The Gals in college.

 I’ve been asked this a 100 times so..

  1. Hope Solo –> School: Washington ; Major: Speech Communications
  2. Syd Leroux –> School: UCLA ; Major: History
  3. Cap America –> School: Monmouth ; Major: Special Education
  4. Becky Sauerbrunn –> School: UVA ; Major: English
  5. Kelley O’Hara –> School: Stanford ; Major: Science, Technology and Society
  6. Whitney Engen –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Political Science
  7. Shannon Boxx –> School: Notre Dame ; Major: Psychology/African-American Studies
  8. Amy Rodriguez –> School: USC ; Major: Psychology
  9. Heather O’Reilly –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Education
  10. Carli Lloyd –> School: Rutgers ; Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  11. Ali Krieger –> School: Penn State ; Major: Advertisement/Public relations
  12. Lauren Holiday –> School: UCLA ; Major: Sociology
  13. Alex Morgan –> School: UC Berkeley ; Major: Political Economy
  14. Morgan Brian –> School: UVA ; Major: Kinesiology
  15. Megan Rapinoe –> School: Portland ; Major: Sociology
  16. Lori Chalupny –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  17. Tobin Heath –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  18. Ashlyn Harris –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  19. Julie Johnston –> School: Santa Clara ; Major: Communications
  20. Abby Wambach –> School: Florida ; Major: Leisure Service Management
  21. Alyssa Naeher –> School: Penn State ; Major: Kinesiology
  22. Meghan Klingenberg –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Business Administration
  23. Christen Press –> School: Stanford ; Major: Communications/Psychology
  24. Emily Sonnett –> School: UVA ; Major: Sociology
  25. Kealia Ohai –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Journalism and mass communication
  26. Crystal Dunn –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  27. Sam Mewis –> School: UCLA ; Major: English
  28. Casey Short –> School: Florida State ; Major: Criminology
  29. Andi Sullivan –> School: Stanford ; Major: Management Science and Engineering
  30. Jane Campbell –> School: Stanford ; Major: Psychology
  31. Rose Lavelle –> School: UW ; Major: Sociology
  32. Lindsey Horan –> SKIPPED COLLEGE TO GO PRO
One day, one rhyme- Day 391 'Australia Day'

Here in Australia there is one special day
When we lay back, chill out, and proudly display
Our love of an island so big, brown and free,
A country that’s home to both you and to me.
With wide sweeping beaches and tall mountain peaks;
Where bushland meets rivers that flow into creeks;
Where you’ll hear thunder, see lightning, drought and flood
Where an ‘Aussie-ness’ seems to run in our blood.
So whether you’re native, or whether you’re not
It’s almost certain to be sunny and hot
So chuck on your sunnies and try to keep cool
And if you can find one, then jump in a pool.
Celebrate with pavlova and Vegemite
(Though not both together, that’d be a fright!)
Be glad of this great land surrounded by foam
The land that we love and the one we call home.


The International Labour Day movement came out of the struggle to free workers from extreme conditions of repression, exploitation and racism which generally existed in the late nineteenth century. Since 1890 May 1 has been reserved by many countries as the day to officially honour the Labor movement. 

However some countries chose different days in May to celebrate it, in Jamaica Labour Day is celebrated on May 23rd of each year. In 1961, a Bill in Parliament abolished the public holiday, Empire Day. Empire Day was the birthday of Queen Victoria of England the Monarch attributed with abolishing slavery, her birthday was a public holiday celebrated May 24th. The new bill in parliament, however designated May 23rd as Labour Day, the day which marks the anniversary of the working class movement which began in Jamaica in 1938.

In 1972, then Prime Minister, Michael Manley, changed the focus to voluntarism by emphasizing the importance of labour to the development of Jamaica.

This year, National Labour Day will be observed on Monday May 25 and not May 23.  The Holidays (General Public) Act of 1895 (last amended in 1962), states that “the 23rd May (or in case the 23rd day of May falls on Saturday or Sunday, then the following Monday) shall be known as “National Labour Day”. National Labour Day 2015 will be observed under the theme, “Labour of Love, Nurturing Our Children”.

girlofsomanyfandoms  asked:

Not customers but I had a training day for my new job and everyone was really nice and I was feeling good and then they gave me my contract and I get no overtime, my weekend/Sunday/public holiday pay is the same as my regular pay and I could also be called in on any holiday (IT LITERALLY INCLUDED CHRISTMAS DAY) and I /have/ to go, again for no extra pay, like I thought this shit was illegal but I looked it all up and nope it's legit (UK)


{11.09.16} // 39 days to O Levels

[59-61/100 days of productivity]

// i have no other puns to use to espresso my feelings towards holidays ending//

September holidays are already ending and i still haven’t finished my homework (; ̄Д ̄) i’m such a bad example but hey at least tomorrow’s a holiday so maybe i can finish it all up by then! 

anonymous asked:

Also- a great big fuck you to the multiple customers who came in at 2 mins to 5pm on a public holiday, ignored me when I politely informed them that we were closed, spent 15 minutes just looking around, proceeded to not buy anything and then just left without apologising for keeping me and my coworker behind for those 15mins for which we were not paid. Like, really. Cheers guys.

I’m not sure where you’re from but you’re supposed to be paid for every single minute you work here in the states. I don’t think that differs state to state. -Abby