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inariedwards submitted: [Hello, I made a Tarot spread and wanted to share it with you. Hope it works.]

On The Ball: 10 Card Tarot Spread

1. Priority
-What is the thing where you can be most effective at bringing about change? You need to know what is important to you before you can progress.

2. Smart Choices
-How can you work smarter instead of harder? In what area of your life do you need to make more conscious or conscientious choices?

3. Thoughts Lead To Action
-Thinking of your priorities and the choices you want to make, how can you turn them into action? What is the first step?

4. Positive Influence
-In what area of your life can you use your influence to change how other people think, or to change the public opinion? What strategies should you employ?

5. Knowledge Is Power
-You need to be well informed to take action or form an opinion. What is an area you need more information on? How can you help others get all the facts they need?

6. The Big Picture
-What are the tools and strategies you should use to understand everything that is happening (and happening so fast) in the world?

7. Expecting The Unexpected
-Life is changing faster than anyone can predict it. How can you prepare yourself for the unexpected? In which area of your life are you rigid and therefore liable to break under too much pressure?

8. Practice Giving And Receiving
-Reflect on the rights and responsibilities you have in your life. Are they in balance? Are you shouldering your responsibilities and exercising your rights? How can you bring forth the culture of giving and receiving?

9. Recognising Happiness
-What makes you happy? How are you assessing your happiness? Is it the correct way for you or should you reconsider what would truly make you happy?

10. Respect Life
-All creatures have a place and function on this Earth - this includes you. We need to take care of the Earth together, and when something shows symptoms of struggling or heading to extinction, we need to do what we can to help it - this includes you. What is your specialised niche in this world? Is something threatening your ecosystem? Are you living in harmony with the other creatures around you?

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A spread inspired by the book ‘Manual 2000’ by John Elkington and Julia Hailes, which is much more catchily named as ‘On The Ball’ in the Finnish translation, which is the version I happen to have. The book was written in 1998 to open discussion on all sorts of issues that authors could see the world facing in the new millennium, and the book begins with the 10 basic elements of the new millennium action plan. I wanted to see if those could work as a Tarot spread, for guiding readers towards a more personalised action plan.

This is mostly structured around thinking about “issues” and “politics” and things of that nature, and aspects of life that concern activism and participation in civil society.