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Conservatives like to whine about “unelected judges” (only when they reach decisions they don’t like, of course), but they do have a point about the judiciary being far more isolated from public pressures than it needs to be

okay but jungkook saying that fire is the most meaningful song to him bc he wants to live freely bc right now he feels trapped in how much he gets inside his own head and then saying ease by troye sivan is his favorite song which is a song about feeling lonely and afraid of fame (life in the public eye) and how isolating that experience is and then also feeling like you have to hide those feelings ….i hope he’s okay

“people look at their phones 2 much in public places!” 

  • u have no idea what that person is looking at it may very well be their dissertation, the last letter they got from their grandma, or a book that’s too big to carry. who care that they wanna look at insta more than at u
  • people used to be bored/self-isolating in public w/newspapers + books don’t act like we were all chatty + friendly before the internet
  • ppl w/anxiety find it comforting and this generation has the highest rate of anxiety on record
  • on that note, phones are transitional objects, which means that they function as a comfort device (a piece of “home” in an unfamiliar place)
  • go touch a soft animal and calm down 

Honestly it’s totally ignorant to ignore the abusiveness that is embedded into the American school system. 

Punishments in schools often include public humiliation, isolation, withholding food, and physical punishment. For example, when I was in elementary school I often got detention when my parent’s had to sign something. My parents worked odd hours and I couldn’t always get my stuff signed before the next school, and that meant detention. Detention meant you don’t get to eat lunch, withholding food is a common abuse tactic and this is being used at schools across the country. 

Then there’s the very real threats of violence with schools that have cops on the grounds. I don’t think I really need to show how that’s gone over especially against Black and brown children/teenagers. Not to mention the ways that the public school system absolutely fails and abuses children with disabilities. Violence, discrimination, and exclusion and we hear about this OFTEN, like there’s no way you can be ignorant about this.  

Now here’s the thing, I personally think there are a lot of great teachers, and as someone who was abused at home, a lot of teachers helped me growing up. However, the American school system is specifically designed to punish students in this way. There’s a reason that so many abuse survivors see these parallels because the school system often employs the same methods seen at home. I don’t think this trivializes abuse, I think it highlights how normalized this behavior is and we’re never going to address these problems if we refuse to acknowledge it. 

So I just think of something

*Draco using bandages to hide his Dark Mark because it reminds him of his past*

*Draco insisting on wearing long sleeves because he couldn’t bare anyone looking at his mark*

*Draco secretly crying at night because somebody talks shit about him and Malfoys do not break down in public*

*Draco being isolated in 8th year*


*Harry hexes anyone who talks shit about Draco because he is the Saviour and he can*

*Harry looking at Draco’s dot on Marauders Map to make sure Draco is not attacked…again*

*Harry secretly changes the room plan (with a knowing look from Mcgonagall) so he is rooming with Draco*

Draco: You pretentious git get out of my room

*Harry holding Draco and let him sobs into his shoulder when he cries at night*

*Harry embraces Draco’s past*

*Harry kisses Draco’s dark mark gently and repeatedly during sex*

*Harry kisses the Sectumsempra scars*

*Draco might take a bit more time to accpet and embrace his own past but Harry does and that’s okay for now*

*Draco finally removes his bandages*

The character Julia grapples with the guilt of resenting the weight and isolation of public pity and sympathy that comes with being labeled a Gold Star Wife. She’s speaking truths that were forbidden to even whisper at the time. This recording brilliantly captures the nuances of Laura’s portrayal of a young war widow—it’s the very essence of what Bandstand is all about in one performance.
—  A Track-by-Track Look at the Bandstand Cast Album, commentary by composers Robert Taylor and Richard Oberacker

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This is gonna sound dumb but what is the Concubine Wars? Like if you explained it before link me to it please or if you haven't can you explain? Even if you don't want to send me to someone who can cause I really wanna know. Why is everyone dying?

It’s okay to ask, although I’m flattered you’re asking me of all people to try and explain this, but I’ll try my best. For the most part, ’ll try to stick closely to canonical information for the most part. And please feel free to contribute to this discussion if you want!

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Rant - OC fans and Adam Young

Warning: LONG READ

Sitting here, listening to The Midsummer Station, I start to see what’s gone wrong. 

“Adam doesn’t interact with fans anymore!” “He’s completely abandoned the fans!”

That’s something I’ve heard countless times over the past year and a half or so, and as some have said before (making my rant a tad derivative, admittedly), I hardly can blame Adam when, since 2012, everyone from “fans” to critics have slammed him for every single creative step he’s taken, every release he’s put out, and every word he’s written in his songs. 

Singers, songwriters, etc, like all artists (of which I consider myself to be, as I am a writer and aspiring director), use artistry as their own personal form of expression. If emotions have been felt, negative or positive, hell, I know they’re bound to spring up in my writing shortly! I assume it’s no different than Adam’s process, as it’s clear to any fan of his that his songs all represent some part of himself or his experiences.

People, generally and from my experience, do not tend to stay stagnant in their emotions. Life is a journey, with many adventures, experiences and emotions spread out through it. Some days, you want to disappear, bury your head in the ground and tell the world to go away. Other days, you’re on a beach surrounded by people having a great time outdoors surrounded by people you love. (Tidal Wave x Good Time) 

So, when Ocean Eyes and All Things Bright and Beautiful were written, built and released, those were chapters in the book of Adam’s life. But as all stories do, his life continued and new chapters cropped up, chapters worthy of telling in a new album, and there was The Midsummer Station. From love songs, to innocent repetitious pop tracks about having fun with friends, to songs about battling depression, the album covered the entire canvas of the emotional spectrum, and you could feel Adam’s story being told, and a new chapter unfolding. Not to mention, Adam? He loves the album to death and has gone on record saying it was the most fun album to record, release and perform. Respectable, right?

Countless fans who couldn’t wait for the album’s release savaged the living hell out of it. Here are just a few lines from “fans.” 

“…this is just bad generic pop music. I understand that Owl City has always been slighty generic and very cheesy, but this is a new low for him.”

“Adam has managed to go from a creative, unique, individual artist to a generic, mainstream nobody. No ones gonna remember this album. All it has to offer is hollow and cheesy pop club anthems.”

“…this album takes everything I love about Owl City and throws it out the window. His quirky metaphoric words have been exchanged for simple and often childish lyrics.” 

What about critics? Worse. 

“Young’s idea of fun is based on an uneasy mix of cheap valedictory philosophizing and infantile daydreaming.”

“His fluency with pop forms only makes things worse; Young spoils everything he touches. The Carly Rae Jepsen duet “Good Time” is grating enough to make you hate Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe” and also good times in general.”

“Where once he dreamed of Fireflies, now Young just sounds burned out.”

Adam’s pride and joy, his favorite of his creations musically, savaged not only by critics, but by the people who once said how much they loved him and his music. Imagine your family turning against you, screaming at you, when you’re someone with anxiety, depression, and needs to conquer severe introversion every night to face this crowd of judgmental people and sing the songs they hate you for making.    

After that, Adam released some soundtrack tracks, and with confidence, seemingly having beaten the critics, he boldly promised fans that he would release a string of EP’s for the fans. This after the attacks on TMSS, and in the midst of a label switch. After that plan seemed to falter, Ultraviolet atleast seemed to please a fair amount of people… except for “This Isn’t The End”, a personal song Adam wrote discussing suicide, loss, and his belief that life deserves to continue in the midst of the worst hardships. Well, fans seemed to disagree with it’s placement on the EP, and said it was “out of place” and “awkward.”

Two attacks on some of your most personal art is enough to deter anyone from continuing perusing the art-form… But he continued, and released Mobile Orchestra. Well, just look at some of the responses to the newest album from Adam. 


“ Mobile Orchestra has to be the most confused album I’ve ever heard from Owl City. There’s hardly any consistency in style from song to song, and the lyrics are bland and understandable. Owl City lyrics are not supposed to be like that. If you are a classical Owl City fan, don’t bother with Mobile Orchestra, it will disappoint.”

“ Just point me at the moment when Adam stopped making fairytales for ears and started to do typical pop-food for 16-years girls. I need to travel back in that time to stop him.”

“ As a huge Owl City fan, I’m disappointed with this new album in so many ways I can’t even put it into words. I honestly never thought I would ever say this but I could barely listen to all of the songs from beginning to end. I literally had to skip every song, and I couldn’t help but hope that the next one would be amazing so I wouldn’t feel so bad.”

“ Sorry, but this album just isn’t good at all. I’ll forget that this exists and hope that Adam Young returns to his roots a little and makes an album that is at least listenable.”


“ It’s unoriginal and twee.”

“ Everything on the new album by Owl City sounds as if it was recorded by children, or trolls/ Young delivers with wonder so wide-eyed you’d think he must be high/ Young’s nerdy sensibility kills it, It most strongly affects his singing, which crosses the line from boyish to infantile.”

“ Owl City’s fifth album, Mobile Orchestra, arrives this Friday, and it contains the worst music he’s ever made. It might be the worst music anyone has ever made. Mobile Orchestra is so atrocious that you might find yourself thinking, hey, maybe “Fireflies” wasn’t so bad after all. Subjecting yourself to it will likely lead to physical discomfort, emotional distress, and a despair that runs deeper than words. It’s the kind of album that inspires avowed pop fans to reconsider rockism as a life philosophy.”

After both of his recent outputs have been torn apart by fans and critics alike, it leads little mystery why Adam, a man already humble, anxious and nervous, yet very prideful of his work, has completely altered his public persona to be isolated, very “business oriented”, and “abandon” us. Hell, the hatred of Mobile Orchestra rained down on him all while he was in the midst of one of his best friends being found guilty of a very serious crime. That’s heavy weight. 

The “fans”, those of us who used to interact with him every day via social media, go to the concerts and flail around with him, have turned on him. Another great indicator? Every person who will like or reblog this, I will know your URL, profile picture, and maybe even name as you do. The fandom, the optimistic and content bunch that remains, is so tightly knit and small. The vast majority? They’ve turned on Adam. And unfortunately, Adam has begun to turn his back on us. 

So the next time you wonder “Why are his eyes closed on stage?” 
“Why are all of his tweets promotional?”
And, most frightening but more likely with every passing day, “Why did Adam quit?”, remember to look no further than the fandom. 

“As a young girl, I lived through the Holocaust in the Netherlands, and later in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.

At the age of 12, I returned to the Netherlands with my mother and two older siblings. My father did not survive Bergen-Belsen.

It was clear to me that I would move to Israel, and at the age of twenty I did just that. I met and married Aki, who is originally from South Africa, we settled in Kibbutz Tzora, where we still live today, and we started to build our family.

Our five children all served in the IDF and I was proud of every one of them, especially Ran, who was a pilot in the Air Force. He was grievously killed in a helicopter accident.

Our children raised beautiful families, and now, five of our grandchildren serve in the IDF.

It is a special feeling, knowing the there is continuity. They are my personal victory!”


Mirjam Lapid-Andriesse was born on April 17, 1933, in Deventer, Netherlands. The Nazis invaded the Netherlands when Mirjam was seven, and in a short time, laws restricting the Jews were put into place and forced upon them. They had to wear a yellow star, were isolated from public life and eventually, Jewish children, including Mirjam, were not allowed to attend school.

Mirjam was the only Jewish child at her school, and when the Nazis came to take Jewish children out of class, Mirjam’s principal tried to protect her, and was beaten up by the German soldiers. For the next two years, Mirjam studied in a makeshift class that was established by the Jewish community.

In 1943, Mirjam and her family were taken to the Ghetto in Amsterdam. In July of the same year, they were deported to the Westerbork concentration camp. In January 1944, Mirjam and her family were transported to Bergen-Belsen. Of the 3,000 dutch Jews sent to the concentration camp, only 600 survived.

Mirjam’s father died in the camp, but she survived along with her mother and two older siblings. The four of them were liberated in April 1945. In 1953, Mirjam arrived in Israel, where she met her husband, Aki, and started her family.

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but what if larry is a publicity stunt?

You mean Larry is a publicity stunt when did not get publicity for years? Publicity stunt when they actively put the band dynamics in risk just to separate 2 band members? Publicity stunt when there are no HQ’s of them together in more than THREE YEARS? Publicity stunt when the first reaction of a pap when asked about Harry’s event is that he was not with Louis? Publicity stunt to isolate a huge part of the fandom with those tweets and all the denials? 

So just to sum it up in short: a publicity stunt without publicity, paps, pictures or even a fricking audio recording or just a video without audio..

Worst publicity stunt ever then.

Mary Mallon (September 23, 1869 – November 11, 1938), better known as Typhoid Mary, was the first person in the United States identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen associated with typhoid fever. She was presumed to have infected 53 people, three of whom died, over the course of her career as a cook.

She was twice forcibly isolated by public health authorities and died after a total of nearly three decades in isolation.