public health poster

Audience, Research Activity #4, PH 402

Good Audience Segmentation Example: I think that this campaign poster is a perfect example of successful and effective audience segmentation. The “Your Child Is What You Eat” campaign specifically targets and segments mothers who have newborn children. The campaign is advising them to eat healthy while breastfeeding, since the food they consume affects not only their body and health, but their children’s health and well-being too. This poster shows the baby directly eating the hamburger that was consumed by the mother, which will (hopefully) be a striking image in the breastfeeding mother’s mind.

Bad Audience Segmentation Example: I believe that this public health poster is a great example of a successful public health campaign in general; however, I am not so convinced that it is a good example of successful audience segmentation. To explain, this poster it is not extremely clear in who the exact target audience segment is, since “cellphone users” encompass such a broad age, gender, geographic location, and education-level range, etc. I still do feel that this poster does a great job at spreading awareness of cyber-bullying through texting, just not that it segments the population very clearly and effectively.