I'm glad that Jack is having so much fun with this

BUT as a performer I swear to god, I was so nervous, wondering if he was using a real knife, even though he wasn’t. For a real knife, all it would’ve taken was a slip. Pumpkin juice, water, muscle twitch, anything and then all our fun and games could have turned sinister.

PLEASE be safe when handling weapons during any kind of performance, be it stage craft, YouTube, or movies, there is a reason realistic looking fake weapons are made. (And yes, I know he was using a fake knife.)


“Because I have to say this at least once a year, Tumblr is NOT a diary. You can’t post all your business and then be upset when everyone knows it. You post subliminals about relationships then wonder how people think you and your husband/wife are having problems. You constantly post sad/depressing things and wonder why people question your self-esteem. Jesus is always on the main line. He will let you vent as much as you need… Unfortunately, anything you say on Tumblr can and will be used against you.”

- @aviansayy


If you don’t agree that all witches have the right to practice and believe what works best for them, then you can unfollow me. A few already have, and I’m fine with that. I respect if someone wants to take the “love and light” path, but that’s not my path.

I’m a witch that believes that witches can curse, I do NOT believe in the Three Fold Law, and I get annoyed when I see the term “Karma” used for a quick way to say “what goes around comes around”.