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why is summer so.. empty? 80% of my summer so far has just been feeling bad about not going out enough and just feeling gross and sad,, see this is why christmas is better

random starter sentences

“Oh my God! You love him/her.”
“She/He doesn’t understand you like I do.”
“Are you taking his/her side against me?”
“But you’ve only heard his/her point of view!”
“No! I’m tired of doing as you say.”
“You really told him/her, didn’t you?”
“I don’t give a damn what they told you!” 
“This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”
“Why is it always all or nothing?”
“Please! We can’t argue, not now!” 
“You have to leave! NOW!” 
“The way you flirt is shameful.”
“Yeah,I might’ve been checking you out.”
“If I could just get you to see it.”
“Everything I need is right in front of me.”
“Once I hold on, I won’t let go …”     
“So it’s all about getting attention?” 
“Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?”
“I’ll find him/her and take him/her home, I promise.”
“H-How long have you been standing there?”
“I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”
“Just one moment!”
“You can’t fool me!”
“I’ll make your little secret public.”
“You’re just wasting your time here.”
“You call this a life?”
“It’s not like me to walk away.”
“Try me one more time!”
“You always do as you please.”
“You could have told me!”
“Always keeping the front up, hm?”
“Why would I do that?”
“What is it good for?”
“Don’t you dare!”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“Oh no! Not this again!“

New Mexico state senator George Munoz, affectionately now being called Squatch Blocker, is looking to pass a bill that restricts searching for Bigfoot - among other creatures. After a University of New Mexico professor took his class on a field trip to find Bigfoot, politicians and the public were outraged to find that their tax money went to fund this endeavor. While this certainly makes sense in retrospect - as wasting money at a University would make any paying college student upset - the way it is worded in the bill makes it seem unbelievable. If it passes, the bill will go into affect on July 1st, 2017.

According to the bill, don’t waste your public funds on catching Pokemon either, everyone. 


Working desk job means exactly this: apartment, tube, workplace, tube, apartment. It’s hard to find sunlight anymore, but he doesn’t think he minds: maybe he’s already used to this. It’s been longer than he cares to remember. 

He spends about two hours a day on the tube - not much compared to the amount of time he spends in his booth at work, but he doesn’t really register those eight hours. It’s like his mind switches itself off the moment he arrives to work and leaves him running on muscle memory alone. Time operates the same way when he’s at home, so by now maybe he’s only really conscious during the two hours on the tube. 


Sometimes he stays back on the tube past his stop. Sometimes until it reaches the end of the line. Sometimes he takes the tube with the intention of going somewhere specific, but then just sits there as his destination flies past him into the dark tunnel he’s just passed. Sometimes he goes down into the stop, just to hear the quiet again. 

Sometimes he sees maintenance doors somewhere in the tunnels, and for no reason he keeps their locations in mind. 


Sometimes the tube takes a turn that he doesn’t recognize, and he feels his heart beating faster all of a sudden. He would stare at the railway through the window pane, counting the seconds, until the tube runs past a corner he knows, or until he reaches his destination. Those moments still happen to him after two years of taking the tube to go… anywhere, really. He thinks he has the whole map learned by heart by now, but the underground keeps proving him wrong. 


There’s a community online for tube dwellers. He doesn’t know any of the dozen of members, online or offline, but he has come by some of them on other forums before. They don’t seem to be of any particular profile: there are men, there are women, ranged from 20 to maybe older than 50. The posts are few and far between, but some of them detail everything reachable by the tube. There are things even he doesn’t know. 

He screenshots some of the posts and keeps the photos in a separate folder, for no particular reason. 

The community hasn’t had a new activity for about three months by now. The members call themselves Rats. He checks through some of their personal pages on that site; the ones he checks have all been abandoned. 

Maybe they’re tired of the lack of sunlight in the tube, he thinks on the way to work. The tube sways and trembles quietly, its hum fills the air. Humans aren’t made for the underground afterall. 

concept of something vaguely formed in my head. I call it Rats of Spice City. 

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May I request hc for Sasuke and Itachi with a short s/o? Like those you did for Shisui. If you want you can do just sfw

Originally posted by anta-e


  • Sasuke’s short s/o would have to stand on tip-toes to kiss him, tugging on his shirt to try and get him to lean down towards them.
  • Sasuke’s s/o being really short would be an ego-boost for him, making him feel more dominant and in charge.
  • Sasuke would be extra protective over his short s/o, if anyone ever made fun of them for being short or saw them as an easy target he’d waste no time in fighting them.
  • Sasuke doesn’t joke often but if you ever fell over he’d joke that it couldn’t have hurt because you didn’t have far to fall.
  • Although I can imagine Sasuke not being very affectionate in public he’d waste no time pushing other people out of his short s/o’s way if there’s a crowd etc.
  • When his s/o wraps their arms around him he can rest his head on top of theirs perfectly and lots of forehead kisses.
  • He gets frustrated with you sometimes because you’re constantly asking him to reach for things in the cupboard that you can’t get because you’re short so he’s resorted to leaving things on the lower shelves and anything that doesn’t fit all around the kitchen so you can get to them easily. Hence why the kitchen is an absolute mess.
  • When you’re in private Sasuke would enjoy you sitting on his lap so he can wrap his arms around your smaller body tightly, resting his head on your shoulder/head.
  • If you were ever insecure about your height Sasuke would tell you to stop being stupid. Which really means that he thinks you’re perfect how you are.

Originally posted by you-are-shinobi


  • Seeing his short s/o in his clothing would drive him crazy, especially if it were his shirts. The sleeves and length would make them look even smaller and it would make Itachi want to cuddle them constantly.
  • Itachi would be the big spoon in bed, wrapping his arms completely around his short s/o, tucking their head underneath his own.
  • He’ll teasingly ruffle their hair or rest his arm on their shoulder.
  • Itachi would give you hugs from behind, wrapping his arms around you tightly, just so he could rest his head on top of yours.
  • He’ll deliberately leave things on the top shelf because he likes when you ask him to help get it down.
  • Tugging on Itachi’s shirt to get him to bend down to kiss you.
  • If his s/o fell asleep on the couch, Itachi would scoop them up in his arms and carry them to the bedroom effortlessly.
  • Itachi would hold his s/o’s hand tightly if they were in a crowd with him, as he’s afraid to lose them.
  • Itachi would be really protective over his shorter s/o. If he got even the gist of someone talking down to them or belittling them he would grab them and make them apologise instantly.
  • If you were ever insecure about your height Itachi would kiss you and reassure you that you’re perfect how you are and he loves that you’re shorter.

People worry about us when we want to be alone, and I think that line of thinking needs to change. It makes it difficult for one to become comfortable with being alone when people rush to comfort you for your loneliness. It’s like when a child cries after falling, not because they were hurt by the fall but because everyone made a big deal out of the fact that they fell. 

It is particularly difficult as someone who is unpartnered and an aromantic and asexual person to go anywhere and enjoy my solitude without feeling concerned looks directed at me and an overcompensation on the parts of others to remedy my lack of partnership with their company. While I appreciate the fact that people are so willing to care for me, this does not make me feel okay.

If anything, it makes me look at the prospect of being on my own with more fear and anxiety. That it’s going to hurt because society will make it hurt, not because being alone is by nature going to hurt me. We need to teach ourselves to be okay by ourselves in public spaces, and not just in our homes in our beds fretting about dying there in our solitude. 

It shouldn’t feel like a curse. It’s a reality of my existence, and I firmly believe that there’s no reason for this reality to feel so harsh. We need to build a society wherein we care about people without pity for their loneliness. That we are present when people want us to be, and not just when another person’s solitude instills in us a fear of loneliness that we rush to fix with our company. 

I don’t want to sit in a restaurant by myself, only for someone to check on me repeatedly as if worried about my mental state. I don’t want to walk around a public square to waste time, only for people to look at me uncomfortably. I don’t want to feel like a charitable case where a stranger feels the need to sit next to me and talk to me to save me from my miserable existence. 

I want to have authentic connections with people that do not feel forced upon me just because I happen to be alone. I want my solitude to be a choice I make as much as I want socializing to be a choice I make. I want society to care about me no matter what choice I make, so that I can be alone without being isolated from the things around me that may make being alone less scary.





These are reasons why the ice skating rink shouldn’t close, this is from a public document:

- With Countywide participation in figure skating, ice hockey, indoor soccer and public skating at an all-time high, this is a terrible time to push the Arena’s existence to the brink. 

-The Peaks Ice Arena has shown reduced operational subsidies every year. - Significant improvements have been funded by users, Utah County and Provo City including the ice refrigeration system, lighting, roofing and indoor turf. These investments should not be wasted by walking away. 

- The largest impacted group will be the youth of Utah County. Those wanting to continue participation in skating, hockey and group events will have to leave Utah County on a daily basis. These families pay taxes and vote in Utah County, so they expect services to be provided. 

-Utah County walking away from tax payer investments in the Peaks Ice Arena is a waste of public resources and the cooperative management agreement should be honored through the life of the arena. 

-Realistically, no other viable partners exist for Provo City, other that Utah County. Utah County terminating this agreement essentially closes the Arena at its most successful point. 

-When facilities and services are offered to Utah County residents, they become reliant on those services. The decision for the Arena to exist was made by previous County and City leaders. As the only ice arena in Utah County, this is their ONLY option for ice activities. 

 Polar Bear Youth Hockey: Only 25% of participants Provo residents 

 Peaks Adult Hockey League: Only 17% of team captains Provo residents  

Learn to Skate: Only 36% of participants Provo residents 

- Non-Provo residents should stress this facilities impact to them as a Utah County resident. - The decision to back out of the agreement was made by the County Commissioners, who are elected officials. 


Bill Lee 

Commission Chair 

(801) 851-8135


Greg Graves 

Commission Vice-Chair 

(801) 851-8136


Nathan Ivie 


(801) 851-8133


County Commission Meetings are held every Tuesday at 9AM in the Commission Chambers in Room 1400 of the Utah County Administration Building (100 E Center St., Provo). There is time for public comment at the end of each meeting.

HERE’S A VIDEO ABOUT OUR ICE SKATING RINK!!! It’s such a cool part of our community, please don’t let it go!!!

BTS reaction to you not being afraid to kiss them in public

Jimin: would waste all his energy on trying to keep calm and look cool but would fail miserably in the span of 2 seconds probably the world record…5-7 unstoppable giggle fits might occur later in the day

Originally posted by chimcheroo

Namjoon: it’s an instant reaction with this one, ‘’Is more of that waiting for me at home?’’, ‘’NAMJOON we’re in public!’’, ‘’That didn’t seem to stop you.’’ 

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Hobi: prepare for the endless PDA in the next…let’s say 30 years because what else could your kiss mean if it’s not a challenge about who loves who more, right?!

Originally posted by hobipd

Taehyung: spends that day driving every single person in the company with constant dancing, singing, treating everyone’s shoulders as drums, thinking out loud about the names of his future children, buying a cow that he plans to raise with you, until they just desperately leave him in front of your apartment 

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

Jin: careful with this one since it might trigger a patient confession that might cause you to die of blushing right there instead of you catching him off guard which was the inital and what you came to realize later, stupid plan

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Yoongi: on the outside it’s an ‘’Yeah, that’s what you’re supposed to do’’ approving nod, on the inside…it’s chaos...’’Yoongi, are you blushing?’’‘’…it’s hot in here, right?’’

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: ‘’…WOW you did that, why didn’t you tell me you’d do that…wait why do I care, I can kiss my girlfriend whenever I like…it’s technically you who kissed me…he he WOW did you like th…wait, I didn’t want to ask that CAN YOU please forget that I asked you that…’’

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Please go vote tomorrow y'all. Idk about you but I am so done with all of these gerrymandering ass fat cats who sit up in public office wasting our tax dollars and not doing a damn thing to help anyone. Is it so much to ask that we live in a country where we can go all go to the doctor without being bankrupted and go to church without getting shot? No, it’s not. Our politicians are bought + paid for with very little regard for anyone who isn’t actively sucking their dicks and frankly we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for keeping the wool on for this long. North Carolina, please go show out at our local elections bc 1. Local government is more relevant in your daily life than national government and 2. We need to scare the shit out of everyone up for reelection in 2018. Virginia, whoever wins y'all’s gubernatorial race is going to have a BIG ASS role to play in the next few years of this entire nation and we can’t afford apathy at this stage in the game. And Alabama- y'all’s special election ain’t on the hook until December 12th but you better believe that the wrong replacement for Jeff Sessions will be catastrophic. It is so easy to feel powerless and I can absolutely understand feeling like your one vote doesn’t matter. But when it’s stacked together with a community that cares about its residents, one vote can make all the difference. We have the power to change the path of this country and the road forward requires the ballot box. We can’t abdicate our responsibility to the future. Please go vote. PLEASE go vote. We’re all counting on you.

I’m the Adipositivity November 2017 calendar femme & this photo is a throwback to my shoot with Substantia Jones- if you’re like me and want proud + naked fat humans on your wall next year, Adipositivity’s 2018 calendar drops very soon and (speaking from personal experience) the presence of naked fatties makes life better and happier for basically everyone so do yourself and your coworkers a favor and get familiar. (at Brooklyn NYC)

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"WAR AND PEACE" (2016) Review

“WAR AND PEACE” (2016) Review

I have a confession to make. I have never seen a movie or television adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s 1869 novel, “War and Peace”. Never. Well … I once made an attempt to watch the 1956 movie adaptation directed by King Vidor. Unfortunately, I could never go the distance. In fact, I have never read the novel.

However, many years passed. When I heard about the BBC’s latest adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give “WAR AND PEACE” a chance. The six-part miniseries is simply about the experiences of five Russian families during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. Those families include the Bezukhovs, the Bolkonskys, the Rostovs, the Kuragins, and theDrubetskoys. The miniseries seemed to be divided into three segments during a period between 1805 and 1812-13. The first segment featured the introduction of the main characters and Russia’s preparation of a war against Napoleon’s France. This culminates into the Battle of Austerlitz in which two major characters - Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky and Count Nikolai Ilyich Rostov - participate.

The second segment featured the characters’ personal experiences at home. During this period, the miniseries explored Count Pyotr “Pierre” Kirillovich Bezukhov’s failed marriage with the beautiful, but vapid and unfaithful Princess Yelena “Hélène” Vasilyevna Kuragina; the Rostov family’s financial woes and how it affected Nikolai Rostov; the emotional strains within the Bolkonsky family; Prince Boris Drubetskoy’s efforts to advance his military career; and especially Countess Natalya “Natasha” Ilyinichna Rostova’s love life, which included both Andrei Bolkonsky and Prince Anatole Vasilyevich Kuragin. This segment also included news of Treaties of Tilsit of 1807, which ended hostilities between Imperial France and Imperial Russia and Prussia. The miniseries’ final segment focused on France’s invasion of Russia in 1812 and the characters’ efforts to survive it.

I could compare director Tom Harper and screenwriter Andrew Davies’ adaptation with Tolstoy’s novel, but it would be a useless effort. As I had earlier pointed out, I have never read the novel. But I do have at least two complaints about the productions. One of them revolved around the relationship between Natasha Rostova and Andrei Bolkonsky. I realize that the publicity machine on both sides of the Atlantic had undergone a great effort to build up the relationship between the pair. Frankly, I found the publicity campaign rather wasted. The Natasha/Andrei romance struck me as a disappointing and wasted effort. The majority of their story arc - which began with their meeting at a ball near the end of Episode Three, continued with Natasha’s brief romance with the slimy Anatole Kuragin, and ended with Natasha’s romances with both men crashing around her by the end of Episode Four; had moved … so damn fast that it left my head spinning. I cannot help but wonder if the entire arc could have been portrayed with more detail if the series had stretched a bit longer.

I also had a problem with Edward K. Gibbon’s costume designs. I found most of them very colorful, especially for the aristocratic characters. But I also found most of them rather troublesome. Well … to be honest, I found them either mediocre or historically questionable. One of them left me gritting my teeth:

But my jaw had literally dropped at the sight of a few costumes worn by actresses Tuppence Middleton and Gillian Anderson - including those shown in the images below:

WHAT IN THE HELL??? Their costumes looked more appropriate for present-day evening wear than the early 19th century. What was Mr. Gibbons thinking?

Despite the rushed Natasha Rostova/Andrei Bolkonsky romance and despite the rather questionable costumes, I managed to enjoy “WAR AND PEACE” very much. I am a sucker for family sagas, especially when they are seeped in a historical background. And “WAR AND PEACE” nearly pushed every one of my buttons when it comes to a well made saga. It had everything - romance, family struggles, historical events and personages. When I realized that Tolstoy had originally focused his tale on five families, I did not think Andrew Davies would be able to translate the author’s novel in a tight story without losing its epic quality.

There were certain sequences that really blew my mind, thanks to Davies’ writing and especially, Tom Harper’s direction. I thought Harper did an outstanding job of re-creating battles like Austerlitz and Borodino, along with the French Army’s retreat from Moscow. Harper also did a great job in directing large parties and ball scenes. My two favorites are the party held at St. Petersburg socialite Anna Pavlovna Scherer’s salon in Episode 1 and the ball where Natasha and Andrei met in Episode 3.

But it was not just the battle and crowd scenes that impressed me. “WAR AND PEACE” is - after all - a melodrama, even if many literary critics are inclined not to admit it. I never thought I would find myself getting caught up in the lives of the saga’s main characters. But I did. I must admit that I admire how Tolstoy … and Davies managed to allow the three main characters - Pierre, Natasha and Andrei - to interact with the five families, regardless of blood connection or marriage. I especially enjoyed the explorations into the lives of Pierre, the Rostovs and the Bolkonskys. At first glance, some might regard the miniseries’ ending that featured a picnic with the families of the three leads as a bit on the saccharine. It did have a “happily ever after” tinge about it. But I read in a newspaper article that complained about Tolstoy’s “realistic” ending - one that featured a less-than-happy view of the protagonists’ lives and a critique from Tolstoy on all forms of mainstream history. Thanks to Davies’ screenplay, audiences were spared of this.

“WAR AND PEACE” featured a good number of first-rate performances from a supporting cast that included Stephen Rea, Gillian Anderson, Tuppence Middleton, Callum Turner, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jessie Buckley, Adrian Edmondson, Aisling Loftus, Rebecca Front and Aneurin Barnard. However, I was especially impressed by certain supporting performances. One came from Greta Scacchi, who portrayed the Rostov family’s practical and sometimes ruthless matriarch Countess Natalya Rostova. I also enjoyed Brian Cox’s portrayal of the world weary General Mikhail Kutuzov, who has to contend with not only Napolean’s army, but also the amateurish interference of the Czar. Tom Burke did a great job in portraying the wolfish and ambitious army officer, Fedor Dolokhov, who eventually becomes a better man following Napoleon’s invasion. Jack Lowden’s portrayal of the young Count Nikolai Rostov really impressed me, especially when his character found himself torn between following his heart and marrying a wealthy woman to restore his family’s fortunes. And Jim Broadbent gave a very colorful performance as Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky, the mercurial and controlling patriarch of the Bolkonsky family.

And what about the production’s three leads? Lily James gave a very charming performance as Countess Natasha Rostova. Well … I take that back. Describing James’ performance as simply “charming” seemed to hint that I found it rather shallow. Yes, James handled Natasha’s “light” moments with her usual competence. More importantly, she did an excellent job in conveying Natasha’s personal struggles - especially during the series’ second half. There were times when I did not know what to make of the Prince Andrei Bolkonsky. He struck me as a very unusual protagonist. Although I found him rather honorable and filled with valor, Andrei did not always struck me as likable - especially in his relationship with adoring, yet ignored wife Lise. And Norton superbly captured the many nuances of Andrei’s character. If Andrei Bolkonsky struck me as an unusual protagonist, Count Pierre Bezukhov struck me as one of a kind. Well … one of a kind for a literary piece written in the 19th century. Sometimes, I get the feeling that someone like Pierre could easily translate into a late 20th century or early 21st century geek. Or perhaps not. I think Pierre is too kind and open-minded to be considered a geek. But he is very unusual for a leading man. And thanks to Paul Dano’s superb portrayal, Pierre has become one of my favorite fictional characters. He did a stupendous job in conveying Pierre’s character from this insecure and rather naive man to a man who learned to find wisdom and inner peace through his struggles. Dano was so good that I had assumed that his performance would garner him a major acting nomination. It did not and I am still flabbergasted by this travesty.

My taste in period dramas usually focused on stories set in the United States or Great Britain … with the occasional foray into France. I was very reluctant to tackle this latest adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s most famous novel. But I was in the mood for something new and decided to watch the six-part miniseries. I am happy to say that despite some flaws, I ended up enjoying “WAR AND PEACE” very much, thanks to Andrew Davies’ screenplay, Tom Harper’s direction and an excellent cast led by Paul Dano, James Norton and Lily James.

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Whoever said a sanctuary that is not open to the public is a "waste of resources" just insulted The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee, which does not allow people to gawp at and bother the residents who live there. Apparently the mental health of older, traumatized ex-circus elephants doesn't matter to people afflicted with a pathological sense of entitlement, i.e. 99% of the human race.

Yep. :/ 

There’s another similar elephant sanctuary in California too, I believe. And I think some sanctuaries that do have open-to-the-public parts and animal ambassadors, also have residents who aren’t on display and just live there.

I have no idea why people are so irrationally bothered at the idea of a cetacean sanctuary existing for the benefit of cetaceans.

I’m still sick, but I’m on the mend.

Hi everyone

So I was really sick. I’m in Australia, so our excellent health care system means I am not tens of thousands of dollars in debt now!

Basically I got sick and eventually went to the doctor on Friday the 8th September.  Had a staph infection (swabs and tests confirmed it) got given antibiotics.  But by Tuesday nothing was improving – it was getting worse – it had progressed to cellulitis on my upper inner thigh.  I rung my doc to tell him It had gotten worse – he told me to go to the emergency department of the hospital (public of course!)

Me being me, I didn’t think it was bad enough to be wasting public resources on it… Anyway, lots of people online told me to go to hospital, as did my partner and sisters – even though I’m terrified of them.  

So I went in and it was serious.  I was in hospital for 6 nights.  My wounds are 7cm deep! Ew right??  I was on, and continue to be on 2 types of heavy duty antibiotics (1 of them is anti-microbial I think??) and also pain killers and a bunch of other things.  They moved me off a drip and onto pills because my veins couldn’t handle the cannula (I was too dehydrated – even with all the IV fluids they gave me.)  They even put me on oxygen – those little nose prongs from the tube are super annoying.

There were a lot of worries about everything – I swelled up so they thought I might have congestive heart failure and I still have to get a scan for that later on.  

I couldn’t eat since the original Friday – my stomach was turning.  But by the time I got to hospital I was vomiting up everything I tried to put in me.  I didn’t eat much at all at hospital – mostly just a little custard and soup – a few mouthfuls before my stomach started turning.  I am able to eat now though – just not a lot.  

I can barely walk – it’s super exciting (sarcasm).  

So I’m in heaps of pain and I’m super weak and on lots of drugs and have a lovely wound!  They send out nurses to take care of me in my home and they’ll send out exercise experts to help me rehab once the wound is healed enough.

This has not been a fun time – I’ve had complete strangers looking at my vulva every day for like 2 weeks (the wound is very close to my bits).  With my mental illnesses thrown in the mix for good measure – it’s been a very trying few weeks.  

There’s no rest in hospital – nurses come and check your vitals every 6 hours and give you your meds and all that.  I was constantly being woken up.  And there’s no dignity in hospital – people walk in on you in the bathroom to make sure you’re ok – complete strangers (nurses, but still) are asking you if you need help wiping your butt – doctors order them to measure your urine and faeces output so you gotta go in a pan… but the nurses were all very lovely people so it’s ok I guess.  

I didn’t get fat-shamed by the nurses or doctors, but the surgeon who came to see if he wanted to operate on the cellulitis to drain it rather than just put me on antibiotics and let it drain itself – he was an utter arsehole.  Funny thing is, every time I mentioned that to anyone they all said that surgeons are jerks. 

So mostly I’m sleeping and watching tv now, as I get better I’ll be more active on here again - but I’ve been told it’ll take weeks.

This was the first time I’ve ever been in hospital, and while I’m gonna do everything I can to never go back, I have to say that Australia’s health care system – or at least Canberra’s – is pretty good.  All of it cost me nothing other than the amount every citizen puts into the health care system in their taxes.  Even the aftercare of nurses literally coming to my home, and exercise experts and nutritionists and occupational therapists who are gonna get me a stool for the shower (a loan for 3 months) so I can wash my hair (standing for long times is painful and I’m still weak) – all free.  All public. And I’m so glad.  I couldn’t imagine having to worry about medical bills now while I’m still trying to mend.  Big thank you to every Australian who pays their taxes!  We got each other’s backs!

Also, a big thank you to my husband who has been by my side the whole way, taking time off work, having to help me shower, being my rock, listening to my endless whinging.  He’s a champion – I don’t know what I’d do without him.  Thanks Ben! @thebenblr

My sister Wendy was also constantly sending wonderfully upbeat affirmations – very useful when I thought I was gonna die in hospital!  She’s amazing – thanks Wend! @wendyspeech

And thanks to all of you for your well wishes and thoughts – and advice telling me to go to hospital! And thank you for being patient with waiting for the next installment of my fic!  It really means a lot to me!  I love you all!

@eveerez @nutinanutshell @iwrotesomeofitdown @laurin4475 @redprairielily @marissacre @rockinthebeastmode @paige-tic0 @bbarnes @luvs-jade @gushington-central @theblanknotebook @tinakegg

  Much love xo

Real talk: Why the lohkay drama counts as VLD anti fuckery

It did not START OUT that way.

But a VLD anti (with a Lance icon of course~) deliberately redirected the anger people had at lohkay’s biphobic tweets towards lohkay’s VLD art.

(You could tell it was about lohkay’s VLD art because it never once mentioned lohkay’s freaking NAZI art, just topics that appeared in her VLD art.)

When they were complaining about incest & pedophilia in lohkay’s art, they probably ignored the ACTUAL incest & loli art were talking about the Sheith & Shklance art instead. (Biphobic tweets? Not a single mention!)

So the anti (anotherauthor) started a harassment campaign using lohkay’s VLD art while encouraging people to flood a youth protection site & trying to get FAKKU, a hentai company, banned from the convention, too.

This led to the anti filing a POLICE REPORT against lohkay, some troll sending the anti’s follower…

(& this follower turned out to be a pretty shitty anti, too: having threatened to assault lohkay & anyone who drew “problematic” art at the convention AND they believed that Zamii of “SU Fandom causes an artist to attempt suicide” deserved it) 

…actual CHILD PORN….

…And finally the anime convention having to make a public statement about disciplining the anti & kicking lohkay from the convention.

So let it be known: antis can cause

-real damage (either to reputation or physical because the site was clogged up with hentai reports instead of “I was molested” reports & the fake police report)

-PR storms (anotherauthor quit being a volunteer, claiming that the convention staff were BULLYING them for telling them not to create a harassment campaign online)

-derail actual fucked up stuff & turn it into VOLTRON drama

-ENJOY the same fucked up shit in private that they hate on people for in public

-& basically waste everyone’s time & confuse all the Facebookers wondering if this was somehow related to the Taiwan needle-in-cookie thing (it’s not)

Public service announcement

Don’t 👏 waste 👏my👏mothuh 👏fuckin👏time👏. So tired of these wack ass dudes that can’t respond correctly (or on time) for shit. But somehow magically expects you to reply in a timely manner. Do me a favor. Don’t start a full fledged conversation with me and leave me hanging 3 minutes in… thanks sincerely a bitch that’s mf tied👊


Cursed by #Coal: Mining the #Navajo Nation - #environment