What's happening in Australia

Australia still doesn’t have marriage equality.

Today the government announced that on February 11 2017, a plebiscite (compulsory vote) will be put to the citizens of Australia to answer the question: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

The Australian government is pledging $15 million in public funding (tax money) towards the “Yes” and “No” advocacy groups.

This means $7.5 million dollars worth of tax money is being spent on a campaign against LGBTI+ human rights.

This means 5 dehumanising months of LGBTI+ people being forced to have their humanity “debated” on.

Of children listening to hateful homophobic rhetoric. Of LGBTI+ people’s lives and well-being being put in danger.

Even worse, the fact that Parliament isn’t voting on the issue themselves means the likelihood of the plebiscite passing (allowing “same-sex” marriage) is actually very low. There’s no logical reason for Parliament not to vote on the issue because in Australia, the definition of marriage is civil (governmental), and not religious.

Essentially a tonne of money is being used in a bid to prevent marriage equality passing in Australia and endangering the lives of LGBTI+ citizens.

LGBTI+ people in Australia are hurting today.

#NoPlebiscite is the tag being used on Twitter in protest, please consider helping.


An East Rockaway teacher has accused the school district of ousting her from the classroom because her students’ strong performance on standardized tests has backfired.

Voula Coyle, a veteran fourth grade teacher at Rhame Avenue School, said her strong teaching skills have dragged down her school’s state rating.

Coyle, who was reassigned from her classroom to a clerical job at the end of April, said her students have consistently scored above average on state tests, winning her the highest possible rating on the pupil performance section of the state’s Annual Professional Performance Review.

But her students’ solid work has become a problem for Rhame Avenue School teachers at the next grade level and for the school as a whole, according to White.

The New York State Education Department’s performance rating system is designed to reward instructors and schools when students show academic improvement from one grade to the next, White said.

But Coyle’s students’ scores either don’t improve or get worse while they are in fifth grade. As a result a few fifth grade teachers have been rated as less than effective and the school’s entire score has been pulled down, which could pose a threat to state funding, according to Coyle.

have some small hyperion nerds in a modern high school au, just ‘cause i can

Florida City Makes It Illegal To Sleep In Public And Ask For Money In Effort To Criminalize Homelessness

A city in Florida already notorious for its treatment of the homeless is going a step further. Last week, the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission unanimously approved two separate measures that restrict basic survival necessities for many homeless people, including sleeping in public areas and asking others for money.

The first, Ordinance No. C-14-41, makes it illegal for anyone to sleep in public in the downtown area. According to commissioners, it was necessary because of Ft. Lauderdale’s interest in the “preservation of property values and the prevention of the deterioration in its downtown.

(In other words, officials are more concerned about property value than the well-being of homeless people.)

The second measure, Ordinance No. C-14-38, cracks down on people who ask drivers for money at an intersection. Under the new law, panhandling is now illegal at “busy intersections,” which includes dozens of stops in the city. The measure won’t just apply to homeless people, but anyone trying to raise money for charity, including children. Commissioners justified the move by pointing to the fact that there were 154 pedestrians involved in traffic accidents last year. But notably absent from that statistic is how many of those accidents involved panhandlers.

According to the Sun Sentinel, violators of the new laws could face both a $500 fine and 60 days in jail.

Both measures passed by 5-0 votes, despite overwhelming testimony in opposition to the proposals. One local pastor, Craig Watts, cautioned commissioners against “laws that criminalize misfortune.” He called it “ethically dubious at best,” noting that the religious community opposed these measures.

This isn’t the first time that commissioners in Ft. Lauderdale have worked to criminalize homelessness in the city, nor is it even the first time this year. In April, the city passed a measure making it illegal for homeless people to have possessions in public and empowered police officers to confiscate them, provided they gave the individual 24 hours notice.

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  • General public :*BITCH
  • Taylor Swift :is successful
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  • General public :*show off
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Giphoscope n° 31 | Donald Duck

The ‘Donald Duck’ Giphoscope is a unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece of art created by Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese @ Officina K, Turin, Italy.

A peculiarity of the 'Donald Duck’ Giphoscope is the stand, made in Black Marquinia marble with a new, engraved place for the aluminium plaque. The 24 frame animated GIF has been excerpted from The Spirit of 43, a public domain cartoon by Walt Disney.

The 'Donal Duck’ Giphoscope is currently ON SALE.
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  • UK government:Hey, so we were thinking - about these Syrian refugees. There's just too many. We can't possibly afford them. We're going to introduce some sort of limit - y'know, take a few less in, give them a bit less money. Some sort of measure to cut the cost.
  • Public:Well, a logical solution would probably be to stop bombing their homes, seeing as that's what's causing the influx of refugees.
  • UK government:Hmm? What was that? Sorry, couldn't hear you over this loud bombing noise. Did you say something about bombing Syria?
  • Public:Yeah, we told you really clearly not to do it.
  • UK government:So what you're saying is that we should vote against bombing Syria? In the House of Commons? Where we do our voting as elected representatives of the populace? We should do the democratic thing and vote no, because that's what the electorate wants?
  • Public:That would be the point of a democracy, yes.
  • UK government:So, guys. We've had a little vote, and... well, about these refugees. We just can't afford them. We need that money for the bombs. You know, the bombs that we're going to drop on Syria.
  • Public:...
  • UK government:Look, we had a vote, it was very democratic.

I’m currently involved with a campaign against the cruelty of the dairy industry, our aim is to get these two billboards in the publics eye around Adelaide for a full year. We cannot do this without funding, please if you have any money to spare at all, donate on our gofund page.
This campaign and these billboards are important, they are exposing the truth that the dairy industry tries to hide, that calves are killed and cows are harmed for their milk. It features actual rescued animals from the dairy industry, and without your help, they can’t continue this campaign or any of their vital work.

Dairy is one of the cruelest industries, and with your help we can highlight this to the general public. I know money is tight for everyone, but if you could spare even a few dollars, it all adds up.
Will you continue to sit there and do nothing while the dairy industry steals calves and kills them? or will you help to fight this?

Dairy cruelty campaign go fund me


CASTRO VALLEY, C.A. - A California school board is getting heat from community members on a recent purchase.

Our sister station, KPIX in San Francisco, reports Castro Valley High School is getting a $14,000 espresso machine.

Some postings on social media call it a waste of money. One Facebook user said, “There is no good explanation for a $14,000 espresso machine bought with district money — period!!!!!”

The price may sound kind of outrageous, yet Castro Valley Unified School District said it’s an investment.

Administrators explain, it’s one of the start-up costs as the district moves toward catering its own events rather than hiring vendors. One board member said not only will this save money it will save an important job at the school.

“We have a 14.5 hour position in the child nutrition department that we are working really hard to keep,” said Assistant Superintendent Candi Clark. “This is an opportunity to keep that position.”

The board approved the purchase of the espresso machine unanimously.

They say the money for it will come out of a separate fund as part of the child nutrition department.

i don’t know what else to do besides make this post

i am expecting nothing to come of this, but i am literally in tears right now. currently i have no phone, no car, no way to access public transit, no money, and no heat in my apartment. i have no way to make anything happen because i am so cut off from the world. i am going to start saving for a vehicle and a phone so that i can get heat in my home, but i currently have about $150 in the whole world right now. if you could spare a couple dollars either through paypal or e-transfer, everything would be going straight into the fund to get me up and running again.
thank you for reading.

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Lent back against the bar, the space between her and the seemingly rattled regular growing smaller as he stepped closer out of frustration, Cassidy’s face twisted into a grin she hadn’t worn in months. “I told you.. I don’t lose.” Even as he lent closer, his annoyance clear on his face, her own demeanor never changed. “I’m not giving it back – you can try win it, but we both know another miserable attempt isn’t going to help you.”