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anonymous asked:

So do you enjoy diapers at all with your public pooping stuff or is it something you're not as interested in?

Diapers are a funny one. I do like them. They’re horrendously satisfying to fill in a way that pants aren’t and they absorb so much wee if I lose control when pooping or afterwards. But pants are more realistic and I go for realism in terms of a random accident. My opinions and specific interests change from year to year. I think I’ll use them more this year x 

calum47  asked:

I have questions relating to a new picture you posted. In your New Year shorts pictures, there's one that looks like it's taken in a public toilet. Did you poop your pants in the toilet? Or did you poop yourself before going in there? Was it a supermarket toilet? Are you not worried at people seeing you in poopy pants when you came out? Sorry for all the questions, but I love your pants pooping adventures and want to know as much details as I can!

That was last year, by the beach on my good Friday post after losing it in a queue at another beach. The beach toilets are in a public place and were quite hazardous that day but I had a cardigan tied around me :)

Life Hack from yours truly

Sometimes you can’t avoid pooping in public, it’s okay, sometimes you gotta

Normally it is awkward and when someone walks in, you will (attempt to) hold it until they leave…

You don’t have to do this, well maybe, if you have to (cause other people, usually kids in school, are really immature and will comment on it) but… Just poop.

If you have a cell phone, play music so it’s less nerve wracking (they will hear the music before they hear you shitting and probably won’t care.) Some people just play music in the bathroom anyways.

If you’re worried about smell, don’t worry, just flush when you pass that BM, bro… there’s very little smell, but it doesn’t stink up the room. If it sits there in the bowl, it will stink the area, so flush.

And in the end of it all, no one cares you’re taking a shit unless it stinks Lmao

Memories - University Incident

Not a long story, but I’d experimented a few times with public pants pooping a while back at university. No pictures I’m afraid. The most memorable was in my third year after the huge summer ball, which was pretty much a full on festival with large tents and numerous music acts and places to drink and generally celebrate the milestone of a long academic mountain climb. I got extremely drunk and enjoyed the music as one of my favourite dance acts were playing. It wasn’t planned really but it ended up being fairly large as I hadn’t been to the loo for a few days and didn’t need to go just before the actual ball.

Progressively through the warm evening however, I’d felt that deep feeling stirring and couldn’t dance as freely. I was wearing white frilly midi briefs and light yellow shorts that were quite tight. At the end of the night around 3ish I’d gone back and stayed at a friends place for after drinks with a few others although we didn’t need them. It was an amazing night.

I’d woken quite early around 7ish with only a few hours sleep and was definitely still drunk but with a very crampy stomach. The need to poop was immediate and pressing and the apartment had its toilet right next to where people were still sleeping, or comatose. If there had been people at the house I was living at I would have just gone there and then and not cared about how noisy it might be but I knew my house was free as one of the people had gone home and the other was staying out for more excess the day after the dance. I collected my things and tried not to wake anyone when I went into the toilet to let a wave take hold for assessment. It was severe and felt like it was going to be mushy, and I felt a sudden giddy rush of nervous excitement at this opportunity that was materialising off the cuff. I hadn’t really had many chances to try anything this extreme before and knew the walk back would take about 30 minutes.

I didn’t have any tights, but doubled up on underwear with a spare pair of white briefs I had in my handbag. I think the persisting drunkeness gave me the bravery. Having just about regained control of the urgent need in the toilet and having managed to wee, I left the apartment to await my fate on the journey back, being careful not to wake anyone up. I just wanted to leave and not get stuck in a conversation while I was desperate although everyone must have been deeply asleep anyway after a night like that.

It was already hot outside for so early but being a Sunday it wasn’t as busy. I managed to make it a good two thirds of the way back but all the time the pressure was building again. I was worried that it might even be diarrhoea but was drunkenly giving myself reasons to do it rather than not as this set up in every day life could feasibly be a real accident. On a long wide path with shrubs and trees skirting a wide busy road along lots of large houses which led back to my house, things built to a climax. A wave had started and I was still walking. My pace gradually slowed until I was walking one leg in front of another, like on a tightrope and then I had to stop as the urgency was terminal. I didn’t cross my legs, I remember I just leaned over slightly with my hand on my stomach and gave in. Alot of poop suddenly pattered out very quickly and noisily. It was very mushy but not liquid. I tried to brake but the crampiness of the movement made it tough and I just stood there continuiing to fill up my pants in further distinct surges. Even though I was drunk I felt very self conscious and nervous as things slowed and I finished. I knew I was wearing terrible clothes to hide it and felt back to see if it was wet. It wasn’t yet but it was bulging badly and was soft to the touch. It also smelled utterly terrible and sickly sweet.

As soon as I could I continued for the last ten minutes of the walk. The memory of that final leg is quite vague. I remember a few cyclists passing from behind and passing quite a few students at as far a distance as possible. I don’t really know who saw me or how many people actually noticed or smelled me. I was definitely worried about poop leaks but I didn’t wee. I do remember when I’d got home that the yellow shorts were staining though quite noticeably, in a patchy way. It was an incredible rush to have finally done it so publicly. It felt like a real accident as I had no chance of making it back all the way with such an urgent and uncontrollable poop.

The clean up was quite gross. The poop had ruined my white frilly pants and stained all the way through my white briefs but I could just about salvage them along with the shorts. I just emptied the white frilly primary layer pants the best I could and binned them in a plastic bag after showering. I then slept for hours. After the initial shame when I woke up eventually, I did have fun reliving it. But still, the lax thinking of being drunk was the main contributor to this bravery and I wouldn’t delve that deeply into fully public pants messing again until a long time after. 


Hi Katanna, I’m Brenda a transvestite that loves to poop my skirt! I’ve never pooped in public around others, but tons on late night walks alone. I sometimes dress up and go out in public( that’s nerve wracking enough) and shop and eat, walk but I haven’t gotten the nerve to poop my skirt amongst others, although it’s a huge fantasy. This is my first time saying these things to another, kind of ighilerating. You’re absolutely amazing and very beautiful, body and soul. It must be a great high to poop accidentally the way you do and the hugeness, I’m so jealous. I’ve been turned on by pooping skirts as long as I can remember, I have no idea why. But seeing more like minded people is a kind of a relief. I’m glad you’re out there katana and happy pooping. Ps your Jean skirt pics drive me wild, imagine a leather skirt, those are my favourite.

Thank you :) I may do a skirts compilation like the shorts one. For me, clothes are quite a crucial element to the whole process. I’m not sure why. In skirts I feel more protected as the bulge is usually hidden. But that reduces the thrill. It makes it easier if I’m somewhere really public though as it’s only the nasty odour that can give me away. Hm, I have a leather skirt but it’s for every day use! I may get a cheapy for missions this year. Happy pooping x

The Signs as Poopers

Aries: Party pooper.
Taurus: Poops discreetly.
Gemini: Poops to the beat of their favorite song.
Cancer: Won’t shut up about their poop.
Leo: Never poops because they are not of this earth.
Virgo: Wishes they could poop on a plane more often.
Libra: Gets work done while they poop.
Scorpio: Cannot stop pooping.
Sagittarius: Loves pooping; considers it their favorite activity.
Capricorn: Takes all of their clothes off to poop.
Aquarius: Loves to poop in public spaces.
Pisces: Really amused by their pooping.

Themed Prompts: Annoyances

  1. A stranger breaks your character’s window.
  2. An enemy keys your character’s car.
  3. Someone steals yor character’s wallet.
  4. Your character loses their key.
  5. Someone spills coffee on your character’s laptop.
  6. You character’s pants tear in public.
  7. A bird poops on your character before an important meeting.
  8. Your character misses their bus.
  9. Your character gets on the wrong bus.
  10. Your character forgets about a deadline.
  11. Your character misunderstands instructions and that leads to trouble.
  12. Your character’s car breaks down.
  13. Your character is stuck in an elevator.
  14. Someone smelly sits down to your character.
  15. Your character fails to notice the time change.