Scam alert!

There’s a post going around tumblr about getting free amazon gift cards. It looks like this:

I’ve done some googling, and the only information i could find related to this was from a scam catching website. Amazon’s main site has no references to “Amazon Christmas” or “Amazon Santa” that I could find. Furthermore, this is the only post made by tumblr user “rsaxoniza”.

I doubt these gift cards are legit. Please stay safe, and remember to google/research any of these “free giftcard/cash/prize!” things that show up on your dash.

Steven Universe Finally Returns to TV in June!

The life of a Steven Universe fan is one punctuated by moments of great fun when the show is actually on, followed by huge periods of sadness while waiting for it to return (as is the case right now, since the last episode aired in January). But now we know when Steven and the Crystal Gems are coming back, and it’s not the only good news!

Revealed exclusively by Entertainment Weekly, Steven Universe will return to Cartoon Network in June, seemingly for a run of weekly episodes, rather than the recent “multiple episodes in a single week” format (referred to as a “Steven Bomb” by the show’s creators). June through August will be dubbed the “Summer of Steven.”

The other good news? The show is sticking around for the foreseeable future, as Cartoon Network announced that the series has been renewed for both a fourth and fifth season (its return in June will be for its third season). So there’s a lot more adventures to be had with Steven and the Crystal Gems. Hooray!

Halloween PSA

As an employee of Party City for the Halloween season I request that you do not go to your local Halloeen store and harass the employees about how racist and sexist the costumes are. Chances are that they are well aware of this fact and can’t do anything about it. 

A about 75% of Halloween employees, like myself, are temporary and are only there till the start of November. 

The employees do not make any decisions of what costumes or props we sell. Not even our general managers do that. The corporate company the makes and distributes the costumes do all the decision making. Party City owns said company.

So, if you want to complain about the racist and sexist costumes please go to corporate. The store employees have no  power and can not help you. 


PS fucking A
Its ok to wear pushup bras.
Its ok to wear butt pads.
Its ok to wear corsets or body slimmers.
Its ok to wear a lot of makeup.
Its ok to wear extensions.
An individual can do whatever the fuck they want with their own body if it makes themself feel better.
If I hear
“You lied to me”
“You lead me on”
“This is why i take people on first dates to the swimming pool”
“Honestly you’d look better without all that slutty makeup on”
Etc Etc, I will personally, find you, and shove my foot 8 feet up your ass,

If you’re gonna blame people for the crimes of their ancestors...

Why stop with white people? What about Arabs? Or the Chinese? Or Native Americans? Oh, and the Nigerians? And lets not forget the West Africans. After all, they GAVE us their OWN PEOPLE to use as slaves

Slavery is as old as human civilization. It wasn’t just ‘invented’ by white people. But you idiots act as if it was, and give every other race a free pass. I don’t think ANYONE should be held responsible for the actions of their ancestors. But if we are going to, why not blame EVERYBODY? That’s equality, isn’t it? Or does equality stop when it stops benefitting YOU?

I’m pretty sure there are posts about this site somewhere on tumblr, but oh my goodness - I adore this site. is a website where you can type up anything (essays, stories, fanfiction) and every 100 words (or more, you have an option) you get a picture of a kitty! 

I use it for essays more than anything, it is so helpful. Maybe it’s just staring at Microsoft Word but it just makes me want to procrastinate even more. It really helps get the writing juices flowing. The pictures of kitties are always so cute & have a source. 

But it’s not just kittens! There’s an option for puppies & bunnies too. 

ANYWAY if you procrastinate like me this site might help you pass this semester

Brazilian river Rio Doce, most important river in the state of Minas Gerais, declared officially dead due to the dams burst in the city of Mariana.

The disaster that happened in the city of Mariana, in the state of Minas Gerais, was unprecedented, with at least 9 people dead and 18 people disappeared counted so far. Furthermore, it is noticed that the environmental disaster caused by the dams burst is already putting an end to Rio Doce, the most important river of Minas Gerais. Specialists already declare it officialy dead. Laboratory analysis, ordered after the disaster, found particles of heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, iron, barium, copper, boron and mercury in the river’s water. Luciano Magalhães, director of SAAE (Autonomous Service Of Water And Sewer), organ responsible for the analysis, claimed that “it seems they’ve thrown the entire periodic table” into the river. According to him, the water has no more use at all and it’s improper for irrigation and animal and human consumption.

In addition to those heavy metals, the mud’s mere force has already devastated the river’s biodiversity forever. Environmentalists don’t discard the possibility that entire endemic species have been extinct by the mud. The ammount of mud is so huge that the river had its natural course blocked, which made it lose force and form little lakes that are also not going to last long, given that, in addition to the minerals, sewers, pesticides and agrochemicals are also being carried by the waters.

Fishermen of the region created the Noah’s Ark Operation to act in areas of Rio Doce’s hydrographic basins that haven’t been hit by the flood yet, using boxes, buckets, and plastic sheets to transfer fish to lakes with clean water. When visiting the places affected by the burst, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff declared that the preliminary fine Samarco (mining company responsible for the dams) must pay for the environmental damage is going to be around R$250 million (US$65.01 million).

A document emitted by Minas Gerais’s Public Ministry, issued in October 2013 during the process of renewal of the concession license for Samarco, reveals that there were risks of disruption of the city’s dams. According to the text, the situation of the structure was not recommended because of possible erosion (such as cracks or openings) that could destabilize the dam of waste coming from the mining process.

“The waste dump [ground layer] requires low humidity and good drainage”, conditions that, according to the justice promoter Carlos Eduardo Ferreira Pinto, who analysed the report, are not found in dams like those that broke in Mariana, since they require high humidity to function as a water reservoir.

In this type of structures, there are infiltrations - that must be properly drained. The problem is when the drainage system of the infiltrated water fails and causes internal erosion in the dam.

The prosecutor has stated that a dam burst of this magnitude doesn’t happen by accident, even if there is a natural cause event. “What happened was negligence in the company’s operation, and that is what we are investigating”, Pinto said.

However, Hernani Mota de Lima, mine engineering professor at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), has claimed that the climatic conditions of the region contradict the hypothesis of the Prosecutor.

“Today we are in a period of drought. Thus, the structure has no contact with moisture, which contradicts the 2013 report”, he describes. "But we must wait for the expert opinion”.

So far, there is no technical analysis stating the causes of the disaster.

Sources (in portuguese): x, x

#1 reason you all need to go see Snowpiercer:

  • The Weinstein Company doesn’t want you to see it.

They have tried to bury this movie. They didn’t think America was smart enough to handle it. They wanted it dumbed down, with twenty minutes cut. Joon-ho Bong refused and now they’re trying to bury it. It’s in theaters right now and will be on VOD on Friday.

So see the movie. Pay for it. Prove the Weinstein Company wrong.

Don’t know your place. Don’t accept your place. Don’t be a shoe.