public market food

  • Ben & Jerry's: Hmm.. How do we boost publicity
  • Ben & Jerry's: Uhhh what social issues are on the table right now?
  • Ben & Jerry's: Have We touched gay marriage in Australia yet?
  • Ben & Jerry's: Okay, I got it, no one can order two scoops of the same ice cream flavor until the gays can marry or something yeah, that should bring us free publicity from everyone.
  • the media: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEN AND JERRY'S DID IT AGAIN YALL
  • Ben & Jerry's: Nice.

You’ve heard of …

Coca Cola’s attempt to sell more soda by slapping random names on the bottle

Now get ready for…

Mentos awkwardly trying to teach people how to be friends (and make utter fools out of themselves in public)

*~SIGNS From the Universe~*

The true epidemic here is not obesity; obesity is simply the most visible symptom of other, more troubling epidemics — including, but not limited to industry lobbying, Big Food predatory marketing, and misguided agricultural subsidies.
Trip of the day: the Mexican public market

A tour into the Mexican culture and traditional customs. The public market in Mexico is a place to sell and buy anything!

The “La Merced” traditional public market located in the eastern edge of the historic center of Mexico City and is the largest retail traditional market in the entire city.

The area has been synonymous with commercial activity since the early colonial period when traders arrived here from other parts of New Spain.

The permanent market was established in 1845 on the grounds of the old La Merced monastery, and in the early of 20th century this market was the major wholesaler of the entire city.