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notice them singing directly into Usagi’s ears during chorus class though. Directly. And from the looks of Usa’s face, someone is sharp.

Right? It’s so beautiful.

While I headcanon that Mako’s not a particularly strong singer, I like to think here that it’s Minako, who is basically attacking this song like she would if the bad guys showed up right this second.


And Mako matching Minako in volume and aggression. She doesn’t realize she’s doing it, she’s just instinctively taking her cues from Minako like she would in battle.

Which only feeds Minako into pumping even more into it.

They can’t fight the villains but they can this song.




Korea to stress safety in new school curriculum
South Korea’s Education Ministry will introduce a new subject in elementary schools on how to deal with various safety hazards including traffic and maritime accidents, officials said Monday.The ministry announced that the new safety program ― conducted for an hour each week for first- and second-grade students in elementary schools ― will cover traffic safety, disaster management, self-protection and miscellaneou...
By The Korea Herald

While I do support safety education for students, it must be appropriate to age. So teaching how to cross the street, staying away from strangers, what to do in household emergency situations is great. But what can 1st and 2nd graders do about “disaster management”? About saving their friends in such situations?

This is particularly in response to the tragic Sewol ferry accident. And it burns me up inside. Because those kids were instructed by the adults, the staff, crew, and workers to go back inside. (While the captain and his flunkies ran away to safety). They were told not to worry about it. It wasn’t their fault that the people they were entrusted to were ill-prepared and ill-trained for the situation. 

These are public sector concerns that range from corruption, overwork, poor communication and infrastructure, and ineffective training and screening methods. Teaching 1st and 2nd grade kids about disaster MANAGEMENT will not solve the problems Korea faces. That is not the job of a child. 

I’m appalled. 

The signs as school supplies

Aries: pepper spray to keep creeps at bay 

Taurus: Snacks because lunch is never enough

Gemini: the Burn Book to talk shit secretly 

Cancer: Water to stay hydrated after crying

Leo : Hair Ties because you know you’re going to put it in a bun eventually

Virgo: Gum to make allies

Libra:Headphones to block out annoying hoes

Scorpio: Condoms to give to the people who feel like PDA is okay

Sagittarius:Pencils with your name engraved so bitches cant steal them

Capricorn: Index cards that you only have to look smart and never actually use

Aquarius: Hand sanitizer to protect from zombie virus

Pisces: Vodka in a water bottle to dull the pain

 How to give an amazing speech!

It’s your first day back in class after a break, and your professor tells you that you will be giving a speech. Public speaking is hard, trust me, I know. But you have to go into this speech knowing that you can do this! My English teacher taught me how to do this last year, and it was really helpful! I got a 98% on my speech. One of my friends, linguisticsliterature, has to give a speech in class pretty soon so I thought I would help! There will be 2 parts, a speech you have assigned multiple days before where you can plan over a couple days, and one where the topic is assigned the day of in class. First is the plannable one! If this is helpful, then I can make one for the other type of speech!

First Type of Speech: Prep Days in Advance

First, you have to make a plan!

Split this planning somewhat like you would an essay. This planning is the most important part! Do NOT slack on this!! I would suggest writing this down similar to an essay outline so you can visually plan the speech. You could write it down on paper in order and revise, or you could write down the separate ideas on flashcards so you can move them around. Whichever works for you!


The first few sentences of your opening have to be entertaining. They have to force the audience to think and catch their attention. Shock the audience. Usually, I use an onomatopoeia or thought-provoking question. You could also use a shocking fact, quote, or other ideas.

There’s also your thesis, or your main starting point. This is the idea you’re trying to present. Use language that is powerful, so avoid using ‘to be’ verbs. Make the thesis easy to remember.

Ex. For my speech about police brutality, I used the thesis from my essay. It went somewhat along the lines of; “Reports of police brutality have skyrocketed as supervision gets easier, regulations get less severe, and use of more aggressive policies.”


Speeches get boring. It’s difficult for most people to remember information they hear. Using engaging language is the most important step. Avoid using filler words like um, like, and so. This section will take up the bulk of your time, and the time is well worth it! Take your time, use strong language, add citations, make it interesting content. Use your resources! This whole process is pretty much writing a simplified essay. Split this into about 3 points. 3 is a good number of points to have because otherwise, your speech will be too short or too long. Try to give a general overview of each section through one word as the header.

Strong Words:

Adding Citations Through Speech

Method 1: According to “Source Author”

Method 2: In the text “Text Title”

Method 3: “Source Author¨ states


This is the final section, and the last thing people will remember about your speech. You´ll want to restate your thesis, even stronger this time! Try to close with awesome new information, give the audience something to ponder. Never just end your speech, FINISH IT!!!! You´re done with that speech after the presentation, make an impression!!!!

We are NOWHERE near done. This outline should take you, at max, about an hour. Take a moment, revise your outline. After this, get your flashcards, because its time to put those together!


Even if your professor won´t allow you to use these during the presentation, they are VERY helpful. The formatting is very particular in order to allow you to remember the information easily.

Now your speech is split into at least 5 sections: Opening, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, and Closing. Each of the body sections has a header word. This is a difficult section to explain, so I will do it mostly through pictures.

You put the header word up at the top, along with your last name and the notecard number. This is super helpful especially if you have card dropping issues (Like me). Each bullet point can only have 3 words. These bullet points should not be like mine, where they have the whole sentence broken up into 3 word sections. Try to sum up the whole sentence or point you’re trying to say into 3 main words. Skip a line between each point because it makes it so much easier to read the cards. Put a source after every couple points; not citing every line makes it more interesting (Unless you have to, then I’m so sorry). Continue this until it you reach the end! Then you’re halfway done with this ordeal!


This step will have the least explanation. Now, we just have to practice. A ton. At least 10 times. If you have it practically memorized, practice more. General list of substeps:

1. Review your cards. Figure out what this speech is going to sound like. The tone, language, and message of the speech all have to come into play.

2. Practice quietly to yourself the whole speech a couple times over.

3. Organize your audience of cute animals. Practice loudly and assertively. Project your voice!

4. Family! They probably have no idea what you’re talking about. Just do it. Practice as hard as you can.

5. Friends from class. They know what’s going on about this whole thing and can give you constructive criticism.


Pro Tips:

1. I cannot tell you enough, be loud. I’m sorry, I don’t have anxiety or anything like that. I’ll try to link to some resources below just because I have very little idea of how to help you and I don’t want to just type stuff that doesn’t help at all.

2. Be well informed. Add extra information. Don’t just say what’s on your cards. Know the information you’re giving inside out.


4. Use a strong voice. Do not just slowly read off your cards quietly and kinda shaky, be loud. You have center stage. BATHE IN CENTER STAGE!!!!!

People Who Aren’t Me Telling You Things About Speeches

School bans girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox for being “too violent”

The political correctness anger mob strikes again…

from EW:

Superheroes are often fodder for lunchbox covers, but one school considers the do-gooders nothing more than “violent characters.”Recently, a young girl purportedly received a letter stating that her Wonder Woman lunchbox violated a code in which the school asks that children not bring violent images into the building in any way. “We have defined ‘violent characters’ as those who solve problems using violence,” the letter reads. “Superheroes certainly fall into that category.”

While the upcoming Batman v. Superman might show some characters’ more hostile tendencies, the lunch box in question simply featured a smiling profile of Wonder Woman and a solo action shot with her lasso — a picture that seems to best symbolize the character’s strength and confidence. The letter sparked outrage on the internet, with even Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter retweeting a story about the lunchbox. 

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When will this madness end?

Actual conversation I had with my mother about health class
  • Me:We have abstinence-only education at our school.
  • Sister:No we don't???
  • Me:Well, I've never been taught how to put on a condom so...
  • Mom:Wait, what? They didn't teach you that?
  • Me:Nope.
  • Mom:So they didn't teach you about diaphragms and sponges and birth control and stuff like that?
  • Me:Mother, I don't even know what a diaphragm is.
  • Mom:Then what are they even teaching you?

too fucking drained from school to make an actual post so have the messages i sent filthyweeb420 earlier about my second day of health class

EDIT: fishemojis explained antisocial better than i did. “its people who act without concern for others (like me lacking affective empathy like me)” i fucking hate my poor vocab when i get pissed and tired ugh… but bless them