Can't afford the vet, can't afford the pet.

When we in the veterinary industry defiantly cry “If you can’t afford the vet then you can’t afford the pet,” please try to understand what we’re talking about.

We’re not talking about people that have a pet for years, fall on hard times and can’t find the $3000 it needs for surgery or intensive care. Life happens. Goodness knows most of us don’t have that kind of money lying around either.

We’re talking about people who spend $1000’s on a new puppy… But can’t afford vaccines, desexing or heartworm preventative.

We’re talking about people who ‘rescue’ an animal but fail to provide it with basic care.

Or 'rescues’ that aren’t treating the issues of animals they acquire, especially if they delay treatment to beg for donations online.

And the people that haven’t wanted to spend money on preventative care for their senior pet for the last three years because “she’s old and will die soon.”

Or the ones that spend hundreds of dollars on doggy fashion accessories but accuse you of price gouging on antibiotics.

Who can’t borrow $50 from all the people they know, but want a payment plan from you. And a discount because they 'rescued’ it as a puppy.

For whom $20 of take home pain relief is 'just too much’.

Who keep acquiring more and more animals with problems that need extensive treatment that they can’t pay for.

Look, we don’t want to see anything suffer and will help out when we can, and try to tailor things to your budget…

But if you can’t afford BASIC veterinary care, then you cannot afford the pet. Don’t get it.
Ireland just became the world's first country to stop investing in fossil fuels
Bill will drop coal, oil and gas investments from Ireland Strategic Investment Fund

Ireland has voted to be the world’s first country to fully divest public money from fossil fuels.

The Irish Parliament passed the historic legislation in a 90 to 53 vote in favour of dropping coal, oil and gas investments from the €8bn (£6.8bn) Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, part of the Republic’s National Treasury Management Agency.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Thomas Pringle, is likely to pass into law in the next few months after it is reviewed by the financial committee.

“This principle of ethical financing is a symbol to these global corporations that their continual manipulation of climate science, denial of the existence of climate change and their controversial lobbying practices of politicians around the world is no longer tolerated,” Mr Pringle said.

“We cannot accept their actions while millions of poor people in underdeveloped nations bear the brunt of climate change forces as they experience famine, mass emigration and civil unrest as a result.”

Once enacted, the bill would force the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to sell its investment in fossil fuel industries over the next five years.

In 2015, Norway’s sovereign pension fund divested from some fossil fuel companies, but not all.

During Trump’s Inauguration speech, he had the audacity to say that the schools in America were “flooded” with money. 

I hope we’re talking about the same schools that give their kids stale, cold lunch when they can’t provide lunch money. 

I hope we’re talking about the same schools that allow their teachers to dig into their own pockets for supplies. 

I hope we’re talking about the same schools that cut their arts programs because they can’t afford it. 

The same schools that can’t fix leaky roofs, or broken faucets. 

The same schools that discourage people from becoming teachers because of the horrendously low salary. 

The same schools who bring in volunteer coaches because administration can’t afford to pay a real coach for sports. 

The same schools that need to charge for every little thing because they lack  proper funding.

The same schools that have been given up on.

So please, tell me where I can find the overflow of money in our school systems. I’d really like to know. 

Republicans have a ‘war on women’, and will vow to shutdown access to health care for women, all in a patriarchal attempt to end fictional abortions funded by public money.

Ever notice no doctors boycott PP? It’s mostly conservative male politicians.

It’s like a Republican initiation to blindly attack Planned Parenthood for things they do not do. The fewer facts you have, the more you think you are 'Republican’.

  • my 2017 aesthetic: hydrated and clear skin, buying and taking care of more plants, recycling more, drinking more water, beige cardigans and soft clothing, going to my local library more, taking more candids of my beautiful friends, journaling my thoughts, supporting local businesses, becoming comfortable by myself in public, saving more money, bike riding more...

A: Republicans are pension-earning, taxpayer-funded, hypocritical assholes who get public money for their own socialized programs, then whine about socialism.


Lucky for them, their voters are morons who never took a civics course.

This Iowa state rep wants to slash funding for schools “coddling” students post-election

Iowa state Rep. Bobby Kaufmann has a message for students mourning Donald Trump’s presidential election victory: “Suck it up, buttercup." Such is the name of a bill Kaufmann plans to introduce to the state legislature in January that would cut funding to public universities spending money on "safe spaces” and self-care directly related to Trump’s win. The bill also comes with punishment for protesters who shut down highways.

The Ice Cream Scandal

cause Brazil just wasn’t weird enough and we didn’t hate the president as much as we could yet so 2k16 just went ‘fuck it’

I can picture y’all reading the title and going ‘the fuck this time? did the dude say he didn’t like the national ice cream or smt?” but oh no

he likes it. Maybe not the national tho

Temer apparently likes it so much he tried to buy over 500 cups and cones

for his p l a n e

Accompanied by 120 jars of nutella (that’s like 30+ kilos of nutella)

and i mean I feel ya right I’d do that too if I could JUST NOT WITH PUBLIC MONEY????

and it wasn’t cheap ice cream either it was a pretty expensive brand here 

anyways people got mad obvs and it was cancelled but still The Ice Cream Scandal left us…. Memes. And I just have to show you my favorite one:

have some small hyperion nerds in a modern high school au, just ‘cause i can

What's happening in Australia

Australia still doesn’t have marriage equality.

Today the government announced that on February 11 2017, a plebiscite (compulsory vote) will be put to the citizens of Australia to answer the question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

The Australian government is pledging $15 million in public funding (tax money) towards the “Yes” and “No” advocacy groups.

This means $7.5 million dollars worth of tax money is being spent on a campaign against LGBTI+ human rights.

This means 5 dehumanising months of LGBTI+ people being forced to have their humanity “debated” on.

Of children listening to hateful homophobic rhetoric. Of LGBTI+ people’s lives and well-being being put in danger.

Even worse, the fact that Parliament isn’t voting on the issue themselves means the likelihood of the plebiscite passing (allowing “same-sex” marriage) is actually very low. There’s no logical reason for Parliament not to vote on the issue because in Australia, the definition of marriage is civil (governmental), and not religious.

Essentially a tonne of money is being used in a bid to prevent marriage equality passing in Australia and endangering the lives of LGBTI+ citizens.

LGBTI+ people in Australia are hurting today.

#NoPlebiscite is the tag being used on Twitter in protest, please consider helping.

ClassicaLoid Theories and Discussion

The plot of this mess of an anime hasn’t really been explained yet but this is what i can gather from it:

Kanae’s dad is some scientist who discovered how to reincarnate classical composers, this explains why Liszt and Tchaikovsky can be girls. Mozart even said he was jealous because Liszt got to be a girl with big boobies. These some to have some of the memories if not all, to that of their composer counterparts.

Bach is shady as fuck. I believe he may be Kanae’s dad’s first creation who apparently want’s the classicaloids to publically perform (for money? For the sake of Musik™?). This may explain why Bach looks like such a pimp.

Bach however does not seem that interested in capturing the escaped Mozart and Beethoven, but rather wants Kanae’s dad back to work for him. Does this relate to the reincarnation process or something like that, did Bach’s own reincarnation go wrong, is that why he seems to only be able to speak in musical terms? And is that the same reason to why Schubert seems to be his actual self? Or did the reincarnation go right on his part? After all, he says Beethoven looks different (not that Beethoven and the others doesn’t know this), but he himself does not seem to know about the whole classicaloid ordeal and doesn’t seem to know anything about the modern times, as if traveled through time.

Also Kanae’s dad as seen in ep:4 was the one who rescued Beethoven and Mozart, and then probably went into hiding from Bach as he told them to stay at his place with Kanae. Something apparently happened that made Motes and Beetes loose their memories (?) from their time at Bach’s organisation.

But does anyone really care about all this stuff? The most asked question after all is: Will Beethoven-senpai ever notice Schubert kouhai?

i love that patreon exists

no for real, i do.

it’s such a heart-lifter to see people, whose work would go unsupported in any other decade, suddenly have the support of a crowd that enjoys and endorses their work, without having to go through a corporate or publishing middleman

before the internet, artistic publication (as in, big, widespread, for-profit publication) required the money / support / endorsement of people and businesses who were already powerful. and by that logic, if they didn’t approve of your artistic work for whatever reason, you weren’t getting published. regardless of how many people might have loved it, they weren’t seeing it, short of a real dedicated expense on your part, and at that point you’d defeat the purpose of publishing to make money. a fairly monarchical way of doing business, really.

with the internet, but before social media, self-publication became instant and relatively cheap. you needn’t even make physical copies, sometimes - if you ran a webcomic or online video series, you could make decent money advertising, and maybe even start a company of your own with the returns - but this, too, was monarchical in a way. although self-publishing was a viable option now, real revenue depended on the cooperation of marketers (still does, to a large degree - look at youtube partnership). marketers, after all, are the ones in control of where and how the news of a creative work is shared. it became much easier to get your creative work published, but still hard to make it profitable. someone could self-publish a work for years, but without marketing, it would be a penniless labor of love.

crowdfunding (patreon, kickstarter, etc) eliminates the need to subject a work to the scrutiny of marketers. these sites obviously push their own intermediary concerns - they need to avoid carrying creations that are dangerous/illegal, for example - but the onus of marketing is entirely on the creator. 

and that, i think, is the keystone of the Patreon Economy. no one is there to tell a creator “this won’t sell,” “this doesn’t fit our demo,” “this is so last year.” no one has a finger on the creator’s financial stopswitch. patrons are free to pledge/unpledge as they see fit. the act of publishing, once monarchical, has become democratic. “success” used to mean getting in with preexisting power and money, playing market games, and making artistic compromises. today, success has become democratized, populist. the artist doesn’t need to change a work because an ad exec told them to. they don’t need to push for more toyetic designs or cut back on the gay stuff to avoid nasty letters from concerned parents. people will either support them, or not. no single person in a corner office has the final, arbitrary say on whether they get to keep eating.

furry pornography? huge market
documentary series on the history of cartoons? fuck yeah
fine-grained critical analysis of pro wrestling? you got it
televisions for cats? sure, why the hell not

i love the new economy. there’s no one in a suit and tie to tell you No.

The American government is being taken over.

This is honestly appalling.

Politics have always been bad, we’ve always just barely been able to keep going with our shit systems, but things are going to be worse than ever.

Donald Trump is destroying our international relations and what little reputation America had left.

Steve Bannon is a racist little prick who’s going to bring us back to the 50s and undo everything we thought our children were guaranteed.

Pence thinks we should cure homosexuality with shock therapy. Let that sink in.

Aaaaand Betsy DeVos is Secretary of education. Someone who’s never been to a public school and never sent her children through public schools and who wants to take money from public schools to support religious schools.


This country is sliding into the pit of no return.

And not even with a glorious scramble of life and death, of RIGHT and wrong doing honorable battle…

But with a whimper.

What a sad state of affairs we’re living in.

I’m passed sadness, I’m passed anger, I’m passed hope.

I’m just…


Hoping that the meteor that falls and obliterates all life on earth comes soon.

Before things get REALLY messy.


A24 | Films Of A Revolution edited by Fernando Andrés

Let’s not kid ourselves — the film industry has and always will prioritize money and publicity over all. And so, A24 is not returning to form — it’s going into the future. A future where films can be made for the sake of film, and filmmakers can harness the reigns of their story. Within the last half decade, A24 has established itself as a behemoth of indie cinema — a fearless and often risky venture aiming to bring the bravest and most unique voices of today to audiences everywhere. This is an ode to the revolution they have started, to the flame they have kindled, and of course, the films they have championed.