public school lunch aesthetic

-random applause that eventually encompasses the entire cafeteria
-skipping classes to go to your friend’s lunch periods
-”come with me i dont wanna go alone”
-not knowing who you’re singing happy birthday for
-“hey if i pay you will you go through the line and get me something”
-knowing your id number so you can actually eat
-only wearing your id during lunch period
-that ONE security guard
-”what’s even for lunch today”
-those girls who chill in the bathroom doing their makeup
-fights = dinner AND a show
-”hey what lunch do you have this year” “b” “damn i’m in c”

Things that should be taught in public schools
  • Basic cooking
  • Personal finance (taxes, balancing a budget, retirement, etc.)
  • Better sex ed
  • Human sexuality
  • CPR and basic first aid
  • Mental health management
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills

And so many more practical skills that you can’t just acquire by googling for a few minutes or going to a gym.

Ahmed The Clock Hoaxer and his Tumblr SJW Allies

Last Updated January 30th, 2016.

When I first started this blog it naturally didn’t receive much attention, in spite of how much work I put into it. The first attention this blog received was when I began writing about how the Xkit Guy was harassed off of Tumblr by Social Justice Warriors. First, I posted my own analysis of the facts after doing my research and it received several hundred notes, almost all reblogs and positive comments from people who appreciated hearing the real story of what happened. Then, in response to several people who were requesting sources to do their own research on the Xkit Guy, I made a post with all my sources, and it also got over a hundred notes.

However, SJWs didn’t ever accept the truth and they sure as hell didn’t like me talking about it. They not only ranted about my posts, but they even threatened to break off contact with anyone who reblogged them. This was back before Tumblr had even the rudimentary block feature they have now, so there was really nothing to be done other than to enjoy how much my actions were angering the SJWs. They are still at it even now. Only a few days ago I saw a post where an SJW was repeating the blatant lie that Xkit Guy just arbitrarily wandered off before they started harassing him (no comment on why they needed to harass a supposedly inactive blog).

So now, it begins again with those of us speaking the truth about Ahmed Mohamed, the now (in)famous clock hoaxer who has received invitations to meet with President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. The SJWs are already threatening to “destroy” anyone who questions the narrative that Ahmed is the poor victim of Islamophobia and racism from the teachers at his public school (which is ironically a group that the leftists would usually defend at all costs, but who they now seem eager to throw under the bus). One of the blogs doing this is even circumventing the Tumblr block feature by taking screen shots of my blog to post and insult.

So what can I do to continue angering the SJWs this time? Well, tell the truth again, of course!

Fact #1: Ahmed didn’t “build” or “invent” his clock. He bought a clock off the internet and pasted the parts into his pencil case.

So I turned to eBay, searching for vintage alarm clocks. It only took a minute to locate Ahmed’s clock. See this eBay listing, up at the time of this writing. Amhed’s clock was invented, and built, by Micronta, a Radio Shack subsidary. Catalog number 63 765.

The shape and design is a dead give away. The large screen. The buttons on the front laid out horizontally would have been on a separate board – a large snooze button, four control buttons, and two switches to turn the alarm on and off, and choose two brightness levels. A second board inside would have contained the actual “brains” of the unit. The clock features a 9v battery back-up, and a switch on the rear allows the owner to choose between 12 and 24 hour time. (Features like a battery back-up, and a 24 hour time selection seems awful superfluous for a hobby project, don’t you think?) Oh, and about that “M” logo on the circuit board mentioned above? Micronta.


Fact #2: Ahmed knew the “clock” could be seen as a threat.

Ahmed asserted, “I closed [the ‘clock’] with a cable, I didn’t want to lock it to make it seem like a threat. So I just used a simple cable so it won’t look that much suspicious.” Ahmed’s assessment would juxtapose nicely with police chief Larry Boyd, who had stated that the clock was “certainly suspicious in nature.”


Fact #3: Ahmed’s science teacher told him not to show the “clock” to anyone else.

He showed the device to his science teacher who told him to put it away since it looked like a bomb.


Fact #4: After being told not to show to the “clock” to anyone else, Ahmed not only continued to show it to other people, he intentionally plugged the “clock” into a wall socket during one of his classes.

Based upon previous reports, he showed his supposed invention to an engineering teacher in the morning. Who subsequently warned him that the device looked suspicious and not to show it to anybody else. Apparently rather than heed his warning, according to reports, he then showed his invention to teachers in the next six classes who voiced similar concerns to him. In the sixth period he apparently, without the English teachers knowledge plugged the device into the wall with the intent to set off the timer on the device.


Only ‘Islamaphobes’ have some sort of problem with opaque, closed, tied shut cases (with no visible or accessible display or interface), plugged into the wall and beeping by surprise in the middle of a crowded class room. What English teacher wouldn’t be impressed by that?


Fact #5: Experts have confirmed that Ahmed’s “clock” does look like a bomb (or  more specifically, a bomb trigger).

I have built and taught classes on improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and the clock he brought to school is a dead ringer for the trigger used on many of these homemade bombs.


A clock is bomb trigger. PIRA used to use simple analogue clocks as bomb triggers; any clock can be used to set off a bomb.


Fact #6: Because of public school “Zero Tolerance” policies, Ahmed placed his teachers in a situation where they were forced to report him to law enforcement. It had nothing to do with his race or religion.

Once that logical determination was made, the school officials had to act. It was not their job, nor did they have the expertise, to determine the actual purpose of the device. They were required to involve law enforcement to make those judgments and when the police arrived they have policies to follow when faced with a possible homemade explosive device.


…the Associated Press (AP) named zero tolerance policies, not Islamophobia, as the reason for Texas teen Ahmed Mohamed’s recent clock-making woes…

“Ahmed’s suspension…reflects the rigid disciplinary policies that many U.S. schools adopted in the 1990s,” AP stated.


Fact #7: The teachers and police knew the “clock” wasn’t a real bomb. Their suspicion was that Ahmed brought the clock to school as a hoax, which is a separate crime of it’s own.

Here’s the statute authorities originally suspected Mohammed of violating (Texas Penal Code Section 46.08):

(a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly manufactures, sells, purchases, transports, or possesses a hoax bomb with intent to use the hoax bomb to:

(1) make another believe that the hoax bomb is an explosive or incendiary device; or

(2) cause alarm or reaction of any type by an official of a public safety agency or volunteer agency organized to deal with emergencies.

(b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

Nobody said Mohammed built an actual bomb. They suspected that he had wanted to frighten or alarm officials with a hoax-bomb.


Fact #8: Obama Invited Ahmed to bring his “cool clock” to the White House, even before any picture of the clock had been released.

Obama tweeted out “cool clock” before the photo was released. Who has such immediate access to the Oval office?


The boy’s “main goal is to take [the clock] to the president,” Ahmed’s uncle, Aldean Mohamed, told an Irving reporter


Fact #9: Ahmed was “too busy” touring the Middle East to pick up his “cool clock” from the police station. As a result, he never showed it to Obama, despite previous statements that he was going to do so.

In an interview with reporters this morning, Mohamed admitted that he didn’t bring his clock to Washington D.C. “because he’s been too busy traveling to pick it up from home,” according to the Dallas Morning News.


According to an interview with Yahoo News on Monday, Mohamed admitted that he did not bring the device with him to Washington D.C.


Fact #10: Ahmed’s family is blocking the release of records involving the case, refusing to meet with the school, police or the mayor and has “lawyered up” to promote their agenda.

Irving Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne said last night that the family of Ahmed Mohammed has repeatedly refused to meet with city officials, refused to released records exonerating police conduct, and that President Obama had tweeted about the case even before pictures of the so-called “clock” were publicly available.


In very short order, the family was under management by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization established – ironically, in a federal prosecution conducted in nearby Richardson, Texas – to be a Muslim Brotherhood-associated fundraising and political warfare arm for the designated terrorist group, Hamas. Ahmed lawyered up and he and his family were no-shows for scheduled meetings with school officials and with the police chief and Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.


Fact #11: The most likely reason the family refuses to release Ahmed’s education records is his extensive history as a disciplinary problem for the school.

The Dallas Morning News described Mohamed as having “racked up weeks of suspension” and pranking the “classroom projector.”

Kubiak admits a fondness for Mohamed yet dubbed him a “weird little kid” who could either wind up the CEO of a company or “head of a gang.”


Fact #12: A former Muslim student of the same high school graduated as a valedictorian and denies Ahmed’s claims of discrimination.

Now a college student, Jamali acknowledged she did not know first-hand what occurred at MacArthur with Ahmed, then underscored,  “…Mac is a place where there is no or very little prejudice.”


Fact #13: The group representing Ahmed’s family, CAIR, has been connected to overseas terrorist groups by the FBI.

In testimony Tuesday, FBI Agent Lara Burns reported before the jury in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was listed as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, right alongside HLF, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), and the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR).


Fact #14: On CAIR’s own Facebook page, other Muslims complained about their attempts to promote Ahmed’s case as an example of Islamophobia.

Umm maybe for the month or for the week? But Muslim of the year? Seems a little overboard. How about Linda Sarsour who is an activist who promotes diversity and peace for Muslims and Americans? She deserves this way more. I can name ten people that deserve this more, not saying he doesn’t deserve an award, just not this one.

Oh man, that’s a load right there. What he went through was horrid, but you do realize that there are hundreds of actually deserving American Muslims out there who are making a difference, right? Take Peace House, for example and their pitch to get Salahadin on Netflix.

It’s kind of like how Caitlyn Jenner won the ESPN Courage award. A lot of people thought there were many more deserving people who’ve pushed themselves to the limit for a long time.


Fact #15: Ahmed’s Father is an Islamic activist, claims to be a Sheikh, has run for political office in Sudan and has been involved in other previous Islamic publicity stunts. All of these activities are openly doubted by other Muslims.

Muslim leaders in Texas, meanwhile, doubted his claims to religious and scholarly leadership. “This so-called leader, we have never heard of this person,” Imam Zia ul Haque Sheikh, head of the Islamic Center of Irving, told the Seattle Times. “I believe the whole thing is made up.”


Fact #16: Ahmed’s father is a '9/11 Truther’ who promotes bizarre and previously debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories.

The boy’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, runs the Arabic-language National Reform Party Facebook page. That account has shared a 14-minute conspiracy theory video on the 9/11 attacks and a post that shows the smoking Twin Towers, describing it as a U.S.-sponsored hoax to launch a worldwide war against Islam.


Troubling statements in this Facebook post further the ideology of 9/11 conspiracy theories. The translation suggests that the 9/11 terror attacks were bogus, an inside-job, reading: “That the war against terror is nothing more than an illusion made in America—as al-Qa`ida was made in America, as well as what is happening now in the Arab East at the hands of the West.” The post also alleges that the United States created 9/11 to manufacture the “war on terror.”

Last week, Mohamed removed the National Reform page, perhaps in response to Western media sifting through the  content. 


Fact #17: When questioned about his motives, Ahmed is being fed answers by his family.

We talked about science, but while I’m talking to him on the phone, as I ask him a question, ‘Tell me what happened,’ because I’m curious, right? His sister, over his shoulder, you could hear, listening to the question, giving him the answer.


He captured Ahmed’s metered responses with “eyes drifting off camera” that appeared to look offside “for approval” from someone before answering questions. 


Fact #18: The viral photo of Ahmed being “arrested” was actually staged by his family.

The photograph of him in handcuffs that has gone viral, however, was not taken as he was escorted from the high school. Rather, it was staged after his father insisted at the police station that the cuffs remain on so his sister could take the picture.


Fact #19: Ahmed’s family were already multi-millionaires, even before they started receiving free gifts, computers and college scholarships from dozens of different sources.

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed is a self-made multi-millionaire. He started from the bottom and worked his way up to the top, ultimately selling his taxi cab company for millions of dollars. His success will somehow be used to show how unwelcoming America is to Muslim immigrants.


Fact #20: Irving was already a battleground between Islamists and the local mayor before this stunt took place.

Mayor Van Duyne has been a prime target of the Muslim grievance industry in Texas – a fixture of the Islamists’ large and aggressive operations in the state and elsewhere – ever since last spring when she opposed the establishment of an Islamic tribunal in her city. She did so out of a legitimate concern that such an entity would serve as its counterparts have elsewhere, notably in Britain – namely, as a vehicle for dispensing “justice” as defined, not by the laws of the land, but in accordance with the Islamic supremacist code called shariah.

Another data point: Attacks on Ms. Van Duyne in connection with the Ahmed Mohamed affair appear to have been pre-arranged and synchronized, rather than the sort of reaction that builds over time. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and those of the city government and school district, were suddenly and massively assaulted with vehement denunciations of the treatment of this student. Some were so vile, obscene and threatening that the Mayor has been compelled to accept police protection.


Fact #21: Ahmed’s family is threatening to sue and demanding $15 MILLION because of the “media campaign” which was supposedly “against” Ahmed…

The demand letters accused city and school officials of drawing national media attention. “You can find other cases where there is a wrongful arrest or detention and when there are mistakes made by school officials,” the lawyer asserted. “What you can’t find is the second phase, which is when they went out into the media and had an orchestrated campaign against a 14-year-old boy.”

Which campaign was that? From the get-go, news organizations like CNN blasted out Muslim teen Ahmed Mohamed creates clock, shows teachers, gets arrested. They threw him a failed fundraiser. TIME named him one of 2015’s top 30 most influential teens. The local Dallas newspaper characterized Ahmed as the severely traumatized yet “self-assured kid with thick framed glasses” with “a talent for tinkering,” a victim of racism and bigotry. Mainstream media gleefully portrayed Ahmed’s meetings with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Sudan’s Islamic genocidal leader Bashir. They celebrated the teen’s Saudi government funded Mecca pilgrimage and delighted in his tour of Education City, a gift from the Muslim Brotherhood-associated Qatar Foundation, and his White House Astronomy night visit.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette added what little sympathy Americans had for the “Clock Boy” is gone “thanks to a shameless money grab by the teen’s family.” The newspaper added that the Mohamed family’s “departure and subsequent demands make them look like opportunists, or worse.”


Fact #22: After giving the city and the school a 60 day deadline to surrender the money, Ahmed, his family and his lawyers seem to have faded back into the mists of obscurity. No lawsuit has been filed.

60 days… That would put the deadline somewhere around the 22 or 23 of this month! My guess is that if the school hasn’t caved and forked over the money by the end of the day on Friday (government offices don’t work on weekends, of course), then Ahmed, his family and his lawyers will be on the hook to follow through on their threat of a lawsuit!

If news doesn’t break tomorrow (Monday) about a lawsuit being filed, I’m going to say that Ahmed chickened out and has crawled back under whatever rock he came out from.


Fact #23: The tech community has rebelled against the media narrative, rejecting Ahmed’s claims of “inventing” the clock.

This blind support for Ahmed is more dangerous than the lack of STEM education in the world. It’s false intellectualism which results in very real anti-intellectualism. The idea that he did something great because people reacted poorly to it ignores the fact that he didn’t do anything at all, and it not only lowers the bar for what should be considered STEM, it drops it straight to the deck.


Have you seen the pictures of him holding a soldering iron up to another gutted appliance? He holds it like a knife, with his hand on the heating element, stabbing at the board. He’s holding the board he’s 'soldering’ at an angle so the hot solder would be prone to run right off the board and into his hand 'downhill’. It’s obviously a staged photo but what it indicates to me is the boy does not know how to use (or even safely hold onto) a soldering iron.

Perhaps someday someone will ask Ahmed to elaborate on what he means when he says that he built his clock from parts. Pretty simple question to ask him, yet no one ever does. He mumbles incoherently when asked about his other projects.


Fact #24: Tumblr SJWs are desperate to silence critics of Ahmed, by whatever harassment necessary.

When asshole racist bigots over look the fact a 14 year old cannot manufacture his own parts to build a clock. So the obvious inexpensive way to build a clock is with old clocks. This doesn’t mean he is a fraud. It just means you are an idiot who expects a 14 year  old to own his own multimillion dollar clock parts company where he can get clock parts for cheap. LOL it still does not mean he should have been arrested or taken his rights away. NICE TRY ASSHOLE, MAYBE NEXT TIME. Let me know if you know any 14 year old with his own manufacturing company. Dumbass

I hope people see that video so they can destroy the social media life of the creator


Fact #25: Tumblr SJWs have already driven Hollywood actor Stephen Amell off of Tumblr by accusing him of “islamophobia” after he offered his opinion on the Ahmed hoax.

well done tumblr and twitter, I hope you feel proud of yourselves, Stephen Amell (for those of you who don’t know) uses his social media to raise MILLIONS for sick children in need on a regular fucking basis and now you have drove him off of it. He might never come back to it again (contrary to what he said) So while you feel proud that tumblr has claimed another victory and shut down another “white privileged male” remember this. Yes, he is privileged, he is aware of this, which is why he fucking USES his privilege to actively help people who are less privileged than him. Sick children battling with cancer. By driving him off of social media you have stopped him from reaching out to his fans in order to help others, the privileged helping those less privileged.


Using the fact that he is privileged white male as a prop for the sake of calling him islamophobic and racist is fucking disgusting. He hasn’t said anything remotely islamophobic AT ALL so don’t go falsely labelling people with zero proof that they are the things you are calling them.


Analysis: This entire incident has been a carefully orchestrated hoax to promote a political agenda.

Ahmed, almost certainly directed by his father, used a commercially manufactured clock to create a 'hoax bomb’ inside of his pencil case which he took to school to intentionally spook his teachers. The school administrators and police reacted in a predictable fashion, as they would if any student brought a suspicious item to school.

From there, Ahmed’s father and his handlers at CAIR took over to promote a narrative that Ahmed was treated differently because of his race and religion. This narrative serves the agenda of these individuals. Ahmed’s father needed a boost to his ailing political career, while CAIR intended to utilize the hoax to push their “islamophobia” claims. Other leftist outfits quickly joined the bandwagon, with individuals like Obama and Mark Zuckerberg looking to push their mass immigration agenda.

You don’t need to be a genius to come to this conclusion, but Tumblr SJWs will continue to ignore these facts and claim their goal is to help a poor kid who got bullied by his teachers. If they really cared about this kid though, they would be more concerned with the fact that his family and CAIR are manipulating him to carry out a hoax which will follow him for the rest of his life.

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Last Updated January 30th, 2016. (The Final Update???)

So a homophobic principal wouldn't allow me to complete a school project because I'm gay...?

I know this is a bit long and this is an odd time to post this because GAY MARRIAGE LIGAL YAY! But this is the story of how a homophobic principal broke a young teen..

If you could just take a moment that would be awesome..

Hello, my name is Chiara Jacob. I live in a town on the coast of California, and I just finished 8th grade, therefore I am only 14 years old. However, I spent the last month or so of my school year fighting to finish a school project. My final English project this year was a protest speech, each student was allowed to choose their own topic, and it was a competition. All 8th year students were to pick something to protest, have two weeks to write a speech, read it to their English class, the class would all vote for the best two speeches, the two winners speeches would be displayed to the whole school, after that the entire school would vote, and elect two winners out of 12. My topic was homophobia and conversion therapy. I won in my class, and the teachers thought so highly of it that they spoke of it in the teachers lounge and I was asked to speak in front of another class. I was very proud of my speech, everyone seemed to love it. But the day before I was supposed to have it filmed, I was pulled aside and told I needed to edit out a few things, like the direct references to the school (even though I never once used any names other than my own) and the word “porn” even though I used it in a quote. This made me a little bit angry, but I did it anyways and had it filmed. I was very pleased and proud of my work and went on happily. However, the day that they were going to show it, I was told the principal disapproved it at the last moment. I simply did not understand why, so I went and spoke to her. She told me, “I believe it is inappropriate for 6th and 7th graders because it talks about suicide and death and this might have a negative effect on them…” Although I hardly mentioned it once, and according to my therapist talking about suicide lowers the chance of it happening. The principal went on to say, “we didn’t have enough time to write out permissions slips for the students.” But she had gotten my speech nearly a month in advance! I believe she knew she was one of the homophobic characters I mentioned in my speech, although not by name, and that’s why she didn’t want it shown. I spent almost an hour arguing with her, but eventually walked away. I only had a week and a half of school left, but I was not about to give up. I called up my (most amazing friend in the world~thank you again~) friend, Kira King, and had her write me a petition. She sent it to me that night, and I only had two days to gather signatures, but I did it. I got 350 signatures in two days. Everyone that I approached signed it. 350 signatures is more than half of my school. I had done everything in my power, and kept a level head in it all (which is something very hard for me) and I thought I had done well. Two days later, however, the principal disregarded all of my work without a second thought. My speech was never shown. She told the school one of the reason is because I didn’t “properly represent the other side”, meaning I didn’t talk about the thousands of reasons people could be homophobic. I do not believe that is a valid reason. Many other winning speeches did the same thing. I tried my hardest to keep it together, I didn’t want to explode and lose the end of the year privileges for 8th graders, so I tried to understand her side, I tried to see why she was doing what she did. I couldn’t do it. On the very last day of school, after we got out of class, I walked up to her and said in a very sweet and calm voice, “Ms [I feel I shouldn’t say her name], I would just like to say, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you, you homophobic bitch. You truly are the spawn of satan and I hope you burn in hell for all eternity, because that is where you belong. You broke a 14-year-old girl’s spirit in the course of a month and it will take me a long time to recover. I believe you will get what you deserve, there is a special place in hell for people like you.” I could see the heart break in her face, her eyes watered and in a shaky voice she replied, “oh, Chiara. I’m sorry that you feel that way.” I turned around and flipped her off as I walked away. Later I heard that after I did that she turned to one of the students that had gathered and said, “I could really use a hug right now,” but was declined. That month had broken me. I had been constantly fighting for gay rights, with just two people helping me (Maya Krietsch, and Jesselle Oliva-Rodriguez thank you again so much), at school, in my own home, and against my closest friend’s mother. But breaking that woman the way she broke me was really something.

If this gets enough notes.. Let’s say.. 1,000..?Because I doubt I’ll get 50, but I’ll do as my family and friends and friends families suggest and submit a tastefully edited version of this to a magazine or newspaper or something if it gets 1,000.. So let’s see.. Thank you!

School suspends, kicks off football team student who saved blind kid from being beaten by bully

“Zero-tolerance” claims another victim—this time, it’s somebody who should be regarded as a hero.

from Daily Mail:

A California teenager who rushed to help a blind classmate being beaten up by a bully has been kicked off the football team.

The high school junior was hailed as a hero for intervening after he saw the ‘visually impaired’ student being repeatedly hit round the head during lunch break at Huntington Beach High School, California on Wednesday.
Footage, filmed by a bystander, shows the teen knocking the bully to the ground with a single punch to stop the attack.

He leaves the boy lying bleeding on the ground while he checks on the visually impaired victim, before turning back to the attacker and asking him: 'You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro? What the f*** is your problem?’
The unnamed bully was today arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and released to his parents, according to Huntington Beach Police.
Police officer Jennifer Marlatt told My News LA the incident did not appear to have any connection with the victim’s disability but said Austin and his attacker 'have a history of not getting along’.

The officer said the argument had begun after the victim walked past his tormenter, and quickly escalated into a physical fight. 

'Another student saw the fight and intervened to prevent the suspect from further assaulting the victim,’ Marlatt said in a news release.  

Students told KCAL9 the visually impaired student was attacked for no reason.
Grant Morels said: 'I saw like a half circle around a group of kids and I wanted to see what was up. And I see this kid like getting wailed on by another kid.’
No arrest is expected for the intervening teen who has been praised by his peers and online for standing up for his classmate.

But his school took a different approach and are believed to have kicked the have-a-go-hero off the football team after he breached their 'zero-tolerance’ policy on violence.

read the rest

here’s the video (Warning: profanity ahoy!):

When you punish the good guys, it makes it difficult for them to continue doing the right thing.  The next time this blind kid faces a bully, who will come to his rescue? 

Update: Broken Youtube link replaced with LiveLeak video embed.

Update 2:Some good news via Reason Magazine. Perhaps the viral outrage of this story has knocked some sense into the the school administration’s heads.

On Twitter, the teen clarified that he was never kicked off the football team—that story was “made up” by the media, he said. The school district also denied that he would be suspended; whether the petition influenced that decision is unclear. For me, the fact that 20,000 people expected the hero to get unfairly railroaded by the system is still quite a testament to the ubiquity of zero tolerance.

Just public school things

-Hearing screams coming from other classrooms and wondering what the fuck is going on

-Dropping the mr/mrs from a teachers name and just referring to them by their last name

-Just getting up and walking out to go to the bathroom whenever because the teachers literally couldn’t care less

- People standing in the middle of the FUCKING HALLWAYS like how do you have that many friends

-Teachers asking why you’re late to class and you can use “traffic” as an excuse

- Scarily lacking sex ed

-Weird, non-optional school spirit things that serve zero purpose


-School-wide memes

-Seeing cops around ALL the fucking time

-Literal chaos + a mascot

the signs as things i’ve probably heard in school

aries: that’s not what your mom said when i tugged on HER flow last night

taurus: *chants* dunk on him! dunk on him!

gemini: this is comedic genuis: the first cell goes, “have you heard of the cell cycle?” and the second cell goes “nope” as it’s splitting in half. it’s funny cause the second cell looks like a bicycle. i’m getting extra credit for this one.


leo: *collective awkward/nervous laughter during assemblies*

virgo: i could get into harvard

libra: wHAt the fuck rachel i WILL NOT help you fix your thong

scorpio: *friend threatens to kill them* i’m actually kind of into that

sagittarius: i swear i don’t have pink eye! dude it’s from all the weed i’ve been smoking.

capricorn: i stayed up till three am trying to figure out this one problem for algebra II and it turns out the teacher didn’t even assign it to us in the first place

aquarius:  *starts choking on crayola*

pisces: couldn’t you have picked out a prettier plant? you are a disappointment to this lab group