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Saeran Choi Headcanons

a/n: I’ll make a separate post for Saeran/Ray headcanons! :)

- one time Saeyoung left to go to the grocery store with MC and came back to Saeran having a panic attack in the corner
- Saeyoung managed to calm Saeran down but made a special RoboCat for when it happens again
- and surprisingly enough, it really helps him
- his RoboCat isn’t as invasive as MC’s, it can give him space when he says a code word and is suited to Saeran’s needs
- he eats really fast and in large quantities because he’s still afraid of when his mom would come home and hit him for eating
- if MC has any gender neutral sweaters he probably steals them
- he won’t admit it because he thinks it’s “too girly” but he likes knitting, it’s mindless and therapeutic
- He’s the #1 player on the LOLOL leader board now because he’s a master player. When Saeyoung found out he got bumped down to the second spot, didn’t speak to Saeran for 3 hours
-it took Yoosung a day to talk to him again
- he has really bad skin! He usually has a lot of pimples on his cheeks but Zen gives him his best face wash to help
- he has realllly light freckles on his cheeks, arms, and shoulders. You can’t see them from far away but they’re definitely there
- he also has bad anxiety, sometimes he feels panicky in public but sweaters make him feel safe, especially if they cover his hands
- his phone is his safety blanket. He listen to music when he feels anxious and likes to play games with storylines
- he likes shows with deadpan humor. Rick and Morty & Bob’s Burgers are his favorite. He does like the Simpsons from time to time, but doesn’t watch it often because Homer’s abusive nature towards Bart reminds him of his own mother :(
- Always feels really jealous towards kids with loving parents because they didn’t go through what he did
- Saeran’s slightly bitter because he’s shorter than Saeyoung
- gets colds so so easy and loves eating chicken noodle soup when he’s sick
- Cats adore him. He’s not sure why and tends to ignore him (because he’s scared he’ll hurt them) but anytime a cat is near it’ll flock to Saeran
- Cannot grow a beard to save his life. He technically can, but it’s really think and sparse. He’s supergrateful for this because he hates shaving;;;;
- Saeran hates cutting his hair because he doesn’t trust anyone so he just kinda let it grow out instead. It eventually came to be pulled into a tiny ponytail at the back of his head, barely long enough for the hair tie to loop around 3 times. He’s self-conscious about the ponytail until he sees how manly Zen is with his and he’s like???? I can do this. He never lets the ponytail grow out to be longer than his pinky finger bc it’s annoying to take care of, but it’s cute!
- Saeran is shorter than Saeyoung and his hair is a tiny bit lighter
- Has a loathing for public restrooms
- Always washes his hands after using the bathroom bc Sanitation Is Good™. Doesn’t matter if he’s just blowing his nose, his hands need to be washed. It’s mostly because he gets sick really easily and tries to prevent it but also because he doesn’t like being dirty
- He does smoke, but only a pack every week and a half
- Prefers Bepsi over PhD Pepper, much to Saeyoung’s chagrin
-everytime Saeyoung asks him to pick up some PhD Pepper, he always picks up a 24 can pack of Bepsi instead

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Yuuri has memorized every part of Viktor that he possibly could from afar: the elegant curve from his waist to the tip of his foot, the one curl of unruly hair that could never stay in a ponytail, the confident smirk that the cameras loved, and every one of his costumes, down to each gradient of color.

But the closer he and Viktor got, the more Yuuri noticed details he couldn’t have seen before. Like how he wore the same imported French cologne in public, but would immediately wash it off when he got home and bury his face into Makkachin’s fur, reveling in the pleasant warm dog smell. Or how when a song came on the radio that he liked, he would drum his fingers on any available surface and nod his head to the beat. Or how when he ate his morning oatmeal he would eat it in hearty spoonfuls so quickly it would often burn his tongue.

Yuuri took quiet pride in noticing these details, and memorized them night by night as he fell asleep in Viktor’s arms. One morning he was nudged awake and opened his groggy eyes to Viktor’s soft smile.

“Mm what is it, Viktor?”

“I just wanted to see you wake up.”

Yuuri chuckled and tapped his nose on Viktor’s.

“And why is that?”

“Because it’s a privilege only I can witness. And…” He took in a long, slow breath as he slid his arm down Yuuri’s back and pulled their bodies as close as was possible. “I love you desperately.”

Yuuri chuckled and kissed him.

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Tips for clear, glowy skin? X

- drink plenty of water
- exfoliate
- try not to touch your face so much, especially when in a public place
- wash your face at least twice a day
- develop a skin care routine
- moisturize when necessary
- eat healthier foods


To continue this? Or? It’s gonna be super angsty, like Dean-Winchester-has-an-awful-past angsty. WDYT? Destiel AU, obviously.

“Six dollars? For coffee? Is that a joke?”

The girl, pigtailed and snub-nosed, stares at Dean in utter indignation as he holds out her decaf, sugar-free, no-foam monstrosity. It’s got so much fake caramel syrup in it that it barely even qualifies as coffee at this point and it definitely isn’t worth six dollars but hey, he doesn’t make the rules. Bored, Dean wiggles the paper cup at her.

“Yuh. Don’t like it? There’s a Starbucks across the road, go get diabetes there, instead.”

Affronted, the girl huffs and puffs at him while she digs in her purse and Dean dumps the coins in the cash register with an extremely fake, ‘Have a great day!’ before leaning back against the sink and rubbing the back of his neck. Outside the sun is shining but it’s chilly and autumnal and red-brown leaves skitter and swirl along the sidewalk, carried by a gentle breeze and stopped in their journey by people’s boots and sneakers. It’s warm in the coffee shop and he tugs restlessly at the deep V of his black t-shirt, leaving a smear of wet coffee grains on his collarbone. It’s a rare moment when the shop is quiet, and he takes in their few customers listlessly. Two girls sit huddled together on their iPhones, giggling at something, wrapped up in scarves and mittens despite the indoor warmth. An Asian kid, Kevin he thinks his name is, is dozing off in front of his laptop and a pile of textbooks in the corner. A couple sit in silence, both staring out of the window with empty cups in front of them, tension pulling into faint lines at their mouths. And a cute guy with short, military-cut hair and pouty lips talks on his phone loudly, laughing as he talks about some woman named Anna. Dean rolls his eyes. One of his many, many pet peeves is hearing someone yack loudly on their cell phones in public. He turns away, washing his hands under too-hot water and wiping down the bar. He had averted his eyes from the father and son sitting near the door, the kid colouring in a picture energetically and the father ruffling his hair with a fond smile. The boy only looked about eight years old. He swallows bitterly and grits his teeth, muttering to himself. Only two hours left of his shift then Ruby will be here to take over from him and he can head home to catch up on Dr Sexy and maybe hit the gym.

The bell at the door signals someone’s arrival and Dean plasters on his usual fake smile, feeling it melt into a small, more natural one as he sees his customers. He even manages to ignore the flurry of leaves that have blown in with them. These two are regulars, coming in together most days, sometimes twice a day if it’s cold and blustery like today. They’re both blue-eyed and painfully handsome, and today wearing matching blue scarves; one of them is in a slightly ill-fitting tan trench and the other in a long wool thigh-skimming coat with a black beanie covering a shock of dark hair. They’re twins, and the most identical twins Dean has ever seen. They’re talking intensely about something as they approach the bar, one of them shaking his head and laughing, and their faces split into identical smiles as they see their barista.

“Dean! Hi!”

“Hello, Dean.”

And Dean’s lips incline just a tiny bit, the closest to a genuine smile he ever manages when it comes to customers. Or to most people, really. He doesn’t exactly like these two; they just annoy him less than most people. They're… he has no other word for it. They’re both sexy. Nice to look at. Some might say intimidating. They seem to walk with the kind of purpose that evades most people, like they’re constantly on some sort of heaven-sent mission, and he’s forever watching other customers follow them with their eyes whenever they leave with their coffee cups clutched in their hands.

“Hi.” He wipes his hands and tosses the towel. “The usual?”

“For me, yes. Please.” Tan trench-coat smiles at him, pulling a black leather wallet from his pocket. Black beanie is tapping his teeth wth a manicured fingernail and looking up at the board behind Dean’s head.

“You’ve got plenty of new drinks. Pumpkin spice season is always my favourite. Is there anything you recommend?”

“No. Are these to go?”

“I’m so glad I asked, thank you for your expertise.” Black beanie grins at him, displaying a row of flashing white teeth, and trench-coat elbows him.

“Jimmy, be nice. And choose your own drink. Yes please, Dean, both to go.”

He knows they’re called Cas and Jimmy, and he knows they own Novak & Novak, an art gallery a block away, but he can never work out which twin is which. Normally he has to wait for one to say the other’s name, because firstly it feels rude to ask but secondly, he doesn’t really care. They’re Cas and Jimmy. Why should it matter to him which one is which?

“Fine, I’ll have… a vanilla brûlée latte with foam and extra whip please, Dean-o. And a slice of carrot cake, or whatever that is.”

Jimmy smiles at him again and Dean’s teeth ache from the amount of sugar in the drink the man is requesting. Around Jimmy’s neck is slung a camera, a white and tan Olympus with matching strap, which he has to push aside to find his wallet in his pocket. Cas elbows him before he can pull it out.

“My treat. Your turn tomorrow. And what about you, Dean?” Cas’ smile is more reserved, almost shy, but his blue eyes twinkle as he turns back to the bar. Nonplussed, Dean just stares at him.

“What about me?”

“Can I buy you something? You look like you’ve had a long day.”

“Oh, gee, thanks pal.” Dean rings up their order, irritably. He hates being told he looks like shit. “Way to make a guy feel good about himself. And no. I don’t want a coffee. I get them for free anyway.”

“Oh. Right. I…” Cas has gone pink all the way to the tips of his ears. Jimmy is staring at the floor, a lock of dark hair curling onto his forehead, and he looks like he’s got his lips clamped tightly together to suppress a laugh. Or a giggle. Jimmy Novak looks like the type to giggle. “I apologise, Dean. I didn’t mean to offend you-”

“Whatever.” He hands Cas his change and turns away. “Your drinks will be ready soon, gimme five.”

“Alright.” One of the twins responds, then Dean is sure he can hear whispering over his shoulder. Or hissing, more like. One twin berating the other about something. Their voices sound so alike he can’t tell who’s speaking, and he doesn’t really give a shit anyway. He’s used to being talked about. People have been talking behind his back ever since his thirteenth birthday, he’s grown a thick enough skin that it doesn’t bother him any more. He doesn’t care what they’re saying.

He slides Cas’ extra-shot latte across the bar to him, frowning when the other man offers a shy smile. Cas is possibly, maybe, potentially the more attractive of the two, at least in Dean’s eyes. He’s got to know the twins a little since they moved to Vancouver last year, after Jimmy almost fell into the coffee shop with an exaggerated gasp about his need for caffeine, and in that time he’s noticed a few subtle nuances about the men that make them different. They’re so subtle, however, that most of the time he still can’t tell them apart at a first glance. Jimmy is the more talkative of the two, and seems the more energetic. Cas is shyer and more studious, and has a few more fine lines at the corners of his eyes than his brother, lines which Dean notices now as he looks at him and immediately feels irritated with himself. Why has he even noticed? Stupid of him. Cas must be at least a decade older than him. Eight years, maybe.

He finishes Jimmy’s drink and hands it over, turning away abruptly before either of them can attempt a conversation with him. He isn’t interested. He’s tired, crankier than usual, and just wants to be left alone. Honestly, he feels like Shrek half the time, wanting to be left in peace in his own solitary life. But, annoyingly, people do keep insisting on talking to him.

“Well, bye Dean-o.” The nickname grates on him. Jimmy sips his drink thoughtfully then nods, apparently satisfied. “See you tomorrow, I’m sure!”

“I’m already looking forward to it!” Dean matches Jimmy’s cheerful tone with unconcealed sarcasm and both twins bark out identical laughs. Jimmy gives him a two-fingered wave and saunters off, fussing with his camera, while Cas lingers.

“Did you forget something?” Dean asks, blunt as ever, and Cas turns his blue eyes on him, eyes as clear as the ocean and for a split-second Dean is captivated. Then he coughs and looks away awkwardly.

“No. I just wondered… I just thought…”

Cas is tracing a swirl in the rustic oak bar top with a finger and Dean follows its path. Cas has nice hands, objectively. If he were interested in peoples hands, or in Cas, he would say they were nice. Strong. Artistic, if the dents in his knuckles are anything to go by. They look like they would be nice to hold, his fingertips smooth and his palms soft, nails short and well-kept but not groomed like Jimmy’s. Dean would think those things if, you know, he was interested in Cas at all. Which he isn’t.

“If maybe you, uh,” Cas falters and stops and Dean has to resist drumming his fingers on the bar. The bell at the door rings again and a small gaggle of teenage girls come in, jostling each other out of their way as they approach, all clutching their phones and with a little too much make-up on for Dean’s tastes. Cas, oddly, goes beet red and seems to think better of whatever he was about to say.

“See you, Dean.”

“Uh, OK, bye…” He scowls, watching Cas walk away to join his brother by the door then they both leave in another flurry of leaves. The hell was that about? “Weirdo,” He mutters under his death then turns to the teenagers with his fake-happy smile plastered on his face.

“What can I get for you guys?”

So we did a rocky horror car wash because publicity and funds and we did it in full costume along the high way. Literally small town people called and was like “they are dressed and dancing provocative” and “they are encouraging the gay and lesbian lifestyle” and just Jesus Christ they literally turned off water in the middle of a car and we had relocate.

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Headcanon Ask Meme


1. Realistic

He has no family. He grew up in an orphanage/school run by nuns. It was a fairly happy childhood; he loved memorizing answers, both the multiplication tables and the catechism, and being told he was good.

(Sister Maria Immaculata would be very disappointed in you, Locus.)

2. Hilarious

When Locus was a child, he slept with a large, battered teddy bear. He only stopped when he joined the army. To this day, he feels vaguely wrong falling asleep without something tucked under his arm.

(Just once, Locus tried with Felix. He was almost small enough to make an acceptable substitute, but he kicked too much.)

3. Tragic

So I think it’s pretty clear that Locus is already haunted by his crimes. But there’s one thing that will torment him more and more as his rehabilitation progresses: 

How many chances he had to turn back. 

He spent years convinced that he was no longer a person, that the war and what he did in it had changed him completely. He’s already realized that he’s not a soldier, he’s a monster. But eventually he’s going to realize that he was never a monster either; he was a person who did monstrous things, and he could have stopped anytime. 

He could have stayed with Siris when he wanted out of bounty-hunting and Felix didn’t. He could have left Felix the first time he wanted to take an assassination job. He could have said no to Hargrove’s offer. He could have told Doyle the truth, once he was on Chorus and saw the people he was killing. He could have told Wash the truth when he captured him. He could have listened to Wash, when they fought at the radio tower. He could have understood what it meant when he saw the vision of his greatest fear. He could have taken Wash’s offer at the Temple of the Purge.

But he didn’t. He was too selfish and too cowardly to change while he still had any other choice. And it’s not like he would ever have forgiven himself for his crimes anyway, but the knowledge of how long he waited to change will always make him feel like any good deeds he accomplishes are worthless.

4. Screw Canon



1. Realistic

*cough* so I’m just going to drop the link to my Wash meta because I’m inordinately proud of the thing. Also because it’s kind of related to my headcanon, which is: Wash had one (1) good family relationship in his childhood. Probably his mom, though maybe one of his sisters.

My reasoning is: when Wash feels safe, his default interpersonal strategy is sharing his feelings and vulnerabilities in order to provoke reciprocal trust (”I was one of the worst Freelancers in my squad,” etc.) He had to learn that somewhere and it definitely wasn’t Project Freelancer or the UNSC. So: Wash had a family member who loved him and taught him that emotional sharing could be rewarded. However, he definitely did not have a totally safe childhood environment, hence the anger and the hair-trigger survival instincts (witness: Cecil Kyle).

Bonus headcanon: I am 100% convinced that one of Wash’s self-soothing/anchoring methods is carefully rolling his fingers into fists, one by one. I don’t have a reason, I just like it a lot.

2. Hilarious

…oh gosh where do I even BEGIN? 

Because let’s face it, pretty much all my Wash headcanons are 50% self-indulgence, 50% for the lolz. The “Wash has ASMR” headcanon? Okay, that’s like 70% self-indulgence, but it’s still kinda lolz. The “Wash melts like butter if you touch the back of his neck”? Very self-indulgent, but also LOL. (And LOLOL at myself for liking it.) Or my new fave, “Wash can’t help moaning during head massages”? LOLOLOLOLOL 


Wash likes to drink Cosmos and Sex on the Beach and Long Island Iced Tea. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

3. Tragic

Wash was BFFs with Maine. I’m absolutely convinced of this. Also, he definitely had some kind of tense ambiguous romance going with Connie, though I don’t have a firm idea exactly how that went down. And I kinda think that in early in his Alpha Squad days, Wash was casual buddies with South as well. 

4. Screw Canon

Wash and York were genuine though sometimes vitriolic friends. In fact, before the Project drove them apart, all of the Freelancers were a slightly-dysfunctional-but-close-knit family. I WILL FACE CANON AND WALK BACKWARDS INTO HELL.

Finding Home - Chapter 5 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 6

It was a day ago since the last time Sam ate, so he easily destroyed three slices of pizza. He leaned back in the chair with one of his hands on his stomach. He had an amused look on his face as he watched as you put down your second, half-eaten slice.

“Ugh.” - you said as you put your head in your hands.

“Really? One and a half slice? I’m disappointed.”

“I should’ve ordered a smaller one." 

You felt as something bumped into your leg. You looked down and saw Rocco, looking at you with sad eyes. You narrowed your eyes at him.

"You just ate.”

Then you saw Bonny sat next to him. Sam grinned.

“She’s just a puppy, who needs to eat regularly, so she can grow healthy.” - he repeated your words from earlier.

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Hello!! Kaleidoscope PRIDE Magazine is an up-and-coming magazine based in Connecticut, USA. Our goals are to provide easy access to LGBT health and safety information, to give LGBT artists a platform for sharing work and receiving feedback on work, to write articles on the history from the gender and sexuality movement so far and the history being made today, and, most importantly, to create a safe space to celebrate the LGBT community with pride and no fear.

Our first issue is slated for a late September 2017 release. We have big things planned as we expand in the next coming months! If you’d like to support us, you can do so by subscribing to us. Subscriptions can be done through tumblr messaging or email (–all you need is as little as a message that says, “subscribe,” and we’ll take it from there!

Our website will go live closer to the release of the first issue, as will our other social media. Submissions for art, anything from nails to photography to jewelry to drawings, will be accepted starting from the second issue.

Below the read more is an excerpt from an article that appears in our first issue, Spilling the Paint Bucket. We’d include photos of some featured art, but this is tumblr, so one thing did have to go wrong while making this post. Trust us that it’s pretty.

Thank you for your support, we hope to see you at our first issue!!

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Any advice for parents wanting to home school? I'm scared people are going to advise me of being a brain washing cultist.

I’ve been SOOO excited to answer this ask because I have so many good things to say about homeschooling! Actually, if I’m honest, I have absolutely nothing bad I can possibly think of. I was homeschooled all the way through 12th grade and there is nothing I would change. I will ALWAYS be grateful to my parents for devoting themselves to me in that way, and especially my mom for sticking with it - from the rocky years of highschool, to back when I was an elementary brat. Looking back, we agree it was worth any struggles tenfold.

The first thing you need to know is this: you will be ridiculed. At some point, somewhere, someone is going to criticize you. Whether it be your teaching, your abilities, your discipline, or your morals, the world is going to try and push you down. Therefore, you need to be confident, you need to know your motivation as to why you are doing this, and know that, as the parent, only you know what is best for your child.

A good way to kindly explain that to someone is to know the benefits of homeschooling. And the list is long!

— Homeschooling gives you the freedom to specifically tailor the curriculum to your child’s needs. Whether going slower or faster, you can go at a pace that is comfortable to you and your child. For example, division was a nightmare for me as a child, but I was reading at a 12th grade level by early grade school. Therefore my algebra was slow moving and required a lot of repetition, but I blew through English.

— Homeschool students as a whole score significantly higher on standardized testing, with the low range being 15-30% improvement, and typically score above the average collage admission test. All of this is regardless of the education level of the parents and any degree of formal they may have. You don’t need to be a certified teacher or have lofty degrees to teach your children effectively.

— Building off both the other points, I would argue that homeschooling leaves you over prepared for college. I briefly mentioned math is not my strongest suit. I thought, in going to college, that I would be behind, but I actually placed significantly higher than I thought I would. Socially, homeschoolers are generally more prepared as well, for as where public schoolers function primarily with their same age group, homeschoolers tend to be more accustomed to a variety of ages - from toddlers to senior citizens - and that can allow one to adapt well into different class, work, and social settings.

— For those with illnesses, physical or mental limitations, homeschooling’ flexibility is a definite asset, as it allows you to modify your schedule as needed, even on a day-by-day basis, and you don’t have the stress and pressure of missing school days - you can do the work when it is convenient for you.

— Homeschooling encourages enjoyable learning and self-motivation. I going to the aquarium and watching the school kids have to breeze through it in two or three hours. But for us homeschoolers, we could spend all day there, and we did! Why? Because I found it fascinating! I would read every brochure on the tropical fish, ask questions of the staff as I pet sharks and sting rays. Homeschooling doesn’t limit learning, it encourages exploration and deep thinking. You don’t have to rush through.

— Homeschooling encourages family bonding. Most the time, we all did school in the same room, either at the kitchen counter or consuming the kitchen table in books and papers. We would take a break from math and mom would read to us everything from history to science to fiction. Reading was a huge part of my homeschool life, and even now that I’ve long since graduated, my family still likes to read aloud together.

— It saves time. Where my public school friends were in school for eight hours a day and then spent several hours on homework, I got my school done in an average of four hours max. I would be done by noon, and the out climbing trees with my brother for the rest of the day. Learn about the world and then go live in it! I would have missed out on so much if I hadn’t been homeschooled.

— This next point is very important when you’re talking about “brain washing”. Public schools are growing increasingly more aggressive toward adverse opinions, any mention of God, and in many cases are implementing revisionist history. Not even biology is taught correctly anymore with this distorted view of sexuality. Homeschooling allows multiple view points to be explored and allows for deep research into why such a point is incorrect, what actually happened historically, ect. Public schools expect things to be taken at face value too much of the time. Homeschooling promotes critical thinking and exploration. You don’t just slam the door on counter views, you talk about them and discuss it. Additionally, homeschooling is not just for the religious. There are many people, including atheists, that homeschool simply because they recognize the benefits to their lifestyle and, most importantly, their child.

— Homeschooling protects your child. We have all heard people talk about how “sheltered” homeschoolers are. The only thing I was ever sheltered from was bullying, profanity, sexual jokes and harassment, violence, and peer pressure. I had many social circles and events (the joke among homeschoolers is often that they’re never home), but it was always in a positive environment. I would have been so much more insecure if I had had to face the things all my public school friends did, but instead I grew up knowing I could be confident in who I was. On the same note, it is important to make sure your child has a healthy amount of social interaction. Awana, youth group, various clubs, sports, are just a few ways you can make sure your child is active.

— Homeschooling saves money. Both within your home, and in regard to tax dollars spent toward public schools. There are great monetary and economical benefits to homeschooling.

— Public schools are a fairly modern development. For thousands of years the bulk of one’s early learning was done at home or in a relatively small school where you still received that one-on-one instruction - very similar to homeschooling. The norm was not 30-40 kids with one teacher. It wasn’t the massed produced learning you see today.

Now a few more things before we go…

There is a HUGE array of curriculum out there, you can pick and choose from a virtually endless myriad of resources. Find what works for your child. Know that often what works for child #1 does not work for child #2. I went through three math books until I found what really worked for me. Don’t be afraid to try different things. (And also look for homeschool book sales to buy at! You can save lots by buying used)

FIND A SUPPORT GROUP. This is HUGE for you as a parent because when challenges arise, and I PROMISE you they will, you are going to want someplace to look for solid advice. A network of good friends, co-ops, homeschool church groups, homeschool academies - whatever it is, find a group of homeschoolers near you where you can ask questions, present your challenges, and get positive feedback. More so than that though, you need encouragement. The best people to give that to you are people who have been in the same spot.

Know your legal rights as a homeschooler. I would highly advice checking out the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They have fantastic resources on a general basis, but it is really important to know your rights as a homeschooling parent. At the very minimum, check out the state requirements and know what you’re obligated to do. When I was homeschooled, I didn’t need to take hardly any standardized tests, but there were a lot of people saying I needed to. So even small things like that are really important to know (it saved me a lot of anxiety).

Homeschooling isn’t always easy, but I promise you that the rewards far outweigh the cost. It is worth every moment. There are few ways better than this to show your child just how very much you love them.

Last thing! I came across this nifty page with all sorts of facts and statistics on homeschooling that is an easy and enlightening read [x] and a quick shout out to my many friends that brainstormed with me on this (readers, I hope you know you’re getting the best advice out there thanks to them! ^^ )

Sebastian Aho - Book tears

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99 with sebby aho “You can cry if you need to, I’m right here. You’re safe with me.”

It was a lazy Sunday in Aho household. You were in the bedroom reading In a dark, dark wood and Sebastian was in the living room with Teuvo watching golf.

You had just finished the book when Sebastian walked into the bedroom.

“Hey, darling we’re going out for dinner tonight, is that okay?” He asked as he took off his shirt replacing it with a clean one.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You sniffed getting out of bed to change into public clothes and to wash your face from the tears.

That damn book was sad, but so fucking good. It was the kind of book that made you feel as though you just lost a childhood best friend. Yet at the same time you wanted nothing more than to re-read it or to see if the Author had other heart wreathing books.

“Are you crying?” Sebastian asked looking shocked and scared. He came up behind you as you got dressed and wrapped his arms around you. “You can cry if you need to, I’m right here. You’re safe with me. Always.” He said placing small kisses over your face.

“Sebastian, am fine.” You giggled.

“Them why are you crying?” He asked stepping back with a confused look on his face.

“I finished my book.” You said with a pout. “And it was sad.” You said before burying your face into in chest.

You felt his chest rumble with laughter “This is why I love you Mrs. Aho.” He said placing a sweet kiss to your lips than taking your hand and leading you out of the room to go get dinner.


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I see a lot of hs fics involving public school; have you come across any with a private school setting? thank you

this is the first ask ive answered for this blog in about 2 months so i hope you feel special. HELLO AGAIN EVERYONE <3 - Karri

You’ll Wish You Were The Water by strikeuptheband (1/1 | 1,743 | Teen And Up)

Tyler is a some cool senior with eyes for the pretty freshman Josh.

//underage drinking

God Save Us by nutelladownpour (3/? | 6,310 | Mature)

Stoner Josh Dun is the leader of “The Lions,” a gang based in a washed up public school that is recognized around Columbus for their general rebellion. Tyler Joseph is an all-around perfect Christian who attends the Catholic boarding school in the same town, and he forms “the Kings” as an escape from the constant pressure. When the Kings are challenged to a prank war by the Lions, neither Tyler nor Josh expected to fall for the leader of their rival gang.

//underage //religious guilt //cheating