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The Cutting Edge of Library Technology!

Throughout history, libraries have always been on the cutting edge and the first to make widespread use of the newest technology.  The Cleveland Public Library was no exception, as you can see below. 

Shown here is Kathleen Dowd, Catalog Department, Main Library, 1937. Miss Dowd is operating one of the Library’s typewriters specially fitted to accommodate two catalog cards simultaneously, enabling rapid and accurate duplication of the usually complex material which forms the card’s contents.

A motor-driven eraser speeds the work in the Catalog Department! Photo taken May 1937. Seriously? Is erasing that hard that you need a motor-driven eraser? I will never again complain about today’s youth…

Shown here is the Library’s multigraph, used for quantity production of catalog cards. May, 1937. The multigraph was an early copy machine that had the distinction of reproducing letters that looked like they were typewritten.

A Library employee using the Telautograph machine, ca. 1925.  The telautograph was an early precursor to the fax machine, reproducing hand written information by transmitting electrical impulses from one station to another. 

The Library’s Telautograph machine was used to send information between the Public Catalog room (pictured above, ca. 1925) to the Sociology Division and the Technology Division.

One of Cleveland Public Library’s earliest online catalog terminals. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) was made available for use by selected Main Library subject departments on an experimental basis in the Summer of 1980. By the end of the year, the OPAC service had been extended to all public departments in the Main Library and Business and Science Building. The Library’s catalog of 1.2 million individual titles was fully online by December 1st, 1982.   

Dr. Ervin Gaines, Director and Ms. Marion Huttner, Deputy Director, using the Library’s new Online Public Access Catalog, early 1980′s. To the dismay of many staff and patrons, Dr. Gaines closed the Main Library Public Catalog room on February 1st, 1984.  It held 5 million cards at the time and was long regarded as the nerve center of the collections.

Your personality based on your witch calling
  • green/garden witch: You are very nurturing in nature, very protective of your friends. Some of your favorite things are being alone except for nature around you. You probably want to be in a field of some sort of biology, healthcare, public works, or medical technology.
  • traditional witch: You are an old soul, and you probably are very wise and smart. You have deep thought, and you love history. You probably know everything there is to know about history and politics. You probably want to be in a field of history, art, politics, or even archeology.
  • hedge witch: You are someone who is very aware. You feel the strum of the beat of the earth, and you connect to animals very easily. Almost all animals love you. You probably want to be in a field of biology, environment, veterinary care, or public works.
  • cosmic witch: You feel a deep connection with the otherworldly. You love conspiracy theories, and you are are always deeply curious. You probably want to be in a field of engineering, flight, aeronautics, astronautics, astronomy or physics.
  • lunar witch: You are the friend who always says "oh my god look at the moon!!", and you feel a deep connection to the goddess, or your own femininity. You're very similar to the cosmic witch.
  • divination/psychic witch: You have an endless supply of crystals, tarot cards, black mirrors, pendulums, ouija boards, orical cards, and so on. You are extremely intuitive, and you love watching people and making hypotheses about who they are. You probably want to study physics, geology, public works, or teaching.
  • storm witch: You have a fiery personality and you're not afraid to show it. You can always tell what the weather is going to be like. You are very ambitious. You probably want to study meteorology, law, accounting, poltical science, or statistitcs.
  • sea witch: you feel the tides of the ocean circulating the globe. You are a very ethical person, and you have a slight "OCD" or perfectionist personality. You probably want to study marine biology, marine science, environment, ecosystem, law or poltical science.
  • eclectic witch: You are a little bit of everything. This also means that you have a hard time making up your mind on some matters because you find interest in everything. You tend to fall hard in love. you probably could be/study anything!
  • spirit witch: very similar personality traits to the divination/psychic witch. You are intutive, and you are a great listener.
Grad Student Blog Roll
If you want to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have.

It is finished! Behold, the grad students of tumblr! Let me know if I got any information wrong. I tried to double check as much as I could, but you know how it goes. 

Also, if anyone else wants to take part in this, please send or submit your name (optional), pursued degree, subject, year and other degrees you may have. 


➾ Katie

➾ Alicia

➾ Zach

➾ Lori

  • Blog: lionsgobrawrg
  • Degree: MA (Applying for PhD in Communications/Media, Technology & Society/Public History)
  • Subject: Communications
  • Other Degrees: BA, Anthropology (Focus: Archeology) with minor in Urban Public Health

➾ Ariel

  • Blog: ariel-sade
  • Degree: M.S, 2017
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Biology (minor in Chemistry)

➾ Katie

  • Blog: handsofhulk
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Marine Science (Marine Biochem)
  • Other Degrees: B.S, Zoology & Life Science Communication

➾ Madeleine

  • Blog: awstudying
  • Degree: Masters (1st year)
  • Subject: Speech-Language Pathology
  • Other Degrees: B.A, Speech, Language and Hearing Science (minor: Linguistics)

➾ Odette

  • Blog: qwertyscribbles
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Business Administration (Quantitative Methods for Business, Accounting & Human Behavior & Resource Management)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Agricultural Economics

➾ Rebecca

  • Blog: singlegradstudent
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: School Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Psychology

➾ Christine

  • Blog: cferaday
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Communication & Culture

➾ Mina

  • Blog: minadreamsof
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry & Computer Science

➾ Danika

  • Blog: studynightatthemuseum
  • Degree: Masters, 2017
  • Subject: Museology (Museum Studies)
  • Other Degrees: BA, History, 2014

➾ Katie

  • Blog: katie-caffeinated
  • Degree: Masters (M.Ed.)
  • Subject: Higher Education & Administration
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Literature (minor in German Studies)

➾ Lisa

  • Blog: mllemouse
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Museum Studies
  • Other Degrees: BA, Visual Arts

➾ Patricia

  • Blog: frondiestudies
  • Degree: M.A., 2017
  • Subject: Music Performance
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music Performance

➾ Grace

  • Blog: dreadnoughtus
  • Degree: MFA., 2019 (1st Year)
  • Subject: Cinematic Production
  • Other Degrees: BA, Communications

➾ Blanka

  • Blog: black-lodge-gatekeeper
  • Degree: Masters (2nd Semester)
  • Subject: English Language & Literature + Czech Literature and Intercultural Communication (Adaption, Translation, Editorial Work)
  • Other Degrees: BA, English Language and Literature

➾ Elizabeth

  • Blog: seriousacademic
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Higher Education
  • Other Degrees: BA, Political Science and Theater

➾ Jin

  • Blog: jinstudies
  • Degree: MA (applying to PhD Programs)
  • Subject: Music
  • Other Degrees: BA, Music and English Literature

➾ Loryn

  • Blog: sacardia
  • Degree: MSc (Canadian Edu System)
  • Subject: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biomedical Physiology & Certificate in Liberal Arts

➾ Katt

  • Blog: MA-in-crying
  • Degree: MA, 2018
  • Subject: English
  • Other Degrees: BA, English and Gender & Women’s Studies

➾ Cassie

  • Blog: thecassiegene
  • Degree: MSc (Graduated)
  • Subject: Genetic Counseling
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology (minor in Chemistry & concentration in genetics)

➾ The Hell Kitten Letters

  • Blog: thehellkittenletters
  • Degree: M.A (2nd year)
  • Subject: Comparative Literature (Focus: Asian Literatures)
  • Other Degrees: B.A, English Literature

➾ etbrprincess

  • Blog: etbrprincess
  • Degree: Masters (Finishing Undergrad)
  • Subject: Molecular Biology

➾ omniscribe

  • Blog: omniscribe
  • Degree: Masters (1st Year)
  • Subject: English

➾ thepianobabs

  • Blog: thepianobabs
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Music (Collaborative Piano)

➾ Inconocible

  • Blog: inconocible
  • Degree: Masters, 2017 (Future: MLIS)
  • Subject: English (Future: Library/Information Science)
  • Other Degree: BA, English (Concentration: Technical Writing) & BA, Spanish

➾ Academia In The Arts

➾ Read-Write-Travel

  • Blog: read-write-travel
  • Degree: MA (Just Applied!)
  • Subject: European & Russian Studies (history, political science, languages, literature)
  • Other Degree: BA Honours

➾ mereswyne

  • Blog: mereswyne
  • Degree: MS (applying for PhD next fall!)
  • Subject: Microbial Ecology and Evolution / Bioinformatics
  • Other Degrees: BA, Integrative Biology

➾ unknownwind

  • Blog: unknownwind
  • Degree: Masters (applying for next year)
  • Subject: Public Policy and Administration
  • Other Degrees: Public Policy & Health Studies, 2016

➾ camchuckforever

  • Blog: camchuckforever
  • Subject: Literature, Creative Writing, Popular Fiction

PhD - Sciences & Engineering

➾ Krystal

  • Blog: caffeinatedcraziness
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in environmental science

➾ Paige

  • Blog: vancomycinandveganism
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Natural Products and Analytical Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry, minor in mathematics

➾ Danielle

  • Blog: onetwothreemany
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Wildlife and Soundscape Ecology
  • Other Degrees: Masters

➾ Meg

  • Blog: thegeologist
  • Degree: PhD (Currently Applying)
  • Subject: Planetary Geology
  • Other Degrees: BS, Geology

➾ Lourdes

  • Blog: lifeandtimesofindigostarr
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Material Science and Engineering (Focus: Metallurgy)
  • Other Degrees: SB, Material Science and Engineering

➾ Ana

  • Blog: parttimebiologistfulltimeninja
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Biology (Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology & Metabolic Engineering)
  • Other Degrees: BSc, Biology

➾ Aly

➾ Melissa

  • Blog: ghostly-smoke
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Biochemistry
  • Other Degree: Biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology

➾ Marissa

  • Blog: marissadee
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Social Neuroscience

➾ Carly/Carlo

➾ Natalie

  • Blog: smilesandvials
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Chemistry (Nanoparticles)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Chemistry

➾ Colbie

  • Blog: quantumleviosa
  • Degree: PhD (starting fall, 2016)
  • Subject: Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering
  • Other Degrees: BA, physics and biology

➾ Carly

➾ Kayla

  • Blog: EternalAcademic
  • Degree: PhD (5th Year)
  • Subject: MIcrobial Ecology
  • Other Degrees: BS, MIcrobiology

➾ MJ

  • Blog: mj-the-scientist
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Theoretical/inorganic chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BA, Chemistry with a minor in Math

➾ Ellin

  • Blog: labness
  • Degree: PhD (Second Year), 2019
  • Subject: Cancer Pharmacology
  • Other Degrees: MSci, Molecular and Cellular Biology

➾ K.T.

  • Blog: astudyinphd
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Molecular Biosciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biological Sciences

➾ Dennis

  • Blog: roundlittledog
  • Degree: PhD (3rd Year), 2019
  • Subject: Physics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics and Abstract Mathematics

➾ Lara

  • Blog: geneswithpockets
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Biological & Biomedical Sciences
  • Other Degrees: BS, Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology (Minor: Biomedical Research)

➾ Chemislife

  • Blog: chemislife
  • Degree: PhD, 2016
  • Subject: Organic Chemistry

➾ Science Sarcasm and Other Stuff

➾ myselfoverme

  • Blog: myselfoverme
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Material Science

➾ Anon et al.

  • Blog: roninlioness
  • Degree: PhD, 2019 (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Extragalactic Astrophysics
  • Other Degrees: BS, Physics

➾ Vegan Loves You

  • Blog: veganlovesyou
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Computationally-intensive biology
  • Other Degrees: Bachelors

➾ Neurodiversitysci

➾ Ethnically Ambiguous Vagabond

  • Blog: ethnically-ambiguous-vagabond
  • Degree: PhD, 2020
  • Subject: Gerontology (Aging and Health)
  • Other Degrees: MPH, Epidemiology, B.Sc, Biological Science (Focus: Health Studies)

➾ tmt-withlove

  • Blog: tmt_withlove
  • Degree: PhD, 2019
  • Subject: Analytical Chemistry
  • Other Degrees: BS, Forensic Science

➾ liebeliebes

  • Blog: liebeliebesxx
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science (Immunometabolism)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Biology/Biochemistry with minor in Chemistry

➾ clittleninja

  • Blog: clittleninja
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Virology
  • Other Degrees: BS, Biology

PhD - Humanities & Social Sciences

➾ Juliana

  • Blog: caffeinebooks
  • Degree: PhD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: French Medieval History

➾ Cristina

  • Blog: madeinromania
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Critical Social/Personality Psychology

➾ Laura

  • Blog: lauralovegoods
  • Degree: Masters
  • Subject: Secondary Education (Emphasis in History)

➾ Kristen

  • Blog: netsirk-studies
  • Degree: PhD/EdD
  • Subject: Education/Ed Tech
  • Other Degrees: MEd, Adult & Higher Education; BS, Interdisciplinary Studies

➾ Becky

  • Blog: weesmolhistorian
  • Degree: PhD, 2016
  • Subject: Ancient History (Focus: Egypt)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Ancient World Studies & Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

➾ Brie

  • Blog: roadto-phd
  • Degree: MA/PhD, 2020
  • Subject: Cultural Anthropology (Politics of identity & memory in Native Hawaiians)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Cultural Anthropology, History & American Studies

➾ Anne

  • Blog: creativityobsessed
  • Degree: Dual MLS/PhD (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Musicology and Library Science

➾ Marie

  • Blog: howtophd
  • Degree: PhD, 2nd year
  • Subject: Early Modern History (17th Century, Spanish Empire & Great Britain)
  • Other Degrees: Secondary School Teaching Degree (German Staatsexamen) in English, History, German

➾ Katie

  • Blog: soc-grad-studies
  • Degree: PhD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Sociology
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Sociology and Environmental Science

➾ Jack

  • Blog: lastlettersfromhav
  • Degree: PhD (4th Year)
  • Subject: English Literature
  • Other Degrees: B.A. English and Music

➾ Adi

  • Blog: lastlettersfromhav
  • Degree: MA+PhD Combined Program (Year 1 of MA)
  • Subject: International Relations - Counter terrorism Studies - concentrating more on Indo-African and Indo-European relations.
  • Other Degrees: Bachelor of Medicine in Psychiatry + Language Certs

➾ Nicole

  • Blog: omnia-est-vanitas
  • Degree: PhD
  • Subject: Art History (focus on medieval, minor in Renaissance Art)
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Art History and Museum Studies

➾ Katie

  • Blog: commgradblr
  • Degree: PhD (3rd Year)
  • Subject: Communication
  • Other Degrees: MA, Communication and BS, Communication Disorders

➾ Caitlin

  • Blog: crimefighterphd
  • Degree: PhD (1st Year)
  • Subject: Criminal Justice (minor in Statistics)
  • Other Degrees: BS, Psych; BA, Asian Studies, MSc, Psych; MSc, Forensic Psych

➾ Academic Mermaid

  • Blog: academicmermaid
  • Degree: PhD, 2016 (6th Year)
  • Subject: Religion and Politics

➾ Protagonistanormal

  • Blog: protagonistanormal
  • Degree: PhD, 2018
  • Subject: 21st Century Spanish Literature & Culture
  • Other Degrees: MA in Spanish; BA in English & Spanish

➾ The History Grad

➾ A Blonde Bibliophile

➾ Curious Grad Student

  • Blog: curiousgradstudent
  • Degree: PhD, 2019
  • Subject: Art History
  • Other Degrees: B.A. Medieval Studies & French


➾ Murphy

  • Blog: onemoresoultothecall
  • Degree: PsyD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology (Forensic, Child/Family & Trauma Studies)
  • Other Degrees: Two Master Degrees (Clinical Psych)

➾ Abby

➾ Once Upon a PsyD Student

➾ Kitty-Wine

  • Blog: kitty-wine
  • Degree: PsyD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology

➾ Jayropa

  • Blog: jayropa
  • Degree: PsyD (5th Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology

➾ Balance and Blessings

  • Blog: balanceandblessings
  • Degree: PsyD (2nd Year)
  • Subject: Clinical Psychology
  • Other Degrees: BA, Psychology & Mindfulness/Meditation


➾ Kari

  • Blog: kari-and-kaffeine
  • Degree: JD (2nd Year)
  • Other Degrees: BA, Philosophy & English Lit

➾ Another Something The Same

➾ Nureshka

  • Blog: nureska
  • Subject: Math
  • Other Degrees: BS, 2017 (soon!)

More than ever, today’s architecture is fueled by an acceleration of technology, material science and down-to-try-it attitude. As Kushner argued in a recent post in Medium, just like the ‘70s had Brutalism and the ‘90s Deconstructivism, today might very well be the age of experimentalism in architecture.

MORE: 20 Buildings That Show the Future of Architecture


Engineered Cotton Makes Magical Garments

A Cornell University lab is applying nanotechnology to make textiles do a whole range of new and useful tricks.

Chemical and biomolecular engineer Juan Hinestroza and his team in the textiles nanotechnology lab are adding tiny bits of metal into fibrous material like cotton. When woven into a textile, the augmented yarn can produce light, kill disease-causing microbes or act as a filter to trap harmful gas. In addition, the metal oxides allow the yarn to be fashioned into conductive components like transistors for electronics.

“We want to transform traditional natural fibers into true engineering materials that are multifunctional and that can be customized to any demand,” Hinestroza said. “We are chemists, we are material scientists, we are designers, we want to create materials that will perform many functions, yet remain as flexible and as comfortable as a t-shirt or an old pair of jeans.”

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Help grow a garden of ginormous, glowing, origami-inspired mushrooms for Burning Man this year.

Last year, the group of designers, engineers, and makers who comprise the arts and technology collective FoldHaus created Blumen Lumen, an installation of oversized flowers that open and close and change colors in response to the environment. This year, they’re back with Shrumen Lumen — a cluster of five interactive kinetic fungi that glow, fold up, and change color and shape. Filled with more than 1,600 computer-controlled color LEDs, with mushroom caps that span 12 feet in diameter, the sculptures will change color and shape depending on how people interact with octagonal control pads spread throughout the mushroom garden.

See how the team is making progress and lend a green-thumbed hand right here.


(!!!!!!) My name is Marie, and I was selected as the Doodle 4 Google winner for the state of Mississippi! I’m completely, utterly ecstatic, but the competition doesn’t end here. Now, the public can vote until Feb. 22nd for their favorite doodles to become the top 5 national finalists. I would be SO very grateful if you would take a few seconds to click the link and vote for me!


As a liberal, Hispanic, first-generation college hopeful, I feel as though I definitely represent the diversity within my state, and I’d like to show that to the nation. If I became the top winner, not only would I receive a scholarship for $30,000 and appear on the Google homepage, my school would win a technology grant for $50,000. Coming from a large public school, our technological resources are limited, but this Google grant will greatly help! 

This year’s Doodle 4 Google theme is “What Makes Me… Me”, and you can check out my explanation of my Doodle with the link! Please reblog and vote!

Why is this tiny globe getting so much attention? Because it’s one of our greatest rarities! The Hunt-Lenox globe was created around 1510, and is one of the earliest cartographic representation of the Americas. Scientists recently visited NYPL to scan the sphere so our people can explore it digitally from anywhere in the world! 

The Wall of Sound

It was a signal moment in the history of sound that set in motion a years-long work in progress that would culminate in what’s arguably the largest and technologically innovative public address system ever built, and it started not with a bang, but with something of a casual, stoned proposition. 

This singular work of engineering would come to weigh over 70 tons, comprise dozens and then hundreds of amps, speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters, stand over three-stories tall and stretch nearly 100 feet wide. Its name could only be the Wall of Sound.


A WIRED investigation shows that some children attending day care facilities affiliated with prominent Silicon Valley companies have not been completely vaccinated against preventable infectious diseases. At least, that’s according to a giant database from the California Department of Public Health, which tracks the vaccination rates at day care facilities and preschools in the state. We selected more than 20 large technology and health companies in the Bay Area and researched their day care offerings. Of 12 day care facilities affiliated with tech companies, six—that’s half—have below-average vaccination rates, according to the state’s data.

Read the full investigation here


Top British designer drives tank to PM’s home to protest fracking

British queen of ‪‎fashion‬ Vivienne Westwood is in the headlines once again, but not for her glamorous designs.

The 74-year-old designer drove an armored vehicle to the doorstep of Prime Minister David Cameron’s private residence in Yorkshire last Friday, to protest against recovering shale gas by fracking.

Westwood stood on top of the vehicle’s turrent, as it rolled up to Cameron’s house to launch a fake “chemical attack” there. She was joined by other protesters wearing gas masks.

Westwood said that the British prime minister is no different from reviled presidents Gaddafi and Assad, who were accused of using deadly chemical weapons, because Cameron has forced “toxic, life-threatening fracking chemicals on his own people against the advice of his own chief scientists.”

Last month, the government announced it will issue licenses for fracking in 27 locations in Yorkshire, the north-west and the east Midlands, which sparked strong protests among the public.

Fracking technology has long been controversial, as people are concerned about resulting pollution and fear the possible earth tremors it might bring.

A technology revolution is occurring around the world. It is occurring in the private sector, not the public sector. The technology revolution has created vast new markets where none previously existed. Internet and digital technology have unlocked individual self-empowerment, innovation and the creation of new markets in ways never before imagined in human history.

Now, big government wants to centralize, intervene, subsidize, micromanage, and regulate the Internet and digital commerce.

As President of the United States, I will oppose any attempt to tax, regulate, monitor or control the Internet. This is our technology revolution and government must stay out of the way.