public fountain

Allura: Okay paladins, you have some free time!

Shiro: *almost dies*

Keith: *almost gets arrested*

Hunk: *almost forced to work at an alien fast food restaurant for the rest of his life* *becomes space Gordon Ramsey instead*

Lance: *brings home a cow*

Pidge: *gets Lance to join them in digging for money from a public fountain*

i’m sick of doom-and-gloom, 2edgy4u urban fantasies with angsty Chosen Ones™ and constant hard darkness and entirely too many werewolves. so here’s a list of kinder urban fantasy things:

• pharmacies run by faeries who can tell what you need with a single touch and who are tipped with dollar coins and drawstring pouches of sugar (don’t worry, they have human employees to handle the iron supplements)

• dryads who tend to the parks and sidewalk trees and have the ability to purify little patches of air for asthmatics who have difficulty breathing in the polluted city air

• tiny water sprites living in public fountains who use the coins people make wishes with to buy thimblefuls of coffee– once they’ve granted the wish to the best of their ability, of course

• sphinxes who guard libraries and only ask riddles at the level each passing person is capable of answering

• and werewolves too, I suppose, but they don’t sit around angsting all day about being monsters because there’s a monthly bus service that takes them to special parks just outside the city where they can spend the night running around and roughhousing without hurting anyone. they also get the next two days following the full moon off from work since wolfing is very tiring.

because while cities can be hard, dark, unfriendly places, they’re also vibrant and bright and full of all kinds of wonderful people

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: There is travel in your future, be ready for when the entire world recedes inwards upon itself in a timeless unending loop.

Taurus: Clawing your way back out has dulled your talons and blunted your fangs, you are a soft and gentle creature for it. You can buy a knife at most stores.

Gemini: The beaches are held in place by the roots of grasses. Crumbling things are supported by what will eventually overtake them. 

Cancer: Corn chips are half off at the supermarket, buy as much as you can and sell them out back for a profit. Use the money to buy more corn chips.

Leo: You don’t really care if its “public property” the fountain water is crisp and cool and the sky is beautiful here. Plus, hes just a mall cop he cant actually arrest you probably.

Virgo: Follow in the footsteps of sir Issac newton and represent the human nervous system with long braids of gold wire. Realize that this was silly, and admire your cool gold spines.

Libra: Sloped ¼ inch steel armor can deflect most standard issue police rounds. Full plate is making a comeback baby.

Scorpio: Monopoly was never meant to be a fun game.

Ophiuchus: Empathy is important. You need to know which people to scalp.

Sagittarius: The world smells like fresh tortillas and as your spear cracks the heavens know we are no longer afraid to die.

Capricorn: Dead skin cells flake off from you all the time. Your bed is haunted with a legion of tiny microscopic ghosts.

Aquarius: Life is really just a series of shooting yourself in the foot and succeeding anyway with improvised bullshit.

Pisces: Every night, does the moon drown? Does the sea suffocate? Of course not they are happily married and they support each other.

An Open Letter to Non-Vaxxers:

Tonight, while enjoying a nice dinner, I got a call from the director of my son’s preschool. She was calling to tell me that they had made the decision to put my son in a different class because two children in the class he was supposed to be in have “opted out” of their vaccines. This may not sound like a big thing. He is still in the Tuesday-Thursday class, and since he doesn’t start school until next Tuesday, it’s not like he has to get readjusted to a whole new class. No harm, no foul. Actually, this is a big deal–a very big deal. You see, my son is immunocompromised. He has cancer. He was fully vaccinated and supporting the whole “herd immunity” thing before his cancer diagnosis, but that darn chemo wiped out his immunity to the communicable diseases against which he had already been vaccinated.

So, parents who choose to not vaccinate because you feel it’s the “right choice for your family”, I would like to thank you. Thank you for adding yet another worry to my plate and my husband’s plate. You see, we already worry about a lot–it’s an unfortunate part of your child having cancer–you worry every night. On top of worrying about things like relapse, organ toxicity brought on by chemo, debilitating late effects of chemo, secondary cancers brought on by chemo, the mental effects of having more than three years of painful treatment, we now get to worry about, of all things, measles. And mumps. And whooping cough. And chicken pox.

Let me explain something about having a child with cancer to you: everything is robbed from your child in some form or another. Friends, Halloween, Christmas, play dates, school. It’s all taken away at some point or another and in some form or another because we have to protect our children from germs, because if they catch the wrong germs during the worst part of treatment, they can die. My son was isolated from everyone except immediate family for an entire year. For parents whose children are going through chemo, the decision to send them to school is a momentous one. It requires a leap of faith and trust in the surrounding community, in your child’s teachers and administrators, and in the families sending their children to school. It requires herd immunity. Now, even though my son is now in a different class than your unvaccinated children, I get to worry about him using the communal bathroom, the playground, and even walking around the halls with them. If there is an outbreak of measles in, say, Austin this winter, I won’t know if you have relatives in Austin and went to go see those relatives for Uncle Bobby’s birthday. I won’t know if your child was exposed to measles at the Austin Chuck-E-Cheese and then showed up at school on Tuesday. Oh, I’m sure you’ll do your due diligence and call the school to inform everyone that your child has come down with a case of the measles once it appears, but, the damage is done–the exposure to my immunocompromised child has already happened. It’s too late. Your choice just earned him a ticket to the hospital. Your choice just earned him a lot of shots and more toxic drugs in the desperate effort to stave off whatever disease your unvaccinated child passed to him. If, God forbid, he does come down with that disease, your choice just earned him a trip to the Pediatric ICU for a while–days, maybe weeks. Your choice may cost us our son. Who knows–it depends on how his already stressed body handles everything.

People like to say that in choosing to not vaccinate, they are making the “best choice for their family”, and that, after all, their children are the ones at risk, not other people’s children. No, sorry, you’re wrong. Choosing to home school is a choice that is made in the best interest of a family–it impacts nobody but your family. Choosing to eat all organic and locally grown food is a choice that impacts nobody but your family. For that matter, choosing to eat nothing but fast food and frozen meals is a choice that impacts nobody but your family. Choosing to not vaccinate impacts my family and my immunocompromised son. It impacts the teacher who is pregnant and teaching your non-vaccinated child. It impacts the man going through chemo who happened to be behind you in the grocery store when your unvaccinated child sneezed. It impacts the mom next to you at the pick up line at school who is on immunosuppressive drugs for her rheumatoid arthritis and who is bending down to hug her child just as your unvaccinated child coughs. Your “choice” has repercussions for your community.

Part of the cost of living in a first world country is that you have to do things that support the community in which you live. You pay taxes to pay for the police that respond to your 911 calls, to pay for the teachers who teach your children, and to pay for roads to be plowed and paved. You obey traffic laws to ensure an orderly flow of traffic. You don’t shout “fire” in a crowded theater because to do so would cause pandemonium and chaos. Sometimes, to live in a place with the privileges we enjoy here in America, you suck it up and do things you don’t want to do because it’s for the communal good. If everyone chose otherwise, we would not be a first world country. We would be a country without laws, roads, and schools. We would be a country overrun with disease. Your responsibility to your community is to vaccinate your child. The number of people who actually, literally, physically can’t have vaccines is extraordinarily small. The number of people who choose to not vaccinate is not–it’s growing. These people cite a vague unease about the number of vaccines a child gets or statistics they learned from Internet memes on autism. They confess conspiracy theories about Big Pharma and how it’s all a ploy to get doctors and pharmacists rich. They share anecdotes of a college friend’s neighbor’s son who got so sick from his vaccine he was hospitalized. They say their child got incredibly sick from the one round of vaccines he or she got at his 2 month visit, and they said they’re not vaccinating anymore. Guess what–if your child is sitting here today, talking, walking, eating, laughing, playing, and learning, he or she wasn’t that ill from the vaccine. He or she got a fever and reacted to the vaccine–it doesn’t mean they had an “adverse” reaction.

I am horrified, non-vaxxers, that you are so quick to forget the lessons of history. You’re spoiled and selfish because you have never seen the horrors of a society in which vaccines are not available. Perhaps you should talk to my mother about her neighbor growing up–the one who contracted German measles while pregnant with her third child. That third child was born deaf and with brain damage, thanks to his mother catching that communicable–and now preventable–disease while pregnant. Perhaps you should talk to anyone over the age of 60 about what it was like when polio was around–how nobody was allowed to go swimming or use public drinking fountains for fear of catching that dreaded–and now preventable–disease. Perhaps you should talk to the parents of a child with cancer whose daughter spent a month in the Pediatric ICU during treatment because she caught chicken pox–a preventable disease–from an unvaccinated classmate. Perhaps you should take a trip to a third world country and explain to them why they should not be lining up in droves to get their children vaccinated by the Red Cross or other relief organizations. Perhaps, better yet, you should keep your children out of school.

—  Alex Pomadoni via Imgur

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How on earth did you guys survive summers without air conditioning? Mine went out two days ago and I'm about five minutes away from giving myself an ice cube enema just to make it through the heat.

it wasnt fun, thats for sure. though i’ll admit i never quite got to the point where that sounded like a good idea. 

mostly we acclimated–humans do this neat thing where our bodies can adapt to hot environments, but nowadays people just jump from air conditioned environment to air conditioned environment and dont build up that tolerance by staying in the heat. but back then, we just got used to it. that only goes so far though. 

the summer of 1936 was a nasty one. i mean, horribly, terribly, melt your bones hot. nobody wanted to do anything, it was just so hot. the whole city just wanted to find a shady spot and lie still until the heatwave passed.  people who had fire escapes off their apartments would sleep on them at night, so they wouldn’t have to be indoors, where it was even hotter and there was no moving air. neighborhoods broke open fire hydrants and cooled off that way–i once saw a man in a three piece business suit walk right into the spray from a hydrant, looking blissful as anything. some people carried umbrellas or parasols. people found bodies of water and got in them–rivers, ponds, public fountains, which was neither safe nor sanitary. places that sold cold drinks were packed, and vendors selling shaved ice on the streets sold out. 

but the best thing was the pools. that summer, the WPA opened 11 enormous new public outdoor swimming pools across the city. back then, they were the peak of technology. four of them were in brooklyn, and stevie and i tried out all of them. it was the social site of the season, so i was in fine form. 

it was great–stevie could swim pretty well, despite not having much muscle mass, and the chemicals didnt bother his asthma too much. whenever the two of us werent working, we were at one of those pools. really, it seemed like most of the city was in the water trying to cool off. 

one thing we didn’t have? sunscreen. that wasn’t really around until the war. im a bit darker than steve, and even i was lobster red after the first few days. i made it work–red is my color.

stevie, though. steve was so red he could stop traffic.

annawrites  asked:

i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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Capricorn Risings 🏔

Capricorn Risings seem to walk around wearing hand-tailored suits. They present themselves resolutely and soberly.

Saturn’s blessings here produce a responsible individual that portrays their individuality through earthly images of stability and security. They’re solid and concrete and actively question everything around them looking for these characteristics in all things, so they’re not very much prone to sudden bursts of fiery excitement. Like a mountain rising quietly between heavy clouds, their presence is solemn, respectful and impactful. They walk generally in a straight line, with a constant rhythm on their heavy feet, close to earth. We can clearly tell they’ve got everything under control.

These people rarely let themselves be affected by external emotional manifestations, as if their body is surrounded by an impenetrable stone barrier. They’ve got clear objectives and ambitions, and this sturdy composition helps them make their way through every challenge and obstacle. They live for this conquest and they’re all about the path they must find to get there. Capricorn Rising’s are usually more mature than others around them and, being children of the lord of time, Saturn’s positioning and conditions is what greatly affects this Ascendant’s characteristics.

Those with Capricorn on the Ascendant may also show a strong and resistant body with remarkable facial traits, for Saturn rules bone structures.

Below, we’ll give only an introductory description of how Saturn manifests in the houses. Because of this planet’s complexity, the descriptions we’ll provide are only superficial. We advise further studies of the chart for “total” understanding of this planet’s position.

Saturn/1st house: on an open battlefield, two armies fight for an old and imposing tower standing at the center; it rains heavily. Being an individual means building one’s own personal value. The identity must be built with strong materials. If Saturn’s in Capricorn, recognition comes through one’s career or professional achievements. If Saturn’s in Aquarius, building an identity comes through one’s ideas and relationship with large groups of people. There’s the need to develop security in one’s self and in one’s existence. Knowing one’s self takes time.

Saturn/2nd house: through its windows, an elegant marble warehouse overflows with vegetables, fruits, leaves, plants and bottles of wine. Maturity comes through one’s developing ability to administer and to organize one’s money and possessions. Dealing responsibly with material matters take time. This is someone who values money and social honour as rewards of hard-work. A stable base come’s through material security.

Saturn/3rd house: an enormous ship fluctuates at the center of a storm; ocean waves rise and crush in the dark without mercy, but the vessel won’t sink. Communicating, producing phrases and being effectively understood takes time and maturity. There’s a need to develop form and structure in one’s ability to communicate, for one’s intense sensitivity typically produces interference in the realm of thoughts. This is someone who will develop maturity the more they interact with other people, specially relatives.

Saturn/4th house: a beautiful summer palace finally rises under the sun, between green fields and small lakes; at last, everything’s getting ready for the noble family’s return. Being recognized by the family is of most importance. Responsibilities and duties are completed to ultimately bring honour to close relatives. Dealing healthily with one’s psychological nature and family structure takes time.

Saturn/5th house: a forgotten imperial palace is restored and opened as a grand history museum; the gardens are preserved as if by magic. The challenge here is to recognize one’s own value, deep meaning and talents. Expressing beautifully one’s own identity through creativity takes time. Artistic careers are favoured later in life. Matters regarding children, games and romance are treated rather seriously.

Saturn/6th house: an old but imposing hospital is the only source of light surrounded by impenetrable darkness. This is someone with a structured routine that portrays themselves as very interested in other’s health conditions and daily habits. There’s the need to develop care with one’s own body and health as well as to learn that not everything ought to achieve one’s perfection standards.

Saturn/7th house: the gardens of an old rich family are reopened as public botanical gardens; fountains gleam under the gentle sunlight. Great sense of responsibility for other people’s well being. One’s identity is linked to their ability to be faithful and loving in their longtime relationships and friendships. Partnerships are solid, serious and formal. There’s the need to develop security in one’s true identity. Marriage may be delayed but stable.

Saturn/8th house: a majestic fortress is surrounded by enormous walls decorated by ivy; no one can see what’s happening inside. Portraits of security and confidence of one’s self, even though, inside, the individual deals daily with all-consuming emotions. Honour and loyalty. This Saturn’s famous for occupying important posts and social positions, mostly dealing with other people’s resources and possessions.

Saturn/9th house: an archaic temple is found at the depths of an ancient city; old words and truths are rediscovered. There may be some difficulty regarding subjects related to religion, sensitivity and ideals. However, utilizing logic and the rational mind is highly favoured. This Saturn’s very disciplined. There’s the need to develop a sincere and solid base for one’s knowledge.

Saturn/10th house: the whole royal palace’s been decorated for the marriage cerimonies; people from all around the world climb up the stairs and into the ball. Polite, beautiful and elegant. Diplomacy is a key characteristic for this Saturn. This is someone who excels at being fair and polite, specially in social situations, being able to dissolve all conflicts. Long-time partnerships are developed in the working realm. This Saturn loves being where he is and is blessing this individual with stability in one’s career, although this can take some time, work and maturity.

Saturn/11th house: built on stone, an old bank stands among taller skyscrapers; it is the richest and most trustworthy institution around. Fantastic apparent ability to observe and extract truth, secrets and details from other people’s lives. Information is analyzed and stored for future use, if needed. This is someone who seems to be able to finally give structure and reasoning to the complexities of the dynamics of groups of people. But, because big groups usually operate through superficiality, this deep and intense individual can find some difficulty in being accepted or finding the ideal group.

Saturn/12th house: a beautiful and isolated cathedral prays by the edges of a cliff; the sea crushes dearly against the structure’s dissolving walls. Projecting one’s identity in the physical world can prove difficult, for Saturn’s structure is being diluted. There’s the need to develop balance and wisdom, projecting one’s identity with ideals and concepts instead. An abstract and sensitive challenge, one could say. Accepting one’s subjectivity and finding one’s own path takes time.

Thank you dearly for reading! I’m hoping it helps.

      Ancient Hellas Polyphemus, head of Hellenistic statue (marble), 2nd century BC, (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

This head comes from a group, probably of the blinding of Polyphemos, similar to that constructed from fragments found in the grotto at Sperlonga, along the Italian coast southwest of Rome. Polyphemos is based, in details of hair and beard, on a Pergamene centaur. The sculptor was wise in rejecting the… older tradition, one seen in Hellenistic terracottas, of showing the monstrous giant as a kind of fat-faced baboon, with large ears and his eye set like a beacon light in the middle of his forehead. Here the rugged, animal power of the creature has been stressed.
Broken off through the neck and the lower whiskers, the head is in relatively excellent condition, save for the damage to the beard below the mouth. The marble has a yellow-buff tone.

This is the head of the one-eyed, man-eating Cyclops whom Odysseus finally outwitted and blinded. Here the monster is in a peaceful mood, either waiting to receive the cup of wine offered him by Odysseus, or, more likely, gazing love-struck at the indifferent sea nymph Galatea. The head comes from a sculptural group that might have adorned a public fountain or a luxurious seaside villa. The type originated in the second century B.C., yet the lively and direct style of this piece makes difficult to judge whether it is a contemporary variant or a Roman copy.
(uploaded by Ancient Hellas on facebook)

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Ok so I've been following you for a while and I always love when you give opinions on things. So can we discuss what kind of drunks you think each bts member would be? Also what are you? I'm like the super happy and horny drunk like I compliment everyone and always end up making new friends and I'm always ready to fuck as soon as I start getting tipsy lol don't judge me

I’m a pretty happy drunk. I can be shy and reserved in real life, but after drinking… I just want to be everybody’s best friend.  Also, I get real handsy when I’ve been drinking. I want to hug all the people and pet their hair.  

 As for the members…


Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jin:  Super friendly drunk.  Goes around and introduces himself to everyone in the bar.  Then introduces everyone to each other in the bar. “Hi, I’m Jin who are you? Mike? Nice to meet you Mike.” 5 minutes later “Hi, I’m Jin, who are you? Nancy?  Nice to meet you Nancy.  Have you met my new best friend Mike? No?  Here, come with me so you can meet him.” *drags Nancy across the bar to meet Mike* ALSO – when there is music playing, Jin goes out to the middle of the dance floor to bust out some super cool new dance moves that he just made up.

Originally posted by jjibooty

Yoongi: Oh my god obnoxiously bossy drunk and over explains everything. “Yah! You, stranger in the green hat standing next to me, did I just hear you say that Wu Tang Clan is overrated?  Make room for me because I’m gonna spend the next 30 minutes explaining why you are wrong and no, you may not interrupt me.”  ALSO – sings along, loudly and off key, to every fucking song that comes on – even if he doesn’t know the words.

Originally posted by yoongles

Hoseok: Sentimental and sappy drunk.  “Jiminie – have I ever told you that I love you?  You are a brother to me, man.  I would do anything for you.  Anything!” *hugs Jimin tightly, nearly cutting off his oxygen* “I love you man! I LOVE YOU!”  *sees lady at bar looking at him hugging Jimin* “Hey lady, look at this guy here – he’s the best guy in the world!  THE BEST! I LOVE THIS DUDE!”  ALSO – drunk dials everyone he knows – everyone.

Originally posted by apgujeon

Namjoon:  That philosophical streak he has when he’s sober?  It gets amped up 100000%. *stares at his glass of scotch on the rocks and turns to random person standing next to him* “Do you ever think about the ephemeral nature of ice?  It starts as liquid, is transformed to solid and the minute you take it out of the freezer to use it, it starts transforming back into liquid. It is destined to return to its natural state.  Do you think the ice is bothered by the external forces causing it to change? Aren’t people exactly the same way? External forces make us change but the change is impermanent the minute those forces are removed…” *person walks away shaking their head but Namjoon carries on with their conversation talking to no one*  ALSO – has a tendency to fall off his bar stool, repeatedly.

Originally posted by missbaptan

Jimin:  Horny drunk.  Embarrassingly horny drunk.  Wanders around the bar making eye contact with random women and licking his lips until he finds one that doesn’t find that overwhelmingly creepy.  Uses cheesy pick-up lines but is completely serious when he says it.  “You know, your body is 65% water.  And I’m thirsty.” Or “If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”  Stares at your chest the entire time you talk to him.  Does nothing by grind against you if you agree to dance with him.  ALSO – loses all sense of direction.  Asks where the bathroom is and gets lost walking there even though it was only 15 feet away.

Originally posted by kths

Actual footage of drunk Taehyung not available.  You’ll just have to imagine him naked.

Taehyung: Exactly the same. Only naked.  Nobody knows why, but Taehyung has an overwhelming urge to disrobe whenever he gets drunk.  Usually, he can contain himself enough to only remove his shoes, socks and shirt before running down the street half dressed, but has been known to strip down to his undies and jump in a public fountain on occasion.  The members are constantly watching to make sure he doesn’t drink too much when they are out in public.  ALSO – climbs things; couches, fences, tables, people… he just doesn’t want to keep his feet on the ground.

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Jungkook:  Competitive and a show-off.  *turns to random stranger* “You wanna arm wrestle?  Winner pays for the other’s drink.”  Constantly challenging people to a game of darts or pool or whatever is available.  If there is a dance floor, he’ll be out there challenging people to a dance off — only they generally don’t know that’s what he’s doing.  They just think he’s a weird guy who ran up to them and started aggressively dancing while staring them down.   ALSO – in his zeal to do everything better, faster, harder… he tends to knock a lot of stuff over.  Breaks glasses, runs into people, tips over chairs.

[04] Run

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and ‘Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes and ideas.

 Warnings: smut, angst, fluff



As the night went on and the living room was full of laughter and shared memories, you knew you were exactly where you belonged. The movies became background noise to you and boys nonsense, but the night slowly came to a close as Namjoon and Jin fell asleep peacefully on the floor, while Taehyung cuddled Jimin’s sleeping body, Hoseok slept with his head hanging off the recliner and Jungkook slept with one of his legs on your thighs while the other was hanging off the couch, leaving Yoongi sitting normally next to you. You caught the last few minutes of the fourth movie you all put in before you fell asleep innocently on Yoongi’s shoulder.


It has been about two weeks since you moved in with the boys, those two weeks being work during the day and hanging out with the boys at night. It wasn’t always the eight of you, sometimes it would be you and couple of the others, or you and one of the boys but in regardless you felt at home. Two weeks had gone by since the tunnel, which meant two weeks worth of new events to top that; throwing water balloons off a building, jumping into a public fountain, once you even made the terrible decision to join Taehyung on bet that he could beat Jungkook at Overwatch. Taehyung got creamed and that meant the two of you had to run butt naked down our street screaming “JEON JUNGKOOK IS THE OVERWATCH MASTER.” Jungkook and Hoseok were the only ones present at the time the bet was made, meaning they were the only ones allowed to watch the streaking happen. Work at the diner seemed to be much more tolerable, especially on the rainy days when Yoongi and Hoseok would come to visit you during there liquor runs, and while you always gave them a little more food then you were supposed too Yoongi gave you a 'tip’ on how not to be such a loser.

During the two weeks you had bonded with each and every individual in the house at least once: Waking up early in the morning to have breakfast with Jin, going out with V to go and take aesthetic pictures of him, walks and talks about the world and its meaning with Namjoon, Overwatch with Kookie if he talked you into getting your ass whooped, Jimin became a dear friend that you went shopping with, buying all kinds of clothes and modeling for each other… then there was the day you accepted you may have a small crush on Min Yoongi.

It was 3:30am and everyone was asleep as they very well should have been, but your body refused to allow you to drift off into a dreamless slumber. You made your way towards the kitchen but got stopped by the faint sounds of music coming from Yoongi’s room, his door was opened ajar and even though you knew that wasn’t an invitation to come in, you did so anyway. Yoongi was sitting at his desk playing the keyboard with more passion then you had ever seen anyone have; you watched as his eyes closed and his fingers danced in an effortless way across the keys creating the most beautiful combination of notes.

“nae girogui guseok

han kyeone jarijabeun galsaek piano..” You listened to his soft and lingering voice as he rapped about his passion and love for the piano. Your heart swelled for the passionate boy sitting only a few feet away from you to engulfed in his music to realize you were watching him, the soft and slow flow turned to a strong, loud and emotional story about his love. You couldn’t find it in yourself to move from the doorway, even after he had finished playing; he let out a sigh and let his hands bang down on the keys.

“That was beautiful.” You knew he wasn’t going to invite you in, but you also knew he wasn’t going to kick you out so you took it upon yourself to sit on his bed. He finally looked over at you and gave you a tight smile. The rest of that night the two of you spoke of music, inspiration, and everything in between; he had finally showed you his mix tape that he had under the name Agust D, you weren’t exactly sure when it was but you ended up falling asleep on his bed and leaving him to go sleep on the couch. When you woke up curled up in his white covers you were consumed by the faint smell of his aroma, you quickly ran out of his room to go find where the mint haired boy had slept. “Min Yoongi. I know you hate being woken up but I don’t care. Wake the fuck up and go back to your bed! Don’t you ever let me take your bed from you again you fucker!” Yoongi mumbled under his breath and walked up to his room only to turn and look down at you from the top of the steps.

“It was nice talking to you about music brat.”

You slipped one of your multiple pairs of black ripped jeans and threw on a low cut white tank top, topping it all off with Jungkook’s light blue fuzzy cardigan you stole from him after you lost the Overwatch bet. You quickly gabbed your black boots and made your way downstairs where everyone was waiting on you.

“Is that my cardigan!?” The bunny boy yelled pointing at you while looking frantically at everyone else almost as though he expected them all to be outraged.

“I stole it from your room after the little streaking incident.” His pathetic pout soon turned into a full blown bunny smile when the mention of me and Tae’s dark moment was mentioned.

When it came to Jin’s truck everyone knew where they belonged, it was an unspoken contract between driver and passengers, you and your truck buddies usually always remained silent as yall looked up at the stars and waited for your destination to arrive. It never had to do with not wanting to talk to one another but more along the lines of the cool breeze against our faces and the dark sky above being peppered in small glowing stars.

You all heard the low beat of the radio through the closed windows and cool breeze, you took the silent time to take in the view in front of you. You took in the way he looked every time we passed under a street lamp, illuminating his figure and making it seem as though he was glowing. His stonewashed denim jacket with red plaid underneath every rip complimented his straightened mint hair, you took in the way his large hands looked ever so cozy in the black and red stripped sleeves that had a hole cute for his thumbs. He was too beautiful for you to understand and you couldn’t help but admire him any chance you got.

“So where exactly are we going?” You asked while playing with the green streaks in Taehyung’s hair. “There is this abandoned train an hour from here, we spent a year or two cleaning up the first three train cars and made them into a cool hangout party place. They are chained and locked so no one will fuck with our stuff.” Yoongi replied with a genuine smile, you could only assume the happiness came from the accomplishment of making the train cars 'new’ again. “Abandoned train car?” You said more to yourself then to the others, but since Hoseok was sitting next to you he heard. “Yeah, we stumbled upon it back when we were like eighteen? Nineteen? We just starting hanging there for a year and thought it would be cool to make the first few cars into our own little hangout. Its a bit of a drive but we always end up having the best time there.”

About half an hour later, the car had stopped and Jin and Namjoon ran into the Khol’s we were set in front of. Jungkook opened the back window and poked his head out to look at you guys in the back. “Y/n, I hope you’re ready for a fun night.” His bunny smile flashing so brightly in the slightly dark parking lot, Jimin could be heard yelling in agreement from next to Kookie but being unseen due to the fact the back window was extremely small. “I’m ready.”

Jin and Namjoon came back with two bags in each hand, each one holding a average sized pillow, they tossed them into the bed of the truck with us and then we were off to the train. “Are these feathered pillows?” You asked squeezing and examining the pillows that were in front of you.

“Congratulations, you know your pillows.“ Yoongi exclaimed showing an obvious smart ass tone. “Yoongi, I suggest you shut the fuck up before my foot ends up so far up your ass-” You were cut off my Jin’s loud voice, and you instantly remembered the back window was open. “Y/N. LANGUAGE!” Your cheeks flushed and you nodded softly as though Jin could even see you.

 "We’re here.“ Hoseok sang, pointing towards a dark red train frozen on a track. There wasn’t any buildings or houses around, only trees and the gravely ground beneath. Jin parked the truck in the tree’s to keep it hidden from people but easy enough to access and keep an eye on.

Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok sat on one of the train’s seats while Kookie, Yoongi, and Jimin sat in the seat across, leaving me and V to be sprawled out on the floor that was oddly comfortable, due to the rugs the boys had put in.

"Do yall have anything to eat or drink in here?” You asked eyeballing all the boys waiting for an answer. Hoseok pulled you up and walked you to the last car over (the guys following behind) it was the same set up as the other car but they had tables put in between the seats, unopened bags of chips, cookies and snacks of all kinds scattered over one of them; and to your astonishment there was a goddamn refrigerator set in the corner of the room, next to a maroon couch blocking the back door. "How the fu- I mean.. How did you manage to get a fuc- sorry Jin, I cant fucking help it.“ The boys erupted in laughter and you could almost swear even Jin chuckled. "You sound like Yoongi.” Jungkook laughed, causing a small tint of pink to cheeks, hoping no one noticed.

The windows of the car were covered with curtains and cardboard, white Christmas lights and two lamps (on opposite ends of the car) illuminated the hangout place wonderfully. "Y/n, try not to eat everything okay?“ Hoseok joked, referring to the time you accidently ate all the food before he even arrived. It wasn’t your fault he was an hour late.

"Ha, Ha. So fucking funny Hobi the horse.” You spat back, reaching for the slightly melted cupcakes setting on the table behind you. Hoseok was to busy being extra to notice your sneaky actions, you did in fact make eye contact with Yoongi, who knew exactly what you were up too. He flashed you smile that sent shivers down your spine, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his hone ready to capture the act on camera. “Awe you know I love you Hoseok.” You pouted walking closer to him, the pink cupcake in hand. “I know you witch.” He smiled learning down to kiss your forehead, before his lips could reach touch your skin, you smeared the cupcake all over his cheek. The car erupted with laughs of all kinds, Hoseok looked at you in shock before a devious smile spread across his pink smeared face. Before you could run to safety he tackled you to the ground rubbed his face all over yours.

“JUNG HOSEOK GET OFF OF ME NOW!” He stood up a new man, a man full of confidence and power. He looked as though he just saved the world and defeated the most evil of villains.

You stood up with slightly running pink icing smeared over our eyebrow and down your cheek and glared at six of the laughing boys. “You guys were supposed to be on m side."  You grabbed a napkin from the table of food and wiped your face clean before handing the napkin to Hobi. Namjoon pulled out some fruit punch, vodka and a twelve pack of beer out of the fridge and yall headed back the first car.

*3 hours later*

The train floor was covered in loose feathers from the pillow fight you all had, red solo cups tossed in random corners of the car, and perhaps it would have been smart to just reuse the same cup but Taehyung insisted we not make the other cups feel neglected. Sometime between the pillow fight and the tipsy game of Would You Rather, Jin Oppa had brought out the extra blankets and pillows they had stored here for days like this. You sat in one of the cushioned seats and watched Jin and Jungkook fight over the rules of whatever made up game they were playing, you watched in silence as Taehyung fell over in a giggling fit and how Hoseok kept dancing like the fucking weirdo you came to know five years ago. You phone buzzed, causing you to jump at the sudden vibration, Yoongi’s name popped up on the screen and you glanced over at his breath taking gummy smile. No one noticed this small interaction, especially considering Namjoon and Jimin were passed out on the floor and Hoseok, Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung were playing some strange ass game with rules that you couldn’t understand.


Grandpa Yoongz: Google, how do I make my friends shut the fuck up?

You: either kill them, or pray they pass out like Joonie and Mochi.

Grandpa Yoongz: I’m not drunk enough to find your pet names cute


You rolled your eyes playfully and made yourself comfortable, eventually the loudness of your friends went down and you noticed all the boys laying down soundlessly in some part of the car. With the alcohol still lingering in your system you got up and crept your way into the middle train car that held the extra blankets, pillow clothes and other 'emergency’ things. You looked through the extra clothes in hopes to find something baggy enough to wear so you could remove your very uncomfortable bra. You finally found a white, cozy sweater that you assumed was Jin’s, you quickly took off your bra and slipped the cozy material over your head. You looked around the car seeing, paintings and music sheets tapped to the walls, in the corner of the car there was the traditional booth type seats facing one another but the boys had apparently pushed an ottoman in between giving it the illusion of a bed.

You grabbed some more blankets and pillows and tossed them onto the makeshift bed only to plop down and look at the twinkling lights above. Your phone buzzed once again and you saw it was another message from Yoongi.

Grandpa Yoongz: Where did you go brat?

You: My bra was aggravating me so I came into the next car to find a shirt. I think I grabbed one of Jin’s sweaters, think I might just sleep in here tbh

You had already pressed send before you realized you had basically just told Yoongi that you weren’t wearing a bra. It was kind of ridiculous to be so embarrassed of such a little thing, when three of the boys of the house had seen you butt naked two weeks prior. The alcohol was enough to make you not think straight but not enough to make you not know what you were doing, nor was it enough to make you have a killer hangover the following morning. The lack of reply from Yoongi made you curl up in fear, until you heard the train car door open and close.

"Mind if I stick around, I can’t sleep.” You nodded your head and sat up, not expecting him to sit right next to you. He had taken off his stonewashed jacket and was now just wearing a slightly baggy white long sleeve shirt. He was truly a sight for sore eyes, you took in his every feature you could before he turned to look at you.

“So, I was thinking about that song you were playing the day I saw you throw away your work. It was really good and I knew you had just wrote it that morning. I could never do that.” You couldn’t tell if it was the liquor not letting him hold back a compliment or if it was him just being real with you.

“Yoongi, you are such a piece of shit. Your going to be big one day, playing shows and having millions of people attempting to rap along with you, girls are gunna be turned on by your tongue technology.” You nudged and winked at him referring to one of his lines in Agust D, though you were referencing his music you couldn’t help but think that it was indeed the truth. When he was in his zone rapping at least seven syllables a second, you couldn’t deny how sexy he sounded, how you could practically feel his passion in your bones.

“Are you going to be one of those girls?" He had a smug smile plastered on his face, if you hadn’t have had confidence on your side (thanks to your friend Vodka) then you probably would have blushed a lot harder then the slight pink that spread across your cheeks. You looked down at his smug ass smile only wishing to kiss those oh so inviting lips, then looked up at his round cheeks and puppy eyes. God, he is perfect.

"Why? Do you wish I was one of those girls?” You teased, studying how he licked his lips and sported only a bigger smile, feeding into the carefree game of liquor confidence. He cocked his head slightly and raised an eyebrow studying you like you were a new hand in a game of cards. He smelled of detergent and winter accompanied by the smell of vodka and fruit punch, and you couldn’t help but want to see if he tasted the way he smelt. You wanted him to do you with the same passion he had when he was playing music, you wanted to taste the beer and fruit punch oozing off his cocky words.

“I’d say yes but that would be too easy,” His hand brushed against your knee causing a current to flow through your body. “Instead I could tease you for the way you’ve been staring at my lips." Confidence dripped from every last word sending your body to turn to jello, and when his hand found its way to your thigh you knew what was going to happen wasn’t a good idea, that the confidence enhancer’s were taking over.

"What about you D Boy? I saw the way you were looking at mine, don’t act so innocent.” You grazed the side of his cheek causing him to slightly stiffen by the sudden act of affection. You ran your fingers through his minty locks and found their way down to the collar of his shirt, grabbing a fist full in your hand you pulled him closer to you, causing your lips to be centimeters apart.

“There’s nothing innocent about me right now baby.” He cooed before smashing his lips against yours, your hands wrapped around his neck while he scooped you into his lap having your straddle him. His hand never left your thigh, in fact his grip tightened causing you whimper slightly.

The kiss was nothing less then hungry, his soft lips hugging yours in the most beautiful yet needy way possible, you knew what was happening shouldn’t be happening under these circumstances, but they way his hands were running down your thighs and the way he took your bottom lip in between his teeth made your mind focus on nothing more then the taste of his sweet lips. He swiped his tongue along your bottom lip asking for entrance and the minute you gave him access his tongue found yours, fighting for dominance. Despite the liquor coursing through your veins, you felt the walls around you disappear and it was just the two of you sharing an intoxicated kiss. A kiss you wanted to happen since the day you saw him walking down the house stairs that first day.. but you would never have admitted that. You pushed your body closer to him as if that was even possible, his hands finding their way to yours hips and pushing you down against him softly almost as if he was testing the waters and looking for some sign of approval. It was enough for you to feel his hardening bulge against you, pulling away from his intoxicating kiss and studying his swollen lips and lust filled eyes.

“Take your shirt off.” He quickly obeyed your demands and shed the white shirt from his sugary skin, you were hungry for the taste of his lips again but he had other plans. “Take yours off.” You pulled the sweater over your head to reveal your exposed breasts, Yoongi wasted no time in pushing you down onto the burgundy ottoman and attacking your neck with bites that were sure to leave a mark. One of your hands gripped his beautiful mint hair, tugging every time he licked over his newly made hickey, every tug earning a low groan to escape his still slightly swollen lips.

You were too engulfed with the feeling of his lips (that were now on your collarbone) to notice his large hand reaching up to cup one of your breasts, the coolness from his hand on your bare skin sent a small shiver down your body and the moment he took your sensitive bud in between his thumb and index finger a soft moan left your lips.

Within a few lustful moments you were both in your underwear and you were in need of some sort of friction, you rolled yourself over allowing the sugary skinned boy to be laying underneath you, you pressed your barley covered core against his fully erect cock and watched as his eyes shut. A smile spread across your face as you rolled your hips into him, it only took a few hard rolls before Yoongi felt the need to take the lead and flip yall so he was hovering over your almost naked body. He trailed his hand down your stomach and stopped right above your skimpy underwear, he was teasing you and you were to needy for him to care.

“Oppa, please touch me.” You whimpered, wanting nothing more than for his gloriously long fingers to work their magic. The Mint sugar boy smirked at you before he crashed his lips hungrily against yours, you were to busy taking his lip in between your teeth to realize Yoongi had slipped your panties down. Without warning two fingers were slammed into you while he rubbed your clit with his thumb.

“You’re so wet for me.” He whispered in your ear causing soft moans of his name to fall from your lips, his words alone only made your heart beat faster and your breath to shorten. “You sound so pretty when you moan my name baby.” He pumped his fingers faster leaving you a breathless mess underneath him, the funny feeling in the pit of your stomach was beginning to bubble up and you whimpered for him to fuck you.

“Fuck me Oppa. Please. I need you.” Yoongi let out an almost animalistic growl hearing those dirty words fall from your tasteful and swollen lips, He freed himself from his boxers and you could feel his hard cock pressing against your thigh, he mumbled something about a condom but you quickly assured him you were on the pill, you reached down and took his cock in your small hands and began to pump him, drenching his length in his glistening pre cum.

“Y/n, I’m not going to last long if you continue.” He moaned, softly moving your hand away, he lined himself up with your entrance and kissed you for good measure before slowly pushing into your trembling cunt. He slammed into causing you to moan in painful pleasure, he let you adjust to his length before you begged him to move. You arched your back slightly giving him the opportunity to snake his arm around your lower back, your hands scratched down your back only causing a ’fuck’ to fall from his sweet lips. He was pounding you into the ottoman with every hard thrust, strangled moans fell from his lips as he slammed in and out of you, the sound of his muffled moans and heavy breathing caused your fingertips to dig into his nicely structured back. The room was full of twinkling lights and drunken intimacy, filling its walls with moans and hisses; the two of you were far from quiet but didnt dare be loud.

“Mmm, you’re s-so fuc-fucking tight.” His words dripped of sex and lust, you couldn’t stop yourself from staring up at his slightly flushed cheeks and matted down minty hair, he looked like a God, beautiful and flawless. Soft grunts left his mouth and judging by the way his thrusts got a bit sloppier you knew he wasnt going to last too long. Without hesitation you carefully flipped yall over once again and leaned down to attach your lips to his neck, you mumbled sweet and sexy nothings into his ear before continuing the newly made bruise on his oh so inviting neck. You tested the waters of the new position and smiled as his eyes rolled back and his hands tightened around your bare hips, you placed your hands on his chest as you began to ride his dick slowly turning the once so cocky boy into a moaning mess beneath you. The new position hit just the right spot sending your head back and loud moans to escape the lips Yoongi couldn’t get enough of, he took this opportunity to make you bounce on his dick faster, the sudden change of speed made the tight feeling in your stomach to come back as you moaned your warning.

“I’m close Yoongi. I’m so close.” His breathing became quicker and his control on your pace became sloppy as he approached his own high, a loud and throaty moan of your name to leave his lips. “Cum for me Y/n. Cum all over my cock baby.” His words of encouragement sent your body of the edge as you let go, a string of profanities mixed with his name left your mouth. Your walls clenched around his twitching cock leaving the minty boy underneath you to send out the same list of profanities you had just uttered, you bounced on his dick faster and faster until his hands could barley keep hold of your hips, the moans of his names and the pleading for him to cum only made his voice shakier. As much as he would have loved to take charge he was too drunk to care but not drunk enough to let how pretty your moans were, and how beautiful you looked riding his dick go unnoticed. He filled your pussy with his white, hot pleasure leaving you shaky and dazed on top of him, you could barley hold yourself up anymore so you slid off Yoongi’s dick and down beside him.

The car filled with heavy breathing, and soft profanities. Too lazy to clean yourselves off, too tired to talk about had just happened and too happy to realize the boys could walk in on both your naked bodies underneath one of the thin covers. You turned your head enough to see Yoongi staring at the twinkling lights above, flushed pink cheeks against his pale skin looking so beautiful with his mint hair as well. He was in the softest state from the most sinful games, you wanted nothing more then to bury your face in his chest and sleep in his arms but you knew. You knew this meant nothing to him, that it was a fun and drunken mistake, and that’s not his fault. Sleep caught up with your tired bones as you fell victim to a sleepless night.

He laid there silently not fully aware of what he should do next, if only you knew how badly he wanted to look over at you and study your flushed cheeks and bare body, part of him wished he was drunk enough to forget the lustful night that ended with him doing exactly what he wished he would be able to do. 'It was just the liquor’ he repeated to himself. 'It was just liquor that gave you and Y/n the lack of reasoning to stop what had started.’ You hadn’t noticed him taking in every curve and swell of your naked body while you moaned his name; he knew what yall were doing was wrong but he couldn’t find it in himself to stop and think, he couldn’t. The alcohol coursing through his body like tainted blood made his body shake with adrenaline, he knew tomorrow was just another day. Tomorrow was a day that you would realize what had happened was fun but an accident, a tipsy accident. Against his better judgment he looked over at your now sleeping form, the white sheet covering your most intimidate areas and leaving your nicely marked collarbones and neck, your hair was matted against your face and without fully realizing what he was doing, Yoongi reach over and pushed her hair out of your face. He knew he should probably get up and get dressed and leave the train car but sleep crept up on him, having different plans for him.

“WOAH! WHAT THE FUCK!?” Jungkook screamed covering his eyes as if he could erase his imagination. Your eyes fluttered open and you saw the boys standing in front of you, you looked down at your naked body covered in a thin sheet and seeing Yoongi adjusting his eyes to the new found light of day. You looked at Hoseok who was smirking like an idiot with one eyebrow raised and his hands crossed over his chest.

“Well Y/n, looks like Yoongi sure did a good job marking you.” Namjoon winked making your face grow hot. Yoongi sat up with his hair a complete mess and the few hickies you left him now visible for the world to see, well for the guys to see at least.

"Looks like Y/n got Yoongi pretty good too.” Taehyung hummed, wiggling his eyebrows like we were back in High School or something. Hoseok handed you the sweater that had been tossed on the floor last night, so you could slip it over your overly exposed body. Before you could open your mouth to ask them to leave so you could get dressed, Yoongi spoke up.

“Oh my god guys, we were drunk and things happened. For fucks sake this isn’t high school.” You chuckled slightly to play off the twisting of your stomach and the aching in your chest. “Yeah guys, chill.” You looked over to Hoseok who sent you a novel length apology with his eyes while his laugh camouflaged with the others. When finally the boys left it was just you and Yoongi once again.

“I think I have some makeup your color, so you can cover up those hickies.” You laughed nervously, trying anything to wipe away any possible awkwardness that could have been. “Na, its okay. I just hope its not going to be weird now.” He said scanning your face for an answer, you smiled sweetly at him in return and assured him things would be fine.

You sat in silence while you watched the three boys laugh and talk about random topics you had eventually stopped listening to. You blamed your lack of participation on being tried, and you watched in silence. Every gummy smile he gave made your heart beat faster then before, admiring the marks you gave him, loving how the dark purple marks looked on his pale skin, how soft he looked even after the events of last night. You could only imagine what his light back looked like with the faint pink scratches, everything about him made your heart ache. His pouty lips practically screaming to be kissed, his hands looking so lonely without the touch of your body underneath them.

The days went by, each day slower then the last; you skipped out on adventures to stay home and write. Writing kept your mind from thinking about your night with Yoongi, Hoseok cuddled you all night and grabbed you warm milk when you woke up from a bad dream,

It wasn’t like you didn’t talk to Yoongi, because you did. Yall stayed up late together and sometimes you would both sit in complete silence and work on yalls own music. You kept your word and didn’t let him see how every time he smiled at you it sent your heart to shatter more, how every time he yalls spoke you saw as his hickies faded away with the days of the week. You knew the minute the hickies fade so does the last trace of that nights events, the only memory being the one you etched into every song, every breath and tattooed onto your brain.

A month has gone by since he woke up naked to you next to him, a month since you agreed that the night previous was a drunken impulse. His heart stops every time he see’s you smiling, and every time you make up an excuse to not come out with the boys, or an excuse to not listen to his new music, his heart breaks slightly. He went everyday knowing just how uninterested you were, you spent your nights with Hoseok, or spent it writing. He knew what he had to do… it was time to move on..


It was two months after that night when you received a message from Hoseok, you were on your way home from work when your phone buzzed five or six times.

Hobi: Y/n

Hobi: I don’t know how to tell you this.

Hobi: When you come home you’re going to see something you really don’t want to see..

Hobi: Yoongi brought over a girl and told us they’d been talking for a few weeks.

Hobi: I’m so sorry….

Hobi: I have ice cream and chick flicks ready in the room..

anonymous asked:

Coming off the Lance post, what unique skills DOES Lance bring to the team? ...if any?

Weapon/technology abilities:


> Alongside Hunk, only member of the team with a ranged weapon.

> Quite possibly, longest-range bayard.

> Bayard that affords itself the most to precision attacks. 

Blue Lion:

> Specialty terrain advantage in water and icy environments (far more common than, say, an environment that is on fire)

> No exploitable weaknesses- good speed, good firepower, good armor.

> Ice cannon

> Sonic cannon, can be used as a weapon and as a scanner.

> Third largest Lion, and more agile than the Yellow Lion. 


Approachable and gregarious. A quick study of people and cultures. Has the most initiative out of the team in terms of engaging with new things, as shown in that he was the first one to bond with a Lion. Out of the team, would probably make a good diplomat alongside Shiro and Allura. Intrinsically motivated to understand people.

As a leg pilot, a supporting pillar of the team. Someone who connects with peers and checks in with them.

More or less the “heart” of the team- compassionate, open, trusting. The friend who will catch coins in his teeth doing a dolphin impression in a public fountain to buy you a video game.

An effective think-on-his-feet strategist (see: when he and Keith split off from the team during the Balmera rescue in s1e7) In particular, his adaptability and propensity for unorthodox maneuvers allows him to react to situations with an element of finesse when full-power assaults don’t work- consider s2e10, rescuing Slav by targeting a joint on the warden’s mechanical arm, and s2e2, where he was able to fight, and neutralize a mind-controlled Hunk when Hunk had him physically overpowered rather badly, without Lance being able to draw his bayard on Hunk, and while being beset by other attackers (Luxia’s guards). Also even when his trust leads him into a bad situation, he was the first to raise the alarm and call for help, even working his way around his restraints to do so. 

Perceptive. Literally nobody could sneak an impostor onto the team past Lance. Don’t believe me? S1e4, AKA the time Lance, within five seconds, was able to tell one literally identical robot from another, when said robot does not have either body language or facial expressions, and he had known it for maybe days, tops, during which it mostly just followed Pidge around- and Lance was still able to tell the bomb drone was not Rover, realize it was going to explode, and tackle Coran out of the way.

On that note- diligent, intelligent, and tenacious (as he would have to be, in order to make it in not only a space exploration program but making the more prestigious class.) Has shown the capacity to catch his second wind and fight through grievous internal injuries ( “yeah, after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off,” )

In a more or less direct confrontation of wills, Shiro definitely blinked first. (s2e8) Let’s clarify that a bit: Lance, when sufficiently motivated, can stare down the person whose specific paladin virtues are control and force of personality.


in northern california, parts of my hometown and surrounding towns have burned this week. some areas have been evacuated. some school districts have been closed. my family’s neighborhood has been told to be ready for potential evacuation. my mother says everyone has sore throats and headaches from breathing in the smoke, and nobody can go outside. the sky is dark, low visibility. people on facebook post selfies with those masks that protect you from polluted air. 30 people have died in the wildfires.

listen, i grew up with drought, with bus advertisements to take shorter showers, letting it mellow if it’s yellow, fountains in public areas being turned off, quotas for towns to decrease their water consumption each year. summer camp burned down, creeks became dry and mucky. people chattered, blamed the farms or each other. it wasn’t apocalyptic, it was just part of life. it was a scary warning we pushed out of our minds.

and now that things are apocalyptic, in california and in texas and in puerto rico, i wanna send a big fuck you to all the people in the world who are powerful and dont prioritize the environment. because this isnt new, this has been happening, all of us just try to push it out of our minds until we cant push it out anymore and it’s scary and we just dont know what’s next, or who’s next

So the lads are a fucking menace in the FAHC. Especially with Young Blood Jeremy, shit gets fucking weird and dangerous. Michael’s in the hospital every other day (he definitely doesn’t have a jealousy thing over Jeremy because of Gavin) because “Hey look I can light my hair on fire how cool!” Jeremy nearly dies every other Sunday, when he decides that’s his weekly day to try parkour in the police station (not on it but in it, where he climbs onto of the policemen’s desks and plays “The floor is lava”). Geoff puts down payments into the station so he doesn’t have to keep going in every time they get arrested for something stupid. Not even because he can’t show his face in a station, or it’s too far away. just because he’s too embarrassed to show his face to them when Gavin decides to fill public water fountain with paint and Jeremy tries to see how far down the street he can roll and how long he can make his “mark” last

They’re just all troublemakers, whether on job or not. Gavin’s got too much money to throw around, Jeremy thrives on attention, Ray’s got a creative head and no cares, and Michael’s got a maverick’s grin. A recipe for disaster.

Until this new “Cow Chop” crew rolls around.

James is the leader, followed close by someone named Aleks. Geoff’s heard of them before and while they’re inexperienced and new, they’ve got youth and ambition. Geoff knows that’s all it takes. He has them affiliated within a week.

While they talk over the phone, Geoff and the rest of the crew don’t actually meet the cow chop boys until their faces show up in the news for the tenth time in a week. Which wasn’t terribly bad, but they weren’t getting on the news for illegal shit. They were on the news because Aleks put on seven leather jackets and got pushed down in the street by Trevor. They were on the news because James bought a pool and filled it with lube.

Geoff decides it’s time to meet them, so he packs the crew into the car and heads to their warehouse, on the other side of town. He’d called in advance.

He was expecting a formal welcome. They’re the Fakes, after all– you shut your mouth around the Fakes, because around them you have a place and it’s underneath their boots.
They walk in and their jaws drop because Trevor’s in a bodysuit and on fire, yelling bloody murder, Brett is making coffee but ripping up bits of a spider to put in everyone’s cup, Aleks is laying on the couch and quite honestly looks dead and James is crawling through the rafters in a white tuxedo for no distinguishable reason.

All commotion stops as the two crews look at each other– the well-put-together Fakes and Cow Chop, who could only be described as “boys”.

A friendly looking face– Joe, Geoff recalls– hurries up to them as Trevor flops to the floor and starts rolling around and James starts to laugh at the spectacle. Joe smiles and holds out his hand. It’s oddly sticky as Geoff shakes it. “Hey guys, welcome in!”

Trevor lays on the floor, now put out. He waves with a goofy smile. Aleks looks over, but his gaze is still dead. James lets out an exclamation of “Oh shit!” before waving once, curtly. Brett looks up and sighs.

There’s a very long silence before Jack finally smiles, filled with hesitation and caution, and asks slowly, “So… why was he.. on fire?”

Nobody has an answer. Joe hums, as if he wants to say something smart, but can’t find the words.

The lads look at each other knowingly, realizing they would have set Gavin on fire to see how flame resistant his hair would– or wouldn’t– make him. The boys at Cow Chop have no explanation– and that’s where the difference is.

A week later, Joe makes the news. There’s “accidentally enema” in the title, and a selfie of a smiling Joe. Geoff’s not so sure the Fakes want to be mingled with this crowd, but the lads had already planned to get drinks with them Friday night.