public isolation

Honestly it’s totally ignorant to ignore the abusiveness that is embedded into the American school system. 

Punishments in schools often include public humiliation, isolation, withholding food, and physical punishment. For example, when I was in elementary school I often got detention when my parent’s had to sign something. My parents worked odd hours and I couldn’t always get my stuff signed before the next school, and that meant detention. Detention meant you don’t get to eat lunch, withholding food is a common abuse tactic and this is being used at schools across the country. 

Then there’s the very real threats of violence with schools that have cops on the grounds. I don’t think I really need to show how that’s gone over especially against Black and brown children/teenagers. Not to mention the ways that the public school system absolutely fails and abuses children with disabilities. Violence, discrimination, and exclusion and we hear about this OFTEN, like there’s no way you can be ignorant about this.  

Now here’s the thing, I personally think there are a lot of great teachers, and as someone who was abused at home, a lot of teachers helped me growing up. However, the American school system is specifically designed to punish students in this way. There’s a reason that so many abuse survivors see these parallels because the school system often employs the same methods seen at home. I don’t think this trivializes abuse, I think it highlights how normalized this behavior is and we’re never going to address these problems if we refuse to acknowledge it. 

So I just think of something

*Draco using bandages to hide his Dark Mark because it reminds him of his past*

*Draco insisting on wearing long sleeves because he couldn’t bare anyone looking at his mark*

*Draco secretly crying at night because somebody talks shit about him and Malfoys do not break down in public*

*Draco being isolated in 8th year*


*Harry hexes anyone who talks shit about Draco because he is the Saviour and he can*

*Harry looking at Draco’s dot on Marauders Map to make sure Draco is not attacked…again*

*Harry secretly changes the room plan (with a knowing look from Mcgonagall) so he is rooming with Draco*

Draco: You pretentious git get out of my room

*Harry holding Draco and let him sobs into his shoulder when he cries at night*

*Harry embraces Draco’s past*

*Harry kisses Draco’s dark mark gently and repeatedly during sex*

*Harry kisses the Sectumsempra scars*

*Draco might take a bit more time to accpet and embrace his own past but Harry does and that’s okay for now*

*Draco finally removes his bandages*

anonymous asked:

I saw you said you're a dropout in another ask you answered, and I was wondering if you could give me any advice.. my parents took me out of public school and isolated me when they​ found out I was trans and it's been over a year and im basically a dropout I think?? I'm really worried I won't have a future because I can't get a job and my mom makes me feel guilty because I'm not going to school even though she's the one that took me out.. do I still have a future

Oh jeez. They shouldnt of done that, you can report them for that. I think they probably wont help you get your GED/HISET so…I would try to get away from them

But if you cant go back to school, you’ll be okay! If I have a future, so do you. you just gotta make it happen yourself. Which should be something your parents help you do, but sadly in this case theyre not. You can take a hold of your own life, as hard as it seems.

-mod j