
You Will Not Take My Heart Alive (4:01)
A Pin-Light Bent (4:26)
Time, As a Symptom (5:28)  

“ …further along and down the road apiece from where she took her leave of us, Joanna Newsom plays on. Breathe deep and equalize your today-ears to the new world of Divers… “

People who “hate Tumblr”

1. no one is forcing you to be on here

but also some real advice:

2. you chose the people you follow. someone posts shit you don’t like? unfollow. you will feel so much better. you don’t owe anyone anything. you’re allowed to have a dash you like.

3. it’s a mutual/friend and you’re scared to unfollow them? Talk to them about it. “Hey, I like you as a person but your blog isn’t really into my interests anymore. Would you mind if I unfollowed you? I don’t hate you at all and you can still message me and reply to my stuff!” 99% of the time, they won’t mind.

4. unfollow popular blogs. their stuff is gonna pop up on your dash anyway if it’s good, and they’re more likely to take part in the “tumblr hivemind” that you hate.

5. humans are diverse and wherever there are humans, there is conflict. It’s not “this website!!1!”, it’s not Tumblr itself, it’s just people. Maybe the format of this website is different and helps this “hivemind” effect, I don’t know, but it always boils down to people sharing stuff and disagreeing, and that’s not specific to tumblr.

6. remember that the content you see on your dash is posted by people you have elected to follow, always. You can hate the “tumblr hivemind” (I do, too), but you have a choice to not see it on your dash.

I hardly ever see ANYTHING I don’t like or approve of on my dash. I have unfollowed everyone who made me uncomfortable. I have unfollowed some mutuals after asking them and making it clear that it wasn’t against them.

Tumblr is suppose to be leisure, if it makes you angry to browse your dash you need to do some cleaning up!

Okay Tumblr are you listening to me?

Okay good this will just take a couple of minutes.


Content creators don’t have to create stuff that’s made for you and you alone. If you don’t like a certain form of media because it doesn’t cater to you and your ideology then you seriously need to learn how to create your own content because it’s obvious you’re not going to be satisfied with anything that doesn’t cater to your ideology.

Thank you and have a nice day.  


What happens when you block someone on tumblr?

Four years ago I wrote a post about the ignore feature on tumblr and I figured I ought to do the same now that it’s been changed to “blocking.”

When you go to block someone, this is what tumblr informs you:

So that’s the idea behind blocking, but I wanted to double check so I created a blog and then blocked myself. Here is what I found:

 “They won’t be able to send you messages.” False. They can still send you messages on anon and you will receive them. They can also send you regular messages, they will just not show up in your ask. Therefore, if someone doesn’t know you’ve blocked them and they are sending you messages, they will just think you are ignoring them. Another thing to note is if they sent you any messages prior to you blocking them, those will disappear when you block them. Unblock them and those will reappear, but the ones they sent while blocked will never show up at all, even after you unblock them.

“They won’t see your blog in search results.”: True. None of your posts will show up even if they search tags you use.

“They won’t be able to interact with any of your posts.” True. They can’t like or reblog them and if they attempt to, this is what they will get:

Awesome for those creeper porn blogs who follow you and reblog your selfies. However, be aware they can still see your posts if they type in your url and go directly to your blog.

Other things to note:

  • If you were following them before, you will automatically unfollow.
  • You will disappear from their “following” list and even if you unblock them, you will not reappear. This can be important if people you know irl start following you. Block them and change your url.
  • Be aware that if you ever sent them an ask, it WILL remain in their ask even after you block them. Therefore, if you are trying to change your url, they could just go find an old message and see your new url that way. Lame.

Overall, it still isn’t perfect, but it is an improvement!

I’m going to make this loud and clear

If you like what Native American and indigenous communities believe in and our philosophies- please study them in a very respectful manner. 

If you think that just because you’re “great-great-great-grandma was a Cherokee Princess” gives you the right to take from a culture that you do not practice, then you’re being a dick. Because what you’re essentially doing is saying that you’re better than our people. You’re saying that you know better than those who have lived the struggle. 

And if you believe that our communities are a bunch of hippies that don’t shower and believe in world peace- fuck you and your disgusting fantasies. We won’t stand for you bullshit. 

If you wanna be indigenous, fight for our rights. Stand up for our women, our children, and our land. 

Don’t be some ma’ii (trickster), who pretends to be Native for the aesthetic, but won’t stand up for our ancestors. 


So you see that black, burned-looking gunk on this violin? That’s what happens to your violin when you don’t clean it and then leave it to sit somewhere for a few decades.

You don’t want to see what the varnish looks like when this crud is removed, trust me. It ain’t pretty.

This instrument was made by a reputable French company some time in the ‘20s, according to my coworker’s research. It’s worth more than twenty thousand dollars, he says, even looking the way it does. So we are sending it along to a specialist who is far better at this sort of thing than even our best person.


This has been a PSA.

Now that I have your attention.

I strongly recommend you get your flu shots this year -  I just got mine.

Sure you may feel crappy for a day, but it pays off when less people wind up getting sick over the the holidays - including yourself.

Even if you are a healthy sort, do keep in mind those people you are with who are too weak, too young, or already ill and cannot get a flu shot themselves.

You are are helping to keep them healthy as well.

(The sexy nurse image are for those who hate getting shots - it’s something else to think about while you get needled. ^_^)