public service recognition week


Ending public service recognition week with a post from new BLMer Mike Richardson.

At the end of my first week on the job as a BLMer, I found myself sitting on the San Rafael Swell Wedge overlook in Emery County, Utah.

Although I had been a BLMer for only seven days, I was filled with pride to be a part of an organization committed to preserving America’s public lands for uses as diverse as the lands themselves.  I found myself inspired to be a member of a team devoted to managing our country’s iconic landscapes for everything from ranching and energy development to backcountry solitude, recreation and so much more in between.

I grew up in an outdoor family that valued public lands and was fortunate to spend time in the West enjoying many of America’s extraordinary places, but a love of country beckoned me to serve in the Armed Forces.  I completed multiple combat tours both in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army, and my military experiences reaffirmed my desire to live and work in an area that could provide my own children with the same extraordinary outdoor opportunities I enjoyed as a youth.  Working for the BLM allows me to show my own family just how unique and special America’s public lands are and to positively contribute to the management of these incredible spaces.  

Continuing to serve my country and the American people by being part of the BLM team is an incredible honor.  As I sat gazing out on the breathtaking vista of Utah’s San Rafael Swell, I couldn’t help but think, “This is what freedom feels like.  It’s good to be home.”

Happy Public Service Recognition Week!

Yesterday we celebrated the accomplishments of National Archives staff across the country in our annual Archivist’s Awards ceremony.

We created a little internal fanfare yesterday by recognizing staff for protecting and recovering stolen records, for outstanding service and support of our nation’s veterans, for achievement in engaging our citizens, for developing the Presidential Memorandum and Directive on Managing Government Records, for efforts to increase National Declassification Center production, to name just a few of awards tied closely to our Transformation pillars.

We also celebrated long term service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years!

For me, every week is Public Service Recognition Week and I take great pride every day in the work that my staff does. Each member of the National Archives staff plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission of collecting, protecting, and making access happen. Congratulations to each one of you!

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Saying Thanks

Since 1985, the first week of May has been set aside to honor the men and women who serve our nation as Federal, state, county, and local government employees. It is also the time when I host the Archivist Awards ceremony at the National Archives to recognize the outstanding achievements of our staff in the past year.  We also recognize long term service—this year two folks with 45 years of service!   While the event is held in our College Park (MD) facility, this year senior executives traveled to eight of our facilities outside of the Washington area to celebrate with award recipients.  If cloning were possible, I would have been at all of our sites!

I believe every week is Public Service Recognition Week, and each year I look forward to this ceremony when I get to personally thank those who have accomplished so much. Check out the range of activities in the Archivist’s Awards Program.  I am fortunate to work with the most dedicated group of people who take tremendous pride in the work they do.  And I take tremendous pride in them.

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Public Service Recognition Week and the Archivist’s Awards

Despite the challenges of the past year–sequestration, the government shutdown, and other obstacles we have had to face– the staff of the National Archives has consistently risen to the occasion and has done some extraordinary work.

For me, every week is Public Service Recognition Week and I have come to look forward to the Archivist’s Awards day when we celebrate our staff’s accomplishments.  

As you all know we have amazing records in our holdings, but I want you to realize that the most important treasure at the National Archives is the staff. None of this would be possible without each one of them. To staff across the agency, I thank you for your service today and every day.

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Image: Staff receive awards at the 2014 Archivist’s Awards Ceremony at the National Archives in College Park

Celebrating Service to the Public

Yesterday, at our annual Archivist’s Achievement Awards ceremony, we celebrated Public Service Recognition Week by recognizing staff across the country for their exceptional contributions to the mission of the agency.

As you have heard me say before:  for me every week of the year is Public Service Recognition Week because I am so proud of the work that you all do across our agency in service to the American people.  Whether you are redacting pages from a service record in St. Louis, or refiling an IRS return in Lenexa, or helping someone navigate the FOIA process, or connecting someone with their family history, or ensuring that our staff and users are safe, or restoring a deteriorating film, or ensuring the a First Lady’s correspondence is accounted for, or educating a school group about how our government works, or safeguarding NARA holding from leaks, condensation, and frost problems, or doing any one of the hundreds of tasks the comprise the work of the National Archives—thank you for your passion and commitment to our mission.

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