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I saw that you liked Lisa's post, so I was just wondering if you had any ideas as to why Louis never lights up his cigs or doesn't inhale when they are lit up? Like what's the point in "smoking" then

In an ideal world, someone would create a comprehensive list of the times we’ve seen Louis with a cigarette. And then we could look at the circumstances of each instance – has he been papped with lit cigarettes, or only unlit ones? The times when his cigarettes were lit, did he know he was being photographed? Can we tell if he inhaled?

I’m not suggesting that Louis’s never smoked a cigarette – but I do wonder if he does it far less frequently than the fandom is led to believe.

It’s part of Louis’s public image – he’s the casual, Vans-wearing, athletic, laddy skater boy. Smoking fits right in. And so I’m interested in knowing how much the smoking thing is genuine and how much it’s a constructed part of what they merely want us to believe is genuine.

And oh my god, if nothing else, how many times have you seen people say, “Harry would never date a smoker! He’s so healthy! Also asthma!!!!11!!1”

Never stop questioning their public images.

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you know i love that we were a few days ago we were discussing the fact that harry was seeding a coming out while louis 'wasn't' and we said that this was because people outside the fandom have to be introduced to the general public before anything happens,the way they decided to do it is complete genius and not what i was expecting at all but what better way to introduce louis than as an "admirable LGBT supporter"?

I was vocal about thinking they would go straight from Harry seeding to couple seeding.

God, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Louis has been painted as a homophobe for a long time. And look what this does for him!!! People who think he’s a homophobe get a new idea of him, and people who have no image of him in the first place are being introduced to a pro-queer Louis Tomlinson.

I am so, so happy for him.

This was in a Lord and Taylor’s print catalog in the 80’s that featured a “symphony”. Yep kids, you have on a suit and a contra, and play in an orchestra, you must be highfalutin & irresistible.

I can’t help but think that this type of use of the symphony & symphonic music is one of the reasons that people are scared to listen to Classical music before they’ve even heard a note. Folks obviously flock to soundtrack concerts. Is the image issue that makes for good product selling make for bad ticket sales?  

Pair with the most recent Lexus commercial where the “stuffy” musicians have to get out of the car.

ah well.

Additional things to ponder…

1. Is there such a thing as a contra bassoonist who looks this good?

2. Does the instrument even play? I mean look at the cracks in the bow!

3. Uhm, where’s your bocal and reed, buddy?

3. Is the woman thinking. “My what a BIG instrument!”? Will she be disappointed?

Your PG-rated thoughts?

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Idk if this is just me, but I've noticed lately that Harry has kind of been taken out of the spotlight. I mean like in the way where he used to be like the face of one direction, whenever someone thought of 1d, they thought Harry. And people still do but I've noticed that he's not in the center of every picture, every performance, every video, etc. whenever they perform or take a picture he's on the edge and the order they're in changes a lot. Just something I picked up. Rebranding? Who knows

It’s funny you brought that up actually. This was a hot topic back in August/September. Compared to 2013 I definitely agree that there has been a notable change in Harry’s spotlight image. This year has been less intense. Yes he still gets papped the most frequently, yes they still pull the separation/solo card once in a while, yes he is still the most well known “face” of the band, but I have seen an improvement since last year. They switch the order around for pictures. All the boys do a fair amount of talking in interviews now and Harry even takes a backseat sometimes and just observes. Video footage has been doing a good job of showing equal shots of all the boys. Less lothario headlines. It’s nice. Even on one of the commercials for SNL a few weeks ago, Amy Adams was “fangirling” over Louis, there was a brief mention of Niall, but nothing about Harry. It was a small thing, but I picked up on it. I think the intense focus on Harry last year really took a toll on him. I don’t know what spurred the slight change, but I’m thankful for it and I hope it alleviates at least a little bit of pressure for him.

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We can go down the list of Harry's friends that were actually Louis' friends first or that they publicly hung as a pair with before the iron closet came down. These people did not just magically stop being friends with Louis all of a sudden.

You are the only ray of sunshine and common sense in my inbox right now and I love you for that.

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About Anne and marriages: yes, she and Des got a divorce when Harry was 7, she then married John Cox, they lived above a pub she helped to run and then she got divorced again a few years later. And then Robin came into the picture in Harry's early teenage years. However, articles usually paint it as if there was just one divorce, not two within a few years, and it's presented as if Robin came into the picture much earlier and as if things had been much more stable etc.

Just going to reemphasize an excerpt from at-your-liberty because it’s important and relevant to your points:

To add some random thoughts to some of these points: I’m pretty sure the really nice house we see Harry visit in This Is Us is not the house he actually grew up in. The family moved at some point, and the house we saw in some of the old pictures from 2010-11 was much more modest (though clearly quite comfortable—anyone who has a summer bungalow with its own pool is doing okay). But Harry had a weekend job just like the rest of them, too.

I have always assumed that all the boys bought new houses for their families. It’s certainly not a coincidence that we see Liam and Louis visiting their old houses (where the families obviously don’t live anymore) while Harry is seen in the lovely new house. Not to mention how Zayn is shown very much in the role of man of his family providing a new house for his mother and sisters, with his father very conspicuously absent (I honestly thought he was raised by a single mum for the first several months I was in this fandom).

These perceptions definitely carry over into the sponsorship deals the boys have and how the fandom judges them. The Tomlinson/Deakins have been lambasted about their very open sponsorship deals; fandom only forgives them for such crass commercialism out of pity for the dire financial straits Louis allegedly grew up in. In the meantime, Harry has just as many, if not more, marketing deals himself, but until pretty recently, the fandom has largely ignored those, or even admired them because a lot of them have been high fashion or at least more “upmarket” than the more working class advertising Louis and his family do. These higher class sponsorships are a direct result of that carefully cultivated posh image for Harry and his whole family.

And of course, both families get raked over the coals when they do anything that’s perceived as stepping outside those boundaries.

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1) I think Louis spends a lot on travel, whether jetting his bro squad about or on his family (that Xms trip for the whole fam must have cost $$$). And someone smart said that Louis' personal wardrobe probably doesn't consist of "accessible" brands; IIRC, back in the day L was always outed as the one who bought the most clothes. And I think Harry was the one most impressed by free stuff. And I believe he still is; hence why H wears entire lines of brands. FREE! It's the BF who's the shopper.

2) Even the headcannon that Louis must be spending his money spoiling Harry with posh clothes ties into the manufactured images we see of them. Despite Caroline explicitly stating how contrived their looks are, even Larries accept ‘skater Louis’ as the real deal. Who knows? But back in TXF before he was ‘groomed’, he dressed fairly camp for a lad from Donny. But now he has money, he chooses to dress like a stereotypical small town boy? Hmm. I am skeptical. But I hope H manages their finances.


Yes, the brands that they wear a lot are most likely part of promo deals and image manipulation. Harry definitely has deals with YSL and Paige Denim. And I think it’s safe to say the same goes for Louis with Vans, Adidas, and ASOS. Do they really want to wear the things that they do? I have no clue. But they get a lot of free clothes and they each have their respective “images” to uphold. When you think about it we really have no idea what these guys are actually like when it comes to certain things. What’s genuine and what’s manipulated? For all I know Louis could be the one who actually buys $5,000 coats while Harry buys $20 t shirts. I admit I drool over skater Louis a lot that’s just always been a thing for me before One Direction was even a sparkle in Simon’s eye but I’m also aware that it might not actually be the style he would choose for himself if given that option. I don’t know!!! It’s hard to get a good read on their spending habits just based on the clothes we see them in.

So what does he actually buy then if Harry says he’s so bad with money? One can only guess. Expensive clothes are a possibility. And he probably does treat his loved ones very well. If I had the means I’d do the same. From what we’ve seen of his game room that looks pretty decked out. There’s that Hulk statue. And the Mystery Machine. So he probably buys a lot of dorky fun stuff like that. Official Marvel merch perhaps? But he may also spend money on practical things like property and business investments. I have so many questions.