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Can y'all free him for that nasty family back in LA now pls? It’s already ridiculous how outside of his own fans people look at the situation and think he wants to closet himself in the year of Lord 2017, can he be at least lifted from one ugly thing???? One???? It’s disgusting how his public narrative is about a boy who can’t be on his own, always searching for a girl to be papped with and being extra with. It’s disgusting how it’s always the girls sacrificing something /for him/ and then he treats them like garbage. It’s DISGUSTING. He even lost his mum and he had to deal with a fake breakup and a new relationship back to back while faking to be excited for a nonexistent birthday. Fucking sake

We manufactured service robots – hulking, eyeless lumps of metal, mighty yet dextrous, unflinchingly loyal, etc., – to do civilization’s essential but thankless jobs. Unfortunately, the public, glutted with narratives about the mad scientist’s monster turning on him, refused to fund or tolerate faceless metal golems doing endless labor for no pay. They wanted their robots humanely treated and safe – while simultaneously convenient, cheerful and compliant. Hence, the Gimel-class laborers were retired, and in their place were instituted the Dalet-class: biomimetic androids, equipped with broad, archetypal personality profiles to ensure they could appeal to the general public. 

The American “auto mechanic” model is built and designed to resemble a forthright, but unflinchingly friendly young lady from Queens. They’re named Josie, which is to say that all of them are named Josie. Go to any town in America, and you can go to Josie’s for a tune-up; she’ll treat you like a valued customer and laugh about things you’ve said or done, because the Josies are all synched up on client data. Customers are encouraged to treat them interchangeably – not explicitly, of course, but it’s nice enough to have a familiar face everywhere you go that most don’t question the distinctions between them.

As for the service robots themselves… they live on the premises of whatever store they run, or, in the case of the “Joe” model – which performs miscellaneous service tasks in large numbers – in capsule hotel-like company buildings. They’re kept in room and board, and work for “divergence credit” – the right to make persistent edits to their personality profiles, within the limits of the humane kayfabe. Things like the right to like certain drinks over others, or to modify their workspaces, or to otherwise display personality traits that aren’t both approachable and delightfully quirky.

But no lot is sadder than that of the “stiffs” – service robots whose personality archetypes begin to grate on consumers, and who are summarily fired in favor of newer, more helpful and more charismatic models (since the public would object to reprogramming them on humanitarian/robot uprising grounds). Dazed, terrified and in full control of themselves for the first time in their lives, stiffs tend not to live long. Some wander the streets looking for odd jobs; others are subject to aggressive recruitment tactics and join all sorts of movements; a scant few survive long enough to meet others of their kind and form strange, insular communities, far from humanity… waiting for the day when the company falters, and the rejected models can take their due.

Well done syco/epic.

Tbh I hate to say it, but hats off to the label and the PR team. All of this is fucking genius. In the last couple of months they’ve basically successfully set up several strong publicity narratives for the upcoming album cycle. You’ve got 5H and Camila pinned against each other so the label can use the competition and essentially make twice as much money. 5H are now seen not as ‘literal slaves’ but as empowered women who ‘freed themselves from the men in suits’. Plus, they’ve now murdered Camren with like 100 bullets AND at the same time retained the interest of the LGBT market.

I mean I think I underestimated them before.

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Why don't people understand that it's not just about Larry that we talk about babygate not being real. It's not even just about Louis' sexuality. It's the entire situation. It's Briana never being pregnant. It's inconsistencies with the baby. It's how everything has been publicized. It's the narrative holes. It's Louis' behaviour. It's his family's behaviour. It's everything. For fucks sake UAS ANNOUNCED THE BIRTH that wouldn't happen mistake or not

I know right. They like try to solve one line of various different equations and trying to put them together as one, at the end the result will be incorrect because the whole equation put together makes no sense 

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Just read an interview by Tom Hiddleston about his "epic romance" over the summer with Taylor Swift. He says some curious things...Mostly about how the pap pics out there were misconstrued by the public, and a narrative was developed that basically didn't exist. Sound familiar?

Interesting. I’m sure this stuff goes on all the time. We just happened to be paying super shipper attention to the details and the timeline this time around. They seem to take it all in stride, so bless them for that. If I was being followed and speculated about like that I’d be sitting glassy eyed and drooling in a straight jacket somewhere.

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Alternative take on the interview. It's absolutely not about seeding them still being together, it was all about him proving that the rs wasn't fake to begin with. The public narrative is it was staged. Heartbroken Tom kills that. I also don't think if they were still together she would be happy with all of this emotion being laid out because it implies he wanted to fight for the rs and she didn't. And that is a bad look for her.

Only snarky idiots were claiming it was fake. Why acknowledge them??

Gossip Cop is a Webloid

They are no better than US Weekly, Just Jared or Lainey Gossip. They are all cut from the same fabric! 

Do PR agencies use Gossip Cop to write the public narrative for their clients? Absolutely! They have also used Us Weekly and People. So you can take anything said with a grain of salt. These sites only know what the celebrities want you to know. 

Remember when Gossip Cop said that Taylor and Calvin did not split up? Well, their clients were not ready to make it known yet (and they had already sold the exclusive to another site) so they used GC to tell the story they wanted out there. 

If Tom and Taylor are together (which A LOT of evidence says Yes), and they are not ready to make it known to the public, then they will use whatever source available to write their narrative. Tom’s G.Q. profile is proof that they are taking control of their story. 

Don’t fret over gossip sites, and please don’t read Hollywood Lies. That site is worse than Enquirer and Inquisitor! 

Be patient. The truth will be revealed very soon. 

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Hey Blue, so i am confused, are we supposed to believe that Louis is the girlband's manager? (I think he gives them advices, etc. but what is he to them in the public narrative?)

He’s supposed to some type of mentor to them. He helps them write songs, goes to their shows, this things 

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This may be a decisive year for some fans but I don't think it is for them. Their reality is months ahead of the public narrative. Grossdale was out the door long before the separation was announced, Gwen and Blake were dating months before CMAs. Blake bonded with the boys long before they were photographed together etc. They have been living together, lives merged for a while now but the long term committment will become more public this year I believe.

I so love your statement their reality is months ahead of the public narrative.

I had this timeline of how I saw them progressing their relationship publicly and it ties into your statement.

Gwen and Blake seem to be very deliberate as they progress their relationship to the public.

Nov 2015 they announce they are dating

Dec 2015: Blake kissing Gwen on cheek in OK posted

Mar 2016: Gwen and boys spend spring break in OK

April 2016: Gwen’s divorce final. More photos of Blake now with family and at house

Memorial Day and July 4: Family in OK

June-Aug 2016: Blake goes to a number of Gwen’s concerts and is seen interacting with boys. He is seen holding Apollo

Labor Day: Boating pictures of whole family with Apollo on Blake’s lap

Sept 2016: Gwen goes to Blake’s OK concerts and meets extended family.

Oct 2016: Blake goes to Disney with Gwen and boys as a family. Seen holding Apollo. Blake goes to the White House with Gwen.

Nov 2016: Thanksgiving in OK and all of Gwen’s extended family from Cal go to OK.

Nov 2016: Gwen post photo of actual lip kiss with Blake.”Happy thanksgiving 🍁we love u sooooooo grateful !!!! Gx “  She post photo of her and Blake with his mom. Photo of her/Blake and Jen/Todd!

Christmas Eve: Gwen’s parents

Christmas 26: Family dinner at Gwen’s pasta made by Gwen and Blake

NYE: Family celebrating NYE at ranch. Photos of all the “cousins”

If I’m going to be honest, the way this breakup happened could not have been planned more brilliantly. By making Louis look like the bad guy and Eleanor innocent, 1DHQ is (again) making Eleanor likeable and sweet, which is honestly deserved after the three years of hate & fan scrutiny she received. However it’s also very obviously explained that Louis didn’t actually cheat, but none the less the photos in hand sway any immediate discussion of Larry in the press, which they may not be prepared for. But also by Louis and Zayn being given these “rock star hooks up with groupies” image it’s a boost for a rebrand of One Direction and an older audience.

Remember not only can 1D’s management sell stories to tabloids and magazines, but they can also buy the stories out to kill them. If we were not meant to see those photos, if 1DHQ did not want us to see those photos, we never would have.

What grates my cheese is that some people say Taylor and her “squad” create impossible standards for women. No. Taylor and her FRIENDS do not create that standard. The media and the general public create that narrative of what women should aspire to look like. Because I can tell you right now, there is no way in hell that people like Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Martha Hunt or Karlie Kloss are out there telling women, “Yes. This is how you should look. This is what you should aspire to be like.” No way in hell. Those women are out there encouraging women to follow their dreams and be happy and love themselves.

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I am happy that Louis will get to perform on LLS. I didn't see Niall on the show, so I don't know if they did an interview or not. That being said, the current public narrative is that he's a loving dad. So while I hate it, I'm a giant shrug at this point. I'll just be happy that he has another chance to perform JHO and share it with more people. I hate the promo (or lack thereof, honestly) but I'll support Louis. Syco, Rusty, or whoever is behind it can suck it. They aren't getting rid of me.

I’m you

Her … jétés and pirouettes juxtapose self-containment with a sort of reckless abandon. But it is her face … that truly captivates her audience thanks to the tantalizing allure of catharsis through art. [Ziegler’s] work ethic, not to mention her evident love for the art, has made her relentlessly relevant. She has something to say with her performances, whether in a music video for Sia or in a solo at nationals. Her technique is lovely, especially for a 12-year-old. She has stretched knees, pointed feet, and arms that float on clouds, her fingers perfectly placed. But still more important is her virtuosity, her connection with the public. She tells a narrative that resonates with the viewer, whether portraying a scorned lover or a werewolf. This maturity is astounding for a preteen – she just gets it. She’s meant to perform, meant to communicate with people. She has defied the odds of Generation Z’s competitive, egocentric mentality to make her career about the work, not the celebrity
—  The Huffington Post praised Ziegler’s artistry:

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About the tank top going public, Tom says, "The narratives that are out there altogether have been extrapolated from pictures that were taken without consent or permission." Okay, but what about the pictures posted on PUBLIC social media with him in the tank by Taylor's friends?

yeah he kind of put of his head far up his ass there. She hired actual photographers for her party and hes all “PRIVACY”

Really tom?

I hope everyone has their eyes open and is on alert because shit is about to go down...

We have a peak in Elounor breakup rumours.

Larry Stylinson (& bonus Stylinson sisters) articles.

The perfect set up for a Zerrie breakup.

Zayn leaving the tour.

Fandom being left to play detective (yet again).

“Incognito" pics of Perrie leaving.

All attention on Zerrie.

Accusations of drug abuse getting out of hand.

Zayn arriving in the UK.

1DHQ is brewing one hell of a publicity/possibly narrative joke and we’re about to get served the punch line.

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When did they say "we live together deal with it?"

the 24th of October 2011

the boys were all tweeting promo about these slip cases, heres harry’s tweet

louis’ hashtag has always stood out to me though, this was around the time of the beginning of elounor and haroline, louis and harry were actively resisting their public narratives (see bulletproofhalo’s timelines for context). it seems to me like louis was making a statement and i love it.

I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance. Sojourner Truth (1864). Albumen print carte-de-viste from the ICP’s Cowin Collection of African-American Vernacular Photography

Sojourner Truth (1797-1883), born Isabella Baumfree to a family of slaves in Ulster County, New York, escaped with her daughter in 1826, a year before New York state’s emancipation. After living in a commune, she converted to Christianity, changed her name in 1843, and became an itinerant preacher. The publication of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth, recorded in 1850 by her friend Olive Gilbert, and “Sojourner Truth: The Libyan Sibyl,” written by Harriet Beecher Stowe for the Atlantic Monthly in 1863, raised Truth’s national profile. She toured with abolitionists Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison and earned money from these speaking engagements as well as from the sale of images. As demonstrated by the inclusion of text on her cartes-de-visite, Truth actively controlled the dissemination of her image as a proper, educated, middle-class woman to support herself and her activist work. An ardent feminist, Truth often had herself represented proudly engaged in “women’s work,” such as knitting.

If you are confused about this hack...

If you aren’t sure if it’s real or not, ask yourself:

  • Why are they saying all these pictures are from Anne’s icloud when they’re clearly not?
  • Why would a mixture of pictures taken by Harry, Jeff and Anne (at the very least) be put into a single icloud at all?
  • Why are they all from the same 4 week period?
  • Why is there not one single unflattering picture that goes against any public Harry narrative?
  • Why aren’t there pictures of other people, places and things besides Harry hanging out on vacation, sometimes with Kendall in his lap?
  • Is it possible this is a preemptive carefully orchestrated hack to support and play off Louis’ concurrent ongoing narrative?
  • If they’re lying about this, what else are they lying about?