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Have Rooms!

We are two early twenties cis bi girls in Gunbarrel, in Boulder County CO. We have two upstairs bedrooms available at 550.00 a month, and can offer a crash situation on a short term basis. The house is within walking distance to the bus line, and is also a short 5-15 minute drive (depending on traffic) to Boulder proper. The house is pet (with fee) and smoker friendly (420 and tobacco,outside) and has a private backyard in a quiet area. A little about us: We have a small female cat and both work full time. We both have depression and anxiety and are welcoming to those with the same or with other health issues! We are happy to help out anyone in the area now, but are really looking for two nice quiet roommates who like animals and weed. Colorado is a great place to start fresh if anyone is looking for a new situation! feel free to contact me in my ask for more details!


Dear Leslie Jones,

The internet is full of terrible turd monsters, but it also allows regular people to go huddle around their phones together and feel connected to wonderful entertainers, such as yourself. I just wanted to let you know, that we know, that you know what’s up. We know you’re not full of hate; it’s just a bunch of idiot garbage brains trying to infect other people. So here are some dumb pictures of the fun variety just to say, we know you get it. Please continue not only representing black women through thoughtful, multi-dimensional roles, but also tall women, women in service industries (I mean seriously, when was the last time you saw a public transit worker portrayed as someone that’s actually smart? You did it in Ghostbusters!), doctors, tour guides, make up artists, seriously… just take all the roles they give you. We want to see more. Ghostbusters was awesome. 

looking for trans women to start large/cheap nyc collective house

looking for trans women* interested in helping to create (& eventually live in) a large, low-cost collective house in st. george, staten island (30 minutes from lower manhattan, 5 minutes’ walk from the ferry). we have a property in mind—a vacant, 25-room house. we have had preliminary conversations with the property owner & he is supportive of a large collective renting the house.

this is a long-term project:

  1. the house needs some repairs before it’s ready for people to move in & we need to either find skilled folks within our own communities or make arrangements with the property owner to perform the repairs
  2. rent for the house will be around $5k/month, so we need to build a group of 10-20 people in order for it to be affordable
  3. move-in costs will likely be $10-15k, so we need to crowdfund the money or else find generous people to support us

as imagined so far, this is very much a project aimed at helping to house the most vulnerable & housing-insecure among us: black trans women & trans women of color (the 2 of us involved so far are white), sex workers, anyone mentally &/or physically disabled,** lesbians, etc.—folks from those communities are particularly encouraged to reach out. you should have some interest in living collectively, as well, & be at least somewhat available to work over the next 1-3 months to make this house a reality. bonus points if you have home renovation skills!

if you’re interested, get in touch by email at or by text at (347) 559-4769—& feel free to share this information widely

*used very inclusively of all assigned-male-at-birth trans people

**there is a ramp to the first floor of the house, but the upper floors are not currently wheelchair accessible

NOTE: altho it seems like there has not been a lot of active interest in the property, it could of course be rented or sold to someone else at any moment

Need Couch - Chicago

My name is Jolene, I am a 19 year old trans woman who was disowned by her parents, I like reading, writing, and kick boxing. Im quite and don’t take up much space. I also have money if you have a room to rent out, I need something by this Monday so get back to me quick please. You can get in touch with me at

Have Couch - Boston

Emergency stays only. 1-3 nights. Maybe longer. We can discuss things after that but it’s going to be a house decision. No extra rooms, just a large couch. We’re here to help you out of a dangerous space and into a safe one, not providing you with a permanent home. That being said we may be able to help you find somewhere more permanent to stay.

I am gay and live with my boyfriend and two best friends from high school (we’re all 23/24). One is a lesbian and the other is bisexual. One works for a homeless trans support group in Boston. Very accepting here. We may be able to help with potential job opportunities if you’re looking to relocate to Boston. We know gay business owners. We’re located by Jackson Square on the Orange Line. 5 minutes. You pay for and eat your own food!…But we can make you dinner when you get here if you’re starving.

Reach out to me at


emergencies only

please reblog if you live anywhere remotely close to boston

can transport

need couch (nyc)

my girlfriend rose is a trans girl who is 17 and i’m a trans boy who is 19 and the two of us were kicked out of our homes. we’re both easy to get along with and just need a place for about a month or two, because our two good friends from the transgender support group we go to are planning to get a place for all four of us to live together permanently. we lived with them in their current place for two months until the landlord kicked us out because we weren’t on the lease and he refused to raise the rent because it was a legal issue, since there was only one bedroom in the apartment. so we had to go and now we’ve been jumping from house to house every month or so, until our friends get the place for all of us. we both live in new York and transportation is not a problem for us. I get paid child support money every Wednesday (even though my father doesn’t send it every week) and we don’t mind giving money for food or anything else if we have the money. we will also clean up after ourselves.

(516) 324-4984

need couch/room Olympia, WA

Hi! My names Sebastian and I am a 19 y.o. non-binary babe who’s been homeless for a bit. My abusive ex partner kicked me out of our home almost 2 months ago and have been struggling to find work and make enough money to get a room of my own. I just need a safe space to stay until I can get employed and find permanent housing. If possible it would be cool to be someone dog friendly as I have a 8 month old pup who is my world, but if completely impossible I have other options for him. I’m trying to save money for a laptop so I can start camming too.

If you wanna talk more you can email me at or hmu on tumblr under @mesothea


Hi, my name is Dean and I’m a 19 year old nonbinary person living with my partner (18, also nonbinary) in Chicago, IL. I am Deaf. My partner is also Deaf and uses an assistive device. We’re both art students and we watch bad movies on Netflix. We have a room available for $500/month starting June 1. The room includes a queen size bed, a television, and a shelving unit. 

There is a red, green, and orange line trains are within walking distance. Blue, pink and brown line trains are a bit farther, but still within walking distance. There are several bus stops within walking distance. There are several grocery stores, coffee shops, fast food, and restaurants within walking distance. We are close to several colleges, downtown, and stores. There is also a cleaners on-site. There is a washer, dryer, and dishwasher in unit. The building is accessible (doormen and elevators, low light switches, wide doorways). The kitchen is small, but the living room is open and large. The top level of the building has a lounge with free wi-fi, a party room available for resident use, two hot tubs (one on the roof and one inside), and a sauna.  Alcohol is fine, no smoking or drugs please. If you have any question or are interested, message me at or email me at 

Trans woman in Everett/Malden MA needs immediate and urgent relocation to whereever

I am a disabled trans woman named Alice, I live in North Shore, MA.  I need a couch or a room and I can pay up to 700 a month (including utilities) for a couch or room/loft.  I ask that whomever responds to this come and get me and my stuff as I have no friends and no means for transportation.  I also do camgirl work, so I need roommates who are sex worker affirming.  I need to leave my current housing immediately (urgently) as I am at serious risk of violence from transphobic roommates, but due to Autism and being disabled due to severe PTSD, do not have the confidence necessary to navigate shelters due to fear of being homeless.  I bring in about 1000 a month (at least) concerning my SSDI plus what I make on cam, so I can pay for rent plus utilities as much needed up to 700 a month (with both included in price).  I need to move ASAP, today is 10-26-14, I am willing to move tomorrow (10-27-14) if possible, and am willing to move just about anywhere and live with just about anyone.  If you are in state or even out of state in another state, and want to come and pick me up, I will give you my address in Everett/Malden area of Massachussetts, and you can come pick me and my stuff up, but you will need a pickup truck to get me and my stuff (at a minimum).  Thankyou to whomever is reading this.  I can be contacted at Ineedhousing@runbox

Once again, I can be contacted at Ineedhousing@runbox.   I repeat, I need someone who has a pickup truck, or access to one to come pick me and my stuff up, and take me to wherever they live (even if it is out of state) as soon as they possibly can.  Paying you up to 700 a month (including utilities) is no problem for a room/couch/loft, and I would prefer my own room if possible.  Thank you.

Once you contact me by email, I will give you my phone number if what you are offering is concrete and immediate assistance, and we can work from there.

Need couch urgently Louisville

It seems I find myself in a predicament again. I was suppose to move in with a girl  to practically be her live in nanny but she bailed on me. So, now that I have finished taking care of a friend who broke her knee, I find myself in a place where I need a place. I’m  looking for something in Louisville and I’m not picky where at this point. I need something possibly long term for now so I can try and find something Safe. I’m 30, AMAB non binary, I can chip in with rent, housework etc. I’m working on my GED and trying to figure out life.  

I’m unemployed and looking, however I get an allowance from the closest thing i have to a parent So, I’m not hurting for money right now. I Had a place lined up but i can’t seem to get ahold of the guy so, I’m presuming he’s ignoring me and changed his mind. I need to be out by the 30th of this month so I don’t have much time. I’ve found luck on here before so I’m hoping i can again. 

You can contact me at my Email Or call or text my Cell 502-224-1575


$500 / 80 square feet - In Search of Queer Housing
(NE / SE Portland , Gresham or Tigard)

Hola! My name is Ahuviya. I am a Latin@ Trans Woman with Disabilities who has been houseless/housing unstable since I moved out of my Mom’s house four years ago. I now collect a steady income but cannot find a safe/affordable place to rent at - even an apartment is not an affordable option, so I am looking for a room.

I am an energetic, creative, almost-30 y.o. Unapologetically from Philadelphia, PA. . Trans Lesbiana looking for queer friendly collective housing and/or an intentional community to call “mi casa” after a couple years of bouncing down and up the Pacific Coast since I hoped a train form Philadelphia.

About Me: I am a Trans Latin@ committed to Social Justice, I love to draw cartoons, maps, road signs, and tattoo designs when I am sitting down and chilling. I have a cute (and at times dark) sense of humor.

When I am on the move and out and about, I love to: Roller skate, Roller Derby, Ice Skate, Hiking, Kayaking, X-Country Skiing, Do Urban Photography/Exploration, Explore new Latinx restaurants and hangouts, exploring Public Transit. I also have a background in horticulture and gardening.

I love kittehs, doges, hermit crabs, hamsters, and fish. So I am very pet friendly.

Email me! -

Tumblr: PM Me @


Both of my roommates will be moving out in June, so I am looking for two new roommates. The smaller room is $490 a month and the other is $520 a month, not including utilities. Water, trash, and gardner are paid for, but we need to pay electric, gas, and internet, which are about $40 a month per person. We have a large, furnished living room, a nice kitchen with gas stove and oven, a front yard, and a small back patio. You will share a bathroom with whoever rents the other room. Parking is mostly street parking. We are close to bus stops, grocery stores, and freeways.

About us: My partner and I rent the master bedroom and have our own bathroom. I am a non-binary trans woman and they are genderqueer. We have a cat that is allowed free reign of the house, so if you have an allergy that may be difficult for you. We pretty much keep to ourselves, but we will sometimes hang out in the living room and watch movies and such. We smoke medical marijuana occasionally, so the house isn’t really sober, but we don’t do much other than that.

We really want to find other trans people to live with and make our house a safe space for all of us. If you’re interested or have any questions feel free to send me a message at @loveablevillain.

Need a room- Southampton, UK.

I’m a disabled non-binary trans person (pronouns they/them/their) looking to escape an emotionally abusive and tenuous living situation. My previous experiences of living with cishet strangers contributed to a suicide attempt and put me at constant risk of sexual assault so I am desperate for a safe living space. I am also a sexual violence/abuse survivor currently undergoing treatment for trauma and have been advised I need somewhere safe to heal. I’m working part time so can afford a monthly rent as well as a deposit. I don’t have any access requirements for my living space, but close proximity to any train station is important. I am very quiet as I spend most of my time in bed and occasionally have friends over who will help me with the odd task here and there. I’m happy to answer any further questions about myself or my situation by email:

Need Couch-Kissimmee,Orlando,Poinciana, FL

Hello, My name is J and I identify as a pre-transitioning trans woman. I have not been able to be me because I have lived in a very toxic home. Though I would really love to leave the house today, I know that I cannot because of how things are right now (I also want to finish at least my summer semester before I move out.). I currently do not have a job so I think that is another reason for me not wanting to rush to it right now. I am looking for a place to move sometime in July-October.  I would like to know anyone who is offering me a place to stay until then (it will ease my tension.)

I am not picky but there are things I would ask you to please understand:

  • I suffer from multiple mental illness (ADD, ADHD, Chronic Depression, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder). I just ask you to please be patient with me.
  • I am a Pagan, I don’t ask for you to allow me to have a full altar (but that would be great if you would) but I do ask if you would allow me to practice.
  • I would like to ease into my transition please be patient with me as well. 
  • I do not have a car at the moment, but I do plan on hopefully will before I move in. If not the only thing I ask is to give me transportation to a bus stop.
  • I want to begin sex work so of course I would like for you to be very accepting about it. But I am also looking for another job in the area.

I also do just ask to get to know me, I am very nervous at first which is mainly why I want to get to know the people before moving in with them. Thank you for understanding. 

Contact Me:


Number: (407)719-9260


I am looking for a place to move sometime in July-October. But I want to get to know the person before moving in.

Have room -- Virginia Beach.

Hello, our names are Michael and James and we are a 20 year old ftm couple. We’re big nerds who enjoy Marvel and anime, along with cosplay and things of that nature. We’re looking for someone asap who’s able to pay around $470 a month, and is pet and 420 friendly. It’s urgent that we find someone before the 5th of October, otherwise, we won’t be able to afford the rent all by ourselves. Our roommate basically screwed us over and was transphobic and an overall unpleasant and selfish person, who decided to leave without giving us much notice so it’s very important that we find someone as soon as possible. We have two rats who are kept in our room, and there will be a cat here as well, so if you have any pets, we might need to discuss it before you move in. I believe there’s a bus station down the road, but I’m not sure how reliable public transport is around here. 

PLEASE HELP, we desperately need someone, otherwise we will be in a lot of financial trouble, and face possible eviction.

You can reach us through, or either one of our tumblrs: and

Have Room, Normal IL

I am a nonbinary, aromantic pansexual (not currently sexually active) education student at Illinois State University (no plans to transition, AFAB), I’m searching for a roommate who can pay $390 a month and stay on the lease until May 2016. We have public transit and a lot of LGBT+ resources in the area. You’ll need to buy your own food, but I can share for the first few weeks. There are food centers here. I am medicated for bipolar disorder and depression, I am also an abuse and rape survivor and have PTSD regarding those.

Cats OK, alcohol OK. Please contact me about smoking. I am sex worker affirming, but have some triggers regarding sex so I’d like to work out details so we can get along well!

my tumblr is
my skype is vaporweva, please include the message “transhousingnetwork reply” in your friend request!

Have Couch- Tacoma, WA


My name is Chase. I am a 23 year old, cisgender, pansexual female who lives with her 24 year old, cisgender, asexual best friend and our 23 year old, male, transgender friend from high school. We bought a four bedroom, large house in Tacoma and will be glad to extend hospitality towards someone in need. We can provide a room upstairs for someone to use, and would ask for a small portion of rent to be paid to handle the cost of the mortgage- between 250$ and 350$. We have three cats, one snake, and one dog, but all of the animals are generally kept in one room for most of the day with us. If you have a pet, we are totally fine with them coming along too, as long as they will not hurt our animals. We also have an exterior garage and loft, though the garage door doesn’t currently work, the loft makes a very good place for storage if you have a lot of stuff you would like put aside.  

Two of us combine foodstamps for groceries and anything you can contribute would be appreciated but not absolutely required. As long as you can help us out with rent and everyone gets along enough for you to feel safe, you are welcome to stay with us for as long as you like, and some help out with the daily chores would be wonderful. We are a very open household and are looking to help. We are located fairly close to the Tacoma Rainbow Center if you would like any kind of support as far as trans friendly groups or just someone to talk to, and are located close to the train and bus station. If you are willing to put a little bit towards gas and do not have a car, we would be happy to drive you places you need to go as well. 

None of us smoke, and if you do, we’re fine with it as long as you only smoke outside. We have a large, mostly fenced in yard in the front and the back as well as a covered porch, so there’s a lot of privacy to be found here. 

If you are a sex worker, we are open to discussing that, but our number one concern is your safety. If you wish to use your room for client visits, please let us know whenever we might expect guests, and also whether or not you would like us to stay in the house so that you can call one of us for help if need be, or if you would be more comfortable with us leaving during that time and giving you privacy. I work as a graveyard security officer, Miranda is a freelance artist so she’s almost always home, and Noah is disabled so he stays home most of the time. Again, our number one concern is the safety of the people who live here.. we will never want you to be uncomfortable or frightened, and invite you to start any conversation to the effect of improving the quality of your stay with us. It is our hope not only to help you find a place to stay, but also to build a new friendship.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on my tumblr
Or email me at if tumblr eats your message.  


hi, i am a 22 year old queer trans woman. i’m looking for a place to stay in los angeles. i had been living in orange county with my mom; it just wasn’t and isn’t the best situation for me in a number of ways. i’m hoping to find a couch or a room to rent while i look for work and a room to rent in los angeles. right now i have housing secured until the middle of january on friends’ floors and couches. i have savings that i could use to pay for a room on a temporary basis, perhaps something around or under $400/month. access to a kitchen would be extraordinarily helpful for my relationship with food. i can take care of my own groceries but am happy to help with cooking/cleaning/chores.

i have a car, so some access to parking would be great. really anywhere in los angeles would be great, but something closer to west LA would be preferable. right now i’m doing an unpaid internship in mar vista, applying to grad programs, writing/reading a lot, and looking for paid work. please please let me know if you have any leads or can help out, because my current housing situation is getting harmful for me and i’m really looking for something new. 

feel free to contact me at my tumblr askbox:

thank you so much!