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The Equal Justice Initiative is building a memorial for lynching victims — and it’s about time.

The Equal Justice Initiative announced on Tuesday that it will build the first-ever national memorial to lynching victims in Montgomery, Alabama. Titled “Memorial to Peace and Justice,” the EJI project will sit on six acres of land that used to be a public housing project in Montgomery. 

The structure will include the thousands of lynching victims’ names on concrete columns, which will represent hundreds of U.S. counties where the acts took place. The memorial will also coincide with the opening of a museum.

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A very starry annoncement

Sorry for being very silent for the past few weeks, i’ve been working on the book and, good news! It’s finally done and ready to go tonight! I just need to place the images together along with a few minor adjustments!

The book should be ready for preorder tomorrow evening or on Thanksgiving!

For those who are interested, please let me know via direct message and i’ll be sure to add you on the VIP list!

Have a great evening!


At university I learnt how proper preparation and rehearsal can make doing presentations a lot easier, they don’t need to be a big deal! I just wish my teenage self knew this…I can’t tell you how many projects I did last minute because I was nervous and didn’t want to think about presenting. 

high school au (part two)

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Andrew has spent every Sunday since he got out of juvie either in church or at an Exy tournament. It’s not a future he would have predicted for himself two years ago.

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Angelica Church to Elizabeth Hamilton, undated

Dear Eliza

I send you [molds] for Rammekins.  My Brother only prefers these cakes because they have a military sound.  Rammekins being the name of a Citadel in Flanders, a term in fortification as the appellation given to the great Duke of Marlborough ____. it must be from some favorable ideas a la Militaire that they are preferred to ___, finger cakes, dumplings, and kisses.

For me I detest such trash and would rather eat your Mutton.

Adieu dear Sister

Source: Columbia University, Hamilton Papers Publication Project

Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Sign -- Gemini

Gemini - May 21- June 20

Geminis thrive in fast-paced, stimulating environments that offer them variety and the chance to interact with many different things—whether that’s people, applications, environments—you get the gist. You can quickly move through anything at rapid speed, but beware: this also means you can get bored, and quickly, if not given a diverse task list. Just make sure you don’t fall into a tedious work environment, and you’ll be happy.

Ideal careers: Anything that requires relaying information and keeping up with tons of different topics is an ideal career path for Gemini, so teaching and communications are perfect for you. You’re mentally active and love to process a lot of different aspects of a project, so being a go-between of sorts would also work well—think PR and publicity or project manager.


Hacked Towns Status Regarding The Update

There has been a lot of speculation as to what happens to hacked towns when they’re updated to the Welcome Amiibo version of ACNL. I decided to compile together a list of things that may happen to your town after updating. A lot of this information is from others, and some is from personal experience.

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Would Yellow Diamond and Isabelle from animal crossing count as a crack ship?

That would definitely be a crackship, but I also feel like Yellow Diamond would possibly be the worst mayor ever??

“Mayor Diamond! you can’t terraform the town! Where are the villagers going to stay?”

“Mayor Diamond! You can’t kill Bob because he didn’t give you the furniture you want!”

“Mayor Diamond!!! You can’t militarize the town!!!!”

“Mayor Diamond!!!! Forcing all the villagers to work for you would be unethical!!”

“Mayor Diamond!!!!! Firing my brother isn’t a public works project!!!!!!!!”