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“Dear Ginger,
You are a real champ and you proved it all over again on our show. The reaction has been great!
I have just been asked to give my definition of a star to ‘This Week’ magazine and am using you as an example of the qualities that enter into stardom […] My dear Virginia McMath, I want you back on the show, so drop me a note and let me know your available dates.
Ed” – letter from Ed Sullivan to Ginger Rogers, dated 1963, published as part of The Ginger Rogers Collection at the Gotlieb Archival Research Center

I was wearing my brown Scooby shirt this morning.

As a day of three photoshoots was beginning, I threw on a white dress shirt overtop.

I’m glad I looked in the mirror before I left.

Prolly not the best look to wear to medical publications shoots, all things considered.

As much as the Duke sim labs could use a little Scooby touch… methinks switching shirts was a good call.



Michael James Holt, 26, was arrested two years ago in September after authorities received a Crime Stoppers call that he had expressed a desire to commit an “indiscriminate public place shooting.” The searches of the three residences he was drifting between revealed he had the means to do so, as he had stockpiled several homemade weapons, which included imitation pistols. His intended target was the Australian shopping center Westfield Tuggerah in New South Wales, but he had also told a college friend he dreamed of walking through the school shooting teachers and students. Holt described himself as “anti-system, anti-religion, anti-politics, pro-gun,” as well as being a professed neo-Nazi. He recently plead guilty to several charges of manufacturing  and possession of firearms, and he is scheduled for sentencing in March.

anonymous asked:

Excluding murder, what other crimes do you think the mercs have committed? Example: Scout probably did some vandalizing with his friends in high school, Pyro obviously, burned down a couple buildings in their day

Scout - Vandalizing, petty theft

Soldier - Stolen valor, impersonating an officer, illegal purchase of fireworks, destruction of private property, death threats, refusing arrest

Pyro - arson

Heavy - torture, illegal purchase of weaponry, escaping from prison camp

Demo - public intoxication, public indecency, bar fights

Engineer - shooting trespassers

Medic - malpractice, vivisection, torture, illegal purchasing of medical grade goods, impersonating a doctor, illegal surgeries, backalley doctoring, doctoring legal forms

Sniper - public indecency, fist fights, bringing weapons into unauthorized areas, being paid for illegal acts

Spy - stalking, serious theft, impersonating officers and politicians, being paid for illegal acts, prostitution, distrubing the peace, trespassing, breaking in, torture, illegal purchases, kidnapping, pickpocketing, travelling without a passport, fake passports and IDs, using fake money and credit cards, refusing arrest, obstruction of justice, illegal weapons, poisoning

Taking two friends shooting who have never shot a gun before. One of them is anti-guns. Advice?

Hi, I’m taking two friends shooting at a public safety shooting center range and am a bit nervous for a couple reasons.

  1. They might do something stupid/dangerous (primary concern)
  2. Ban all guns friend could pick a fight with somebody or do something dangerous to prove a point
  3. Embarrassment of being with them (I know this is a stupid reason)

Is a public range the best way to start them out? I think I will likely brief them on basic safety before we go and get them comfortable with treating the weapon as loaded, pointing it at the ground, finger never on the trigger unless you’re going to pull it, etc. I will have them shooting a .22 rifle so nothing over the top. Any advice on how to avoid this being a bad experience?

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stockland_martel; @ninomunoz shot the publicity images for @fiftyshadesmovie. This portrait of star #dakotajohnson is one of the beautiful photos from that shoot.

stockland_martel; Another great image from @ninomunoz’s @fiftyshadesmovie publicity shoot. #jamiedornan #dakotajohnson

stockland_martel; And here’s @ninomunoz on set with @fiftyshadesmovie stars #jamiedornan and #dakotajohnson. (Photo by @stellared.)

Unexpected (Part 4)

Yoongi reflects on the break up and continues to let his distorted sense of pride dictate his actions.

Warning: fellatio, references to other smutty things

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

Yoongi laid on the pavement, rubbing his bruised jaw, thinking about how he got to this place.  He thought back to the day when he broke up with her.  He knew he was a coward for doing it like that, to just text her.  But once he made the decision that they were over, he needed to be done with it quickly or else he would have wavered.  As soon as he sent her that text, he turned off his phone and sat on his floor and cried. 

He had heard Tae talking to her on the phone that morning.  He heard Tae ask why she had sex with him.  The way he could just say that, loud enough for anyone to hear, made Yoongi feel ill.  Soon enough everyone in the house would know what had happened and Yoongi couldn’t handle being in the apartment while they whispered amongst themselves.  He didn’t have any schedules for the next week, so he just left that afternoon to go stay with his family in Daegu. 

He left his phone behind in Seoul to save him from the temptation to call her. While in Daegu, he thought about her constantly.  How she laughed at his jokes when everyone else groaned and called him corny.  How she would sit quietly next to him doing her course work while he wrote lyrics.  How she would hold him and tell him how much she believed in him when he was feeling insecure.  He was feeling pretty insecure right now, but he had no one to turn to for comfort anymore.

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The blog was on temporary vacation but I'm coming back next week. Meanwhile:

Is there a soulmate-fic with the pairing Steve Rogers/Tony Stark that is NOT:

- written by either Sineala or sabrecmc because I’ve read their works to holes. They’re brilliant and I kind of know some of their works by heart now. Ask me ex-promt.
- involving Bucky Barnes. Browsing the stony soulmates’ tag took me by surprise with its abundance of threesomes; I couldn’t have imagined that soulbonds was one of those tropes where writers enjoy sandwiching our engineer between lots of loving super-muscles. Maybe another time I’ll try the fancy Starkbucks coffee but for now I’d rather have my superhusbands classic nude.

Also, I’d appreciate if you share your favourite R-rated fic with me by reblogging this for public access or shoot me a personal message. I love stony smut, slow burn, fast burn, crush'n'burn, and while I have the time on vacation I’ll be happy to collect your recs and have a lazy evening devoted to winghead and shellhead love stories. Preferably happy ending. Or least -ish.

Many big thanks in advance!

See you in a week!